Sunday, April 16, 2017

FCR Studios: The Foxing Files 2

We shot the second in our dogging update series at a car dealership full of horny guys who were very happy to see their receptionist swapped out with our blonde hottie in a huge dyed fox fur bolero jacket. They didn’t need a lot of direction to know this thick, soft beauty needed a fresh coat of thick, sticky dye…

Wasn’t long before five or six long cocks were humping away at the deep, thick fur. Most were leaking uncontrollably, leaving wet, slick streaks with each frenzied thrust. Marie hardly had to help much, though she gave few loving sucks and, far more often, some much needed attention with those heavy sleeves. Pretty soon they were shooting off all over the big collar, sending thick bolts of pent-up cocksnot steaming into the fur. The jacket’s collar didn’t survive the wet white onslaught of jizz. It was soaked completely with spunk by the time they were done.

We handed out some complimentary fox hats and boas to give the guys an outlet for their new fetish before shutting down the shoot, and a free three-month subscription to the site! Least we could do.

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