Thursday, March 4, 2021

"The Ransom Video – Part II"

Hey, look at that, I had started a different story before embarking on the "choose your own adventure" tale in the Fur Lovers Discord. And it turned out, through amazing coincidence, the voters asked for a plot using the character I was already writing a story about. 

So, that's right, more Countess Foxy. 

Anyone looking for a satisfying conclusion to the "mystery" of "The Ransom Video" can skip to the last page and be greatly disappointed.

Notes: To refresh very short term memory, Countess Foxy is played by Lady Gaga. Karima is played by Sheetal Sheth, circa 2008, and in honor of, I Can't Think Straight.

Disclaimers: Not only is everyone agreeably horny, there's even a reference to asking for consent!

Summary: Former furrier turned FBI agent Karima Hakim returns to do a one-on-one interview with enigmatic pop music sensation Countess Foxy about the theft of her furs. Karima is simultaneously on the rebound from breaking up with her girlfriend and has a major crush on the chart topper. Will this impact her professional judgement? It would be a goddamn short story if it didn't.

Story Codes: F/Genderfluid F. Strapons, cum countdown.

The Ransom Video – Part II

by FurCreamer

FBI Agent Karima Hakim hurriedly returned her phone to the pocket of her slacks and returned her full attention to navigating the long driveway ahead. The final text message from her ex confirmed she had picked up her stuff and was gone. It was a over as it was going to be. Karima pushed back as the sudden onslaught of, well, everything she had been through in the last week.

She took a deep breath and looked ahead. The mansion came into view at the last curve of the long estate’s drive. Karima resolved to concentrate on the here and now and not let her ex-girlfriend cloud what promised to be an interesting afternoon. She pulled to a stop in front.

Karima exited the dark, agency sedan, smoothing out the cut of her lady’s suit vest and adjusting her violet tie with practiced ease. Her low, professional heels anchored her to the driveway of the Hollywood mansion of Stephanie Valenti, better known to her masses of fans as “Countess Foxy.”

Karima pulled a small case from the back pocket of her tightly tailored slacks and flipped it open, checking her makeup one more time. She felt a pang of guilt for going a bit more “dramatic” than she would have on any ordinary day. It was not an “ordinary day” when one interviewed the biggest popstar in the world. So, the extra eye shadow, liner and blush that took an extra half hour this morning felt worth it.

It certainly was not because she had a crush on Countess Foxy.

She flicked her brunette locks to the side, wishing they were not so ordinary. She had been able to talk herself out of a quick, drug store dye job. With a frustrated exhale, she replaced the case and started up the long walk to the towering front entryway. I’m calm, it’s just a quick interview, nothing else, she thought to herself. I’m not some crazy stan, I just like some of her songs. I mean, everyone likes “Blue Fox Nights”, this is not a big deal. This. Is. Not. A. Big. Deal.

She wondered how many times she would have to repeat that in order to believe it.

Karima was here to perform a follow-up interview with Miss Valenti. An absolutely necessary one, she repeated to herself. As a junior agent, she had first interviewed the popstar about the theft of her furs shortly after the FBI had been called in by her publicist. At that time, she was with her partner, a gruff senior agent named Callahan.

As she explained it to her superiors later, Karima felt Callahan’s tough, unsympathetic questioning had been counterproductive. Valenti closed down during the interview and was not able to give them much. Karima argued to her bosses that she should interview the woman again, alone this time, to see if she could get more useful information. It was only a coincidence that meant she would be able to spend more time with the biggest popstar in the world.

And maybe one she had just a little crush on.

Which is why, she repeated to herself, this will all be very, very professional. One more tug on her vest and she started for the front door. She was expected, having checked in at the gate far below at the edge of the large estate. The front door swung open as Karima approached, a striking figure appearing framed in the entryway.

The woman wore a pink maid’s outfit, heavily trimmed with what Karima clocked as a professionally pink dyed blue fox. The wide shawl collar must have been stuffed, as it arched thickly around the woman’s heavily contoured cheeks. Cuffs as large as barrel muffs framed each sleeve and a double rope trim framed the end of the satin skirt. A pair of matching, knee-length pink fox leg warmers completed the look, sitting above very high, white-polished platform heels. A tall pink bouffant with blonde highlights perched atop her head in a shade that matched the champagne pink fox fur coloration precisely.

Karima was impressed, for a number of reasons, but mainly because this was not Countess Foxy. This was one of the live-in staff they had interviewed on the night the theft was reported. Countess Foxy had an eclectic retinue of individuals who “cohabitated” with her in the mansion, most of them “maids” like this one. Karima recalled this one was a transwoman known only as “Bunny.” She self-corrected, recalling Bunny identified as genderfluid.

“Please come in, the Countess is expecting you,” Bunny invited.

“Thank you,” Karima nodded. She felt the stiff, cold hair hit as soon as she passed through the open doorway.

Bunny closed the door behind her then gestured to the long rack sitting against the left wall of the wide foyer. “Help yourself.”

Karima nodded. She recalled the evening of their original interview. It had been cool that evening in the house, but today it was much colder. Uncomfortably so for someone with only a vest and white cotton button-up. Furs hung from the long garment rack Bunny indicated. Karima hesitated, but the chill convinced her it could not hurt. She also suspected Countess Foxy would be expecting it from any of her guests.

The skilled furrier in her appraised the coats with a practiced eye. They were all uniform high quality at first glance. A variety hung before her, fox, lynx, sable, and mink at a minimum. The organization of the coats struck her. The fox hung on the far left nearest the doorway, followed by the lynx, then the sable, then mink to the far right. The fox at the very far end was the sort of bespoke custom oversized coat worn by Countess Foxy. While the minks on the far left were the most basic, conservative cut coats likely found in any aging dowager’s closet.

