Saturday, March 4, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Karen

KG: I was in the queue before that bowfin scadge.
FCR: Well, if we’re talking about the same… queue, it’s pretty long-
KG: -Shut it ya clatty scrote, and get me a walloper biggerin’ hers.
FCR: Contextually… I think we’re on the same page.
Admittedly she seemed a bit more… intense in person. We poured that into her new role as Dr. Dominatrix. She travels across all of space and time in her Morphing Fur Pleasure Palace and Dungeon (MFPPD) with a bevy of lovely dickgirl companion subs. The good Dr. usually finds herself bravely unfucking dire situations all over the Universe with a lot of hardcore fucking in the MFPPD.

There’s an amusing callback in the series where a hot bimbo in fur says “Doctor who?” and Doctor Dominatrix grabs her and forces her into a sloppy bj while saying “Dominatrix, bitch!” Then she unloads about a pint of thick jizz all over her face and furs.
The t-shirts with the catch-phrase are bestsellers.

Apologies to any native Scots who read the “transcript” at the top an need to suppress an eye roll. I admit I looked up Scottish insults online and then… played mad libs.

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