Sunday, November 27, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Olivia

The One-Bone-Bukkake Division welcomed a new “member” when Olivia signed up. Member… get it? I mean… she has a… Eh, forget it.

Oh, sure, it was pointed out she isn’t Japanese, but this is porn, and such minor details are irrelevant at best.

Olivia rapidly became an expert at turning hot busty bimbos in huge fox fur coats into big, sticky cumcicles. Her massive, uncut cum cannon can put out a few quarts a minute when she’s really turned on. (And that is often.)

Friday, November 18, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Katy

KP: You made me a blonde last time.
FCR: That was early, and I was just fucking around. Be proud, you sorta inspired me to do more.
KP: Get it right this time, fuckwit.
FCR: Yes, ma’am.
KP: And bigger tits.
Never let it be said client satisfaction is not our #1 priority. And dick size… Client satisfaction and dick size are our #1 priority. Oh, and spunk volume… Client satisfaction, dick size, and cum volume are our #1 priority.

Katy was off cranking out some new music vids pretty quickly, and they involved a lot of cranking. Her first was a followup to her first big hit, titled “I Fucked a Girl and Soaked Her with Gallons of Shemale Cum.”

And she reissued “Peacock.” (Which, really, required no parody tweaking at all.)