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“Sticky New Year” - by FurCreamer

Author's Note: This story is pretty much random BS with no point at all. Which is notable because there is very little point to anything I write. This stands out as one of the most pointless. It's like 70/30 hetero, so if you're craving more (no homo) dude action, go right ahead.

“Sticky New Year” - by FurCreamer

Jim couldn’t tell if the ‘entertainer’ was even moving to the booming beat. The heavy bass sounds sent vibrations through his chair and nearly drowned out the loud clatter of the team’s New Year’s Eve party. He wondered if the fish could hear the music too when they swam too close to the rented yacht’s hull.

“Entertainer” was as good a name as any, as it was pretty much a given most of her affections were quite negotiable. The team paid top dollar for the entertainment, after all. Short but thin, with a set of very expensive, very large breast implants that jiggled beautifully in front of Jim’s face.

To either side of those ripe, pert, gravity-defying melons were the edges of a huge pink fox bolero jacket with a high, round collar and two big cuffs. Jim’s cock would have been hard without the jacket, but it was about to break his zipper now. All of the “entertainment” came dressed in similar jackets, in a rainbow of brilliantly dyed, sizzling hot colors. Below was an assortment of thongs and push-up bras on top of shiny stilettos. There were at least twenty of them, all “mingling” with the team and the owners on the main party deck...

Jim wrote it off to a happy coincidence. It was freezing cold beyond the high glass windows on the exposed deck this New Years Eve, so the girls needed to keep warm. The secret of the locker f69 fraternity was safe.

The raven-haired stripper gyrated on his lap, her long, teased locks swinging around as she twisted all her ample curves. There was no chaperone to keep Jim’s hands from cupping those heavy tits and squeezing them. She let out a shrill giggle when he did. Her huge pink fox bolero jacket moved with her. She made no move to remove it, simply continued her “performance” wrapped in the magnificently thick pink fox. Her bikini top had long since vanished.

The sounds of other lap dances and shouted encouragement reverberated around the yacht’s main banquet room. New Year’s decorations were strung around the room where over 40 people mingled. The majority of the team along with owners and assorted hangers-on was here. No doubt a few had passed down to the cabins below.

Jim’s hands slipped from the stripper’s tits and took a quick stroke against the wide, round collar of the fox bolero. His fingers sunk deeply into the ultra-plush fox, and his cock throbbed in his pants. “Damn, fuckin’ sweet,” Jim said, though in the din the words were lost. The stripper just continued her gyrations on his lap, no doubt quite aware of the erection against which she ground her own pelvis. His zipper strained against forces both internal and external.

“Hey, buddy, keep her occupied… I gotta get some relief!” Kendal shouted into Jim’s ear. Jim was startled a bit, but suddenly realized Kendal’s plan as his teammate swung around behind the stripper in Jim’s lap and obviously began to unzip his fly.

Jim’s smile widened as he used his grip on the stripper’s fox bolero jacket to pull her forward. She got the right impression and leaned in to start kissing Jim long and deep. She wrapped her arms around him, arms sheathed in that fluffy soft hot pink fox. Jim kissed her back then began rubbing his hands through the sides of her jacket as he held her.

Jim watched Kendal jerk his cock in plain sight. In the midst of the party, hardly anyone noticed, and no one seemed to care. Kendal’s fat dick was dipping steadily and it took only a few pumps to finish it off. In the neon party lights, his white spunk glowed brilliantly as it hit the back of the fox jacket. Long, thick strings splashed in ragged streaks up and down the plush pink fox as Jim kept the stripper’s attention focused forward. No doubt the thickness of the fur kept Kendal’s forceful cum bursts from being noticed by the inebriated stripper. Kendal grunted out a few more bursts before finally squeezing a last shot off.

The back of the high cut fox jacket glistened in the primary colored light, thickly stained by Kendal’s pent-up cocksnot. He’d shot nine or ten loose white streaks up the back of the coat. Jim let the stripper lean back, still completely oblivious to the sticky liquid vandalism on the rear of her pink fox. The smell of cigarette smoke and booze effectively covered the scent of the steaming piles of jizz clinging to the fur.

Some of the other teammates that noticed gave a cheer and Kendal made a weak bow. “You fuckers try to do better!” he shouted. “Hose the bitch down!” Jim knew Kendal was a little buzzed from the fine selection of hard liquor the party provided so amply. He didn’t think anything would happen until to other teammates showed up and unzipped.

The stripper in Jim’s lap still didn’t know what happened. She was probably closer to drunk than merely “buzzed”. Jim just let her gyrate as the two big guys pulled out their ample cocks and pointed them at the back of her pink fox jacket. Kendall was egging them on, obviously happy with his spunk shot. “Beat that you pencil dick motherfuckers!”

