Thursday, March 4, 2021

"The Ransom Video – Part II"

Hey, look at that, I had started a different story before embarking on the "choose your own adventure" tale in the Fur Lovers Discord. And it turned out, through amazing coincidence, the voters asked for a plot using the character I was already writing a story about. 

So, that's right, more Countess Foxy. 

Anyone looking for a satisfying conclusion to the "mystery" of "The Ransom Video" can skip to the last page and be greatly disappointed.

Notes: To refresh very short term memory, Countess Foxy is played by Lady Gaga. Karima is played by Sheetal Sheth, circa 2008, and in honor of, I Can't Think Straight.

Disclaimers: Not only is everyone agreeably horny, there's even a reference to asking for consent!

Summary: Former furrier turned FBI agent Karima Hakim returns to do a one-on-one interview with enigmatic pop music sensation Countess Foxy about the theft of her furs. Karima is simultaneously on the rebound from breaking up with her girlfriend and has a major crush on the chart topper. Will this impact her professional judgement? It would be a goddamn short story if it didn't.

Story Codes: F/Genderfluid F. Strapons, cum countdown.