Sunday, April 20, 2014

“The Salon Job” - by FurCreamer

Author's Note: Super gay, super dubcon, enter at your own risk.

“The Salon Job” - by FurCreamer

Quinn Fox flicked her eyes up to the flat, deco clock on the wall. The second hand ticked steadily, climbing vertically from the six, moving inexorably towards the twelve. As it passed the twelve the hour hand took that final, imperceptible slide to bring it in line with the “8.” That was it, closing time. Quinn heaved a sigh, her expertly accented eyes falling down to the empty sales log on the desk before her. Another dry day had passed.

Outside the streetlights of the avenue flooded past the well-appointed mannequins in the salon window. Pieces of the elegantly styled “7th Avenue Furs” decal on the windows cast sharp shadows on the big sheepskin throw rugs near the doorway.

Quinn fished around in the back pocket of her chinchilla trimmed, rose-hued angora sweater dress for the security keys and walked herself to the front atop her matching heels. The smooth contours of her legs were sheathed in a set of matte black nylons and her long, straight brunette locks fell down to the small of her back. The fuzzy dress fit Quinn like a glove, following the smooth contours of her body, especially tight around the massive bust on her chest. The huge, pert breasts jiggled as she walked, or, for that matter, did most anything.

Quinn’s fingers absently stroked at the chinchilla cuffs of her sweater-dress. She could feel the tightness in her crotch building as her fingers stroked through the ultra-soft chinchilla. “Just as well, I can go in back, grab one of those new pillow muffs that just came in, squeeze one off, then head home,” Quinn thought to herself as she reached out for the doorknob.

The shadow moved in front of the door just as Quinn was about to insert the key. The door swung open, and Quinn, startled, skipped back on her heels. The keys slipped from her fingers and splashed into the thick shag of a sheepskin rug.

“Hello, hello, hello…” a breathless, accented voice announced, “Not closed yet, are you?”

Quinn’s initial instinct to look for the keys vanished as she caught a full view of the figure that just entered. At five-three, Quinn was rather below average for her sex, yet even the additional inches provided by her stiletto heels could not compare to the towering figure striding into her fur salon. Between the heels on her feet and the tease in the immense white-blond hair on her head, the newcomer was well over six feet tall. Quinn’s eyes widened as she took in the ostentatious hair, the bright, heavily painted makeup, and gleaming red nails.

There was little else to judge about her, though, as the rest was covered by an ankle-length lynx-dyed fox coat. The coat was equal to its wearer, the heavy pelts wide and full, with a huge shawl collar and two round, elbow length cuffs. The fox coat’s length was tailored to the impressive heels, it seemed, as the lower sweep hung just an inch off the floor.

Quinn’s confused mind suddenly sparked in a moment of recognition. “You’re…”

“Svetlana Semja,” came the response that dripped with a Slavic accent.

Quinn just swallowed a big gulp of air. Svetlana was the headliner at a “cabaret” a few blocks over from 7th Avenue Furs, Quinn’s salon. Quinn had seen her fliers posted in the neighborhood, even noticed she’d been swathed in huge furs in each one of them, but had never gone. Quinn was trying to run a legitimate fur salon, and her chances of pulling in an upscale clientèle would probably be hurt if all those rich old ladies found out she had a penis, small though it might be now, thanks to the hormones. Just being seen in the cabaret would be bad, she reasoned. Better not to even take the chance.

Svetlana turned towards the door and nodded. Quinn, still speechless, watched as three more entered. Each one wore a fox coat that filled the wide doorway to the 7th Avenue Salon as they passed through. Quinn could only assume they were also performers at the cabaret. Each one was nearly as tall as Svetlana, and all had a huge, coiffed hairstyle and bright, liberally applied makeup. Like Svetlana they were consummate drag performers, their ultra-glamorous looks perfectly crafted to enhance the facade of hyper-femininity.

The curved red nails on Svetlana’s hand gleamed even in the low lighting of the salon. “Meet Ju Jing,” Svetlana said, holding her hand out like a showroom model to indicate the shortest of the four. That dubious title still gave the Asian “gurl” a good 8 inches on the comparably diminutive Quinn. The painted Asian features gave way to the tall bouffant styling of her jet black hair. Her name and pale skin indicated Chinese descent. “You’ll find out what her name means shortly, darling,” Svetlana purred, her voice hitting the first syllable hard. It came off her lips as “dah-ling.”

Jing smiled in response the joke Quinn could not yet get. What wasn’t a joke was the massive bulk of the jade green dyed fox coat swaying slowly from Jing’s shoulders. The brightly dyed pelts were lavish and virtually sparkled in the light. The coat must have weighed a good twenty pounds from the thickness alone.

Moving down the line, Svetlana turned her attention to the tallest, save herself, of the group. “Mocha Creame,” she said, her fingers lightly brushing the shoulder of the regal looking queen’s crystal fox coat. Mocha was just that, light-skinned, with features, below the brightly painted makeup, that bespoke a mixed race background. The varied natural hues of the bulky crystal fox coat matched her light skin tone well. The enormous collar and cuffs of Mocha’s coat were gleaming white fox. It gave the impression of being an inversion of the more common mink coat with crystal fox tuxedo accents. These weren’t small tuxedo accents- the white fox shawl collar and round heavy cuffs were equally as enormous as all the rest of the assembled foxes. Mocha’s huge caramel curled hair dripped down in wide splash across the comparably polarized fox collar of her fur.

