Sunday, January 29, 2017

FCR Studios: The Foxing Files 1

FCR Studios announces our take on the “dogging” formula: Foxing. We outfit our “aspiring starlets” in the most lux fox furs and film in daylight! (The bit with the blow-bang seemed okay, so we kept that.)

File 1 is Missy, a French girl who was a little worried about getting spunk in her eyes. We tried to tell her that wouldn’t be an issue, but let her wear the sunglasses anyway. Turns out it wasn’t! The horny bunch of anonymous dongs did their jobs right and unloaded all over the that big soft collar.

We let Missy keep the coat.

So I’ll try to sprinkle in a few more of these “classic style” to keep the original blog “theme” going a bit.  I didn’t completely intend for this to become my “phake shemale blog”.

Not that I mind, of course, I appreciate that people like them. It’s just that going back and posting more “original style” content probably won’t make them happy, just like posting only shemale phakes probably wasn’t super great for some of the people following for the original style content (cum on fur coats, yep, check the subhead). Surprisingly, not everyone likes girls with giant penises. I have learned to accept this.

Anyway, my other option is to create blog #3. But that means asking 1 party to follow it. Which is, though certainly categorized as minor/1st world, an inconvenience. I don’t wish to inconvenience anyone either.

It’s… vexing. Yes. Vexing.

Monday, January 23, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Felicity

FJ: I’m pleased you were able to work me in so quickly. I suppose you have worked with previous leading ladies in the series…
FCR: We have an… open door policy… for certain genre work.
FJ: Will I have to do a parody? After all my character-
FCR: -Whoops, spoilers. And yes, you will. Don’t worry, we’re not exactly doing shot-for-shot remakes here. Liberties… are taken. Big, meaty, liberties. Speaking of which, lab’s ready for you, head downstairs.
Thus the third installment in the Fox Wars series introduces elite Imperial Commando Jill Offso. The leader of the personal guard of The Baroness and her apprentice, Poundya, Jill and her thick white fox “armor” alternately enjoys 3-ways with the bosses and dangerous missions behind enemy lines of the rebel Bimbo Alliance.

Felicity’s other projects include Felicity Fucks your Fox, where she hunts down online classified listings for good looking, huge fox coats. If the owner is a hot chick, Felicity knocks her out, ties her up, waits for her to wake up, then fucks the coat in front of her until she unleashes a massive nut bomb all over it, destroying it.

Felicity’s very excited about the series and keeps filming new scenes, though someone from legal keeps emailing wanting to talk about it. I keep telling them that all the capital letters and exclamation points are rude.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Krysten

FCR [intercom]: …no, Miss Teschmacher, why would I have that, I haven’t had a DVD player in years… Wait, she’s walking in now…
FCR: Hi there, my secretary recommen- Oh, wow, you’re amaze-balls hot. Yeah, head right on down, here’s a VIP pass, I’ll ring up the Lab Directorate and get you bumped to the head of the line.
KR: ….
Great leaders listen. While I was only marginally aware of Miss Ritter’s existence, that doesn’t mean she’s disqualified from receiving a comprehensive interview to determine her suitability for participation in our programs. It just so happens she passed with flying colors.

Great leaders also say “amaze-balls” out loud.

Krysten is debuting on our new FCRFlix subscription service in the lead role of our FCR Cinematic Universe tie-in: Jonesing for Jessica’s Johnson. Jessica has the power to continually maintain a massive erection and never run out of cum while fucking bimbo sluts if she wears huge fox fur coats. A bimbo crime-wave threatens to bring the city to its knees, and only the endless streams of jizz from her massive dong can stop it!