Sunday, October 22, 2017

FCR Studios Collaboration: Blue Fox Back Blastin’

Model: “I keep hearing some grunts and things behind me… and there’s this… smell…”

FCR: “Nope, don’t notice anything. It’s probably… the wind.”

Model: “There’s no windows in the studio…”

FCR: “I’m bad at this.”

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Brie

BL: I need something befitting a newly minted super-heroine, but also a versatile dramatic actress.
FCR: Super dong with range, no problemo, you… arrived… at the right place.
Screenwriting the debut film for Miss Marvelous Dong required literally minutes of skimming the Wikipedia entry on the subject of the parody, then tossing that all out and building another film around a massively hung superheroine who fucks evil, big-titted bimbos in fur into submission. Yep, ‘nother blockbuster. Know your audience.

Also set up a new franchise where she plays a sexy rock-star in furs who goes around plowing all the hot ex-girlfriends of this insufferable dork who never once appears onscreen. Dick Envy let’s her stretch her dramatic chops, while also (painfully) stretching a ton more pussy.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Mila

MK: Remember me?
FCR: Kinda… Watched a season or two of that 70′s thing.
MK: Show.
FCR: Yeah, you’ll have to show pretty much everything. I mean, it’s porn…
Mila can do a really convincing Ukrainian accent so we cast her as a Russian spy, because it’s porn, not something actually creative. She “interrogates” hot bimbos… with her dick. Because, again… porn.

I know, you’re probably thinking we should have cast her as a teen outcast in a cap. But: nobody likes Meg.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

“Formula FCR XL” -by FurCreamer

I did the thing, with the typing, and the keyboard, and the sentences, and the paragraphs.

Disclaimy stuff: Again with the philosophically questionable concept of non-consensual sex with a fur coat. Upside (maybe?) there is a girl inside this time, so maybe I’ve successfully reduced the “questionable” aspect.

Boring stuff: Half the story? Yeah, lot of exposition in this one. Sorry. You can scroll down to the last set of little asterisk thingies (* * *), which probably have a name but I’m too lazy to look it up. After that it is basically sexy-time to the end. Otherwise, enjoy the character descriptions and the vaguely plausible reasons provided for acting like morons.

Summary: A twisted-but-brilliant research scientist’s cure for impotence is a failure in humans until a coincidence reveals the catalyst that makes it work beyond her wildest dreams. (Spoiler alert: It’s a fur coat) (Spoiler Alert: D’uh).

Story Codes: MM/Fur Coat (that’s one you don’t see); M/F (smidgen).