“Finally, this is Heaven…” Svetlana sighed, “Everyone’s favorite all-American.” Heaven smirked. Her teased-out white hair was done in an 80’s rock style, feathered and striking. The full red lips pursed and blew Quinn a kiss. Like the angels that might inhabit her namesake, Heaven’s white fox coat shone under the lights, giving her and her powerful hair an almost etheric glow. Heaven’s amazing white fox not only sported the weighty cuffs and flared, high shawl collar, but also featured a set of long, round boas that hung off the arms and back. Plump and white, the long white boas dangled down the sides and back of Heaven’s white fox coat, sweeping around whenever she moved. The boa fringed coat served as the ultimate “rock star” touch to Heaven’s musical persona.

Quinn gulped down air again. Finally, she managed to squeak out, “Um… Can I help you?”

“You most certainly can.”

This wasn’t the dripping accent of Svetlana. No, the door to the salon yawned open one final time. The new entrant slid past the ragged phalanx of glammed-out, fox-drenched queens to stand in front of them.

“Oh… wow…”

Tiffany shrugged, “Yeah, I get that a lot…”

Quinn’s features had been softened by a very skilled surgeon, so the genuine confusion playing out across her face was easy to read. The last entrant displayed no obvious signs of any crossed sexuality. Her features possessed a timeless feminine beauty, and they were only lightly accented by basic strokes of blush and mascara. There was no Adam’s apple bobbing on her throat, yet her amazonian height certainly seemed quite unnatural, heels or not. What truly floored Quinn was the coat this newcomer wore. It was a hot pink dyed fox.

Quinn assumed it was fox. It was like no fox she’d ever seen, and she owned a fur salon. The coat was far larger than the ones the four others wore, but not only to accommodate the regal siren’s unnatural size. The pelts were… larger, as if they came from a fox that was the size of a horse. The huge, thick pelts rustled as the breeze from the building’s air conditioning swept around them.

“You’re wondering about the coat, right?”

Quinn nodded slowly.

Tiffany shook her head, “Trade secret, sorry…” Coyly, she rubbed the side of the huge, round collar, “Besides, this bitch put up a hell of a fight before I got to skin it…”

Tiffany then nodded to Svetlana, who stepped forward. The two made an incongruous pair after Quinn had spent so long being amazed at the tall Slavic gurl’s height, only to find someone that made her look smaller by comparison.

“This is Tiffany St. James, our… host…” Svetlana announced.

“Uh… Hi…” Quinn responded weakly. She glanced around the store, then back to the group and their singularly amazing fox coats. “I was about to close up for the evening, but… Do you want to… buy anything?”

Tiffany looked around, as did the assemblage of fabulous femmes in fox furs. Quinn looked around a bit nervously as they did. “I have… lots… of foxes… I mean, it’s kind of my ‘thing’, here… Most salons don’t stock a lot of foxes, but I do…”

As Quinn spoke, the group broke up. Jing walked over to a long rack of blue fox strollers and began running her hand down the sleeves, licking her lips. Mocha prodded a featured rack with a set of full-length blush fox coats. Heaven found a rack full of white fox stoles to stare at while Svetlana found the long, recessed wall section stocked with all sorts of chinchilla coats, jackets, capes, and wraps. Tiffany remained stationary before Quinn as the others milled around.

“I can see you gals like fox… I don’t quite have something so big as what you already have… maybe I could have some special orders made up…,” Quinn stammered, watching nervously, “I mean, I really like your coats, too.”

Jing sensually stroked the arm of a blue fox stroller length coat hanging off the wide rack, her long nails running through the deep, soft fox pelts. Heaven grasped one of the white fox stoles and tugged it down into her waiting hands, rubbing it slowly against the front of her own giant white fox coat. Mocha circled the blush fox coats like a cat, rubbing and stroking them while Svetlana let out a short, breathless moan as her fingers played across the ocean of chinchilla coat sleeves, wraps, and stoles.

“I think we’ll be… how can I put this… borrowing… this evening,” Tiffany announced. “Now, get over there and do what you were about to do, lock the front door.”

Quinn balked, mind suddenly racing, “Wait… you’re going to rob me?”

Tiffany just smirked, “Oh, I assure you, we have no intention of walking out of here with any of these coats…”

The busty Chinese queen moaned a bit as she rubbed the sleeve of a blue fox against the front of her jade fur, right over her crotch. Quinn’s features affected a frown and then tried to smile, “Look… I- I guess you girls… 'like’ fur… Really, I totally understand… But this is my stock… I can’t just let you-”

“-Can and will.” Tiffany cut her off matter-of-factly. The amazon reached out and grabbed Quinn’s shoulder, her fingers crushing the delicate angora sweater against Quinn’s skin. She pushed Quinn towards the door. “Do it.”

Quinn felt the grip on her shoulder, it was like a vice. She squealed a bit as the pain lanced through her, but the grip loosened just after. “Please… I can’t…”

“Do it.”

Quinn frowned, looking down at the lock, then bending over, fishing for the dropped keys, and locking the front door. She heard the dry laughter of one of the tall queens as she bent over.

“You’re right, you do understand,” Mocha said, sniffing the light scent of fresh fur on a blush fox coat.

Quinn blushed, realizing her own snugly packed 'secret’ was probably on display when she bent over, outlined against the tight angora sweater-dress. She realized she had an erection, a big one, and the discomfort of her penis pushing against its taped restraints was suddenly foremost in her mind. Her fingers shook as she fumbled the key out of the lock and turned around, pushing herself back against the door.

Tiffany towered over her, “What’s the matter, little tranny, you got a little fur wood, there?”

Quinn bowed her head, brown hair flowing down around her face, “Please, don’t…”

“Your mouth says, no, but that boner says… 'yeah, baby’,” Mocha says, “Why don’t you… whip it out.” She giggled conspiratorially with Heaven.