Karima reached out, took one of the black mink coats from near the end and slid it over her shoulders. It matched her vest and slacks rather fittingly. A full-length mirror abutted the rack and she momentarily took stock, smoothing out the mink and arranging her tie while Bunny hovered nearby, wordlessly observing. When it was apparent Karima was finished, she beckoned, “This way, the Countess will meet you in the main room.”

“Thank you,” Karmia replied, following the tall, pink fox furred maid through the foyer and down a long hallway that opened into a large open plan area. A large flatscreen dominated one wall where a set of couches and chairs were arranged to face it. A large kitchen area filled out the opposite side, with a bar and stools. Windows opened up on a pool area on the north side of the room.

Karima recalled being in this room before, and she recalled the large fox throws and pillows that covered most of the furniture.

“Make yourself at home,” Bunny invited. “Would you like a drink?”

Karmia shook her head, “Oh, no, on duty.”

“Of course.”

Bunny retreated to the kitchen while Karima smoothed out the back of her borrowed full-length black mink and took a seat on one of the shorter couches. She sunk into the deeply padded cushion and the blue fox throw that covered it. Her fingers absently began to stroke the blue fox. She told herself it was merely to appreciate the quality of the pelts.

Momentarily alone with her thoughts, Karima took the opportunity to pull out her smartphone and open her note and recording apps. She closed the browser she had been using to research the popstar. She had not found anything particularly interesting in the lead up to the theft, which had dominated the news and her fandoms on various platforms. Karima found herself swept up into four different social media platforms, taking the temperature of the public’s reaction to Countess Foxy and the theft.

Karima found the usual detractors, both of her music and her fashion. As the newly crowned queen of the latest popular music trend, “foxpop”, she invited hate from all the expected corners of the internet. The fact that foxpop now had a legion of young fans clamoring for real fur coats understandably galvanized a visceral negative reaction from animal rights proponents. As for the rest, lamenting the death of music was just par for the course when any new strain of pop dominated the charts. Neither kind of detractor seemed the sort to have perpetrated the theft, especially considering the rather… unique… ransom demands.

Digging a little deeper, she found an additional set of critics, ones very concerned with Countess Foxy’s chromosomes. Karmia found the whole thing somewhat ridiculous but claims that “Countess Foxy is a man!” were a staple of some of the less than savory corners of the internet. A bunch of blurry, blown up images which amounted to chasing shadows, in many cases literally, were the only proof offered. No matter how easily dismissed, these claims were eaten up as gospel by those invested in believing them. She followed that rabbit hole to full blown conspiracy theories that every celebrity, male and female, was transgendered.

Fringe lunacy aside, these types did not seem like the sort responsible for the theft, either. Karima checked, and it appeared the party line from Countess Foxy’s publicist is only that “her pronouns are she/her.” Karima knew the singer’s popularity, while strongest with girls, cut across a wide swath of genders and sexualities, so keeping it simple was a way to remain accessible to the widest cross section of fans. She respected that.

Karmia also knew from her basic research that there was not much to know about Stephanie Valenti before she took the now world-famous stage name. She had a date-of-birth and a hometown, but the story went that she was homeschooled and did not have many childhood friends that were not still in her orbit. She self-taught herself music and developed her own sound, releasing anonymous tracks to the internet before finally playing live shows at the age of eighteen. Two years later and she was one of the biggest names in music.

And she just entered the room.

Countess Foxy glided down a stairway, clad head to heel in white fox fur. A white fox robe dragged the floor behind her, and a wide, round white fox hat capped her head. Only her face and hands were visible in the ocean of fur. Belted with a white fox stole at the waste, the enormous fur robe rested heavily on her shoulders, the double bevel sleeves ending in long cuffs that drooped nearly to the floor. Tight, icy blonde hair threaded between her cheeks and the wide tuxedo collar of the robe.

Karmia hastily stood. The young woman’s gaze seemed to size her up, paying particular attention to the black mink coat. “You don’t like calling attention to yourself.”

Karima expression clouded, certainly not expecting that greeting. She blinked, then it struck her. The mink. She absently smoothed down the sides of the conservatively classic black mink and replied, “Ah, well, it does go with my outfit.”

Countess Foxy smiled warmly. “Apologies, I always find it telling what coat people choose.” She approached and accepted Karima’s offered hand with a quick shake. “And you did not choose one of the brown ones, so there may be hope yet.”

Karmia nodded, “It is a lovely piece.” She took a seat in concert with Countess Foxy, who sat on the couch adjacent to her on the right. “Keeping it cold is one way to ensure you can enjoy your furs year-round, especially in LA.”

“Exactly. I love to wear furs, and I can easily afford the electric bill,” Countess Foxy responded with a wink.

“Well, I appreciate keeping warm, and wearing fur,” Karima responded genuinely. “I do not have the opportunity as often any longer.”

“You were a furrier, right?”

Karima’s brow arched, surprised she recalled that minor detail from the original interview. “Yes, I was. My bother runs the salon now, but I’m still involved in some aspects of the business.” She smiles, “The ‘fun’ stuff, like choosing what to stock, following trends, overseeing creative, commercial shoots.”

“Business must be a little better these days,” Countess Foxy leant back into the couch and the darker blue frost fox throw that covered it.

Karmia nodded quickly, “Well, yes, I can say that foxpop has been something of a boon to the industry in general and our salon included. I honestly never thought I’d see such high demand for fox in my lifetime. I missed out on the 80s, but I have to think it’s even better these days.”

Countess Foxy nodded. Karima felt her gaze like a laser. Foxy shook her head, “Well, we must do something about that mink.” She snapped her fingers, “Bunny, be a dear and bring out some options for the,” she paused, obviously choosing her words carefully, “professional… look.”

