Sunday, February 28, 2021

“Foxy Backstage Pass”

Welcome the the result of semi-interactive storytelling. This story came about with the help of the Fur Lovers Discord. Through a series of polls, the characters and storyline were chosen, then events were decided based on prompts I created. It was an interesting experience and resulted in a slightly different tale than I may have written solo, but that makes it all the more interesting. 

The chapter breaks are where the story polls occurred.

Notes: Miss LaRue is now officially played by Morgan Fairchild. Velvet is played by Jovana Mitrovic / Obsidian Kerttu. Countess Foxy, hopefully obviously, is played by Lady Gaga. Others appearing later are appearing as themselves.

Disclaimers: Not really, everyone here is pretty much down to clown. If cumming on fur coats is a trigger for you, then what the living fuck are you doing here in the first place?

Summary: Velvet calls up Miss LaRue because she has backstage passes to the big Countess Foxy concert and FoxTrap can’t go with her. There’s a lot of internet rumors about the queen of the latest music trend, foxpop, maybe they’ll find out if they’re true. Spoiler: they are, and they will

Story Codes: F/F; F/Genderfluid F. Strapon / Anal

“Foxy Backstage Pass”

-by FurCreamer (and the mob)


Chapter 01 – I’ll Be Your Plus One

Marie LaRue snapped her phone off and slid it back into the pocket of the polar fox trimmed satin robe in which she lounged, laptop open, researching male ejaculatory supplements she could have Tommy take. They were likely all bullshit, she knew, but maybe it could squeeze another shot or two out, because what is better than a big cumshot on fur than an even bigger cumshot on fur.

The darling young goth woman was inviting her to a concert. She tapped at the keyboard with her short, trimmed, polished nails and a rather large number of results for one “Countess Foxy” appeared. Her meticulously plucked brow peaked. This Countess Foxy certainly had a flare for dramatic fur fashion.

LaRue’s mind ran through the rather excited, near stream of consciousness explanation from Velvet. Countess Foxy was the poster child for some new kind of pop music that heavily featured fur fashion. Velvet had great seats and a pair of backstage passes for a meet and greet with the popstar. And no one else go with.

The lovely young lady Velvet currently cohabitated with was unable to attend, and LaRue was the only other person she knew who would appreciate the furs on display. While this statement was demonstrably false, LaRue respected the fact that she did not want to involve her ex, Tommy.

Miss LaRue recalled saying “yes,” though she could not quite put her finger on why. Perhaps it was the promise of spending some time with someone equally as fascinated by fur and its effects on anything with a penis. And, Miss LaRue thought with a smile, Velvet is rather cute. It had been some time since she had enjoyed the company of another woman. College, she recalled, somewhat embarrassed by the rather cliché circumstances of it all.

As Velvet was ever willing to relate, her relationship with her partner was open, on both sides. Particularly as related to any opportunities for sexual escapades with fur. This certainly seemed to fit the bill.

Unfolding herself from the lounge, Miss LaRue decided this would certainly be an opportunity to wear something equally as “dramatic” as Countess Foxy. Something Velvet would uniquely appreciate. Sliding out of her robe into the nude, she rose. LaRue’s toned body and large, DD breasts were exposed to the cool air of her bedroom. Her nipples quickly hardened.

LaRue swung open the section of her numerous walk-in closets where the rather “exceptional” pieces were stored. These were exceptional even among a collection where merely exceptional was the norm. She zeroed in on the rack at the very back, where her none-too-dearly departed ex-husbands most bespoke, custom, oversized fox coats were stored.

Ah, yes, she thought, the empress blue fox will do nicely.

Created over the course of years by choosing only the finest pelts of the finest pelts, this towering creation weighed over fifteen pounds. The collar swept out far over each shoulder and could be flipped up into a full hood. Elbow length stuffed round cuffs adorned each sleeve, like two heavy barrel muffs on either side. The sweep of the collar ran the entire vertical length of the coat, then became a thick fringe around the lower end, where clusters of fox tails would drag the floor behind her.

Truly, it was an amazing creation. Yet he only wanted her to stand in their bedroom wearing it while he “worshiped” her. LaRue pushed the feelings of disgust at her simpering, submissive husband down. This promised to be a fun night, and perhaps one where she could employ this marvelous jumbo blue fox in ways that would have him spinning in his early grave. It was, after all, her best revenge.

LaRue pulled it from a rack of other similar foxes which dominated an entire rear wall, feeling the sheer weight of so many full pelts tug at her forearm. She tingled a bit as it spilled back onto her, the immense coat cascading down her nude body and sending electric pleasure through her. The sumptuous pelts caressed her skin and hard nipples like fluid joy.

Miss LaRue glanced over at one of her many accessory racks on the left side and considered for a moment that a clear head may be called for this evening.


Chapter 02 – Clear Minds, Full Pussy, Can Cum

The triple rope, double sided pearl fox stole slid off the rack almost noiselessly. LaRue hefted the giant blue fox coat and, after another quick squeeze of it against her naked body, released it to a convenient chair before wrapping the stole around her waist and striding purposefully over to the king-sized bed.

A line of almost clear fluid trickled down her inner thigh, the arousal from the soft caress of the stole overtaking her. LaRue turned, sliding down atop the white satin sheets, and pulling the twelve-foot-long pearl fox stole along with her. She felt the slow release of fluids from her smooth, hairless pussy lips begin to seep into the sheets, causing a darker stain to slowly spread outward. With an excited gasp, she quickly folded the long stole into a pillow sized mass she pushed between her legs.

The long hairs of downy soft pearl fox pressed into her exposed thighs right up to her open lips and hard clit. LaRue moaned happily at the sensation warming her legs and pelvic area. She squeezed, pressing the fur harder against her body and grinding her pelvis against it while the bed springs squeaked with the effort.

LaRue tapped the hooded center of her pleasure button with her opposite hand while pressing the fur harder. Mouth slightly agape, LaRue squeezed out another long moan and a few pants as the pleasure built. She could feel the pearl fox stole dampening further with each stroke, but she did not care.

Finally, she felt the wave ripple through her body, and flood out of it. A gush of hot, milky fluid splattered between her legs and directly into the pearl fox stole. The soft fur soaked up the mature blonde’s steaming fresh fluids, quickly becoming a soggy mess. The stain in the sheets below her slowly enlarged as what the stole could not contain ran off underneath.

LaRue exhaled with pure satisfaction as the ruined fox stole sagged limply between her legs, half of it now dripping with her voluminous, thin ejaculate. She swung her legs off the bed and stood up, the warm feelings of the furgasm echoing through her body. She dumped the thoroughly fucked pearl fox fur stole in the nearest convenient waste bin and checked her phone. Ample time to freshen up before she would need to pick up Velvet for the concert.


Velvet tilted her head up to kiss FoxTrap, still shorter than her girlfriend despite the six-inch heels on her white, metal studded shoes. FoxTrap returned the kiss and hugged her, fingers sinking into the white accented champaign pink fox stroller engulfing Velvet. Releasing the embrace with a smile, she then secured the six-inch-tall brimmed matching pink fox hat atop Velvet’s recently pink dyed locks.

Velvet felt the familiar, and somewhat impossible to miss sensation of FoxTrap’s considerable bulge pressed against the front of the coat. She smirked, pastel glossed lips curling with fiendish glee, “Someone wants to change their… mind?”

FoxTrap grinned, flipping her long waves of black and violet dyed hair, “I would if I could. You have fun with that pretty blonde girl.” The taller girl’s long mane drifted down over a leather and chain harness top and opera length gloves.

Velvet shushed her with a finger to FoxTrap’s dark, black and violet painted lips, “She’s nice, and we have… mutual interests. Don’t worry, I know what kind of pussy I like most.” She reached down and squeezed FoxTrap’s enormous bulge which tented her tight leather skirt. “Besides, I’ll get to scope all the lesser fur hotties at the concert, make sure I’m still the best.” She made a lick and sizzle motion with her finger touching the thick collar of her fox coat.