Quinn tried to make herself smaller against the door. She crossed her legs, despite the pain it caused her crushed balls.

“I’ll help,” Tiffany announced, reaching down and pulling Quinn up and away from the door in a single fluid motion. Her long, polished crimson talons dug into the soft angora sweater dress and cleaved it down the back. The soft knitwear tore with a light sound, slicing down to part at the bottom of the dress. Tiffany’s fingers slid into the exposed rear of Quinn’s silk panties and, with a loud snap, tore them off.

Quinn squirmed and squealed as it transpired, but was unable to break free of Tiffany’s powerful grip. She squirmed even more at what she knows will happen next, feeling the sensation of Tiffany’s soft palm skin sliding down between her thighs. Tiffany’s nails tugged at the tape securing Quinn’s male organ in place and, with a sickly sound of adhesive rapidly leaving flesh, pulled it away.

Around the room, four faces winced in a brief moment of sympathy.

Tiffany dropped Quinn at the same time the tape shore away. Quinn yelped like a wounded dog, even as her erection snapped up against the front of her torn angora dress. “There you go,” Tiffany said, throwing the used tape on the floor.

“Ouch,” Jing says with a piqued brow and a half smile.

Tiffany grabbed a big black fox jacket from the nearest rack and lowered herself to her haunches beside the gasping Quinn. Slowly, she moved the bulk of the silky, soft coat up Quinn’s nyloned legs, towards the exposed crotch above. Quinn’s erect cock was only slightly larger than average, and now slightly red not just from excitement, but the recently removed tape. Tiffany guided the top of the fresh, virgin black fox jacket up the base of Quinn’s shaft and started stroking the slight, thin t-girl’s cock. Quinn’s formerly pained gasps quickly change inflection.

“No…” she whispered softly, but with very little conviction.

Quinn’s big rack heaved up and down. The torn remains of the rose-hued angora sweater dress were pushed to the side. The soft chinchilla cuffs and collar still cling to her body, though, rubbing her neck and wrists as she writhed on the floor in complete submission to Tiffany’s stroking. The black fox jacket’s collar was wrapped around Quinn’s erection and pumped up and down, each revolution moving faster and faster. Quinn moaned openly now, unable to sense anything but the sheer fur pleasure rushing through her body.

“I think she likes it,” Mocha observes.

“God… yes… yes.. yes…” Quinn moans. “Faster… faster…”

Tiffany obliges, pumping the shecock with ever-increasing rapidity. The huge, gorgeous amazon in the equally enormous, super fox coat plays the moaning transgirl like an instrument with the plush, though probably unwilling black fox jacket. Quinn’s body movements become faster and jerkier, the volume of her moans increasing.

“More… more…,” Quinn pants as the soft black fox milks her tool like a wanton bitch slut, “Almost there… yeah, yeah YEAH!”

Quinn’s hips jerked forward spasmodically as Tiffany watched the small t-cock squirt thick bursts of white goo into the black fox jacket’s round, fluffy collar. The collar doesn’t remain fluffy for long, as the squirts from Quinn’s excited cock flood out in slimly gray-white strings. The excitement in her orgasm is obvious, as the shots of tranny spunk fire like pent-up rockets from the tip, soaking the soft, black hairs each time they connect. “YES! YES!” Quinn screams as her swollen, red balls blast away at the black fox until she collapses back into a heap on the fur salon floor.

The collar and the front of the new black fox jacket is soaked with deep, thick injections of cocksnot, which ooze down slowly. The smell of fresh spunk on fresh fur shortly reaches Tiffany’s nostrils, and she drinks deeply.

“Hmmm…” Tiffany says, picking up the sleeve of the freshly spunked black fox and looking at the dangling price tag hanging from the cuff. “That’s… fifty-five hundred in 'stock’ so far… And we haven’t touched a thing… yet…”

Quinn hears her words but the post-orgasmic bliss of the fur induced orgasm makes any regret difficult.

“Must have skipped the hormones this morning, eh, darling?” the regal Slavic beautify Svetlana observes, gazing with approval at the size of the stain Quinn’s tranny cock milked out.

Head swimming, chest, and the huge tits parked atop it, heaving, Quinn just moaned a little. She looked up at Tiffany, who was still crouched beside her, wrapped in that mammoth fox coat crafted from what appeared to be goliath fox pelts. Quinn reached up haltingly, her fingers sliding down the side of the big, round cuff of Tiffany’s unusual hot pink fur. Her eyes widened as she did, as the sensation was more like the liquid ecstasy of chinchilla than even the finest fox pelts in her inventory. Tiffany watched Quinn with amusement as the diminutive t-girl’s fingers stroked at her cuff.

“Soft… Isn’t it?” she said. Tiffany’s hand wrapped around Quinn’s wrist and pulled upwards. Rising, Tiffany brought Quinn to her shaky heels. “Let’s play dress up… What do you think, girls?”

Jing pulls down one of the full, extra long blue foxes from the rack she’d been hovering over and walks it over. “This will do nicely, I think… To start…”

Quinn, still a little woozy, has little choice but to allow her body to be manipulated. Tiffany held Quinn’s arms out while the tall Chinese queen slid the big blue fox coat onto her. Tiffany grabbed the front of the coat’s tuxedo collar and pulled it closed. The coat was a few sizes too large for Quinn, who looked even smaller inside it. The length was such that the tail of the coat drug the carpet around Quinn’s heels.