Karima heard a “Yes ma’am” from the kitchen, but held up her hand, “Oh, not necessary, we should probably get to the interview.”

“Nonsense,” Foxy replied. She clasped her hands together, the long white fox cuffs shaking in the process. “I so rarely get to talk shop, especially with someone as knowledgeable as yourself. I won’t pass this up.”

Karmia shifted uncomfortably, but slowly nodded, “Well, a change of coat won’t take too long.” Voices in her head none too subtly reminded her that spending more time with Foxy was hardly a bad thing. The duty-bound, rational part of her brain, championing a quick, professional interview, receded into the distance.

“Excellent,” Foxy returned to her feet, or rather the tall platforms that compensated for her otherwise shorter-than-average height. “Up, up, let’s get you out of that stale old mink.”

Karmia rose as Foxy stood before her, rather closer than she ever imagined she would be to the popstar.

The popstar she had just a regular crush on.

Karima felt a rush of less-than-professional excitement but maintained her professional demeanor. She could trace the cracks in this façade widening.

Without preamble Foxy reached out pulled the long black mink off her shoulders. Karima felt the fluffy edges of Foxy’s over-sized white fox robe brushing her hands and pressing against the front of her suit vest.

Karima fought to maintain her passive gaze and flicked her eyes from Foxy’s lovely features to the deep pelts of her robe. Fine, deep pelts, long silky guard hairs, she thought, an amazing fur. The pelts were wide with no space between, ensuring the maximum amount of fur.

The chill from the low ambient temperature in the room hit Karima quickly as the mink slid off her shoulders. Foxy tossed the mink aide to another of the long couches in the main room. It was forgotten before it landed.

Once more Karmia felt the heat of the young popstar’s stare. “Nice suit,” she offered.

Karima pushed back against another rush of excitement and cleared her throat, “Thank you, the tailors at the salon can work on more than just furs.”

“Do they, now,” Foxy replied, reaching up to straighten Karima’s violet silk tie with a playful tug. “Pretty color.”

Karima swallowed audibly into the silence that followed, feeling the heat of blush in her cheeks. Her mind suddenly latched onto the compliment. Did Foxy know? It was not as if Karima was hiding anything. One generally does not lead with “by the way, I’m a lesbian.” The violet tie was there merely as a subtle signal to the people who understood it. Foxy was a popstar with a huge queer fanbase, so odds were good she did, indeed understand it.

Much to the agent’s relief, Bunny’s return ended the awkward pause. “A few options, Countess.”

The pink furred maid held three coats, judging by the hangars clustered at the top. She carefully laid each one out on the couch where the mink had been discarded, slowly covering it.

“Very good, Bunny,” Foxy said, drifting away from Karima and to the options laid out on the large couch.

Karima examined them. The choices were similar in that they were all short, either jacket or bolero length. Each was crafted from full, thick pelts and would never be mistaken for “sleek.”

The first option was a black fox fur bolero with silver fox trim in the shape of an exceptionally large shawl collar and oversized cuffs. The second was a short, jacket-length blue fox with a smaller white fox tuxedo collar and cuffs. Finally, a second bolero with a smaller, rounded collar and shorter, elbow-length cuffless sleeves. Karmia swallowed again, as the most notable thing about the final option was the violet dye that matched her tie precisely.

Perhaps it was merely a coincidence because Bunny noticed the tie.

Foxy stroked the violet dyed fur absently, “While I suspect you’d be most comfortable in this…”

Karmia tensed, Okay, she knows.

Foxy’s hand roamed over the options, stopping on the black and silver fox bolero, “This is a perfect compliment to the suit.” She picked it up and flipped it off the hangar, holding it out for Karima.

Karima’s certainly wavered, but part of her was simply glad to have this out of the way. She slipped her arms into the sleeves, feeling the weight of the bolero’s cuffs and the sensation of the big collar caressing her neck and cheeks as it was pulled up over her shoulders. In the process she could feel Foxy’s white fox robe pressed against her back before she was spun around for inspection.

“Beautiful,” Foxy declared, brushing out the collar around Karima’s golden features. She added, “Fox really brings out a well-tailored suit.” She then brushed down the front of the bolero’s huge silver fox collar. “Then again, what can’t fox do,” Foxy winked.

Once more the white-fox clad popstar was just short of pressed against her. There was no personal space between the vast swaths of white fox fur on the blonde popstar and the big silver fox collar of Karima’s newly donned bolero jacket.

The rational voice in Karima’s head had long since left the building. The emotional voice careened between the desire to lean in and plant a kiss on the beautiful, fur-clad woman’s lips, and the white knuckled terror that doing so would reveal this all to be a major misunderstanding.

After all, she had a major crush on Countess Foxy.

“Now this,” the popstar purred, “Commands attention.” She ran her short, icy blue polished nails down the sleeves of the short fox bolero, stroking around the enormous silver fox cuffs at the end. Foxy then carefully lifted Karima’s cuffs, and the hands inside them, up to the front of her white fox. “Lovely, isn’t it?”

Karima’s cheeks flushed completely. Every professional fiber shouted this was a terrible idea. Fortunately, there were very few of those fibers left, and the sensation of Foxy’s pristine white fox fur robe against her palms caused them to fray and snap. She began to caress the huge collar of the robe, running her hands through the deep, plush pelts while Foxy’s glossy lips smiled appreciatively.

Foxy returned the favor, pressing her hands against Karima’s silver fox collar and slowly stroking the fur. She deliberately brought her hand around the rear of the tall collar and pulled Karima even closer, titling her head down as, even in heels, the agent had a few inches on the shorter woman.

