Friday, April 14, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Victoria

VJ: I launched that bitch’s career! I want a waaaay bigger dick than her!
FCR: Uh… and you are…
VJ: Give me a giant dick, asshole!
FCR: ‘Pissed’ You’re supposed to say-
VJ: Do it!
FCR: Um… Okay, sure, why not?
After a brief trip to Wikipedia, I had a vague idea what just happened. Ultimately, Miss Tessmacher assured me she’s a solid get. Apparently, she can sing, too. She sure does hit the high notes when that cannon goes off on some hot, big-titted bimbo in fur.

We sent Victoria through the hybrid program to ensure her wishes were granted.

Then the first thing we did was pair up with her former co-star on a school musical themed outing: Victoria vs Cat. As the leaders of two rival cliques at a posh Beverly Hills arts school, the ladies fuck over and fuck with each other’s fur-clad posses. It culminates in the ultimate hate fuck orgy between Victoria and Ariana, leaving them both drenched in each others' thick, sticky shespunk on a pile of huge fur coats.

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