Monday, July 4, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Natalie

FCR Studios Head Office Surveillance Transcript Time Stamp 09:45–
ND: “You gave those bitches giant cocks? I want one, too, bigger!”
FCRS: “Okay, first off, ‘bitches’ is a very derog-”
ND: “-Bigger! Or I will feed this to you. Anally.”
FCRS: “I believe you have my stapler… and, uh, I think we can work something out…”
It’s not like we were going to say “no” in the first place. The equine hybrid division worked up something special for her, and she was rather pleased. Then again, what girl wouldn’t be with an erection measuring 16 inches at full staff?

None I’d want to hire, that’s for sure.

The requisite Game of Fucks orgy sequence with Lena and Sophie ended up costing a fortune in furs, but that too was quite worth it.

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