Their lips met and Karima felt the intensity of the moment surging through her. She pressed into the kiss, meeting it as their tongues traded spaces. The ache of her recent breakup and the taste of forbidden fruit deepened the feelings blooming in her chest. Finally, it broke, a whisp of saliva attached to their lips briefly before it split.

Foxy looked up at Karima, hands returning to a slow, methodical stroke of the silver fox fur collar on the agent’s bolero. “I noticed you looking at me the night we first met. I’m very familiar with those glances,” she purred. “I knew that old codger wouldn’t give us any alone time, so I didn’t give him anything useful.” Foxy was virtually kneading the fur collar now. “I figured you’d show up alone again to redo the interview.”

Karima nodded hungrily at each word. She stared down at Foxy with open desire, “Interview can wait…”

Foxy gave a sly smile, “Oh, we can do that in bed, too.” She quickly glanced to the left, “Bunny, we’ll be retiring to my chambers.”

Karima felt a jolt of embarrassment, recalling Bunny standing placidly off to the side. Bunny simply nodded, “Of course, Countess.”

* * *

Karima’s eyes widened as the door to the chambers of Countess Foxy swung wide. Expansive, it was dominated by a circular bed on a raised dais in the center. Almost every other corner of the room was dominated by walk-in closets stuffed to the brim with furs. Upon reflection, she realized she expected no less of the avant garde popstar whose persona was built on her love of furs.

Yet this seemed like something far more than mere “persona”.

The bed was covered with an enormous chinchilla bedspread the furrier in Karima knew would retail for over 50k. She quickly realized trying to estimate the value of all the furs in the room was a losing game, particularly with their owner right in front of her staring at her with florid desire.

Foxy lead Karima over to the bed, planting her sensible heels against the edge. They kissed again, hands exploring the arms of their respective furs, fingers stroking the softness with longing. Foxy eased the agent back after this and took a breath. Karima’s waxing passion chafed at the interruption, but she read the serious expression on Foxy’s features.

“Now, this is your opportunity to just leave with no hurt feelings.”

Karima’s brow knit, insecurity bubbling up inside quickly. What would make her want to leave? “If it’s consent, I definitely…”

Foxy shushed her and Karima complied, body tense and a look of concern holding firmly on her features.

Foxy reached down and tugged at the lush white fox stole keeping the robe closed this entire time. The thick ropes of fox fell to either side and she opened the robe and fully exposed herself to Karima.

Karima felt a jolt, though not of insecurity. A mix of surprise, realization, and concern ran through her, capped off with a healthy dose of uninterrupted desire. A small trace of annoyance was part of the mix as well. Annoyance at the fact that some boneheaded internet conspiracy theorists were right, for once.

Boy, were they ever…

Karima noted Foxy was wearing a version of one of the popstars more famous tour costumes. A white fox pantie hugged her slender pelvis, with a matching white fox bra supporting her modest chest. A set of garters connected to sheer white nylons with white fox trim at the top encased her mid-thighs in double rings of fur.

The clear and obvious difference between this and the touring outfit was the opening in the thick white fox pantie through which her enormous cock hung free.

The heavy curve of Countess Foxy’s pale, purple veined penis drooped well past the mid-point of her toned, athletic thighs, brushed on either side by the fur trim of her nylons. The shaft lengthened slowly as she stared at it, enlarging, and thickening from the root.


It was all she could muster immediately, still taking in not only the lean, toned body in her white fox bikini outfit, but the ever-expanding penis growing through it.

“I’ll understand if you don’t want-”

Karima again scanned all of Foxy, from platform heels to white fox hat, lingering on the young woman’s beautiful features. The features her lesbian soul had been crushing on the past couple years. Nothing about that changed in this moment. Foxy remained a vision of feminine beauty in sumptuous fox fur. She cut off Foxy’s statement mid-sentence with kiss, pressing her lips to the popstar.

After a moment Karima released the kiss and smiled, “Look, I mean…” She tilted her head, glancing down as she felt the sudden pressure of Foxy’s shaft pushing against her inner thigh. “How can I put this… you’re a little bigger than my vibrator… so…”

Foxy blushed, which Karima only found a bigger turn-on. “It’s okay, I’m kinda used to that. We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.” Foxy’s hands once more slid up and sunk into the mammoth collar of Karima’s fox bolero. “Besides, I can get off in other ways,” she hummed, then leaned in to brush her face against the fur and drink in the scent of the pelts.

Karima watched this, momentarily flustered before the realization hit in a flash. “Oh,” she squeaked, “Oooh”. Foxy’s cock seemed to surge as she rubbed Karima’s fur against her face and hands. “Oooooh,” Karima repeated. “It’s a fetish.”

Foxy tilted her head up to Karima, “God, yes.”

Somewhere, far off, her professional voice proudly proclaimed, Brilliant deduction, agent!

Foxy drew Karima over to the enormous bed in the center of the room, returning to a kiss as they fell back against the chinchilla bedspread. Foxy landed on top, and Karima felt her body jolt as the huge shaft brushed against the chinchilla from where it pressed between the agent’s thighs. Karima’s own hands began stroking the arms of Foxy’s robe as they kissed, indulging in the softness of the white fox fur as they continued to probe each other’s mouths.

Foxy’s hand reached down and unbuttoned Karima’s slacks then tugged. The agent gasped as she felt her legs exposed to the buttery soft chinchilla spread. With a frustrated moan, she released the kiss and rolled both of them to the side so she could toss off her heels and completely free herself from the slacks. The 100% cotton blends flew across the room and landed in a heap.

Foxy’s left hand suddenly felt between Karima’s thighs, stroking with her palm, and, inevitably, the white fox cuff of her robe. The fur slid up between Karima’s legs and she quivered at the softness. The sensations were amazing and some part of her wondered how she could have been missing out on this for so long. So many years spent working as a furrier but never acknowledging the obvious, carnal appeal of it all.