“You most certainly are,” FoxTrap responded with an exaggerated leer, more intensely rubbing the pink fox stroller as she embraced Velvet.

Velvet, her other hand never having left the bulge, suddenly gasped, eyes wide. “Oh! Idea!”

FoxTrap knew this look and knew it well. It was trouble.

Chapter 03 – Accessories Make the Outfit

Velvet hooked her trimmed, pink fingernail into the waist of FoxTrap’s short, black leather skirt and tugged downward. “I think I’ll take you along to the concert after all.” FoxTrap was not wearing panties, so the massive mound of flesh between her legs unfolded immediately and bounced upwards, landing against the front of the pastel goth girl’s champagne pink fox mega stroller. “Just some of you…”

FoxTrap’s shuddered a bit as her budding erection flopped out directly into the soft caress of Velvet’s fur. FoxTrap drew in a breath, steadying herself from the unexpected jolt of pleasure. Her expertly shaped brow peaked, “Oh, you want to walk around a stadium full of people in a cumstained fur coat?”

“Fuck. Yes,” Velvet huffed, pressing her body directly into her girlfriend, causing the rapidly engorging cock to slide directly up against the huge, puffy shawl collar that ran the full height of the stroller. A thick white blob of precum oozed out from the smooth foreskin encasing FoxTrap’s blunt glans and streaked through the long, dark guard hairs.

FoxTrap thrust up against the front of Velvet’s fox coat as the full glory of her enormous erection manifested. Her body shuddered, and she gasped. The familiar yet always divine sensation of thick, soft fox fur pleasing her wantonly fur-addicted cock drove her wild. Velvet wrapped her heavily furred arms around the tall trap, rubbing the huge cuffs up and down her back.

Velvet’s voice purred, “Mmm, that’s right, fuck this bitch and blast a huge wad all over her.”

“Nnnn…. Uhhhh…” FoxTrap moaned almost delicately, despite the rough pelvic thrusts that ground her giant dick into the collar of the pink fox fur stroller. Deep streaks of wet slime multiplied as each upward thrust seems to carry with it a fresh trickle of clumpy precum.

“Baby, make me wear your jizz. A stadium full of people will see your fat, juicy nutsauce clinging to my coat,” Velvet purred. She pressed forward, crushing the broad, fluffy pink fox collar into the forcefully thrusting organ intent on trashing it.

“Oh FUCK!”

FoxTrap’s hips shuddered and Velvet knew that motion well. She quickly stepped back, releasing the embrace and slapping the huge, round fox fur cuffs against FoxTrap’s fully exposed shaft. Velvet started pumping up and down the lengthy meat pole. FoxTrap stabbed her huge dick forward to meet Velvet, a white streak of custard-thick spunk erupting through the foreskin bunched over her glans. The loop of hard, powerful spooge slapped across the lower edge of the fox stroller.

“Nut this bitch for me,” Velvet encouraged as she thrust FoxTrap’s impossibly stretched, fat girl dong through the thick, round, padded fur cuffs that completely encased her forearms from elbow to wrist.

“Damn that’s soft! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” FoxTrap’s fountaining fuckstick spewed additional buttery thick cocksnot across the front of the stroller. Velvet swung the pulsing cock back and forth, painting long, lateral streaks back and forth over the front of the pink fur and the wide collar. The lines of pale spunk carved deep valleys into the wide, full pelts everywhere they landed.

After fifteen long, ragged shots, the front of Velvet’s champaign pink fox stroller was crisscrossed with deep white lines that cut across the wide, thick collar from the bottom to about halfway up. Velvet relinquished the slightly softening cock, seeing the cuffs were also slightly stained with FoxTrap’s uniquely thick, fresh girl sludge. “Oh, baby, even sexier now,” she hummed as she glanced down at the mess she’d just help make on the fur coat.

Still a little breathless from the effort, FoxTrap squeezed out the last of the cum into her hand and then wiped another streak down the sleeve, cleaning her cummy fingers with the fur. Velvet licked her lips at the lurid display.

A horn honked.

“That’s your ride, sexy,” FoxTrap smiled, finishing up with another stroke down the pink fox sleeve to get the rest of the cum off.

Velvet leaned into kiss FoxTrap again. She was careful not to disturb the fresh cumstains on the front of her coat. “Have another ready when I get home,” she whispered after their lips broke contact.


Velvet rushed out the door.


Miss LaRue idled the G-class Benz as Velvet piled in with a friendly wave. Having watched the young woman approach down the long walkway, the sudden, overwhelming smell of semen was hardly a surprise.

“I see some your girlfriend made it after all,” she said, placidly putting the black SUV into gear and pulling away.

Velvet squealed happily, “This is so fucking cool!” She looked down at the cumstains which were slowly melting into the deep fur. FoxTrap’s fresh nut was thick, white, and marbly, but it would eventually soak in and leave only darkened wet patches of fur.

“Impulse control does have some benefits, dear,” LaRue suggested, following the directions on the built-in nav system to their destination, the local coliseum.

“Not tonight,” she said with a devilish smile. Velvet’s eyes widened as she finally took a longer look at Miss LaRue. “O.M.G. That coat is amazing!”

The enormous blue fox was packed in tightly even in the roomy SUV’s interior. “Why thank you. I’m pleased someone with your taste is impressed.”

“Wow, you went all out. We are going to look sooo hot when we meet Foxy,” Velvet said reaching over and enthusiastically stroking LaRue’s sleeve. LaRue did not flinch, simply continued driving.

Velvet’s expression changed momentarily, brightening further, “Oh, and what’s even better, we got upgraded!”


“Yeah, yeah!” Velvet said with barely contained excitement. “The Ultimate Blue Fox VIP Experience! One of the managers called and said we’d been cleared. She sounded nice.”

“Blue Fox?” LaRue turned that over in her head. “Interesting choice. Not ‘sable’, or ‘chinchilla’?”

Velvet waved her hand dismissively, “It’s foxpop, blue is the ultimate!” She brought out her phone and scrolled her email to where the passes she had received were stored. “I just showed them my Twitter and we were in!”

LaRue’s brow crested, “Your twitter?” She turned it over in her mind, continuing, “The one where you post no context photos of you wearing large fur coats with your girlfriend’s rather prodigious ejaculations covering them?”

“I know! They must be completely dense, just loved the furs,” Velvet said, swiping through her feed again. The one of her lounging in their living room in a crystal fox stole covered with huge white streaks and pools of FoxTrap’s cum had just been retweeted by a clueless furrier’s account. Some of the usual suspects that had found the account were again debating whether it was cum or not. Amusingly most of the arguments against claimed that no one could cum that much in the first place, so it had to be fake. Losers.

LaRue mulled this new information over. “Perhaps.”

With a provided VIP pass, they easily found a place to park near the backstage entrance. Miss LaRue unfolded herself from the driver’s seat, brushing out the enormous blue fox coat. The black, silver buckled corset dress below it ended about mid-thigh, leaving her toned legs exposed down to where her matching leather knee boots took over. The thin stiletto heels clacked on the pavement as she rounded the vehicle to where Velvet exited.

LaRue retrieved a blue fox stole leash and collar and held it up to Velvet wordlessly.

Velvet’s eyes became wide as saucers. “Hell. Yes.” She grabbed the collar and slid it around her neck. LaRue smiled, placing the soft leash in her right hand, and gently tugging it. Velvet made a show of jerking forward towards her, grabbing, and roughly stroking the giant, over-the-shoulder width collar of the older woman’s gigantic blue fox coat.

“Miss Velvet and guest?”

The voice called out across the garage from the backstage entrance.

Chapter 04 – Assistant from the Stars

Miss LaRue caught sight of the woman approaching from the backstage door. She was tall, with a long mane of raven hair fixed in tall bouffant with a precisely trimmed set of bangs. Recognition tugged at the corners of LaRue’s mind while the woman confidently strode over. Clad in a tailored suit dress with dark nylons and matching stilettos, the woman topped it off with a heavy chubby silver fox coat sporting a wide tuxedo collar. She appeared every bit the consummate professional.

