Saturday, January 30, 2021

Commission - Tiffany by Double K


FCR Character - Tiffany St. James

I commissioned DoubleK to do an "official" portrait of my character Tiffany. I like his art style and knew it would go well with my characters. You can find him over at his Instagram and Deviant Art.

Yeah, she's not swinging her huge cock around, but sometimes she can resist her base instincts and wear something that covers her crotch (barely).

Tiffany can be found in the following stories:

"The Salon Job" - Central character.

"Beat the Mitt" - Part of the framing device, in fairness.

"The Stray" - Oh, look at that, I haven't posted that here yet. Let me check... holy shit... now I remember...

"Sticky New Year" - Guest star.

"Party in the Bathroom" - Debut/Guest star.

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