Friday, November 3, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: J

FCR: Finally. “Do it Like A Dude” is kinda an anthem around here.
JJ: That song is from six years ago, mate.
FCR: We were… busy… listening… to it.
Filming a new video for a song we didn’t even have to create parody lyrics for was job #1. Naturally, we had a lot more to work with to really punctuate the “Grab my crotch” line. Suffice to say, the meatspin effect worked in our favor, and watching her cum like that with a bunch of fox fur video ‘hos around was quite impressive.

Up next is another re-release for “Bang Bang”, because we didn’t have to re-write that one either, and Ariana was happy to pitch in one some video-ho spit-roasting.

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