Karima felt Foxy tug at her rather conservative white panties with the massive fur cuffs. A new realization struck, and suddenly she grabbed Foxy’s wrist. Breaking their latest kiss, Foxy looked at her with confusion. Karima gave a reassuring nod and said, “Hey, it’s just I’m getting really… really wet down there and… you may want to slide the fur back…”

Foxy’s eyes widened, then she emitted an adorable little laugh. Karima was not sure what to make of that reaction, especially when it ended with the popstar’s hand pulling her rapidly soaking pantie down and sliding her fingers up against her newly exposed flesh, fur and all. Karima sucked in a breath as she felt pleasure radiate outward from where Foxy’s fingers began their skillful caressing. The huge white fox cuff crushed between her thighs only heightened the sensation.

As Karima’s lower lip quivered with the sensations pushing through her spine, Foxy leaned in and said, “Don’t worry about making a mess.” Foxy intensified her caress, easily zeroing in on the bud of the agent’s engorged clit, “Trust me, you haven’t seen a mess yet.”

Karima tried to parse that statement but failed as her back arched when an orgasmic wave crashed over her. She tried to hold it back, hold it in, but it was simply impossible. The nimble fingers and the mere sight of the gorgeous, blonde superstar dripping in fabulous white fox sent her over the edge. A gush of hot, milky fluid splattered against Foxy’s fingers and soaked the edges of her white fox robe’s right cuff. Karima gulped in air as she released a pleasured moan from the sensation, feeling the warmth spreading through her body.

“Ooooh,” Karima panted, feeling the warm wetness spreading between her thighs as few additional squirts of orgasmic fluid escaped her flushed folds. Foxy’s expert manipulation of her clit did not cease while she rode the pleasured waves filling her body. Karmia’s hands grasped and sunk into the huge collar of Foxy’s robe, kneading the fur roughly in her clenched fists as she drew Foxy in for another deep kiss as the rush finally began to subside.

Foxy broke the kiss as she felt Karima’s orgasm wane, running her hand up to grab the lower edge of the agent’s borrowed fox bolero. She grasped the fur with wet, dripping digits, drying herself using the top-quality pelts like a tissue. The motion dragged the sopping wet cuff across Karmia’s crotch and stomach, alerting her to the results of her powerful orgasm.

“Oh, sorry…”

Foxy’s now dry palm slid up and caressed Karima’s left breast over the bolero, further drawing the soaked white fox fur across her body and letting the wet fur rest on her vest. “Mmm… that was so hot,” she said, “and, sooo wet… Just the way I like it.”

A brief glance down from Foxy’s lovely face confirmed that was very, very true. It also confirmed the very hot, very strong, very large sensation of flesh pressing into her exposed thigh was all Foxy. The slick ooze leaking from the pale, hooded tip was leaving short streaks on her darker skin.

“Oh… wow… I’m still not sure I can…” Karima’s wary glance at the sheer enormity of the organ between the otherwise rather petite woman’s smooth legs caused Foxy to break into a wide grin. Karima felt a little concern building. She certainly wanted to return the favor and give the biggest popstar on the planet an orgasm worthy of the one she had just received. There were simply… practical considerations… about the methods available.

Foxy leaned and gave Karima another kiss, “Don’t worry, I don’t expect my guests to do anything I wouldn’t do.” Foxy then rolled off the side of the bed to her platform heels and then bounced down to a crouch beside the huge chinchilla covered bed. Curious now, Karima slid over as she heard a drawer open. Arriving at the edge, she looked down.

Below a long drawer built into the base of the bed rolled open. Inside, neatly arranged in a rather impressive display of organization, was a long row of rather realistic looking dildos. Karmia noted the lining of this remarkable drawer was red dyed sheared mink or beaver. She would say they were arranged by size, though the lower end of the spectrum would certainly not be considered small by any reasonable standard. She noted a number of the selections on the upper end were certainly not modeled after human anatomy.

The very upper end triggered some additional consideration about precisely how human anatomy and some undeniable laws of physics could reasonably be expected to interact without grievous injury.

Thankfully Foxy did not appear ready to test any such theory at the moment and selected one from the middle, then in a separate section of the drawer, a leather harness. Foxy dropped both items in front of Karima on the bed then pushed the drawer shut and leaned in close. “I want you fuck me with this big dick in your sexy fur jacket.” She grabbed the huge silver fox collar of Karima’s bolero and pulled the agent in for another kiss.

Karima returned the kiss, hands first reaching up to mirror Foxy’s by grabbing her white fox robe’s huge collar and stroking it. Breaking off, Karmia grinned, “My little fur slut wants a big dick?” As she spoke, she grabbed the harness and massive, impressively detailed 14-inch fake cock, pairing them before swinging her legs out over the side of the bed.

With a demure turn, Foxy nodded, “Yes, please.” She fluffed up the huge white fox collar and readjusted the tall white fox hat.

Karima threaded her legs into the harness and stood up next to the bed, pulling it into place and adjusting the strap tightly. She was no stranger to using strap-ons, as she was a top who enjoyed using them on her girlfriends. This one was certainly larger than any she was accustomed to in the past.

Still, she figured it worked pretty much the same…

Once fully secured, the agent swung back around, the huge fake cock swinging between her legs and slapping into the side of Foxy’s robe. Foxy’s eyes widened, hungrily, taking in the sight of the agent, her huge fox bolero and still present suit vest with a huge, realistic cock between her legs. The popstar kicked off her heels, losing seven inches immediately and letting Karima tower over her.

