Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FCR Studios Collaboration: Silver Fox Mall Maul

The studio received a note suggesting the furs we used were “too small” and offering a sample of something more “appropriate.” I called BS, because we had all our mega foxes custom made already, but I figured a few of the ladies wouldn’t mind humiliating some poser in public at the meet location in a nearby mall.

Sophie, Jaime, Emma, and Krysten slipped on our biggest foxes and arrived to find something… amazing. Suffice to say, there were some big tents popping in front of our gal’s furs when the biggest silver fox coat any of them had ever seen appeared. I’d like to say they had a polite chat about where the studio could source more furs like the one the model was wearing… But…

So, various police reports with charges like “indecent exposure” and “lewd public acts” later, the Studio lawyers got all of the mall security footage, not to mention about 50 different cell-phone angles, and it ended up being one of our biggest earners of the year.

The fox certainly earned some of the ladies’ biggest loads of the year. The massive, oversized fur drove them into a sexual frenzy, humping and fucking it until their massive nuts were spewing jizz like firehoses in the middle of the mall concourse.

Felt a little sorry for the janitors on duty that night…

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Jordana

FCR: Oooo! Lucy Diamond!
JB: Wait… You wanted me because of some indie movie from 2004?
FCR: Totally rooting for you in that. The D.E.B.S. were total squares.
JB: I was in five Fast & Fur-
FCR: Obviously I always kinda like to imagined you had a dick, too. Now we can take care of that.
JB: Um, sure…?
Naturally the first order of business was the quasi-long-awaited, quasi-authorized sequel: Lucy Diamond Destroys the D.E.B.S. with her Dong. Basically just Jordana going full domme bitch on a succession of bolt-on bimbos in custom made fox fur school-girl outfits.

Miss Tessmacher mentioned her involvement in another popular film franchise involving some sort of car chases. I wiki’d it and knocked out a script for her to play a globe totting “extreme” secret agent called xXx who saves the world with her huge uncut cock from an evil organization of bimbos intent on stealing all the world’s fur coats.

Miss Tessmacher suggested I had read the wrong Wikipedia entry, but I countered that this shit wrote itself, so I wasn’t going to sweat it.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chelsea’s FurJob (Un)Happy Ending

Coyote cuffs get the job done, though, sadly, they are not rewarded for their effort. A travesty, really.

As the previous gifs attest, the fur did most of the work yet got none of the long, steamy streams of spunk that resulted. This is just common courtesy, ladies, please keep it in mind so that you do not repeat this minor social faux pas when you find yourself in a similar situation.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

FurCreamer Realizes Tumblr is for GIFs

And that, if you’re subscribing to the entire friggin’ Creative Suite, you get Premiere Pro, so why not figure out some excuse to use it? Exporting GIFs from shitty old VHS quality internet clips is probably a tad below its station, but, damn, if it doesn’t work.

Yes, there’s more. Yes, they include the bit with the flying jizz. I am the one posting, after all, and I didn’t pick the clip at random.

Stay tuned.

FCR Studios: The Foxing Files 2

We shot the second in our dogging update series at a car dealership full of horny guys who were very happy to see their receptionist swapped out with our blonde hottie in a huge dyed fox fur bolero jacket. They didn’t need a lot of direction to know this thick, soft beauty needed a fresh coat of thick, sticky dye…

Wasn’t long before five or six long cocks were humping away at the deep, thick fur. Most were leaking uncontrollably, leaving wet, slick streaks with each frenzied thrust. Marie hardly had to help much, though she gave few loving sucks and, far more often, some much needed attention with those heavy sleeves. Pretty soon they were shooting off all over the big collar, sending thick bolts of pent-up cocksnot steaming into the fur. The jacket’s collar didn’t survive the wet white onslaught of jizz. It was soaked completely with spunk by the time they were done.

We handed out some complimentary fox hats and boas to give the guys an outlet for their new fetish before shutting down the shoot, and a free three-month subscription to the site! Least we could do.

Friday, April 14, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Victoria

VJ: I launched that bitch’s career! I want a waaaay bigger dick than her!
FCR: Uh… and you are…
VJ: Give me a giant dick, asshole!
FCR: ‘Pissed’ You’re supposed to say-
VJ: Do it!
FCR: Um… Okay, sure, why not?
After a brief trip to Wikipedia, I had a vague idea what just happened. Ultimately, Miss Tessmacher assured me she’s a solid get. Apparently, she can sing, too. She sure does hit the high notes when that cannon goes off on some hot, big-titted bimbo in fur.

We sent Victoria through the hybrid program to ensure her wishes were granted.

Then the first thing we did was pair up with her former co-star on a school musical themed outing: Victoria vs Cat. As the leaders of two rival cliques at a posh Beverly Hills arts school, the ladies fuck over and fuck with each other’s fur-clad posses. It culminates in the ultimate hate fuck orgy between Victoria and Ariana, leaving them both drenched in each others' thick, sticky shespunk on a pile of huge fur coats.