Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fitting Room

Yasmin found this shot on her phone the next morning, but the night before was a little hazy. It certainly helped explain why she woke up on the floor of a fitting room in one of the city’s biggest fur salons smelling like used spunk.

She climbed out of the pile of huge fox coats, hats, stoles and muffs, all slick and wet in various places with the runny residue of the previous night’s fur coated debauchery.

Yasmin slipped out the back, leaving the hundreds of thousands of dollars of jizz-blasted, ruined fur steaming on the fitting room floor behind. Her own slimy, soggy fox coat dragged behind her, leaving wet streaks on the carpet as she went.

As she exited the back of the store her phone chimed. She hurriedly snapped the phone from her pocket and frowned when she couldn’t find a dry spot to wipe the stickiness from the surface. Even through the streaks, the GIF that appeared of her using the long sleeves of her fox coat on an enormous cock while strings of white cum shot into the fur was obvious.

Nicely looped as well.

The message that followed simply said, WNT MOAR, FUR SLUT? Followed by a number.

Yasmin began to dial.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Kate

“I want a massive dick to fuck hot, bimbo bitches in fur coats and bathe them sticky jizzum.”

“You’re pretty forward… and kinda scary… I like that.”


We managed to work that out. And, wow, do I love a lady who enjoys type casting. Some unique engineering was involved in creating a new bodysuit… roomy… enough for her new appendage, but once that was handled, Kate debuted as Madame Selenah, a bad-ass vampire dominatrix in furs waging a war in the shadows to save the world from a cabal of werebimbos in CumEverywhereWorld.

It’s not a particularly difficult campaign, because werebimbos aren’t really that smart…

Mixing up all the fake blood for the action scenes took a while, fortunately, Kate’s new mega nuts took care of all the gallons of semen required for sex scenes.