The guys, Dean, and Freeman, Jim knew, just jerked their cocks at the stained fox jacket, obviously ready to take up the challenge even though they had no idea what it was about. “Shut the fuck up Kendal, watch this shit,” Freeman said, and then grunted. His cock throbbed as a stream of white spunk erupted from the tip and splattered across the back of the pink fox bolero’s high collar. The huge collar was tall enough to insulate the back of the woman’s head completely. That didn’t matter much when the second burst arced up over the top of the collar and looped down into her hair. More shots followed, blasting into the sides and shoulder of the pink fox jacket.

Freeman’s thick, white splooge cut deep into the soft pink fox everywhere it touched, and it touched a lot of places. Thick, stringy stains of it hung from the already wet fur. Freeman’s load crossed Kendal’s, and Dean’s started where Freeman left off, squirting a big stream of jizz into the back of the bolero’s high collar, adding to the caked spunk loads already hanging there. Dean’s cum sprayed like a hose, not as thick, but like a forceful rain shower, it beat hard against the fluffy fox fur, spreading the stains around in little droplets that cascaded in hard sheets. Dean’s uncut cock rained spunk down on the fox for almost a full half minute, finally stopping as the raining droplets splashed down the left pink fox sleeve.

“Damn, Dean, how long it been since you fucked something?” Kendal said, only half-jokingly, as he looked at the results of the skinny place-kicker’s orgasm dripping from the sides of the pink fox coat.

All through the massive ejaculations the oblivious stripper just kept on going, completely unaware of the group forming behind her. Jim looked up at her, “What’s your name, baby?”

“Bambi? Bambi…” she slurred haltingly, not quite sure of herself.

“Riiiight,” Jim almost laughed. “Turn around, Bambi…”

Bambi, somewhat slow even without the effects of alcohol, twisted around while remaining seated on Jim’s lap. She turned just in time to catch the first burst of Big Willey’s spunk load. The big man’s fat dick throbbed as it spewed out a wad directly into Bambi’s hair and forehead. All around him teammates cheered as his pasted his following three shots into Bambi’s eyes and cheeks. The drunk stripper was slow to react to the onslaught of spunk, just rocking back and allowing Willey the opportunity to finish up by spraying the rest against the front of the pink fox collar, mixing the white stains between her face and the fur.

Bambi’s dark hair held gooey webs of Willey’s jizz which oozed down her forehead into her eyes. The front of the pink fox bolero jacket’s huge high collar was no longer pristine, sagging with strings of the big man’s cum. Now Bambi’s nose was fully assaulted by the heavy musk of spunk, as a thick blob of it hung off the end and dribbled slowly to her lip. She didn’t get much time to react further when another teammate unloaded across her cheek and down the other side of the pink fox collar. Arcs of sperm flew up and splattered down. Soon the side of the collar was spider-webbed with the man’s rich white cock-butter.

Bambi lurched on Jim’s lap and Jim obliged by holding her so more of the guys could slide up and unload their wads on the drunk stripper. Cum shot back and forth as two guys walked up and hosed down either side of her face and the front of the pink fox. Jim loved every second of it, as it seemed the guys were naturally shooting their loads not only the girl’s face but also giving ample attention to the big, fluffy pink fox jacket.

It wasn’t very fluffy anymore, with numerous loads sagging the soft fur in intricate cobweb patters. The pink fox hung heavy with a collection of both straight and thick lines, and vast damp swaths from the less “potent” wads shot on it. He could smell the mixed nut-loads steaming on the fur.

Two of the guys from the “fraternity” of Locker F69 had brought over a couple of the other strippers in their coats. With a few shouted words the men ordered a couple other of the fox jacketed strippers to jerk their big, erect cocks with the sleeves of the stripper’s own jackets. Their cocks slid through the deep, soft, dyed purple and red fox and moaned while the other teammates watched. Jim kept Bambi’s half-conscious form upright on his lap while the guys were stroked.

“Point me right at your little friend there.”

“Yeah, jerk me right on that bitch.”

They pushed the other two strippers on their knees and had them squeeze their cocks between the big, round cuffs of their jackets. Both men moaned and grunted as they felt the soft embrace of the plush, thick round fox cuffs. Their long cockheads poked out of the makeshift fur pussies with each powerful stroke. The two strippers seemed unsure at first, accustomed to more “direct” methods, but they were also keenly aware the men were getting off quite well on it. They continued, pumping the cocks as the team cheered them on. It wasn’t long before both men gasped and shook.

