Tuesday, February 28, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Hayley

FCR: Sorry about all your shit getting cancelled.
HA: Really? That’s very kind of you.
FCR: Well, you’re here now, so… happy coincidence…
We at FCR Studios were more than happy to provide Miss Atwell an opportunity to for steady work, and any suggestion certain favors were called in to assure she was… free… are nothing but scandalous rumor and innuendo. Scandalous.

Fortunately we just happened to have a script ready for her. Agent Ball’her is an action-packed espionage series set in the pre-war ‘30s, featuring Agent Bunny Ball’her. Agent Ball’her is the hung super-spy in 30s mega fox coats tasked with rooting out Axis bimbo infiltrators in the States and around the world.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Jaime

FCR: Comfy?
JM: This seems a little much.
FCR: Not for you, my lady. You’ve been a ‘get’ for us for quite some time.
JM: Really?
FCR: Of course, I fell in love with yo- er, the company appreciated your genre work in Warehouse 13. We’ve wanted you on board ever sense.
JM: I see…
FCR: So… yes… Uh… Get, get… on down there.
FCR [intercom]: Miss Teschmacher, did that go well?
ET: [intercom]: No.
Purely coincidentally, Miss Murray became a marquee star at FCR Studios.

She headlined the Whorehouse 13 franchise as the super genius shemale madame H.G. (Hung Greatly) Dongs. She and her sexy cadre of hyper-hung operatives cross the globe to recover the world’s most powerful sex toy artifacts and keep them safe from a dangerous cabal of busty bimbos intent on world domination and frilly pink redecorating.

We tried a more… avant-garde production called Jaime Has A Totally Casual Lunch with the FCR Studio President, but… returns were… flat. Still, we’re going for a sequel anyway! Despite what that buzzkill, Miss Teschmacher says.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Lucy

FCR: Well, pretty is covered, but we don’t do “little” here, so it’s going be really hard to lie about.
LH: I don’t think they’ll want me back.
FCR: Heh, I said really har-
LH: -Focus!
FCR: Ah, right, yes, head on down, lab’s ready.
Had no idea what that show was about, and it certainly wasn’t on my binge watch to-do list, so we debuted Lucy in a flick called Hot Hung Prevaricator. In it, Lucy tells hot, big boobed starlets in huge fur coats that she doesn’t have a giant dick and won’t cum all over their expensive new coats and their cute faces. But that’s exactly what happens! Sure, I thought the premise was a little flimsy, but we’re in production on Hot Hung Prevaricator 27 now.

Based on the success of her first series, we rolled out another series called Lucy’s Hail. That’s just scenes of Lucy furring herself off over groups of bimbos restrained in fur coat bondage.

At the moment I’m working on something a little more substantial: a period piece, Hale to the Queen. After that, I think I’m out of puns.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

FCR New Releases: Très Jolie

A very special guest star plays sub for a trio of stiff dommes: Krysten, Katy, and Natalie.

The film is about a famous actress kidnapped to be the sexual plaything of a group of billionaire dominatrixes with giant wangs. Basically, the script was more believable than 50 Shades of Grey, so we went with it.

A few tidbits that’ll end up the commentary track I’ll share now:

We shot the public facial humiliation sequence guerilla style. Turns out no matter how famous you are, it’s really hard to recognize you with most of your face covered in Krysten’s jizz. More bystanders noticed the smell first, since the floor length, oversized blue fox coat and hat she was wearing was about quart heavier from spunk, but still “subtly” camouflaged by the light shade of fur.

Fresh off a major orgasm, Krysten “maintained” for a few minutes into the shoot, but became incredibly aroused again and started ad-libbing orders for Angelina. The script called for them to walk from point A to point B, but Krysten ordered her to start scooping cum off the coat collar and eat it. Then, the attractive blonde at a bus stop got a full handful of drying, marbled jizz smeared across the back of her mink coat as they past. It was only luck she was really bitching someone out on the phone at the time.

After leaving a trail of smeared jizz across many blocks in their wake, the two reached the pick-up point hopped into the van, and, well, you’ll get the results of that as an extra on the BluRay. Took a while to hose it out…