Foxy’s own natural erection, rivaling that of the strap-on, leapt and pulsed in eager anticipation. More white ooze flowed through the bunched foreskin still sheathing her glans despite her full erection. Karmia reached out and grabbed the glans, pulling on the shaft and forcing another ooze of pre through the folds of skin encasing it. She wiped it on her fingers and immediately rubbed the wet pre against the head of her strap-on. Foxy’s eyes widened in anticipation.

Karima swung the huge strap-on up with one hand and placed the other on Foxy, slowly pushing her down to a seated position on the chinchilla bed. “Get me wet,” she ordered, easily assuming the dominant role.

Countess Foxy, biggest popstar on the planet, greedily opened her mouth and started sucking on the strap-on’s big mushroom tip, her spit drenching the end of the shaft. Karima began stroking the collar of her short fox jacket, feeling the soft sensation between her fingers while staring hungrily at the blonde on the end of her long fake cock. She admired the artistry of the “unit”, with realistic skin tones and painted veins running up and down the shaft.

Soon a good six inches at the end of that shaft was coated with Foxy’s spit, glistening under the bedroom’s soft lights. Karima reached out and pushed against Foxy’s big white fox hat, removing her from the shaft and pushing her back onto the bed. She rested on her back, the massive white fox robe opened to display her body and the massive cock that bounced up and down slowly between her open legs.

“Spread ‘em,” Karima ordered, and Foxy complied, her thighs opening further as her eyes locked on the end of the strap-on with anticipation. Karima inched forward, standing at the side of the bed, and lining up with the dripping end of the long shaft to Foxy’s perfectly puckered asshole. The girl’s huge, shaven sac, a few shades darker than the pale shaft above it, hung far enough down that it rested against the top of the shaft.

Karmia looked down at the white fox clad superstar and said, “Tell me what you want.”

Foxy licked her lips, “Fuck me. Fuck with that huge cock. I’m just a little fur whore who needs it.”

Karima felt a rush of arousal shoot through her again as the young woman’s dirty mouth urged her on. She pressed forward, though with some care. She was no stranger to fucking girls in the ass with a strap-on, but this one was a lot larger than any she’d wrangled before. In retrospect, she realized she probably should not be surprised when the biggest popstar on the planet’s ass eagerly opened and accepted the huge head with little resistance. She flashed to the sight of the other dildos in the drawer and realized this one was probably not on the high end of her difficulty scale.

Foxy certainly responded, squealing with pleasure as Karima penetrated her ass with the huge fake dick. Her fingers greedily sunk into the huge fur collar of her white fox robe, kneading the softness as her back arched and her small tits thrust upwards under the white fox bra.

Karima, emboldened by the ease of penetrating Foxy’s ass, thrust forward harder, pushing more inches of the shaft in. Soon she had half the 14-inch shaft buried in the moaning blonde who shouted, “God, you’re so hot. Fuck me in that sexy fox coat!”

Karmia hardly needed advice from a power bottom to keep thrusting the fake dong. She grabbed Foxy’s thighs and pulled them up and back, adjusting her position to better insert more plastic cock into the blonde. She felt it go deeper and could see a slight swelling in the straps around Foxy’s abdomen as additional inches pressed into her ass. Karima worked up a big shot of saliva and spit with perfect aim, hitting the strap-on right where it met with Foxy’s brilliantly red asshole, further lubricating the immense penetration.

“AAAaaahh! Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” Foxy gasped, body arched again. The massive flesh pole bouncing up and down in time with the rhythm of Karima’s thrusts continued to leak gray-white fluid in a near constant drip. Foxy’s slight cleavage and abdomen were streaked with wet puddles. The sides of the white fox robe were also flecked with wet spots and lines from where the bouncing shaft regularly impacted.

Karima felt another jolt of excitement, though she was unsure of why. She realized she had not paid a lot of attention to Foxy’s all but unmissable erection bobbing right in front of her. She did not have a lot of experience with the real thing, and the little experience she had was enough to confirm she was a lesbian.

Staring down at the beautiful blonde popstar, now writhing on the end of her strap-on, she felt less intimidated by it. The huge cock sprouted from the body of a gorgeous young woman, one she had a major crush on for years. This altered the equation significantly. Foxy’s cock was part of her beauty, and it was aching for attention.

Karmia grabbed the end of the white fox stole that had been keeping the huge robe closed when they first met. She tugged, whipping it out from under Foxy as she gave another heave of pleasure. The lavish, double-sided fur was exactly the same quality as the magnificent robe.

Foxy squirmed with pleasure when the fur brushed her exposed rod. “Oh fuck, yes!”

“Do you want this soft, thick fur on your cock?” Karima teased, pulling it back quickly.

“Please! Please! Fur me!”

“Will you be a good girl and cum for me?” Karima asked after again bushing the edge of the fox stole down the side of the swollen flesh pole.

“I’ll cum sooo hard for you!” Foxy moaned.

Karima started slow stroking up and down the bottom of the shaft, which was mostly free of the wet, gray, slimy ooze Foxy continuously created. Foxy reacted electrically, moaning louder than she had from merely taking the fat fake dick up her ass. Karima stroked the shaft in time with her hip thrusts, maximizing the joy arcing through Foxy’s thin body.

“Ooooooo aaaaaAAAAAHHHH!” Foxy cried out, fingers digging into the chinchilla bedspread as a huge stream of thick, white fluid arced from the end of her dick and splattered across her chest and the white fox bra.

Karima pressed the silky-soft stole harder against the now spurting shaft and pumped it faster. “Good girl,” she encouraged.

“Uhnnnn!” Foxy’s body electrified with pleasure as another huge spurt erupted from her cock and carved another long white line across the fox bra over her left tit, and another followed on the right. Foxy roughly snatched fistfuls of the huge round white fox collar of her robe and thrust it closed as the next three shots pulsed out in rapid succession. Each battered the collar fur, creating a deep valley of spunk in the pristine white fox.

