Sunday, June 26, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Gal

While butthurt fanboy response to the summer blockbuster in which she guest-starred generally spared her, Gal decided she’d equip herself with something to truly spread some epic butthurt. We set her up with something from the “Hot-Kinky-Jo-would-say-‘No’“ department.

She debuted as (the completely original IP) Wonder Fetish Woman, in a red, white, and blue caped mega fox and hat with her Blue Fox Fur Boa of Submission she uses on all her villainous female foes. The BFFBS doesn’t actually have any powers (except for a very long acronym). She just uses it to tie them up while she pounds their vulnerable asses with her giant cock before unloading massive amounts of thick, steaming cocksnot all over their faces.

Monday, June 13, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Lena

She’s known for playing a blonde schemer, but Lena felt it was time to embrace her true brunette badass. Besides, she couldn’t let Sophie have all the fun.

Obviously, she debuted in the Game of Fucks series as Sopie’s rival, sorta like bringing in Joan Collins on Dynasty. (If you’re old enough to get that reference, you’re waaaay old enough to be reading this.) As an FCR production, this wasn’t some palace intrigue BS, but a full on sexfight with both hung hotties in mega fox coats sword-fighting it out until they were splattered with thick ropes of each-others goo.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Sophie

Sophie grew up on show where most chicks just got naked and fucked, so she decided she wanted to join the winning team. We said: no problem, and you can put most of your teammates to shame.

She debuted in Game of Fucks, playing the hung queen of a modern, oil-rich northern nation who rules with an iron dong while enjoying frequent orgies among her opulently fur-clad palace concubines.

We’re developing a new series where she gets telekinetic powers she uses to pull hot babes in huge furs off the street to fuck in back alleys.