Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Emmy

FCR: Oh good, I was looking for 2 “Ems” in a row.
ER: Say what?
FCR: Nothing, what can I do for you?
ER: Give me a huge dick.
FCR: You, madam, have come to the right place.
ER: Great!
FCR: Insert cum pun here.
ER: Huh?
FCR: Oh, did I say that out loud?
As a bit of a double threat, actress and singer, we had to give her a big splashy debut. Turned out we just leaked a video of her testing out her new dick for the first time by fucking the shit out of the pink fox stole and muff Minnie Driver wore in Phantom of the Opera. We dug them up as a little welcome aboard gift for her. She nut buckets on both furs, nothing left but a lumpy white pile after she was done.

More formally, we launched our first dramatic series with Emmy, looking at the trails of a single horse hung shemale mom, Fiona Gagonher, and her four goth trap drag daughters: Shameless Shemales. It’s mostly about Fiona trying to keep the girls from fucking big-titted bimbos in fur all the time and make something of themselves, while she secretly fucks big-titted bimbos in fur all the time.

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