Thursday, September 11, 2014

High Fashion

FCR Studios Log: Getting some high fashion action always pleases the crowd, and the bigger the better. Blasted this stole about 20 times before sending it back down the runway. Think it got better reviews with lumps of thick jizz stuck all over it.

(Guess I owe you some porn after the last post, heh, enjoy)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Better Fur Coat Cum Cleaning Tips

I know, you’re scrolling down your Tumblr feed and wondering where the hell this came from. Well, slow your roll, this is useful, if not… sexy.

I had posted previously on cleaning tips, where I mistakenly suggested 2 methods. The best method is a combo of both, where it’s a little easier to accomplish with this useful little tool. It’s an “oral syringe”, which is supposed to be used to deliver liquid medicine to mouths. It sucks in fluid, the important bit.

You can find them at the local pharmacy, it’s not some advanced medical device. I got this at the grocery store.

Use it to suck up the “excess” as described in “Option 2” of my original post. Feel free to dump the spunk into any convenient container, the sink works.

Then, apply “Option 1” to break up the rest and just leave the fur “damp” with water. Remember, don’t soak the fur, don’t get the leather wet, you’re just running a wet paper towel over the stain, that’s all.

Read the original post for some of the “nuisances” of the system, but it followed correctly, you should hardly notice you unloaded a mountain of jizz on your fur coat.