Monday, December 28, 2015

Fur Cum Fake Tutorial Final Image

And here’s my final version. I added a “few” more cum groups to give you some idea of the versatility of the technique on both fur, hair, and skin. Yes, that was entirely my motive.

Q: You repeated that entire process 8 separate times? A: Yep.

Q: Didn’t that take a while? A: Yep.

Q: Something looks different, is that all you did? A: Nope. Not here for comprehensive Photoshop training. Search for post-work Actions or techniques to give the overall image a little boost and helps “bake” the elements together. Think of them as… Instagram filters… but more subtle.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

FurCureamer Fur Cum Fake Tutorial

Merry Whatever, don’t say I never gave you anything… Be careful with wrapping, it’s a little sticky.

Good thing it worked out to 10 images exactly, since that’s the most you can post at once on Tumblr. Click to zoom in, they are easier to read that way. And save, too. Probably want to use some of your own file names as I’m sure Tumblr will helpfully be supplying its own, and I doubt it they will respect the numerical order by default.

I’m posting the image used in the tutorial here, so you can practice using the same settings before spreading your proverbial wings and moving on to whatever image your heart desires, keeping in mind you will need to change settings to compensate.

Fur Cum Tutorial Before Image

Here’s the base pic used in the FurCreamer Cum Tutorial. You can use this with the same setting used in the tutorial images for practice without having to worry about changing anything.

I picked it because I felt it provides a… broad canvas for your… creativity.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Shemale Lesbian Dominatrix In Furs

Unzipping happens pretty quick in these flicks. Those pants are a little tight otherwise.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Creaming Taylor

There you go, quick and dirty, old school.

Bonus, freebie ‘clean’ version, because someone told me Photoshop had these “Layers” things you can show and hide when saving stuff. Pretty nifty stuff, I’ll be sure to check out what other neat things you can do with them.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

FCR Studios Guest Star: Demi

Demi’s sheathed schlong needs a lot of fur to satisfy it, so her scenes usually involve some large fox bedspreads. She a magician when she climbs on those big soft beds and starts rubbing that massive log all over them, leaving streaks of white pre clumping the pelts before viciously humping until she unloads into a thick, sticky pool of steaming cocksnot in the middle of the soft fox bedspread.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Musical Dongs

FCR Studios lends our talents to musical projects when we feel their creative vision aligns with our own. That vision: a large number of copiously cum caked fur coats.

The video for a duet single between the Mother Monster (and we found out why) and the Caribbean Queen was right up this stinky, wet, slimy alley.

While the video is non-stop action, the part at the end where they declare their undying love by simultaneously ejaculating all over each-others enormous floor length, mega collared, barrel muff cuffed, and caped fox coats and hats really bring a tear to your eye.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Guest Porn Star

Summer Cummings really didn’t have to change her name to work with FCR Studios, after all. Suffice to say, she’s a good fit, particularly how her fat uncut cock fits so well in full length blue fox fur coats before unloading an average of 6 ounces of thick, smelly cocksnot all over them.

Monday, November 2, 2015

FCR Studios Girls

The stars of Uncut and Ready to Fur Fuck 37 in separate publicity stills. Allie and Jessica’s cum cannons are famous for spilling massive amounts of seed on the biggest fox coats in our (rapidly depleted) inventory. Now they’ll be double-teaming some lucky? starlets in their first on-screen pairing.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Grab Me

Hold on one moment, the… ladies… will be right with you.

Sorry, slightly ‘off topic’, but let’s face facts, that coat is fucking awesome… and needs to be awesomely fucked…

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FCR Studios: Special Guest Star Week

Katy gets all oozy in blue fox, or any kind of fox for that matter. She’s a big hit in the Fur Blasting Bimbos series, and always works up some big loads for her music vids. The “Splattterwork” video alone filled piled up an entire dumpster’s worth of slagged fur coats.

Scarlett is uncut and uninhibited in her commanding performances in the Dominant Dong Goddess in Fur series. She has a wide selection of very roomy catsuits and a taste for sacrificing the biggest sables and chinchillas on her monster tool.

Friday, September 18, 2015

FCR Studios Profiles

FCR Studios Profile: Dinah

Known, with partner Inga, for the popular Foxy Foreskin series, Dinah loves rubbing thick fox all over her flesh-sleeved knob while it oozes and leaks precum constantly, building a massive thick gushing orgasm that leaves a huge slimey mass in the ruined fur.

FCR Studios Profile: Inga

The other half of the Foxy Foreskin team, Inga’s power fox fucker is always ready to unload big chunky wads into some plush furs after leaving long sticky snail trails of pre across some big, thick pelts.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fur Studios Profile - Blue Foxes

FCR Studios Profile: Mistie (bottom)

Mistie keeps a little fur in her own bush while she’s plowing her favorite thick fox coats. She’s a regular in such FCR Studios series favorites as Blue Fox Fuckers, and Uncut Furjobs.

FCR Studios Profile: Kandy Kong (top) (d’uh)

One of FCR Studios most popular performers, Kandy is a regular in Big Dick Bimbos in Fur, and her most famous series, Kandy Shoppe Bukkake, where she bursts into a fur salon and uses her mega dong to hose down an entire rack of new fur coats.

Notes: Slightly improved from last time. The recent-ish addition of the “content aware move” tool in Photoshop has helped speed up the process of dick extension, which I’m sure was the entire purpose of the tool. I can see the developer brainstorming meeting now. “We need to make it faster for pervs to make shemale dicks longer! Stitching together individual slices of cock takes too much time!”

Sunday, August 9, 2015

FCR Studios Girls: Poppy and Tawny

Notes: Okay, so the “aye” has it. Up first a couple that suggests I’m not as good at this as I may have let on…

FCR Studios Profile: Poppy (bottom)

This goth gurl is cold as ice, so she always likes to keep warm with some plush fox fur. When she’s not wearing fur, she unloading her 14-inch cannon all over it, but most likely, she’s doing both at the same time.

FCR Studios Profile: Tawny (top)

All her equipment is “big”, up top and down below. She wears her blue fox coats a couple sizes too large just to fit that big rack inside. She likes it better when the fur is open for business, just like her massive equipment.

Monday, August 3, 2015

FCR Studios Goes Sable

There was lots of collar left for the sequels…

Notes: Been slow, opened Photoshop, this happened. I checked back and the ‘shopped posts are decidedly less popular. Sadly, this an ultra-niche fetish so “real” new content doesn’t come along every day. I wish, heh.

So, since my skills aren’t just limited to painting fake jizz, would anyone be interested in some shemale in fur fakes?