Velvet waved, “Yes, I’m Velvet!”

The woman stopped a few feet away. She held a clipboard in one hand and set about appraising the pair without any noticeable change in expression on her face. LaRue waited for any kind of emotional response, perhaps because one of them was wearing an obviously stained fur coat, but found nothing but tight, professional detachment.

The woman’s gaze focused in on Velvet. “Well, you certainly don’t disappoint.”

Velvet shifted excitedly beside LaRue. “Never.”

The new arrival’s gaze shifted to LaRue and the enormous blue fox coat and leash. “Impressive.”

LaRue nodded, “Thank you.” A reserved response to someone obviously not inclined to deliver compliments with any sort of regularly.

The woman’s eyes narrowed, and she leveled the clipboard, pointing it between them. “You’re not… related?”

“Heavens, no.” LaRue replied dismissively.

“No!” Velvet said virtually in unison, then snuggled up closer to LaRue and stroked her leash.

The woman shrugged, “M’kay, doesn’t really matter, unless it… matters.” The cryptic response once more peaked LaRue’s interest but she let it pass. The evening was certainly off to an interesting start, and she suspected it was only going to become more interesting as it went. The woman flipped the clipboard. “Sign these. NDAs. Then we’ll get you up to the suite for the show.”

Velvet grabbed the clipboard without any hesitation and began scribbling her name in the provided space then happily passed it to LaRue. LaRue took it, glanced at the rather small type, and then back up to the woman. “NDA?”

The inquisitive glance was met with the same professional demeanor. “Non-disclosure agreement, which I’m sure knew, you’re just wondering why. Why,” she paused, “is because you may become privy to certain facts when you meet Countess Foxy. She can be very… forthcoming… in these private sessions. And we expect you to keep these facts between you and her.”

LaRue internalized this information. “What sort of… facts?”

“Sign and you’ll find out.” A barely perceptible smile tugged at the corners of the raven-haired woman’s lips.

“C’mon,” Velvet virtually pleaded, her arms wrapping around LaRue’s blue fox coat sleeve and stroking it needfully.

LaRue gave a shrug and signed. She handed the clipboard back and it was taken with a quick swipe. “Perfect, let’s get you up to the private suite for the show.”

The woman started off. LaRue and Velvet suddenly hurried to keep up. They were whisked through the rear doors and into the bowels of the coliseum where the concert staff, backup dancers, and crew were buzzing around like bees.

Velvet’s eyes again widened as they passed dancers in huge fox boa-adorned Vegas showgirl outfits and sexy nightgowns capped off with huge fox hats. They navigated past a group of drag artists in a rainbow of huge fox stoles and campy outfits and through the costume area where racks of fox furs lined the hallway.

Velvet felt the tingle of excitement as she passed through so many people with the wet streaks of drying cum plastered to the front of her thick champaign pink fox stroller. She felt some minor disappointment no one paid them much mind, even with the obvious leash and collar she wore.

Eventually they exited out into the upper mezzanine of the arena, where groups of fans were shuffling in to find their seats. The crowds were heavy with Foxy’s key demo, teen girls, along with a helping of femboys and other queer youth. Virtually all were wearing furs, from the simplest faux to the humblest rabbit, all the way up to obviously more expensive foxes. It appeared most of the attendees without furs were older, mostly those chaperoning fur clad youth to their seats with all the grim determination of generations of parents attending any pop music concert.

LaRue took it all in with an appreciation for the apparent revival of fur fashion, in such an unexpected demographic no less. Countess Foxy certainly had an appeal. Velvet simply glanced around like a kid in a candy store, marveling at being among so many newly minted fur wearers. She proudly clocked every stare, glance, or open gape at the two of them and their “statement” fox coats and leash. The pair were difficult to miss even amongst a throng of others dressed in fur.

The crowds thinned out as they walked up to the premium suites. The woman flashed a keycard to open the central suite, situated directly opposite the stage. Inside the suite large lounge chairs were set up against the tall glass viewing window, each one covered in a bulky, wide fox throw and adorned with fox pillows. The suite included various monitors, an area for food to be set up, and a private restroom.

The raven-haired woman handed the keycard to LaRue. “Enjoy the show. There’s a menu on the table if you want to order anything, it’s all complimentary. I’ll be by to check in a few times during the show, and to escort you to the VIP meeting once Countess Foxy is ready after the show ends.”

LaRue took the card, slipping it into the pocket of her giant empress blue fox coat. The temperature in the room was artificially low, and she realized this was likely on purpose. Neither one of them would be particularly bothered by it so long as they kept their thick, soft, fox fur coats on.

“Apologies, I did not catch your name,” LaRue asked while Velvet leaned in to study the woman closer.


Velvet’s expression shifted to one of mild shock and uncertainty. “Wait… do I… are you…?”

Krysten just nodded, “Yes.”

Velvet squealed excitedly, “Wow! You work for Countess Foxy now?”


“That is sooo cool,” Velvet exclaimed. “Can I get your autograph? Can you just, like, watch the show with us?”

LaRue pointedly tugged the blue fox leash. “Velvet, dear, Krysten said she’ll check on us, and she’s probably busy, let’s settle in.”

Velvet’s expression dropped a bit, but she nodded, “Yes, Mistress LaRue.”

Krysten fixed LaRue with more intense gaze and said, “Do check out the menu, the tour has some special benefits for our Blue Fox VIPs available you may find… interesting.” She then returned to the door and said, “I’ll check up to see how you’re doing soon.” With that Krysten Ritter exited.

LaRue took in the rather pointed statement and decided to do as asked. The intrigue surrounding the evening only grew deeper it seemed. Perhaps this would shed some additional light on matters. She retrieved the menu and opened it.

Chapter 05 –Pre-Gaming with Pussy

LaRue found a sheet clipped to what was obviously just the venue’s catering menu. Her brow peaked once more as she scanned the contents, seeing the instructions to text a number at the bottom with the combination of “codes” she would like to request. The codes were rather detailed and left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The evening was certainly going to be far more exciting than she originally thought.

Making a mental note, LaRue punched in a series of numbers into the smartphone she successfully fished from the deep pocket of her goliath blue fox coat.

Seconds later the screen flashed CONFIRMED, 2 MINUTES.

LaRue slid the phone back into her pocket, “Well, rapid service indeed.” She walked over to the large fur covered lounges facing the viewing window and glanced down at the rapidly filling arena. A sea of furs packed the seats below, while large video screens showed what must be videos of Countess Foxy’s songs as the concert rapidly approached.

The current video flashed scenes of the pop star in an enormous crystal fox coat in a lavish deco apartment setting, surrounded by fawning women in satin nightgowns and equally impressive furs. With a flash of recognition, she realized the video was inspired by an old movie called The Mad Miss Manton. Either Foxy or her creative team were impressively familiar with notable fur media.

“Velvet, dear, front and center,” LaRue turned from the viewing window and ordered as a knock sounded on the door. Velvet jumped up and obediently rushed to LaRue’s side, her pastel goth finery swaying.

Krysten entered, her large silver fox chubby coat filling the doorway as she passed through carrying a metal briefcase. Another figure followed along, this one wearing an equally impressive lynx-dyed fox with a tall, round collar that framed her youthful features and long, straight mane of red hair.

Krysten set the case down on the table while her companion stood by, appraising both LaRue and Velvet quietly.

Velvet gripped LaRue’s arm through the heavy sleeve of blue fox. “That’s-”

The red head said, “Sophie Turner, pleased to meet you.”

LaRue nodded, “Likewise.”

Krysten stepped back from the open metal briefcase. Inside the sheared mink lined case lay a set of increasingly large dildos, resting in the fur. LaRue noted even the smallest ones in the case were by no means “small” in any conventional sense. On the top of the case were a pair of chinchilla harnesses with linked silver O-rings and a reinforced leather mount obviously meant to hold the dildos below. “Guests get first pick,” Krysten said, waving a hand to the case.

