Friday, October 28, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Emma

FCR: “Oh, right, you’re actually a blond.”
ES: “Shut up and cock me. Big time.”
FCR: “Sure thing.”
The lab boys demoed a few options in the showroom, and she fell in love with a nice, meaty foreskin. I think the “big time” part worked out nicely, as well.

Comedy generally isn’t our genre, but we debuted her in Superboner, as an “awkward” girl trying to lose her virginity, but constantly foiled by the size of her cock. She’s forced to get off on the rich girls’ big fur coats every time, showering them with quarts of cum. The movie ends “happily” with her finding a girl who can actually take her massive dong. In reality, that scene was CGI because, well… let’s face facts, there isn’t a va’jay’jay actually capable of taking it.

She currently stars in the Emma’s Stones series, a loving ode to her massive nutsac and how efficiently it obliterates the faces and furs of any starlet we put in front of her.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Daisy

“I don’t want to be typecast.”

“Why would you be- oh, riiiight… Well, one jumbo meatsaber, coming right up- What? Why are you glaring at me?”

It took a little convincing but debuting in Fox Wars: The Force Uncut was a go when I explained she’d be playing the Dark Baroness of the Spunk, dedicated to wiping out the threat posed to galactic order by a rebel force of big boobed bimbos. Because bimbos aren’t good at running galaxy-spanning empires, they lack the proper organizational skills.

Saving the universe with her shiny, new, massive, uncut tool and mind control powers proves a simple task, as bimbo after bimbo falls to her and is left a quivering heap, covered in thick, sticky jizz.

We let her branch out a bit after that, of course. She’s fond of the Planting Daisy series where she tries to fit her cock into a series of fur bound victims volunteers’ pussies. We’re 0 for 45 on that, but she’s a real professional and is always ready to try again…