“God… had enough of this foreplay shit,” Jing said, her expertly manicured nails sliding down the front of her big jade fox coat and unhooking the closures. She pulled the coat open, revealing the tight, frilly emerald silk corset underneath. Smooth black garters attached a set of sheer nylons at her hairless hips. One of Jing’s performance outfits, usually she had a set of green silk panties on between the garters and the corset, but tonight the big slab of cock between her legs hung free. Jing’s appendage was a thick, puffy mound of flesh that made it clear that, as far as Asian penis sizes went, perhaps it was the exception that proved the rule. As Jing’s cock bloated, it became very clear just how big an exception she was.

Quinn felt the tall Chinese gurl’s dick stab into the back of the oversized blue fox coat into which she’d been wrapped. Tiffany held her up, and quite firmly in place while Jing began pumping her fat, thick dick into the soft folds of blue fox covering Quinn’s back. She looked up with a combination of awe and regret at Tiffany, whom she faced, her nose just inches from the front of the massive pink fox where it outlined Tiffany’s equally massive bust.

Jing slid her fearsomely thick penis up and down the back of the soft, quality blue fox coat, pressing in against Quinn’s spine as she did. Her hips ground up and down, the big jade dyed fox Jing wore swaying as she rocked on her shiny heels.

“Mmmmm… nice shit, bitch…” Jing moaned, grabbing hold of the sleeves of Quinn’s blue fox coat and stroking them as she pumped her cock into the fur. Jing stepped her heels onto the overflow of the blue fox coat created from the unequal height of its wearer. The green stilettos crushed the pelts against the carpet underneath and served to pin the cute brunette down in yet another way. Jing’s painted features contorted into a pleasured mask as her moans became a little deeper and faster. The fox coat shook with the force of Jing’s pounding. The soft blue fox seemed to be sucking at the fat, round Chinese cock between Jing’s legs, begging to be sprayed.

“Shit… Yeah…” Jing grunted and obliged this need, The tip spurt out a big, white blob of spunk which was immediately ground into the pelts by Jing’s rapid thrusts. The spunk leapt from the big, fat dick in loops of white that lazily strung themselves across the back of the blue fox coat. Jing’s orgasm wasn’t composed of violent, powerful shots, just long, runny blobs that spit from the tip and splashed in slow arcs down the back of the fur. The white lumps were thick and steaming as they shot from the glammed-out Chinese queen, raining down for almost a full minute before she finally stopped. Her fat flared cockhead was swollen and red, dripping a rope of white jizz as she stepped back, a smile passing over her heavily painted lips.

Jing’s cum was strung in large round splatters of goo that stuck to the blue fox like glue. The potent seed plastered the fur down and soaked it in huge stains. The coat was ruined in a single orgasm. Jing, her cock still hanging out between the sides of her huge jade fox coat, licked her lips, “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm… damn those pills work like gangbusters.”

“Simply magnificent, darling,” came Svetlana’s signature Slavic purr.

Quinn just staggered a bit, helpless under Tiffany’s iron grip. She’d given up trying to pull away, and the smell of spunked fur, the fur she was wearing, was just turning her on. Her erection was evidence enough of that, which was stiff between her smooth legs. “Please… just go…” she pleaded softly. “Haven’t you gotten enough?”

“Doesn’t look like you have,” Tiffany replied coolly, eyes settling on Quinn’s erection.

“And we certainly haven’t, have we, sweetie?” Mocha said with a wide grin, glancing over at Heaven, who nodded, “Most certainly not…”

“Time to go all ebony and ivory all over those sweet, soft furs…” Mocha said as she began opening up her enormous white fox tuxedo trimmed crystal fox coat. Heaven, likewise, was striding across the room on her stilettos, unhooking the huge, boa laced white fox coat. Below Heaven’s coat was a rather common knock-off of the black, coned corset favored by Madonna a while back, with black garters and nylons below. Certain outfits never went out of style at the cabaret, and Heaven milked her passing resemblance to the pop-star for all it was worth.

Heaven always said you could tell them apart because she had a much bigger dick than Madonna…

The huge slab of queen meat between her legs was fully erect by the time the huge white fox opened, joined seconds later by the even more impressive dark shaft standing up between Mocha’s thighs. Mocha made a silly face as she said, “Oh, I do so hate to perpetuate stereotypes…” The big black dick Mocha sported dripped with clear precum already, the sides of the shaft softly stroked by the white fox tuxedo collar of Mocha’s crystal fox coat as she approached.

“Get some fresh meat, Jing’s already fucked this bitch up good,” Mocha commented, looking at the huge mess Jing’s orgasm left on the big blue fox. Heaven and Mocha started pulling the spunked blue fox off Quinn.

“No! You’ve already ruined this one, no more!” Quinn whined.

Tiffany shook Quinn. “I don’t think the gurls here abstained from shooting loads for a week and crunched my special little pills like candy to just fuck up one fine fox tonight, little tranny.” Tiffany helped strip Quinn out of the smelly, spunk strewn blue fox, which was tossed to the floor like the used tissue it was. Svetlana handed them another completely oversized fox, this one a big golden isle fox, and they started pulling it onto Quinn.

“Such a marvelous selection you have,” Tiffany commented as they tranny-handled Quinn into the jumbo fox coat. “Well… for… people like us, you could say… I mean, you certainly aren’t doing much business with only a few minks hanging up on some forlorn rack in the back.”

“Styles ch- change…” Quinn said, without much conviction.

“Really thought you’d make it selling fetish foxes to the general public?” Tiffany smirked. “I admire your conviction… At least we’ll have some fun…”

“Yeah, lots…” Mocha said, fluffing up the collar of the golden isle around Quinn’s face, which sunk inside the coat, a full four sizes too large for her.

