Sunday, February 28, 2021

“Foxy Backstage Pass”

Welcome the the result of semi-interactive storytelling. This story came about with the help of the Fur Lovers Discord. Through a series of polls, the characters and storyline were chosen, then events were decided based on prompts I created. It was an interesting experience and resulted in a slightly different tale than I may have written solo, but that makes it all the more interesting. 

The chapter breaks are where the story polls occurred.

Notes: Miss LaRue is now officially played by Morgan Fairchild. Velvet is played by Jovana Mitrovic / Obsidian Kerttu. Countess Foxy, hopefully obviously, is played by Lady Gaga. Others appearing later are appearing as themselves.

Disclaimers: Not really, everyone here is pretty much down to clown. If cumming on fur coats is a trigger for you, then what the living fuck are you doing here in the first place?

Summary: Velvet calls up Miss LaRue because she has backstage passes to the big Countess Foxy concert and FoxTrap can’t go with her. There’s a lot of internet rumors about the queen of the latest music trend, foxpop, maybe they’ll find out if they’re true. Spoiler: they are, and they will

Story Codes: F/F; F/Genderfluid F. Strapon / Anal