Karima’s stroking of Foxy’s shaft milked more hot, thick cocksnot from her heavy, swollen balls. Three more shot out through the foreskin sheathing her fat glans and shot directly up the side of the fur, landing beside her face on the collar. The smell of her own musky jizz so close sent another stimulant jolt of ecstasy through her body and she came even more.

“Fuck, yes, yes, YES!” she cried with the melodic tones that sold millions of records. The sensation of the huge strap-on pumping her ass and the fur on her cock continued to draw out the orgasm. The fat fuckspear fired four more jets of gooey near-white fluids directly at her own face and fox hat. Wet streaks crossed the tall brim of the white fox hat, her soft features, and down into the collar on the right side. She felt the heat of the fresh goo clinging to her nose, cheeks and chin, the smell flooding her nostrils.

The last three spurts trailed down to a slow ooze after contributing more to the mess clumped on the front of the white fox fur robe. The sheer amount of fresh, steaming cocksnot blasted into the fur made it easy to see, despite the white on white coloration. Foxy drew in deep breaths in the afterglow of the powerful orgasm.

Karima slowed the pace of her thrusts as Foxy moaned and panted, finally pulling the huge fake cock from the blonde’s pink asshole. Foxy lay spread out before her, covered in long thick streaks of her own semen. Hard wet lines fanned upwards from where her partially softening cock came to rest across her tight stomach, covering her chest and heavily staining the white fox fur robe on either side. The longest, hardest streaks split her face down the middle and pooled against the huge white fox hat, causing the long guard hairs to sag into sloppy puddles of fresh, sticky gurl-sludge.

“Oh… fuck… that was goooood,” Foxy drawled.

“Wow,” was all Karima could muster at the display of, well, testicular fortitude. “That’s a lot.”

Foxy licked her lips, pulling in some of her own fresh cum and swallowing. “I know, I haven’t nut since this morning,” she said with a happy sigh.

Karima’s brow knit in a moment of contemplation. Wait, is that a long time for that? Knowledge of testicular ejaculatory capabilities was not high on the list of required lesbian facts.

“You are sooo good at this,” Foxy purred, sitting up and grabbing the huge strap-on between Karima’s thighs and stroking the wet shaft appreciatively with a big smile on her face.

Karima blushed without realizing it. “Well, this one is a little bigger than I’m used to, but it works just the same.”

Foxy smiled, “Oh you had such top energy the second I saw you. I knew you loved fucking girls.”

Karmia blushed slightly harder. Foxy was correct, though Karima would not have put it quite so… bluntly. She had been the top in all her relationships, and she certainly had a preference for petite blondes. Petite blondes like Foxy. Though Foxy was the first one to come so… fully equipped.

Foxy, face streaked with lines of her own jizz, looked up to the agent longingly. “I need more.”

Karima’s glance flicked from the popstar’s cum spattered front down to where her fourteen-inch erection quickly swelled back to full size as if the previous ejaculation was hours, not mere moments ago. Karima’s mind grasped at terms like “refractory period” but again, she realized she was not professionally qualified to know if this was normal or not.

Foxy leaned in, grabbing the soft collar of Karima’s silver fox bolero and stroking it. “I need fur on my cock,” she pleaded, “It feels soooo good.”

Karima felt the heat her gaze and the longing in her eyes, which seemed to compliment the full strength of her erection. In that moment Karima just wanted to please the blonde popstar however she wanted. She grabbed the huge white fox hat from Foxy’s head and smashed up against the underside of the long, fat, uncut organ between her legs and started stroking.

Foxy reacted, panting and moaning as the deep, soft fox fur enveloped the underside of her shaft. Still streaked with white, sticky residue from her first impressive ejaculation, the initial contact along the top of the hat became slick and wet. Karima quickly adjusted, finding a cleaner angle to continue pumping once the majority of the previous cumstains were mopped off onto the fur. Fortunately, the sheer size of the hat made this a simple task.

Foxy, still seated on the bed, instinctively humped her hips upwards to try and fuck the huge hat harder. Pleasured moans escaped her painted lips with each long pump of her shaft.

“Who’s a little fur slut?” Karima asked with a sultry whisper, towering over her on the fur covered bed. She felt her own arousal spiking as she realized she was in complete control of one of the hottest, most famous popstars on the planet.

“Meeee,” Foxy moaned, her hands now rubbing the sides of her white fox robe up and down.

“Are you going to cum for me like the little fur-addicted bitch you are?” Karima leaned in closer to Foxy’s face, where the remains of her first load still remained. Karima surprised herself with how… natural… this felt to her.

“Oh god, yes!” she cried out, “I need to cum in the fur sooo bad.”

Karima’s pace quickened while she continually shifted the enormous white fox hat to keep fresh, dry, cool fur pressed to the hot shaft. Foxy leaked precum like a broken pipe, marble pearls of fresh ooze emerging through the folds of foreskin sheathing her glans with each stroke.

“You cum when I tell you,” Karima’s voice clearly commanded.

Foxy squealed with another jolt of pleasure, “Yes, Mistress Karima.”

Karima felt her own pussy jolt with excitement at being addressed like that. She used her left arm to cradle the back of Foxy’s robe, holding her upright while she milked the massive dick towering vertically with her right hand. “Ten… nine… eight…”

Foxy stiffened, the realization of what was happening simultaneously sending additional shockwaves of pleasure down her shaft but likewise forcing her to concentrate on controlling the arrival of her rapidly onrushing orgasm. “Ohhh…. Ohhh…. Ohhhhhh….”

“Seven… six… five…” Karima continued the countdown. There were now little available clean areas of the massive white fox hat left. Wet streaks from Foxy’s pre slickened most of it now.