The two girls did as they were told, aiming the spurting cocks at their “co-worker” Bambi. The front of Bambi’s jacket splashed and splattered as the fresh splooge rained down simultaneously from both dicks. Bambi’s much-abused pink fox was further ruined by the strong powerful blasts arcing from the ends of the men’s cocks, which jut from between the pairs of big, fluffy fox cuffs.

The heavy cream rained down almost a full minute, no doubt the result of nuts swollen in anticipation. Splatters and blobs crisscrossed the front of Bambi’s jacket and sleeves. The two strippers moved the dicks like squirting hoses. Shots of the fresh cum hit Bambi’s sleeves and cuffs as well, draping them white streaks. Around them, the team cheered at the volume of spunk Bambi just got.

* * *

“Man, what’s got them so excited?”

Tiffany laughed to herself, imagining the answer. The sound transmitted weakly through the bulkheads of the yacht down to the stateroom in which she currently resided. Angela and Renee, quickly losing interest in the cheers from above, returned to their current interest, which consisted to sucking on Tiffany’s exposed, stiff nipples.

“God, where did you get these tits?” The blonde, Renee, moaned as she cupped the underside of one of Tiffany’s enormous, yet pert and fleshy breasts. “No way these are real,” she gasped, then went back licking the taller figure’s stiff nipple.

Tiffany’s eyes rolled in a conspiratorial fashion. “They’re special… just like the rest of me,” she said with a satisfied smile.

“These coats are little hot, baby,” Angela, the brunette, pouted softly.

“You’ll live…” Tiffany replied coolly. “Refrain from questioning the wardrobe.”

The coats were gigantic blush and lynx-dyed foxes with massive collars and cuffs, and they were, naturally, quite warm. They were just slightly smaller than the truly enormous blue fox coat in which Tiffany herself relaxed, leaning back on a thickly cushioned chaise lounge covered in furs. The two team cheerleaders suckled each of her amazing, gravity-defying tits. Their painted fingernails probed the deep, round bags of flesh, finding no hint of any hard implant within.

The yacht’s main stateroom was well appointed and quite comfortable. The bed-side lamps threw mute illumination over the hardwood paneling and gold accents. Having arranged this little soiree for the team herself, she wasn’t about to miss out on all the fun. That’s what cheerleaders were for, after all.

Tiffany was naked except for a very important, very thick, and very baggy white fox skirt that was currently keeping the 2 cheerleaders under the safe impression they were still comfortably lesbians.

Tiffany picked the two youngest, most nubile members of the squad for her little private party. They claimed to be 18, but she knew it was more like 16, having done some creative lying on their team applications. It never ceased to amaze what facts a little money could find.

Tiffany was getting restless- an important of her, specifically. She’d never been one for foreplay, and this little lick-fest, though somewhat enjoyable, had to give way to the main event.

Events, with any luck.

She pulled Angela up by her hair and kissed her on the mouth. “Time to please the boss, babe,” she said slowly. She released the lip lock and whispered, “You like my tits, eh?”

Angela nodded quickly, “Yeah… Yeah…”

“Good, got another part to introduce you to…”

Tiffany tugged on the fastener on the front of her white fox skirt and let her enormous cock free. The stiff shaft pushed through the folds of fox and quickly began to fully inflate. The giant log of flesh slid back against her tightly defined stomach, bouncing softly as it grew longer and longer, rising up into her cleavage and beyond, stiffening and climbing upwards once more.

“Holy shit,” Renee said, young, doe eyes widening in shocked horror at the spectacle of Tiffany’s organ engorging with blood.

“Ohmigod… Is that some kinda inflatable strap-on?”

Tiffany shook her head, “Straps don’t leak, sweetie.”

Indeed, the tip of her massive erection was already oozing thick white drops of jizz.

“This is joke… That isn’t real,” Angela said, reaching out and grabbing the base of the shaft while shaking her head negatively. She jerked at it, obviously trying to free it from between Tiffany’s legs.

Tiffany made a point to moan softly, the jerking working nicely for her.

Renee also took hold, “It’s hot…” She pulled at the flesh, feeling it move and react. “God, it’s real…” she mouthed, eyes wide like saucers.

Angela jerked hard, trying to convince herself, but she too felt the natural heat, felt the flow of Tiffany’s skin and the hard yet giving flesh below. The short but thick and copious spurt of Tiffany’s gooey precum only startled her. If flung itself down onto the side of her blue fox coat in a fat white bubble.

Tiffany scooped up some on her fingers and smeared it on Renee’s lips in a quick motion. “How’s that taste?”

Renee sputtered as the stinking spunk slid across her tongue. “Fuck, it’s real…”

“Use your furs, stroke it,” Tiffany ordered.

