Sunday, May 22, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Chloë

Not like she had a Disney rep to live down, but decided she might as well go all in after a string of R-rated hits. We said that would not be a problem. Granted, with the new hardware we grafted onto her, it’s going to be hard to go “all in” to anything…

Chloë debuted in Big Madame Fuckshine, playing the alpha bitch in a fur fashion beauty pageant who makes sure her hot rivals end up passed out and covered in spunk before the mega fox finals.

She moved on to the Fur Hit Girl series, where, in a future where furs are the most valuable commodities in the world, Chloë’s big balls are in high demand for destroying the net worth of rivals.

Friday, May 6, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Vanessa

Vanessa arrived needing a little career re-boot, so we installed something as long as a boot between her legs and sent her back to school, because porn is still all about parody.

Vanessa debuted as Gabriella Gooslinger: “head” instructrix at the Blue Fox School for Exotic Dancing in Fur. Gabriella’s classes usually don’t end up with a lot of dancing, just a bunch of exhausted, nubile young ladies in spunk splattered fox hats, boas and stoles.