Foxy’s intense stroking of the sides of her fox robe continued, but Karima could feel her pelvic thrusts slowing in order to maintain control.

“Four… three…”

Foxy sped up again, the promise of full release just seconds away.

“Two… one…” Karima’s voice raised as she said, “Cum!”

Foxy obeyed, spectacularly. A huge bolt of white spunk sailed through the foreskin and into the hat. Her hips rut like a dog in heat against the fur as blast after wet, gooey blast of her marbly nut shot into the fur hat. Splatters from the force of the cum flew back against the already wet, soggy mess on the front of her robe.

Karima could feel the pulses of cum even through thick fox of the hat as she continued to milk the world-famous superstar with the fur she so desperately craved. She could feel the change in the smoothness of her strokes as the fur became soaked with it. The smooth, dry strokes were replaced by the soggy sensation of wet on wet, skin on drenched fur.

The musky scent of the young woman’s thick nutjelly once more hit her nose. The fresh waves reasserted the olfactory assault against her senses, but Karima carried on draining Foxy dry. At least, as dry as she was capable of being at any one time.

A dense puddle of spunk gathered around the base of shaft and soaked into the white fox panties through which the shaft threaded. The dripping backsplatter coated her grapefruit sized, cleanly shaven sac.

Once more panting with pleasure, Foxy heaved a great sigh as the last of this round of cum oozed out and her body went nearly limp. Karima tenderly laid her back against the bed and dumped the cum soaked white fox hat off to her side. The popstar’s torso, white fox bra, white fox panties, and white fox robe were now even stickier with fresh, gelatinous white splatter.

Karima felt her own aches pulsing from her swollen lips and climbed up on the bed. She swung her leg over Foxy and situated herself so she looked down on the supine star from over her head. She lowered her dripping slit into Foxy’s face. Foxy, with no additional prompting, immediately tilted her head back and slithered her tongue into Karima’s juicy lips.

The fluids leaking from the agent partially cleaned Foxy’s own jizz stains as the sounds of her wet slurping rose to Karima’s ears. She hardly needed the noise to enjoy the sensation of the tongue caressing the folds of her flesh and teasing the hard bud of her clit. Foxy’s tongue expertly flicked Karima’s bloated pleasure button, and Karima gasped. Already aroused beyond comprehension, it did not take long for the waves of orgasm to rush through her body.

They rushed out as well. Gushes of gray fluid pumped into Foxy’s face and mouth as Karima’s lips spasmed. Karima’s wet ejaculate cleaned Foxy’s features of Foxy’s own jizz while simultaneously coating them completely with her’s. Strong splatters added additional stains to the already heavily soiled white fox collar on either side of Foxy’s face.

Foxy slurped heavily, drinking some of Karima’s hot fluid as it rained down her face. Karima shook, body quaking with pleasure from the orgasm. She glanced down again at Foxy, and her eyes widened as she watched Foxy’s cock spurt loops of cum into the air. Foxy was cumming again, completely untouched.

Fourteen inches of cockmeat swayed pendulously as it leapt with each fresh burst of cum. Unconstrainted, shots of Foxy’s jizz flew out in all directions, spraying across the sides and onto the chinchilla spread, down her legs, and a few long, powerful shots even reached Karima’s bolero, carving clear white lines into the fluffy collar near her face.

Karima rode out their orgasms, feeling the clenching sensation in her pussy subsiding about the same time as the last, weaker loops of spunk pulsed out and landed in the puddle on Foxy’s torso, expanding it further. Karima collapsed back to the bed, staring at the ceiling, and the huge mirror that reflected them both.

Foxy was simply caked with her own thick, creamy cocksnot. In Karima’s expert opinion as a furrier, the white fox robe was beyond saving at this point. It was soaked from collar to midsection with the superstar’s potent semen as well as healthy dose of her own cloudy ejaculate. No doubt it had soaked through to the leather by now.

Karima was mostly unscathed, though clear white lines from Foxy’s wild final explosive ejaculation cut through the huge, high collar of her sliver fox bolero jacket. She felt a small bit of thanks that Foxy has managed to miss her face.

Karima reached down and tenderly stroked Foxy’s hair. “So… about that interview…”

* * *

A day later the case was closed. Karima reported Foxy had a change of heart and felt the publicity of the investigation was too much. Thankfully, no one at the Bureau thought too much of this and were thankful to put a celebrity case to rest without a lot of fanfare.

Karima did not mind, after all, she “cracked the case.” Which is precisely why she agreed to help Foxy sweep it all under the rug.

The so-called Furcutioner was a member of Foxy’s retinue. A famous drag queen who was none so recognizable hooded and out of drag, as they had been in the video. It had hardly been an ordeal to coax the post-orgasmic Foxy into admitting her lust for cumming on furs, and watching it happen, lead to this little psycho-sexual exercise.

Unfortunately, in her desire for authenticity in this little role-play, she failed to mention it to her manager, who had called the cops when the furs turned up “missing.” Then Foxy left the ransom video running in her laptop before attempting to quickly rub one out before a show, and the rest was history.

Karima was more than pleased with the outcome, as not only was the case closed, but, via some intricate backchannels, her fur salon would start supplying Foxy with custom coats she helped design. They had already ordered ten times the usual number of fox pelts. The salon was basically set for life.

Sitting in her office, Karima reviewed a new case file. It had nothing to do with furs, so she struggled to maintain interest. A notification dinged on her phone and she unlocked it and opened the message from a contact dubbed “Fur Royalty.”

Karima quickly flipped the phone off when the video of Countess Foxy plowing a huge blue fox coat with all fourteen inches of her immense fur fuckstick started playing. She quickly stuffed it back into the pocket of her slacks.

Clearing her throat, Karima stood up and announced she would be taking a bathroom break.

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