Jing tossed over a big, round matching golden isle fox hat, “Always accessorize, dear.” Mocha caught the big hat and pushed it down on top of Quinn’s head. Combined with the oversized fur’s big collar, there was just a small sliver of Quinn’s face visible around a sea of fox fur.

“Time to worship your true rock goddess,” Heaven said, pointing downward. “Knees…”.

Tiffany wheeled Quinn around so she faced outward, then obliged, pushing Quinn down to her knees with a terrifying simplicity. Quinn felt the force being exerted on her and realized she’d never be able to resist. Tiffany’s hands settled on the shoulders of the golden isle fox coat, under the big collar, where she kept Quinn pinned in place. Mocha and Heaven stood in front of Quinn, their erections bobbing up and down slowly.

“Station,” Heaven said triumphantly.

“That’s the way I like little pale bitches,” Mocha agreed.

Mocha and Heaven stepped in, sliding their cocks up against the fluffy sides of Quinn’s golden isle fox coat’s colossal collar. The black and white dicks pushed at the fur from opposite sides, and Quinn could feel the heat of the shafts as they rammed up beside her cheeks. The soft, pliant fox fur was forcefully mauled by the two big queens, who were stroking the sides of their own big fox coats as they worked their hips into the effort. Quinn’s small body shook from the energy of the thrusting against her coat but remained firmly pinned by Tiffany’s powerful grip on her shoulders.

"Mmmmmm,” Heaven moaned, the long white boa tails swinging from her fox coat as she plowed her stiff erection through the fox coat’s collar. The creamy tan striped white fur slid around her pink, grandiloquent shaft, softly milking it. Mocha’s cock was likewise pleasured, the skin of shaft a few shades darker than the rest of her, with a heavy, uncircumcised tip that oozed out clear strings of precum against the fox collar as it roamed across it.

Mocha slapped her cock against Quinn’s cheek as the collar fur became too streaked with precum to effectively fuck. Heaven’s less leaky cock slid over the other side smoothly, twisting her heavily painted rock-star features to a mask of pleasure. “Suck me, bitch,” Mocha ordered Quinn. Quinn looked at the big black cock, and up at the glamorous features and huge fur to witch it was attached and tried to turn away.

Tiffany, still holding Quinn in place, shook her. “Do it.”

Quinn opened her mouth, very wide, and Mocha pushed her cock in. The heavy taste of Mocha’s salty precum hit her mouth and she again tried to resist. That opportunity had long since past, where it ever possible in the first place. The big black drag queen rammed the thickly veined prong into Quinn’s throat and started pumping. “Is the little cracker hungry?” she said derisively, slapping Quinn. Quinn’s cheeks reddened, both from the slaps and the far more powerful embarrassment. The same embarrassment that kept her short cock rock hard.

Tiffany and Heaven laughed as Mocha roughly face fucked the small t-girl. The full fox hat on Quinn’s head bounced around as Mocha’s violent thrusting shook her skull. Heaven happily continued pumping away at the golden isle fox coat’s collar.

“Little bitch still likes it…” Mocha observes, seeing Quinn’s small erection remained rock hard, though only partially visible while trying to push its way out of the oversized golden isle fox coat. Mocha pushed her fat black dick deeper into Quinn’s throat, causing her to choke and spit out a clear stream of saliva when Mocha pulled out. The big cascades of spit rolled over Quinn’s chin and splashed down the front of the big fox rolled collar. Mocha pushed her cock back into Quinn’s mouth as soon as she scrambled for a deep breath.

“Gonna paint this whore,” Heaven said with a sudden moan, her thrusts at the collar having intensified. “MMmm… Fire hose, bitch…” the tall glam rock queen shouted, then proceeded to moan and quake for long seconds. Svetlana and the girls watched with eager anticipation, knowing Heaven’s favorite little trick. The feathered blond pinched the vas deferens as she orgasmed, backing up the usual pulses of an ejaculation into…


Heaven’s cry coincided with a virtually ten second long, full single stream of sperm flying from the end of her reddish purple shaft. The gray-white cum pissed out in a single long flood, just like it was urine, all the built-up pulses released in one massive burst. Heaven directed her cock like a fire hose, sending the single copious stream down the big golden isle fox collar, across the shoulder, and down the front, leaving a wide, gooey white streak wherever it touched. The huge white stain cut a deep valley into the fur, the pent-up power of multiple spurts all fed into the single powerful burst. The thick fox sagged under the weight of the collected force of Heaven’s controlled cocksnot eruption.

“Station!” she cried triumphantly, holding up her hands in the classic “sign of the devil” rock salute.

Quinn only felt the power of Heaven’s glam rock explosion partially, as Mocha was rattling her teeth the entire time with the tall black cock between the tall half-Nubian queen’s legs. Quinn’s nose smelled the freshly shot spunk, though, the musky aroma hitting her even as the big cock in her mouth pounded away at her abused tonsils. Her face sagged underneath the heavy, round fox hat on her head.

Mocha watched Heaven’s ejaculation play out with the best seat in the house. Seeing the tip of Heaven’s dick open wide and the continual stream of spunk just unload sent spikes of excitement through her body. Heaven had to have kept her word, because Mocha had seen her do that trick before, and, though always impressive, hadn’t kept it up for anywhere near a full ten seconds. “Damn girl…” she said between breaths.

“Too bad I’m still gonna make you look bad!”

