Sunday, November 26, 2017

FurCreamer GIFs Again

One of the oldest things I ever capped, “Sex Secrets of Hollywood Call Girls,” a barely noticeable porno from the age of shitty VHS video. Google can’t even dig up records of its existence. …or I got the name wrong… Either way, the Porno Hall of Fame is not keeping a seat warm for it.

It had some follow-through as the blue fox fur coat on the cover was in the video. Not that it was put to any good use, of course. This is pretty much almost all of it, in handy GIF form.

And yes, it was in color. Fun fact: low-quality caps of already grimy VHS video do not make for small GIFs in full color, even really short ones.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Amber

AH: Thanks for the invite.
FCR: That 10 seconds you were in Justice League was good enough for me. Now, what you looking for?
AH: You know what they say, we like everything bigger in Texas.
She started out with Furs in Amber, a cerebral, hi-concept fetish series in which she steadily cums on a huge fox coat until it’s completely encased in her thick, chunky cocksnot.

Balanced that out with a more conventional series, Amber Fucks some Bimbos, which, as the title suggests, is pretty much her fucking bimbos in huge fox coats.

Friday, November 3, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: J

FCR: Finally. “Do it Like A Dude” is kinda an anthem around here.
JJ: That song is from six years ago, mate.
FCR: We were… busy… listening… to it.
Filming a new video for a song we didn’t even have to create parody lyrics for was job #1. Naturally, we had a lot more to work with to really punctuate the “Grab my crotch” line. Suffice to say, the meatspin effect worked in our favor, and watching her cum like that with a bunch of fox fur video ‘hos around was quite impressive.

Up next is another re-release for “Bang Bang”, because we didn’t have to re-write that one either, and Ariana was happy to pitch in one some video-ho spit-roasting.