Thursday, July 28, 2016

Party On

Getting drunk and giving furjobs to the boys at the senior mixer made Jenny and Ivy the toast of the party. They probably did not realize how much slimy, sticky nut the big fox and lynx coats would actually soak up after all of the horny cocks got a taste of the soft, thick fur and their big balls went into overdrive.

The girls lost count of how much spunk shot into the soft, defenseless pelts after a few hours, only that it eventually got a lot more difficult to find a dry spot to fuck. The boys were back for sloppy seconds by then so they didn’t care if they busted another gummy wad of cock-snot with a soggy patch of ruined fur. The sight of the hot babes in huge, cum-covered fur coats kept their dicks hard, and balls churning all night long.

Tried something different with this one. For those who might think my “official method” a tad tedious, I stumbled across this set of PS cum layer styles. I rate them… “serviceable.” There’s a lot of styles in the pack and like most things, it works best if you do a little mix’n’match and tweaking.

You still have to paint your own jizz, so that step is non-negotiable, but all the bits with the layer copy/paste/mask/etc. is saved using these.

You can find the links on this board. I think the Mediafire one was dead when I tried, but the Mega one worked.

I’ll probably return to my method, and use these for a little extra support, but figured they were worth mentioning.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Jennifer

Just head downstairs, no need to apply, we’ll set you up with something special…

Actually, she may have accidentally tripped into the studio foyer on a morning jog, but, hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth… or the genetically modified dick?

The whole 3rd leg thing only seemed to improve her balance, and our box office, with a debut performance in the dystopian sci-fi epic The Spunking Games, where her massive endowment volunteers her to compete for her MegaFox Tribe at the Capital Furriers to see who can cover the most big titted sluts in spunk.

Notes: Pretty sure she’s obligatory in this racket, heh. Not to say that I don’t find her attractive, of course, but most of the subjects I choose are more for general “fame” than personal preference. Would you believe I haven’t seen an episode of Game of Thrones since season two.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Iggy

The interview was a little awkward, but we Googled her and turns out she was actually sorta famous, so what the hell, welcome aboard! Nothing boosts sagging album sales like a giant dong. At least that is the motto in FCR Studios’ music division. It occurs to me a quick check of the books might be in order…

As I usually do, I sampled the product with the mute button, but the production work for the debut video “Sticky” was top-notch. It’s funny, you’d think 3:19 of her busting nut on herself in various poses while wearing different huge fox coats would get old, but nope, really rather riveting viewing, especially as she got quite the top-notch set of balls, real sludge-shooters.

Figured I should get this one out, as the clock on those 15 minutes is probably running out, heh. Reminds me, I think I have a Jessie J laying around hard drive somewhere, too.

Monday, July 4, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Natalie

FCR Studios Head Office Surveillance Transcript Time Stamp 09:45–
ND: “You gave those bitches giant cocks? I want one, too, bigger!”
FCRS: “Okay, first off, ‘bitches’ is a very derog-”
ND: “-Bigger! Or I will feed this to you. Anally.”
FCRS: “I believe you have my stapler… and, uh, I think we can work something out…”
It’s not like we were going to say “no” in the first place. The equine hybrid division worked up something special for her, and she was rather pleased. Then again, what girl wouldn’t be with an erection measuring 16 inches at full staff?

None I’d want to hire, that’s for sure.

The requisite Game of Fucks orgy sequence with Lena and Sophie ended up costing a fortune in furs, but that too was quite worth it.