Quinn’s breath suddenly returned as Mocha pulled her cock out of the tranny’s mouth. Slick with saliva and mucus, Mocha pumped her huge shaft one more time and a big white spurt flew out. The spurt slapped directly into the middle of the big, tall brimmed golden isle fox hat and looped down to strike Quinn’s nose and open lips. “Nnnnnnn…. Nnnnnnnn…. NNNNnnnnnnn….” Mocha’s heavily painted caramel features squinted up as she pounded her long spunkstick, shooting off blast after blast of steaming nutbutter up and down Quinn’s face and the tall hat. The white cum rained down in runny gray streaks as they landed on the hat. Balls of white slime splashed the top of the hat, roped down the front brim, and finally oozed across the collar opposite the one still basting in Heaven’s recently spent juices.

The rock hard cock’s splatter was forceful enough to bounce off Quinn’s cheek and back into the white fox trim of Mocha’s own huge coat. White spots scattered down the round fluff, though the lion’s share was deposited directly onto Quinn’s fur hat and her face.

Quinn felt the hot, wet slap of drag queen jizz remorselessly hitting her. The humiliation of it sent another unwanted charge through her spine. She knew her little t-girl cock was completely stiff and aching for another release. Whether these big, glam bitches would give her one was uncertain. She felt the sting of Mocha’s spunk hitting her eyes, the huge queen obviously not caring as her cream shower finally ended.

The huge amazon holding Quinn released her. Tiffany’s grip slid from the shoulders of the big fox coat and Quinn slumped forward, whimpering. Svetlana, standing almost as imperiously as Tiffany, strode over. The sweep of her enormous lynx-dyed fox swayed with the rather sultry motion of her hips as she moved. Mocha and Heaven, spent for the moment, stepped back, their cocks softening as they moved to stand near Jing, who was stroking the bunched arms of a circular rack of blue fox jackets while watching the “show.”

Svetlana placed her booted heel on Quinn’s back and pushed. The diminutive tranny in the oversized, splattered golden isle fox rolled from her knees to her side. The big, sticky hat on her head dropped off and started oozing parts of the huge stains onto the carpet. Svetlana then used her boot toe to toss back the side of the fur coat and reveal the stiffness in Quinn’s cock, which caused big Slav to laugh. “Little tranny’s still hard,” she purred in the heavy Russian accent. “Strip her, I want her in something fresh…”

Tiffany, smirking, said nothing as she quite agreeably bent over, grabbed the cuff of the golden isle fox and pulled it. Quinn, dazed, just rolled as the coat was pulled off her. The sticky splatters of spunk from Mocha’s dick still stuck to her face like marbleized fat. Tiffany drew the messy golden isle fox coat up and tossed it on top of the first victim, the blue fox bearing the big, fat streaks of Jing’s orgasm.

“Now… let’s see… I definitely want to… do some damage,” Svetlana mused aloud. “The empress chinchilla... put it on her…”

Quinn moaned weakly from the floor, “No…”

“Da… I think so,” Svetlana replied coolly. Jing walked the ankle-length, gray-white, ribbed chinchilla coat over. The expression on her face from simply holding it promised the feeling was just as exquisite as they all knew it would be. Tiffany took the coat from Jing, who’s open jade fox revealed just carrying the chinchilla had roused the Chinese queen’s fat, thick cock to a full erection once more.

Tiffany reacted a bit more calmly, but even she let out a little gasp when her long-nailed fingers touched the chinchilla coat. The coloring on the exquisite chinchilla pelts rolled smoothly from a charcoal gray to a near white highlight, stretched in a hand-crafted horizontal rib pattern. She reached down, yanked Quinn up to her knees again, and started pulling the coat onto the small t-girl’s frame.

Quinn was long past the point of caring about the plethora of oversized fox coats. Part of her wanted to see more of them molested and ruined by these amazonian queens. The tug of fiscal responsibility fought against the charge in her small erection as her fingers brushed the liquid smooth pelts of the cuffed chinchilla sleeves. This wasn’t just another 10 grand fox, this was 10 times that much, and she could sell it for nearly 20 times that. So soft, the thought charged her mind as her fingertips brushed the pelts. Meekly, she protested, “Noooo…. it’s worth almost a hundred grand…”

Svetlana licked her lushly painted lips, “Mmm… and my dick is worth every penny, I assure you…” She slowly unhooked her full-length lynx-dyed fox as Tiffany finished pulling the chinchilla closed around Quinn. As the huge, fluffy lynx-dyed fox Svetlana wore parted, Quinn’s eyes widened. Svetlana’s big rack was quite convincing, however ancillary it might be, and covered by a tight leather dress top. Thick black fox trim fringed the upper and lower extremes of the top, the underside attached to a set of black nylons by silver chain garters. There were no panties below the lower fox trim, as it seems any sort of restriction would be quite the inconvenience to Svetlana.

“No way…”

“Da… Yes way…” Svetlana replied with a mischievous smile as the huge white slab of cockmeat hung between her legs. The huge purple/white organ was flooding to full erection before Quinn’s astounded eyes. The thickly veined surface stretched and bloated as blood pumped into the formerly soft tissue. Pearls of clear fluid oozed from the tip as it reached full size. “This is Siberian cock, little tranny,” Svetlana purred in her Slavic accent, “You are about to become very familiar with it.”

“No… I’ve never taken anything that big…” Quinn moaned, suddenly far less concerned about the dollar value of her chinchilla.

“Turn her over, as there is a first time for everything,” the big Russian orders. Tiffany complied, easily wrangling Quinn down to the floor. Tiffany pushed Quinn down on top of the smelly pile of previously sprayed fox coats, pushing her face into the back of the golden isle fox with the stiletto heel on her right foot. Quinn could smell the fresh, musky scent of Mocha and Heaven’s wads on the fur.

