Tuesday, March 14, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Ariana

FCR: I’d say you were trying to change your image, but you’re a little past that now. Going all in, then?
AG: Damn straight.
FCR: Fair enough, we can certainly appreciate that.
FCR Music adds another few platinum records to the wall. FCR Studios still handles the video shoots, and that’s where the real magic happens. By magic, I mean: the generation of dumpsters full of semen soaked fur coats.

The “Dangerous Shemale in a Huge Fox Fur Coat” shoot required 50 different huge fox fur coats for Ariana as she received blowjob/furjobs from big boobed sub bimbos in a revolving series of scenes that built as the song progressed to the final minute that was nothing but a full minute of nothing but streams of thick jizz flying from her cock to bathe the blondes and their furs.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Karen

KG: I was in the queue before that bowfin scadge.
FCR: Well, if we’re talking about the same… queue, it’s pretty long-
KG: -Shut it ya clatty scrote, and get me a walloper biggerin’ hers.
FCR: Contextually… I think we’re on the same page.
Admittedly she seemed a bit more… intense in person. We poured that into her new role as Dr. Dominatrix. She travels across all of space and time in her Morphing Fur Pleasure Palace and Dungeon (MFPPD) with a bevy of lovely dickgirl companion subs. The good Dr. usually finds herself bravely unfucking dire situations all over the Universe with a lot of hardcore fucking in the MFPPD.

There’s an amusing callback in the series where a hot bimbo in fur says “Doctor who?” and Doctor Dominatrix grabs her and forces her into a sloppy bj while saying “Dominatrix, bitch!” Then she unloads about a pint of thick jizz all over her face and furs.
The t-shirts with the catch-phrase are bestsellers.

Apologies to any native Scots who read the “transcript” at the top an need to suppress an eye roll. I admit I looked up Scottish insults online and then… played mad libs.

Friday, March 3, 2017

FCR New Releases: Dogging Foxes 43

Marvel at FCR Studios latest “get.”

We put her in a huge silver fox collar, drove her out to a field, and came all over it. (The Dogging Foxes series isn’t exactly plot heavy, so I’m not sure that can be considered a spoiler.) Brie turned out to be a rather enthusiastic cock-sucker and managed to get one load right on her face. (We fired that guy.)

Turns out she decided she liked it, so she’ll be back for a few more installments at a later date. She also signed up for episodes of Foxy Gloryholes, CFNM Fur Salon, and Brie’s Blue Fox Bukkake.

Strangely, we were up to episode 7 of that last series before she even signed a contract with us.