These things are useful because there are actually somewhat frequently asked questions. Some of them way too frequently. Some of them aren’t, and are here just to cover some bases that I find “useful.”

Q: What’s your favorite fur.

A: #1 Fox, in general. Blue, in particular. Brightly dyed or White runners-up. #2 Lynx, but the mostly white version. #3 Chinchilla.

Q: What’s your least favorite fur.

A: Disclaiming that the primary answer is anything that claims to be fur but really isn’t, like spotted fabric, or that horrible Persian lamb crap. #1: Mink, Bo-ring. #2: Sable, Bo-ring. #3: Follow the pattern… Brown fur… boring. They feel fine, particularly sable, yes, but brown fur is visually uninspiring. I like bright colors and fox supplies that in spades, along with being highly fuckable.

Q: How long have been doing this shit?

A: Yeah, I’m old, thanks for asking. I’m a GenX'er who grew up with the Internet and fapped at dial-up speeds. I’ve lurked at every fur forum there was. I ran a hosted Wordpress blog for a while before it got hacked. After a while, I got bored enough and set up shop again on Tumblr, because it would take more effort to hack that. Well, in theory at least, it is run by Yahoo, after all.

Q: How many furs do you have?

A: A lot. I don’t have a spreadsheet. This sounds kinda douchey, and I don’t mean it to. It is strategically placed after the age part for a reason. Age/gainful employment does have advantages:

My collection of full-length fox coats is still the product of strategic and purely lucky eBay bidding, not jet-set trips to Aspen or custom orders to those epic Italian furriers. I’m still not rich enough for that shit.

Bottom line, if you’re young and struggling to make ends meet, you’re not going to be able to afford a collection of what society deems a luxury item. It gets better when you get older. ‘Course, then you’ll need the ED pills to fuck them…

Q You like ladies with penises?

A: Yep. And, for the record, without. It’s the “looking-like-a-lady” bit that is important. Ladies without penises have a built-in advantage there. That just makes one appreciate the effort on the part of ones with them even more, though.

For the record, in case anyone’s getting their trigger on with the terminology here, I admit I’m doing a little rounding for the sake of fitting the question onto a single line. My preferences are… cosmopolitan… from fetishistic cross-dressers to full transsexuals and anywhere in between one wishes to identify. If you’ve got your smoking-hot-girl game on, then it’s all good.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Earth, Milky Way, Universe, The.

Q: So, you’re not looking for random Internet hookups?

A: No.

Q: I am a legitimate model/porn production company and would like to use your furs in a shoot/video.

A: See something or somethings in that pic up there you like? Get in touch. Either here on Tumblr via a non-anon account, or:

It’s a pic to reduce spam bots from reading it. Though maybe they’re smart enough to figure that out now.

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