Tiffany pulled Angela’s arms forward and showed her how to slide the big, fluffy sleeves up and down the massive shaft. Tiffany’s giant cock rose vertically in her lounged position. “That’s it, use those big round fox cuffs… That’s what they’re there for…”

She relaxed as Angela’s ultra-soft fox sleeves started their long journeys up and then down her throbbing, enormous cock. Angela looked unsure of herself as she did it, still in awe of the massive erection in front of her, still hoping there was going to be an obvious “special effect” that would mean this monster wasn’t real. Because, after all, it simply couldn’t be real.

Tiffany moaned softly as the fur did its job so well. She felt the pleasure rocketing down her shaft and through her entire body. So much more pleasure now, as her cock was even larger than before. This provided more thick, hard shaft to sink into soft, plush fur. There could never be enough of that. Her round big tits jostled as her chest rose and fell in time with her deep breaths.

“Keep it up, bitch,” Tiffany moaned softly. She reached out and took Renee’s arm and pulled her forward. “You get to be the target, congratulations.”

Tiffany pulled Renee over her chest. The small teen in her huge lynx-dyed fox coat rested her fur-clad shoulder on top of Tiffany’s ample rack while Angela continued stroking. “Mmmm,” Tiffany moaned. “That’s it…”

She gasped, and Angela felt the huge shaft throb even through her thick fur coat cuffs. Renee shut her eyes as the huge round head of Tiffany’s dick aimed right at her face and opened up. A thick, paste-like splurt of cum erupted and slapped right into Renee’s forehead. “Omigod!” Angela shouted as the cock’s cum began spraying in white torrents, slapping and splashing up and down Renee’s little face. The stench of the potent spunk immediately filled the room. Renee tried to move out of the flow, but Tiffany grabbed her coat and held her in place as her cock finished its first huge splooging.

Renee twisted and turned her head frantically trying to keep her face out of the path of the onrushing spurts of cum. This only more evenly disturbed Tiffany’s cocksnot over her cheeks and chin while it splashed all over her big fox collar.

Tiffany felt the electric rush of orgasm shaking her blue fox clad body, felt the rush of steaming hot jizz blasting out of her, and felt the teen cheerleader struggle under the hot splatter of that same jizz.

Renee’s face and hair lay crisscrossed with wide white streaks of the heavy paste. Long, stiff strings ran across her cheeks, forehead, and up and down the sides of her huge lynx-dyed coat’s high collar. She choked a bit as Tiffany released her, gagging on just a some of the spunk that got into her mouth. “Fuck!” she cried. “Fucking bitch! Jesus, this stuff is like glue!” She was trying to wipe it off now, but the thick spunk was just sticking to her hand and now being rubbed into the big round cuffs of her coat.

Tiffany just smiled. “Not done yet…”

* * *

Jim, completely spent, decided to stretch his legs on the desk. The party continued as he exited the hatchway to the wood deck of the luxury yacht. The cold wind immediately cut at him, but the sensation was welcome. It fired his alcohol drenched senses.

Inside Bambi was laying on a table, unconscious and drenched in spunk. Her pink fox bolero jacket was a soggy, stinking mess of at least 50 cumshots. Her hair lay plastered to her skull from the sticky, smelly goop. The fur was matted and streaked all over, stuck to her skin as the jizz dried. Some of the team had pissed on her, further soaking the pink fox as well.

The rest of the entertainment milled around. There wasn’t a single fox bolero that wasn’t streaked with at least one cumshot. Jim remembered at least an hour ago Kendal saying he was going to shoot on all of them even if he was cumming blood by the time he was finished. The team ‘pitched in’, jerking and shooting loads on the girls as they gave lap dances around the party room.

Things were winding down now, though he couldn’t remember how long it had been since things really got going in there. Jim rubbed his hand together. The wind whistled over the deck as he stared out over the moonlit sea.

“Hey there sport, enjoying the party?”

Jim turned. “Holy shit, you’re here?”

“Yep, I planned this little shindig,” Tiffany replied with a nod. The amazonian figure had approached downwind, the sound of her heels clicking on the deck drawn away in the stinging cold breeze. “Hope you liked it.” She was wearing a different fur- a black fox of customary enormous size pulled tightly together by a thick fox boa. It was more like an oversized bathrobe than a coat.

“Hell yeah. Think the entire team is going to show up at the locker next time.”

Tiffany shrugged, “Just spreading the good news, sport. And I felt I owed you a little something after what happened at Fox Mesa.”

Jim nodded. He’d been successfully forgetting that for the past couple of months. He looked away.

“Yeah… welll…” Tiffany continued, “You might want to tell the coach a couple of your cheerleaders will be missing the Superbowl, but I’m confident they’ll be 100% by spring training.”

Jim smiled despite himself.

As she walked away Jim heard, “Have a happy new year, sport.”

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