Tuesday, January 30, 2018

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Sofia

FCR: Oh, hey, you have legs!
SB: I’m not a mummy, either.
FCR: I was totally gonna work around that, but, hey, happy coincidence.
SB: Are you always this dense?
FCR: Maybe…
With her original legs and her new big dick, Sofia debuted in Fur Mummy: Not the Tale of a Dominatrix and her Sissy, so Fuck Off Idiot Subs! Marketing felt the title was a little unwieldy, but I felt the need to drive the point home. The Fur Mummy, Foxmanet, whose power to fuck fur bimbos increases the larger the fur coat she wears. She hunts down increasingly enormous fox furs in order to expand her power and eventually… fuck even more fur bimbos. Bit of a repetitive cycle, but she knows what she likes.