LaRue placed her hand on one of the ones in the middle, an impressive piece of space-age plastic forged in rather convincing skin tones and painted veins. Like the rest, it was stunningly detailed and quite realistic looking. It had been quite some time since she had worn one, so she figured she should take it “slow” with one that was only about a foot long.

“Wow,” Velvet squeaked. “Do I get…”

LaRue tugged on the blue fox leash. “Oh, I suspect not. You seem more comfortable on the other end of these… And I believe you expressed an interest in getting to know our friend here a little better?” She then handed the end of the leash to Krysten.

Krysten smiled openly for the first time since they had laid eyes on her this evening, a crack in the cool, professional detachment. Her eyes roamed over Velvet once more, this time with an openly wanton gaze. “Judging by all those cum stains, she’s very comfortable pleasing a big cock.”

Velvet realized Krysten Ritter clocked the cumstains from the moment she laid eyes on them.

Krysten did not even glance back to the case when she pulled out the dildo two sizes larger than the one LaRue chose. “This will help get you some practice for… later,” she said without a trace of explanation. The long, pale purple veined monster topped out at fourteen inches. Krysten calmly began removing the skirt on her suit dress while Violet watched in fascination.

LaRue did likewise, feeling the heft of the fake cock in her hand while she unzipped the leather skirt and detached it from the corset dress top. A chill crept in between her legs and crossed the black lace of her panties. She threaded the big fake dong into the harness and pulled up, securing it in place with a satisfied grunt.

LaRue stepped up to the red head. “I take it from my companion’s reaction you’re famous as well?”

Sophie nodded, “A bit.” She bit her lower lip and stepped closer to LaRue, close enough so their significantly large fox coats mixed and the large fake cock between LaRue’s legs thrust into Sophie’s lynx-dyed fox fur coat.

“I confess I don’t watch a lot of television,” LaRue said, her hand raising up to brush the large curve of lynx-dyed fox collar beside Sophie’s face.

Sophie slowly unhooked the closures of her coat, revealing the red lingerie and garter belted nylons below it. “That’s okay, I’m not here to act,” she purred, leaning in to plant a kiss on LaRue’s lips and run her fingers in the vast collar of the mammoth blue fox. She felt LaRue return the kiss and tugged her over to the right lounge, one covered with a dark crystal fox spread.

Across the room, Krysten advanced on Velvet, her tall raven hair saying along with her huge silver fox as she swaggered, the huge fake cock leading the way. She glanced down at the much shorter woman, “Why don’t you show me how you got all those boys to cum on your coat?”

It was Velvet’s turn to smile as she reached out and grabbed the big fake dong by the center of the shaft. “Just one, and not a boy,” she said, licking her lips and sliding down to her knees in front of Krysten.

Krysten’s brow peaked, “Really now… Then I suspect you’ll get along marvelously with my boss.” She wagged the big dick strapped between her legs. “Show me,” she repeated with more urgency, this time tugging at Velvet’s blue fox leash.

Velvet licked her lips and opened, accepting the end of the strap-on easily despite its size. Her saliva coated the smooth surface as she bobbed up and down, slowly inching more into her mouth. Krysten swung into it, standing with her hands on her hips, the heavy silver fox swinging in time with her thrusts. Velvet’s throat visibly expanded as she took the massive fake dick with ease, long since taming her gag reflex.

Sophie slid back into the lounge in front of LaRue and spread her legs. “I bet you want to fuck me,” she said, her finger sliding down the front of her red lingerie to where it opened around the clearly wet lips of her vagina.

Standing over her, LaRue grasped the base of the heavy foot-long, realistically painted strap-on and nodded hungrily, “Yes, I most certainly do, dear.” The older woman pressed the end of the fake dick against Sophie’s lips and thrust. LaRue felt the fat toy enter the younger woman with ease, the wetness of her arousal was already staining the satin lining of her lynx-dyed fox.

LaRue pressed forward, feeling her own arousal growing, the dampness flowing from her own lips ran into the underside of the chinchilla harness keeping the dildo in place. She felt an electric excitement running through her as the lovely red head moaned on the end of her big plastic cock. It has been quite some time since she had enjoyed something like this. Those “experimental” days in college, before marrying her dreadful husband.

LaRue pushed thoughts of her deceased husband from her mind, determined his pathetic, submissive existence would not mar this evening again. She redoubled her efforts, thrusting the strap-on deeper and deeper into Sophie, watching as the woman took it with what appeared to be ease. LaRue heard music start filling the area. The opening act was starting.

With a strength she forgot she had, she scooped Sophie up into her arms, engulfing the woman and her lynx dyed fox into her own far larger, gigantic blue fox coat. With a quick turn, she laid Sophie’s back against the slightly outward angled viewing window. The back of her lynx-dyed fox fur coat was splayed against the clear glass. LaRue fucked the red head against it, the whole arena below her. All anyone would need to do was look up to see the actress pinned against the glass. The size of her full-length coat would prevent anyone from seeing precisely what was happening to her.

Velvet swallowed almost half the fourteen-inch strap-on between Krysten’s legs before she was allowed to release it. The plastic shaft, coated in salvia and strings of mucus, dangled between them as Krysten pointed to the lounge with the golden isle fox spread. “Well, you’re talented up front, let’s try the other end.”

Velvet eagerly climbed up on the lounge, arms leaning on the back and knees planted on the edge of the seat, her posterior covered by the lower edge of her champaign pink fox stroller.

“Let’s see that ass,” Krysten ordered.

Velvet wiggled, then pulled up the stroller so it bunched over her upturned cheeks. She then slowly swayed while she tugged down her black and white leggings, revealing she had absolutely no panties on below the skintight legwear. The swollen pink lips of her pussy met the cool air, a line of fluid drooling down one thigh and into the lowered leggings.

“I hope you did a good job lubing this up,” Krysten growled as she pressed the head of the huge strap-on to the red ring of Velvet’s asshole. The saliva and mucus from her sloppy blowjob rubbed against the skin, which gave way with a rough thrust from the tall raven-haired woman. Velvet’s body visibly shook, and her head flipped back, pink-dyed hair flying. “Fuuuuck!”

Krysten reached out and grabbed Velvet’s thighs, pulling forward and ramming with her hips, pushing the fat fake dick deeper and deeper into Velvet’s bowls. The fluid release from the slit below increased immediately, progressively more cloudy liquid running out faster and faster as Velvet bucked against Krysten.

At the window and on the lounge, the older women drove their big fake dicks into their younger companions, fucking with frenzied abandon and causing Velvet and Sophie to cry out with pleasure. Over and over they thrust, increasing the depth of penetration with each long stroke.

“Oh, God, oh fuck!” Sophie screamed out finally, back against the viewing glass, shaking it with each rough pound from LaRue’s hips. A gush of clear fluid rushed down the length of fake cock still visible between the two women. It splattered against the lining of Sophie’s lynx-dyed fox and overflowed, running down the glass below her.

LaRue kept it up, not allowing Sophie a moment. She moaned again and another huge gush of fluid splattered down, soaking her nylons, and splattering wet flecks of fluid across the front of LaRue’s immense blue fox coat. “Oh oh oh,” Sophie gasped, hands crushing sleeves of LaRue’s blue fox as she held on tightly during the mind numbing waves of pleasure. Slight tremors radiated through the viewing glass as the orgasm consumed her.

Velvet heard the pleasured cries of Sophie, and more precisely, the wet splash of the woman’s frenzied ejaculation, and felt her own orgasm roll over her. “Fuck yes, yes YES!” she screamed out, fists clenching the golden isle fox spread for dear life as her pussy spasmed. A blast of creamy fluid splattered down her legs, over the fox spread, and back against Krysten’s legs and the lower half of her silver fox coat. Another followed, and another, each adding more the volume of the wet stains between her legs and across the formerly plush golden isle fox spread.

