Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Emmy

FCR: Oh good, I was looking for 2 “Ems” in a row.
ER: Say what?
FCR: Nothing, what can I do for you?
ER: Give me a huge dick.
FCR: You, madam, have come to the right place.
ER: Great!
FCR: Insert cum pun here.
ER: Huh?
FCR: Oh, did I say that out loud?
As a bit of a double threat, actress and singer, we had to give her a big splashy debut. Turned out we just leaked a video of her testing out her new dick for the first time by fucking the shit out of the pink fox stole and muff Minnie Driver wore in Phantom of the Opera. We dug them up as a little welcome aboard gift for her. She nut buckets on both furs, nothing left but a lumpy white pile after she was done.

More formally, we launched our first dramatic series with Emmy, looking at the trails of a single horse hung shemale mom, Fiona Gagonher, and her four goth trap drag daughters: Shameless Shemales. It’s mostly about Fiona trying to keep the girls from fucking big-titted bimbos in fur all the time and make something of themselves, while she secretly fucks big-titted bimbos in fur all the time.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

“The Ransom Video” Revised & Updated - by FurCreamer

Notes: So, in one of those weird moments of realization, I remembered something I wrote years ago and suddenly wanted to review it. Funny thing, turned out it wasn’t in what I thought was my most complete “official” archive on ye olde hard drive. This alone pissed me off, because now I’m suspicious of what else I’ve lost over the years.

To the rescue: Archive.org’s Wayback Machine

I’m both proud and embarrassed the awesome power of the Wayback Machine is even partially devoted to preserving the existence of my old WordPress blog. Worked like a charm, though. Typo ridden “final” published draft recovered.

Now, reviewed and updated, this small brain fart of a tale makes slightly more sense (internally) and is easier to read without (okay… fewer) gross miscarriages of grammar.

I figure since it’s probably been completely forgotten, it’s almost as good a “new” story.

What Changed: I changed the name of the FBI agent because it wasn’t the least bit interesting at all. I added a couple extra ounces to her backstory, and the circumstances of the theft, principally who was stolen from. The latter may provide fodder for future stories, should I ever write any (Hah!).

Disclaimy stuff: It’s one of my more fetishy tales, in so far as it’s basically “male on fur coat.” The interaction is, and I'm loathed to even mention this, non-consensual. I don’t consider that applicable to inanimate objects, but, it’s about perception, not reality, and reality is, some idiots could perceive it that way.

Not to say that the subject of the tale isn’t illegal. In fact, the very framing device of the story should drive that home. But we’re talking theft and… destruction of property.

Okay, to keep your dashboards clear of a massive text wall, just click through to read on…

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Emily

FCR: Fat Dick Bitch?
EB: Goddamn right.
FCR: Right this way…
Great minds, as the saying goes.

Since we already had the script for Fuck, Cum, Repeat in the drawer waiting for Emily to sign up, production started immediately. The Fat Dick Bitch successfully defended humanity from an interstellar fur bimbo invasion force with her primary weapon and an huge black fox fur armored coat. Emily filmed the climactic 20 bimbo submission orgy with over a single night because she felt it needed to be ‘real’ for the ‘art’.

She also really wanted to fuck 20 fur bimbos in one night…

Saturday, June 10, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Yvonne

FCR: Ooo, Miranda.
YS: Ugh, should have known…
FCR: Since we are making… major renovations… a dye job would be pretty easy to tack on…
YS: I’m here for epic dong, not a hair styling.
FCR: Okay…
Since Yvonne wanted to stay blonde, we started out with Secret Agent Super Dong. She stars as Sarah Wang, a secret agent assigned to protect sexy intel asset Charlene (played by Victoria J) from a league of bimbos who want to capture and dissect her brain. The twin equine enhanced dickgirls spend more time humping each others’ big fox coats than doing spy work, though.

Swiftly Spunked

Taylor’s impressed with the size of the ball blasts she milks from the horny roadies who complimented her new fox coat. They were particularly eager for some cuff jobs from the fresh soft fox, which quickly resulted in a soggy mess of jizz caked the arms of the big fur coat. While she pumped hard roadie dick with her fur, the rest banged her collar and fluffy pink fox hat until they shot chunky nut all over her.

By the time it was over, she needed to get a new coat from her dressing room, and by then, the boys were all hard again…