Friday, March 3, 2017

FCR New Releases: Dogging Foxes 43

Marvel at FCR Studios latest “get.”

We put her in a huge silver fox collar, drove her out to a field, and came all over it. (The Dogging Foxes series isn’t exactly plot heavy, so I’m not sure that can be considered a spoiler.) Brie turned out to be a rather enthusiastic cock-sucker and managed to get one load right on her face. (We fired that guy.)

Turns out she decided she liked it, so she’ll be back for a few more installments at a later date. She also signed up for episodes of Foxy Gloryholes, CFNM Fur Salon, and Brie’s Blue Fox Bukkake.

Strangely, we were up to episode 7 of that last series before she even signed a contract with us.

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