Svetlana stepped forward and tossed the back of the long ankle-length chinchilla off of tranny’s tight little ass. Quinn’s exposed, upturned hindquarters were on display, the stiffness of little clitty-cock visible between her smooth thighs. The tail of the huge chinchilla sagged off to the left as Svetlana approached. Quinn shook her head and squealed, but Tiffany’s boot kept her pinned down to the floor. Heaven, Mocha, and Jing gathered round, their huge furs open, holding fresh fox jackets which they stroked with while watching Svetlana slide down to her knees and line up the massive, veined Siberian cock to Quinn’s vulnerable crack.

“No… no… no…” Quinn repeated.

“Da, scream for me, little bitch, I like it more that way,” Svetlana purred, grabbing Quinn’s thighs as she thrust her fat, uncut cockhead forward.

Quinn did scream, a high pitched squeal of which her old vocal coach would have been proud. She felt her ass stretching, much against her will, to accommodate the thick, stiff rod jutting from Svetlana’s glamorous form. Svetlana gasped, feeling the tightness with which she was so familiar, enjoying the sensation of powering into the wailing little tranny with her massive queen cock. Svetlana’s long nails bit into Quinn’s thighs as her grip tightened, pulling back as she pushed forward with her strong hips.

The gurls surrounding the fucking were openly pounding their own big dicks with an assortment of thick fox jackets as they looked on. Mocha’s stiff black dick tore into a supple, soft blue fox, while Heaven was stroking the cuffs of a black fox bolero jacket and Jing used a deep, plush blush fox. Their own ankle length furs swayed as their hips ground into the coats, eyes intently watching Svetlana pound at Quinn’s tight ass. The little tranny in the huge chinchilla coat was shaking and moaning, her clit stiff and bouncing between her legs as the huge Siberian dick plowed ever deeper.

Svetlana grasped the back of the long chinchilla, running her fingers through the ultra soft fur and moaning as she felt Quinn’s small body pushing back at her stiff prong. The liquid soft ribs of chinchilla on the coat only urged Svetlana on, her hands bunching up fist-fulls of the coat and crushing them in her palms as she moans.

“God… yeah… More…” Quinn started babbling, her body quaking under Svetlana’s assault.

Tiffany smirked, pulling her boot heel off Quinn’s head and letting her up. Quinn’s body shook under Svetlana’s vicious pounding, but soon she was moaning over and over.

Quinn squealed again, and Jing laughed, “She’s blowing!”

Quinn’s mind raced in overdrive, the agony of the huge purple spear splitting open her ass giving way to the rush of orgasmic pleasure like she’d never before experienced. Her stiff, girly cock leapt between her smooth thighs as the slit on the end yawned open, and released a long, white streak of girlcum. The cum shot in a fat line onto the already ravaged golden isle fox upon which Svetlana had her pinned. More followed, Quinn’s body bucking in ecstasy, her swollen nuts shooting hard, thick arcs of cum in messy, wild bursts into the back of the soft, fluffy fox coat. Steam rose off the hot spunk as it matted the long hairs of the white/tan fur down, soaking it to the leather below.

Svetlana’s wide palm slapped Quinn’s ass as the little tranny came beneath her. There were still many inches of the big Siberian dick hanging outside Quinn, as she simply couldn’t take it all. Svetlana’s own bulky lynx-dyed fox coat shook with the force of her relentless thrusts into Quinn’s tortured ass. Heaven, Mocha, and Jing pumped their cocks as they watched it play out, soft furs being roughly fucked by the spectator’s cocks. Through it all, Tiffany merely watched, the freakishly behemoth fox coat she wore closed the entire time.

Quinn’s spurts couldn’t last forever, though part of her wished they would. She’d left wide, white streaks in the back of the rumpled golden isle fox. The big white line she painted into the fox was just below her tight, thin tummy. Watching her shoot the cream from Svetlana’s incessant pounding sent the rest of the girls over the edge. They tossed away the various fox coats and, pumping away, pointed their bulging dicks downward. Each titanic cock, thrusting out between their long, ankle-length fox coats, throbbed and began to gush.

Mocha’s dark cock shot long, chalky strings of smelly, potent cocksnot across the lower back of Quinn’s chinchilla coat. Jing’s fat, beer-can dick sprayed bursts of white load into the back of the chinchilla’s wide shawl collar. Both Mocha’s and Jing’s load squirted in sequence, one from the black cock, one from the fat Asian one, striking the ultra-expensive chinchilla one after another. The amazingly soft fur was soaked in the hail of cum, the thin, delicate pelts ruined the second a hot, steamy wad of spunk struck them. Mocha’s and Jing’s second orgasms were even more prolific than their first, the gurl’s nuts having worked overtime to bloat up with even more impressive amounts of destructively thick, smelly spunk. Shot after shot criss-crossed the back of the delicately fashioned, ribbed chinchilla coat.

Quinn felt the hot, hard bursts raining down on her back, but she was too overwhelmed with her last orgasm and the continued agony of Svetlana’s invading cock to even care. Part of her rational, conscious mind was screaming about all the money she’d just lost in a single explosive moment of sexual release. The precious chinchilla coat was being ruined by the hard, potent wads of spunk splattering on it.

Heaven’s rock solid, hard rock cock had simply leaked a few slim slivers of precum while Mocha and Jing erupted at a frenzied pace. Heaven’s long feathered blond locks shook as she groaned, her chest heaving with the effort but nothing popping out. Until finally she unclenched her urethra just as Mocha and Jing’s final cockwads battered the ankle length chinchilla…

A single long line of white streaked from the end of the angry red head of Heaven’s throbbing dick and leapt at its prey. The huge stream poured itself like fresh, steaming piss against the long, oversized sleeve of the chinchilla. The splatter of goo ran down the length of the sleeve, from the shoulder down to the cuff in a single spurt. Quinn’s shaking caused a few zig-zags in the streak, but the heavy, fertile seed stuck to the perfectly soft fur like old paste. A few small blobs oozed out after the single cannon shot of spunk, but Heaven’s dick had fully shot its wad in just a few long seconds, leaving the sleeve of the coat drenched.