A pool formed between her knees in the fur, and Krysten’s silver fox was soon soggy with Velvet’s copious fluids. Quivering from the force of the orgasm, Velvet collapsed down against the back of the lounge, panting from the effort as Krysten gently removed the giant fake dick from the girl’s puckered asshole.

“Oh, she is going to love you,” Krysten observed as she took the opportunity to wipe the shaft clean on the back of Velvet’s cumstained fur stroller.


Miss LaRue looked around, impressed with the “décor” especially considering it must be something the tour had to set up in each venue where Countess Foxy performed. Lounges similar to the ones from the VIP box surrounded the walls, all draped with fox spreads and fox pillows. At the center of the room was, not unexpected at this point, a very large round bed. The base of the bed was covered by a chinchilla spread, and it was piled high with fox pillows in various shades at one side.

Velvet stood beside her, flanked by Krysten. None of them had changed since the escapades in the VIP box, so Velvet’s champaign fox stroller was quite the worse for wear with multiple stains, testicular and vaginal, on it. Likewise, her enthusiastic ejaculations marked Krysten’s silver fox well, at least from the bottom to about halfway up. Only LaRue’s insanely large blue fox remained somewhat dry, though it too had earned a few damp spots from Sophie’s smaller eruptions.

The remainder of their time in the VIP box was enjoyable though less “athletic.” Krysten suggested they rest before meeting Foxy and simply enjoy the show. Krysten and Sophie remained with them, exchanging warmth and a few loving embraces while the concert played out and they enjoyed some food, and, at Krysten’s insistence, a great deal of drink.

LaRue found herself impressed with the pageantry and sheer number of furs on display throughout the show. Foxy barely wore the same costume for each song, and each one was a tower of fur excess. Velvet was enthralled and sang along to many of the songs, in a not altogether disagreeable fashion it turned out. Her vocal skills seemed at least on par with the other things she could do with her mouth, and that was impressive.

Now they had arrived at the “main event” LaRue reasoned. After the VIP room it was abundantly clear they would be having sex with the superstar Countess Foxy. The mystery behind the NDA certainly needed no further explanation. Velvet was a hot wire of electric anticipation beside her. Relations with the two Hollywood alums was a mere appetizer to this. She could not wait to violate that NDA and tell FoxTrap all about it.

The opposite entrance to the room opened, and there she was.

Chapter 06 – Your Hostess

She filled the doorway, wearing a signature coat from the concert. LaRue recognized it immediately. While she was not lying about her familiarity with modern pop culture, her none-too-dearly-departed husband had ensured she was acquainted with the late 90s Disney incarnation of Cruella De Vil.

A cherry red and black dyed fox coat enveloped the woman, long tails attached to the lower hem dragging the floor behind her even atop a pair of eight-inch platform heels. The coat’s enormous collar surrounded her head, rising over top of it in the back and spilling out over her shoulders to either side, also adored with long fox tails.

LaRue vaguely recalled the coat amongst the bacchanal of fur-soaked stage numbers, a tribute to the famous character entitled “De Vil Inside Me.” Velvet seemed particularly pleased with that one, suggesting it was one her favorites. LaRue recalled Velvet seemed to feel the same way about many of the numbers, so she took that for what it was worth.

A few beats from the chorus of “De Vil Inside Me” echoed in her head as Countess Foxy strode across the make-shift bedroom with a pleased smile on her strikingly made-up features.

I’ve got De Vil inside me

Fox and lynx astride me

Pouring hot molten love outside me

I’ve got De Vil inside me

Fox and lynx astride me

Creamy white release not denied me

LaRue mulled those over briefly. There certainly seemed to be a “theme” in much of Foxy’s lyrics.

Velvet grabbed the sleeve of LaRue’s massive blue fox coat, squeezing excitedly. Nervous energy poured off her as it was clear her excitement levels were peaking. LaRue placed a hand on over Velvet’s trembling fist and gave a reassuring pat.

From behind them, Krysten spoke up, “Countess, our VIP guests for the evening. She opened her arms and laid a hand on Velvet’s damp champaign fox stroller. “This is Miss Velvet.” She placed her other hand on LaRue’s blue fox, “And Miss LaRue.”

Countess Foxy nodded serenely. “Welcome, a pleasure to finally meet you, Velvet. I’ve loved your Twitter for ages.”

LaRue would have sworn it was not possible for the young goth girl to become more excited, but she was quite incorrect. A high-pitched squeak escaped Velvet’s lips, and she practically bounced in place next to LaRue as her grip on the sleeve of the blue fox coat tightened further. “Ohmigod! You follow me!? Ohmigod!”

Countess Foxy smiled, “Well, not on my main…”

Velvet remained rooted in place next to LaRue, eyeing Foxy with both awe and hunger. Her eyes widened as another emotion crept in. “Wait, my Twitter? You know about that?” Her cheeks flushed a far brighter shade of red than the pink blush adorning them.

Foxy reached up, placing her hands on the enormous, upturned collar of the modified, expanded Cruella coat, fingers sinking into the thick, pristine pelts. “I certainly do. I can only hope I can measure up to your girlfriend’s rather impressive… testicular fortitude.”

With that, Countess Foxy pulled open the behemoth, bespoke fox coat. LaRue’s brow arched, though no other expression crossed her face as she nodded inwardly. Yes, a lyrical theme indeed, she thought to herself. She quietly moved her other hand from covering Velvet’s grip on her sleeve to Velvet’s chin, where she gently closed the young woman’s agape mouth.

“It’s not polite to stare, dear.”

Chapter 07 – With the Mostess

 Below the giant dyed fox coat Countess Foxy revealed a tightly laced leather corset which thrust up her modest 34B breasts but did not cover them, leaving her erect nipples on full display. On the opposite end, the rest of the eight-inch platforms were connected to a pair of matching black leather thigh boots with intricate laces running up to their zenith at the midpoint of her toned thighs.

There were mere afterthoughts to what lay between. The curve of Foxy’s only partially erect penis hung nearly to her knees. The long, pale flesh was smooth with small purple veins spidering downward towards the blunt, flared glans. It flushed pink, and a line of white drooled from the tip, stubbornly connected and showing no signs of falling free.

The base of the monster appendage rested in a harness similar to ones they had enjoyed earlier to secure the rather fake versions of what was all Foxy between her legs. This one was made of dyed red fox that matched the cherry red of her coat exactly and sheathed about three inches of the base of her cock in a fox sleeve.

LaRue watched with all due attention as the organ thickened and lengthened before their eyes. She briefly wondered if Foxy would be lightheaded, considering all the blood likely needed to hoist the impressive organ to full mast. She seemed unconcerned as it rose and extended, achieving full erection. It stood proudly, soaring in a slight upward curve between the deep arcs of the collar of the fox coat enveloping Foxy.

The fox sheath at the bottom appeared to act as sort of long, tight cock ring for the monster, keeping it primed as the soft fur tightly squeezed it. Fully visible now that the shaft no longer obscured them, the heavy, pale sac below it was smoothly trimmed, with not a single hair visible. Foxy’s sac weighed heavily, almost the size of a grapefruit with clearly defined balls that created a deep cleavage down the center.

LaRue’s memory clicked, as she realized the strap-on Krysten wore back in the VIP suite was rather accurately modeled after the fourteen-inch mountain of flesh now throbbing expectantly in front of her.

“I guess those wierdo internet conspiracies were right for once…” Velvet whispered to no one in particular.

LaRue gave her a lightly chastising squeeze, “Manners, young lady.”

Foxy strode closer, the waving shaft jutting out from the enormous red and black dyed Cruella coat leading the way. “So, Velvet you plan on showing me how you… extract… all those amazing loads?”

 Chapter 08 – Foxy Proves Her Testicular Fortitude

Miss LaRue tugged on Velvet’s blue fox leash. “Do as our hostess requests.”

