Sunday, September 17, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Taylor

TS: I suppose you’ve heard, new image time.
FCR: Maaaaybe.
TS: I want something… big. You can do that, right?
FCR: Maaaybe.
So, obviously, the first thing out of the gate was the music video for her new, take-no-prisoners single, “I’m Going to Fuck You to Death.” As it was pretty much the culmination of every breakup song she’d ever done, we knew it called for the height of nuance and subtlety.

Legal got wind and informed us pretty quickly that letting her actually kill any of the big boobed bimbos we signed up to co-star in the video would result in an unacceptable amount of paperwork.

So, instead, we had shot her giving her girlfriends huge fox coats, breaking up with them, taking the coat back, and then fucking the coats to death with her huge, quart-sized loads.