Sunday, October 22, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Brie

BL: I need something befitting a newly minted super-heroine, but also a versatile dramatic actress.
FCR: Super dong with range, no problemo, you… arrived… at the right place.
Screenwriting the debut film for Miss Marvelous Dong required literally minutes of skimming the Wikipedia entry on the subject of the parody, then tossing that all out and building another film around a massively hung superheroine who fucks evil, big-titted bimbos in fur into submission. Yep, ‘nother blockbuster. Know your audience.

Also set up a new franchise where she plays a sexy rock-star in furs who goes around plowing all the hot ex-girlfriends of this insufferable dork who never once appears onscreen. Dick Envy let’s her stretch her dramatic chops, while also (painfully) stretching a ton more pussy.

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