An eager flash crossed Velvet’s face, but she then calmly nodded, “Of course, Mistress.” Velvet hungrily stepped up to Countess Foxy, allowing the tip of the superstar’s cock to settle against the front of her champaign pink fox. The wet drool of pre attached itself to the front of the coat. Foxy gave a pleased shiver as the sensation of soft fur enveloped the end of her pole.

Velvet locked eyes with Foxy, then slowly slid to her knees in front of her. The cockhead traveled along the front of the fox stroller, wiping it clean. Velvet reached up and lightly adjusted the shaft so it nestled between the rolling folds of the pink fur stroller coat’s huge collar.

Velvet inched forward, drawing the long rod of sensitive flesh into the deep crevasse between the sides of the fur collar, surrounding it with softness. Foxy shivered with pleasure above her, the pleasing sensation of fur engulfing her hard love muscle rocketing up her spine. “OOooh… yeah… That’s right.”

Velvet reached up, pushing the huge round collar against the sides of Foxy’s fourteen-inch dick. She slowly drew herself up and down, stroking the impressive erection with the pristine, soft fox fur.

Foxy began to thrust her hips forward to meet the movements, obviously eager to sink as much of her impressive equipment as possible into the deep, luxury fur. “Sooo sooft,” she murmured, hands reaching up to roughly stroke the heavy dyed fox of her Cruella styled coat and fuel the pleasure buzzing through her body.

“You want to cum all over my soft fur coat?” Velvet whispered up to Foxy, never breaking eye contact with the popstar as she pumped the long shaft with her fur coat.

Foxy began thrusting faster in response to the pastel goth’s sexy words. “Fuck, you are good,” she said voice cracking slightly as another wave of pleasure crashed over her.

“Make it wet,” Velvet pleaded girlishly, “Milk your smelly nut all over this soft fur bitch.”

“Oh fuck,” Foxy gasped, the thrusts from her hips becoming energetic, as if she wanted nothing more than to savage the soft pink fox fur with every single inch of her massive fur fuckstick. She made no effort to hold it back, eager for the first potent release after a long show. “Nuhhh! Nuhhh! Gonna… cumm sooo hard…”

The last syllable of Countess Foxy’s announcement landed along with a thick stream of white that burst through the pink fox collar fur. Foxy kept pumping and Velvet kept milking. Velvet felt the heat from the fresh, hot spunk covering the front of the fur and seeping in between to soak into her pink neko top.

White spurts from Countess Foxy’s dick rocketed through the fur and up either side of the collar, next to Velvet’s cheeks. The pale, thick mass in the center continued to expand, a stinking, sticky puddle of fresh cocksnot that created long, thin spider strings of nut between either side of the freshly stained collar.

Velvet lost count of how many hard spurts Foxy’s cock emptied against her champaign pink fox stroller. She could feel the weight of the viscous, adhesive fluid piling up. Foxy took hold of the base of her shaft finally and pulled it back, raising it up from now sopping wet valley between the soaked fur collar and allowing a few final spurts to rope over top of Velvet’s huge pink fox hat.

Velvet finally broke eye contact with Foxy, looking down at the enormous white mess plastered to the collar and front of the fox stroller. The sight and the pungent smell were almost overwhelming. She felt her arousal at the cum battered fur and the huge lady peen in front of her seeping through her tights once more.

“God, please tell me you’ve got more left, I need that thing inside me,” Velvet panted, reaching to push down her leggings and expose her seeping slit.

Countess Foxy’s hand still firmly held the trunk-like base of her cock where the cherry red fox sleeve encased it. Despite just having deposited more semen than most men can manufacture in a month, the colossal organ was still rock hard. “Oh, why don’t you hop on the bed and you’ll find out.”

 Chapter 09 – Pussy Like Velvet

Velvet eagerly moved over to the large central bed, feeling the rush of fine chinchilla between her fingers as she climbed to a kneeling position, ass high in the air just over the edge. She wiggled a bit for the group behind her, including Foxy, who marched over confidently, stroking the tight fur sheath at the trunk of her massive organ. Foxy’s cock swung slightly as she moved, its slow sway suggesting just how heavy the mountain of flesh was. The train of her massive red and black dye fox Cruella coat dragged the floor behind her as she moved, a tassel of fox tails following along.

Velvet felt Foxy’s wet, dripping cockhead slap her ass cheeks. She had pulled up the bottom of the heavily cumstained pink fox stroller, leaving it in a bunch just over the top of her fully exposed asscrack. She felt another smack as Foxy teased, the heavy slab of turgid fuckmeat landing on Velvet’s toned cheeks with a loud, wet slap that filled the room.

Foxy swung the end of her fourteen-inch dick up against Velvet’s dripping wet slit. Velvet moaned in response, feeling the head of the blunt glans pressing at the puffy lips of her entrance. It stopped short, merely heating the smooth edges of her damp, aching folds.

“Tell me what you want,” Foxy said, teasing Velvet with another slow massage of her pussy lips with the end of the long, swaying dong. More precum oozed out and stained Velvet’s vulva, leaving white streaks clumped to her opening that began mixing with her own abundant juices.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with that huge dick!” Velvet gasped, pushing back up against the shaft desperately. “Fuck me!”

“Some of my favorite words,” Foxy drawled and jerked her hips forward roughly. The blunt, red head slid into the hot wet depths of Velvet’s pussy. Velvet threw her head back and moaned as she felt the colossal cock open her up. She willed herself to relax, letting Foxy’s rigid shaft sink in deeper and deeper, the sensation heat and pressure flooding through her body.

LaRue watched with rapt attention as Foxy fed inch after inch of the red-hot, hard rod into the pastel goth girl’s dripping slit, all while draped in the enormous red and black dyed Cruella coat. There was no need for any additional lubrication, fluids were practically dripping out of the tight gap between Velvet’s pussy lips and the thick girl dick.

Foxy reached out as more of her slid into the goth girl, grabbing Velvet by the hips and pulling forward to help sink additional inches into the wet, sizzling slit. She felt the walls of Velvet’s cunt pressing against her cock, the tight pressure sending scorching desire up her spine.

LaRue found the entire display more than merely arousing. With yeoman-like precision she once more discarded her leather skirt and circled the bed to arrive on the side opposite Foxy. She climbed on the bed in a kneeling position in front of Velvet. She removed the pink fox hat from the girl’s head and brought her now exposed pussy up to Velvet’s face.

LaRue tugged on Velvet’s leash. Velvet responded quickly. She dipped her head down, her pink and blonde hair obscuring her face as she darted her tongue out against LaRue’s wet lips, probing for the older woman’s pleasure center.

LaRue felt a jolt of desire through her hooded clit as Velvet found it and began caressing it with her tongue. She did so through the moans and squeals she emitted from Foxy’s athletic fucking. LaRue found the view from the fore just as entertaining. She had a literal front row seat to the pop superstar’s lengthy pole disappearing deep into Velvet’s cunt while the masses of fox tail fringe attached to the popstar’s coat bounced along with the effort.

Foxy’s steady rhythm intensified as she found the full depths of Velvet’s wet pussy, the head pressing against the entrance to her womb. With nowhere else to go, she railed the cock in and out. A few inches at the base near the top of the red fox cock sheath remained visible at maximum penetration. Wet splatter from the impacts of her cock against the dripping pussy dampened the sides of Foxy’s fur collar at the midsection.

Velvet’s body quaked with the power of Foxy’s strokes. She felt completely full each time Foxy bottomed out a stroke, and her hips quivered in response. A continuous cascade of fluid rolled down each inner thigh, soaking into the chinchilla bedspread between her knees.

Foxy leaned forward, calling out over Velvet’s moans, “I’d say you’re tight, but I say that to all the girls.”

Velvet wailed again as Foxy punctuated the statement with another hard slam into her body. “FUCK!” she screamed, breath short with the pleasure consuming her body.

LaRue cradled the girl’s head as she still managed to suck at the older woman’s clit through the hard fucking Foxy delivered. She rubbed her huge round blue fox cuffs against Velvet’s cheeks. Velvet’s pale body rocked under the hard slams of Foxy’s pistoning pelvis, the frequency of which noticeably increased.

Foxy’s expression shifted from effort to blossoming pleasure. “Ahhhh, fuck! Gonna blow another load,” she cried.

Chapter 10 – Self Destruction

Velvet arrived at the point of no return with Foxy’s final thrust. As Foxy pulled the length of her enormous fourteen-inch shaft from the pastel goth girl’s stretched pussy, a gush of milky fluid flooded after. LaRue could feel the tremors of ecstasy racking Velvet’s body as the orgasm shook her. She noted, with quite a bit of appreciation, that Velvet managed to keep her tongue firmly buried in LaRue’s own rapidly throbbing pussy lips throughout.

LaRue’s view of the spectacular that followed was perfect, with Velvet’s tongue only enhancing the visual splendor of the popstar whipping her long, fat slab of cockmeat back and letting it flop back against her lean torso. Foxy smashed her cock between the massive, round barrel muff styled cuffs and pumped.

“AAAAAAAaaaaaaa!” she moaned, almost melodically, as a burst of white fired from the dripping, red head of her glans up and back into the huge collar of the custom, oversized black and red dyed fox Cruella coat. Foxy stood there, leaning slightly backward on her high heels, pumping herself with the cuffs of the coat. Each long stroke down the shaft produced another impossibly long rope of fresh, steaming nut that landed in the vast fox fur collar.

LaRue, avid study of ejaculation, knew with some certainty that each single pulse from Foxy’s altogether gratuitously oversized dick was more than most men produced in an entire orgasm. One after another they carved deep valleys into the thick, deep top-quality fox pelts. The marbled, sticky fluid clung like glue to the fur. She could practically see the thick lumps of sperm packed into the dense spurts as they essentially mauled the huge fur coat everywhere they landed.

“Oh yes… yes… yes! Been desperate to fucking annihilate this bitch ever since I put it on,” Foxy panted, thrusting still. The cuffs were soon soggy with lumpy white runoff from the spurts, crushed under the force of her extended, merciless strokes.

Velvet, perhaps unwittingly, contributed to the effort with the spray of ejaculate from her spasming pussy lips. The rain of far thinner fluid splashed down her thighs, splattered across the chinchilla bedspread between her legs, and squirted across the lower front of Foxy’s huge Cruella coat. The luxurious dyed fox pelts greedily soaked it up. Some splashed the cuffs as Foxy bottomed out her strokes, further contributing to them becoming a mushy mess of cum and fur.

LaRue could not hold back. Simply watching the magnificent display in front of her caused her to flood over the edge. The sudden squeal from Velvet suggested she was not quite prepared to deal with the surge of female ejaculate exploding through LaRue’s engorged pussy lips. Velvet desperately gulped down some of it, the rest washed over her chin and cheeks, soaking down into the already completely ruined collar of her champaign pink fox stroller. The fur was still rich and clumped with the remains of Foxy’s first gargantuan orgasm.

Pulses of cum from all three continued. LaRue’s powerful gushes drenched Velvet’s face and washed down into the chinchilla below them, adding to the expanding puddles caused by the rain from Velvet’s engorged slit. Foxy’s self-shower of cum persisted with more long pops that landed on top of the already frosted fox collar, spread across the shoulders, and ran down the sleeves. The long fox tails hanging from the edges of the collar dangled like cumcicles from the relentless assault of sperm bloated cocksnot.

Foxy nearly collapsed but caught herself as Krysten rushed up to help her boss remain upright after the explosive orgasm. Krysten got her stabilized and she leaned in to give her a long kiss, pressing the cum splattered Cruella coat against Krysten’s damp silver fox fur and leaving huge residual stains on it. Strings of hard nut pulled away and finally snapped as they broke the embrace.

LaRue watched Velvet flop to the bed, her body splattering into the pools of girl cum soaking the chinchilla spread. Velvet drew in deep breaths, a sensation of both contentment and exhaustion from the power of the orgasm warming her. LaRue could sympathize, feeling a weakness in her knees as she righted herself, standing up beside the bed. She could feel warm ooze from her freshly expended pussy lips running down the inside of her thighs.

“My compliments,” LaRue said, adjusting herself then taking a moment to smooth out the front and sides of her mega blue fox coat.

Velvet collapsed in a pool of wet chinchilla and stray blobs of Foxy’s baby batter on the bed, and simply mumbled, “That. Was. Epic.”

Foxy stood there in the amazing custom red and black Cruella-styled fur coat, covered in her own one-dick bukkake. LaRue, uniquely experienced with the interaction of semen and fur, knew the coat was ruined in a way that even the most skilled furrier could never salvage. Foxy drew in a long breath, then cleared her throat.

“We’re not quite done.”

LaRue regarded her with a questioning glance. “I’m not sure young miss Velvet has more to give.”

From the bed, Velvet stirred a bit, and held up one hand, slurring, “Noo… s’okay… she can fuck me annnnnnytime she wants… She’s… nice lady… with big ole peen…”

LaRue gave her a reassuring pat on the head, “Hush, dear.”

Foxy circled the bed, walking towards LaRue. “Oh, no. I’m sure you don’t think I’m going to let that magnificent blue fox leave here unscathed…”

LaRue’s expression shifted to one of understanding, then amusement. “Oh. I see.” She took a moment to run her hands along the enormous, high collar that framed her blonde features in glistening blue fox fur. She then held out her arms, showing off the size of the heavy, bulky mega blue fox coat. “You think you have enough left to give this lovely creature the sendoff she truly deserves?”

Foxy grabbed the base of her cum slathered cock and swung it luridly. “More than enough.”

LaRue stepped up to Foxy, a devilish tilt to her voice, “Then let’s make her suffer, shall we?”

Chapter 11- You Can Go, But the Blue Fox Doesn’t Make it out Alive

Foxy reached out and roughly grabbed the left side of the huge blue fox collar and tugged it outward, flipping up the long, deep fold where it connected to the main body of the coat. The sheer size of the collar hid most of the body of the coat above LaRue’s waistline, but the deep, top-quality pelts below were just as soft and plush as the rest of the coat.

“Been desperate to fuck this coat from the moment I laid eyes on it,” Foxy purred.

LaRue’s evil smile widened, “Then prove it.”

Foxy swung her fourteen inches up and slapped it against the side of the coat, leaving a white smudge where her still dripping cock impacted. Foxy slowly pulled it down, wiping her huge fuckstick clear down the side of the coat. The wide, full fox pelts sagged under the weight of the wet white sludge smeared on them.

LaRue shuddered a bit at the sight of the long, fat girl dong shamelessly depositing chunky white runoff onto her massive mega fox. Once mostly clean, Foxy positioned herself close to LaRue, who stood her ground as the superstar thrust upwards, slapping the collar back down and ramming her fully engorged rod up into the deep, soft valley the collar fold provided.

Foxy threw her head back and moaned, “Jesus, this bitch is sooo soft.” The pure, unrestrained pleasure of her cock completely engulfed in fox fur rocketed through her body. She felt the hunger to fuck this beautiful thing into complete submission then destroy it with her raging hardon.

LaRue’s voice took on a sultry tone as she spoke. “This was crown in my poor, pathetic, and thankfully departed husband’s collection. Only the finest of the finest pelts, chosen over many years.”

LaRue felt the pressure against her torso and chest as Foxy flagrantly humped the exquisite blue fox. Foxy balanced herself on her heels, moaning as she ground her pelvis up and down, ramming the lengthy, plump shaft into the dark recess below the colossal, heavy collar.

LaRue continued, “He wanted me to wear it while he ‘worshipped’ me as his goddess.” LaRue felt the pace of Foxy’s thrusts increase. “I suspect he cared more for it than me,” she said, “Let’s see how that’s working out for him…” She reached forward and scooped up a thick handful of the cum that Foxy had only just sprayed on her own massive Cruella coat. Her fingers dug into the soggy mass plastered over the left side of Foxy’s collar and pulled away a thick handful of cum thick as custard.

LaRue locked eyes with Foxy and slapped her cumstained hand against the top of the collar under which Foxy’s throbbing dick was currently buried. She dragged her spooge-slathered hand slowly downwards, simultaneously leaving a huge white stain in the blue fox fur while compressing the softness below against Foxy’s rabid, fur-fucking girl dick.

Foxy gasped, watching the mature woman casually foul defile the magnificent fur while tightening the long tunnel of fur pleasure against her desperately pumping cock. She tried to resist, to prolong this most magical of sensations, but it was impossible. Foxy careened over the edge, falling into the blissful embrace of furgasm. “FFFFUUUUUCCKK!!!” she screamed.

LaRue was duly impressed she could actually feel the force of Foxy’s cum through the heavy leather of the full pelts between her body and the popstars frantically spurting cock. She could feel each hard pulse of what she knew to be the thick, glutinous cocksnot that clung to the very fur coat Foxy wore now.

Foxy felt the waves of pleasure running electrically down her cock and through her body as she unleashed herself on the mammoth blue fox coat. She soon felt the deep fur cavern below the collar she had so greatly enjoyed turn into a wet, soggy cauldron of dense cock cream. Foxy removed herself, stepping backward to free her rock-hard shaft from below the collar. It popped free as another long, ragged spurt blasted towards the top of the collar fur, splattering across the stain LaRue just added.

LaRue may have had a front row seat to Foxy’s last self-spurting orgasm, but this was more than that, it was sharing the stage. Foxy’s cock sprayed rope after heavy, steaming rope of cum up each side of the wide, shoulder width blue fox collar. The long streaks cut deep into the formerly pristine pelts, collapsing the rich dark guard hairs into white valleys.

LaRue simply lost count after around the fifteenth hard pulse of cum through Foxy’s dick. Like an artist on the most expensive canvas ever, Foxy expended herself over as much of the coat as her fur-addicted cock could touch. Bursts and splatters of chunky nut impacted the sleeves, cuffs, and sprayed down the sides before she finally sputtered to a stop.

Panting like she had just run a marathon, Foxy righted her stance and let her cock flop down between her legs, still partially erect even after the series of explosive orgasms. It was streaked and blotted with her own cum from having been buried beneath the collar for the initial explosive shots.

LaRue took stock, standing there wearing more cum than she had ever seen before, even after her popular trips to the local adult store’s glory holes. Delicately, she grasped the edge of the left side of the collar and flipped it up. This revealed the huge pool of chunky lady gravy that soaked the pelts down to the leather, fully destroying them. She exhaled, echoing Krysten’s words from earlier, “You certainly do not disappoint.”

Foxy smiled, genuinely, “Well, you two brought out the… beast… in me.” She wagged the semi flaccid dick between her cum flecked hips. “Excellent choice for VIP, Krysten.”

Krysten nodded, “Thank you, Countess.”

Foxy stepped around behind LaRue and began pulling the enormous, cum drenched blue fox mega coat from the taller woman’s shoulders. LaRue did not interfere, once more curious.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure this superb creation is quite finished off yet.” Foxy hefted the coat, which already weighed a good fifteen pounds without the addition of her amazing amount of potent ejaculate. She threw it on the center of the chinchilla covered bed in an unruly pile.

Velvet stirred from the impact nearby, rolling from the edge of the bed where Krysten approached and joined her. The raven-haired actress once more removed her skirt and pulled down her panties while Foxy positioned herself over the other side of the bed next to LaRue. “Feel free to join in, ladies. You know you should always go before a long drive home.”

With that a golden yellow stream of piss burst from Foxy’s cock like a broken hydrant. The hot piss flowed down into the blue fox coat as it lay in a pile on the bed. What had been covered in cum was soon soaking with piss and cum. Krysten angled herself and unleashed her own stream of piss at the fur. Velvet needed no additional prompting, eagerly lifting her leg, planting it on the edge of the bed and tilting towards the fur. The third golden stream soon joined the first two, inundating the coat from three directions.

LaRue felt a competing arousal that nearly trumped her ability to join in, as the sight of the once glorious coat being completely destroyed in a shower of piss was certainly… compelling. Join she did, though, a little unsteady but still able to effectively direct her pale yellow stream of fresh piss at the sopping mass of fur. The sheer amount of piss eventually swamped even this enormous coat and it began to runoff, soaking into the chinchilla spread covering the bed.

The smell of piss almost overpowered the heavy scent of Foxy’s potent, musky nut. The ruined mega blue fox was a sodden mass of piss and cum, completely unsalvageable. Just the way LaRue liked them.

Once all four streams trailed off Foxy said, “Krysten will help you with some clean clothes.”

Krysten hoisted her panties and reattached her discarded skirt. “And we can dispose of that for you.”

Foxy interjected, “Unless you prefer to keep your trophies.”

LaRue smirked, “No, I’m sure the dumpster out back is a fitting final resting place for it.”

“As you wish,” Krysten noted. “We have some facilities for you to… freshen up, if you desire.”

LaRue nodded, “Yes, please.”

“I’m good,” Velvet said, proudly regarding the heavily stained state of her champaign pink fox stroller. “This was fucking awesome!”

“Hush, dear, we’re not sending you home in that state,” LaRue said in a tone she would not allow herself to acknowledge as “motherly.”

“Awww…” Velvet pouted. She turned her attention to Foxy. “I mean… you’re just… amazing…”

Foxy appeared capable of blushing after all, “I may just slide into your DM’s.”

Velvet’s eyes widened again. “Oh please!”

“Enjoy the rest of your evening, and we’ll be in touch if we swing through town again on our next tour. You’ll be VIP again, trust me,” Foxy winked and strode out of the room, her huge girl peen swinging free and happy.

Epilogue- Take an Enormous Blue Fox, Leave an Enormous Blue Fox

LaRue signed the provided electronic tablet the courier held out. He took it with no question and started off, leaving the rather large cardboard box sitting at her feet. LaRue bent over and hefted it up, finding it surprisingly heavy. She returned to the foyer and shut door.
Adjusting her pink fox robe, she moved the box into the adjacent living room, setting it down on a continent ottoman before taking a seat next to it. She opened the card taped to the box first.

The handwritten note inside said, “Thanks for the lovely evening. I’m sure you’ll find something to do with this. – F.”

LaRue retrieved an ornate, ivory handled dagger and carefully sliced through the tape holding the box closed. She opened it, pulling out a swath of ornamental tissue paper to reveal a flat expanse of blue fox. The scent of furrier fresh pelts greeted her, familiar from hours spent in fur salons around the world with her deceased husband.

LaRue’s fingers sunk into pelts she knew were the finest quality and pulled upwards. She briefly struggled against the sheer weight of the coat as it blossomed outward from the large box. She rose to her feet in order to fully extract it. With a huff, she heaved it over onto the long couch where it landed with an audible sound.

Laying before her was a precise recreation of Foxy’s mammoth Cruella coat, only it was made from blue and polar fox. LaRue shrugged off her pink fox robe, revealing her athletic nude form. She hefted the new coat and slid inside, feeling it engulf her. The edges of the collar teased her cheeks. She let herself be pulled back down to a seated position on the couch, the huge fur settling around her. Long waves of fox spilled out in all directions.

LaRue heaved a long sigh and started idly stroking the colossal polar fox collar through a matching round cuff over a foot in diameter. “Well, whatever will we do with you?”

A devilish smile crossed her lips as the post-orgasmic ramblings of her concert companion bubbled up in her mind. Momentarily she retrieved her smartphone form the pocket of the discarded pink fox robe and speed dialed Velvet.

“So, dear, where you with that Foxvengers Initiative?”


“By the way, that name is… tragic.”

“Gah! Quiet, I haven’t thought of anything better yet! I’m working on it!”

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