Svetlana watched the long arc of spunk traveling down the ribbed pelts of the chinchilla sleeve in slow motion. The sight of Jing, Mocha and finally Heaven unloading on the expensive coat finally triggered her own orgasm. She refused to waste any in the little tranny’s tight ass, though. She heaved her hips back, her massive lynx-dyed fox coat sweeping back around her as she did. There was a wet pop as the head of her long, fat dick broke free of Quinn’s now much-abused ass. Her timing was perfect, as she coolly calculated. The round purple head of the uncut monster opened wide and vomited its steaming, gooey fury up and down the back of the long chinchilla coat.

The magnificent cum-spurting machine between the glamorous Russian queen’s perfectly shaved legs bobbed up and down as it delivered its slimy payload from the swollen nuts below. By the time the big Siberian nuts emptied themselves, the back of the chinchilla was a mangled mess of ruined, spunk-stained fur. Svetlana’s long Slavic load painted a wide white streak down the back of the coat, much as Quinn’s had to the destroyed golden isle fox coat underneath them. The white, bubbling cum streak connected the cross-wise shots from Mocha’s black dick with the collar bursts Jing rained down, merging them into a single huge cum stain on the back of the chinchilla.

The reek of spunk was overpowering the otherwise pleasant scent of new fur that suffused the salon otherwise. Quinn panted like a beaten little puppy as Svetlana rose to her feet in a single, easy motion. Her big cock hose swung between her legs as she squeezed some excess blobs from the tip down on top of Quinn. Svetlana, her big hair slightly tussled from the athletic fucking, calmly smoothed out some loose ends before reaching into the deep pockets of her lynx dyed fox. She retrieved a long, shiny cigarette holder, slim cigarette, and attached the two. With the flick of a lighter, she drew in a breath and exhaled into the air with her head back. A slivery plume of smoke billowed towards the ceiling.

“Mmmm… tight little ass, tranny girl,” Svetlana purred as silky gray smoke slid from her lips. “Then again, most any ass is tight for me, da?”

Tiffany, who had stepped back to casually observe the final spunk showers, smirked. Her full red lips curled into a knowing smile as Svetlana squeezed her semi-flaccid dick. The tall Siberian queen reached down, grabbed the lower fringe of Quinn’s chinchilla coat and flung the long, ankle length tail out again, covering up Quinn’s well-fucked ass. The tail of the long coat fanned out on the carpet around Quinn’s quivering, cowed body.

“Come ladies… Let’s give our little plaything a shower in appreciation,” Svetlana said, pulling on her base of the thick sausage-like dick and pointing it down. Jing and Mocha virtually giggled as they squeezed on their now spongy shafts. Heaven just affected a detached 'punk’ look as she aimed her dick downward. Unlike her sperm shooting technique, Heaven was first out of the gate as, with a little devil salute in her free hand, she started pissing a hot yellow stream right into the flanks of the chinchilla. Heaven’s rich yellow liquid soaked into the right flank of the ribbed chinchilla coat, the short hairs greedily soaking up the profuse streams.

Shortly three additional arcs leapt from the gathered queen cocks to join Heaven’s.

“Shouldn’t have had all that vodka…” Svetlana said with a wicked grin, pissing down on top of Quinn’s hair, then down the clean sleeve of the chinchilla, opposite Heaven’s gathered spunk shot. Jing and Mocha directed their efforts back and forth across the tails of the fanned-out chinchilla coat. Quinn could smell the hot fluid as it drenched her, putting the final nails in the outrageously expensive chinchilla coat’s coffin. The stench of alcohol-fueled urine began to mix with the heavy musk of spent semen in the air of the closed fur salon. It seemed like the four queens had imbibed gallons of booze just in anticipation of this moment. Splatters were soaking the carpet around Quinn by the time they finally finished.

The cute, thin t-girl collapsed in a pool of sperm and urine, the ruined chinchilla now stuck to her body. The tatters of her angora sweater dress were also soaked from all the splatters.

Svetlana’s boot pushed Quinn over, who rolled onto her back, staring up at the group of four, foxed coated gurls staring back down at her. Tiffany, standing further back in her freakishly enormous fox coat, walked up. She glanced around at the assembled group, taller still than even the enormous Siberian and her equally enormous heels. “Did you ladies enjoy yourselves?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Fully, full-on fur fucking,” Heaven crowed, making an air guitar motion.

"That’s a dumb question.”

“Of course, darling…”

Tiffany’s pouty red lips drew into a pleased smile, “Wonderful.” Her gaze shifted downward, “And you, little tranny?”

Quinn, violated, covered in piss and sperm, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in ruined inventory, moaned weakly in response. “Yes…”

Tiffany reached into the pocket of the unnaturally massive fox and pulled out an envelope. She tossed it. The manila, letter-sized envelope landed on Quinn’s stomach. “What is in the envelope will take care of the damages, with a bit left over. There’s a card in there for a very 'open-minded’ plastic surgeon, who will, more likely than not, be very willing to give you those especially unnaturally massive tits you asked Santa for last Christmas, and perhaps a few other things. The rest, do with as you please…” Tiffany looked around the collected, enormous furs in stock on the floor of the salon, “I’d recommend some marketing… If you actually want to sell those things to housewives, that is…”

Quinn nodded slowly.

Tiffany retrieved an additional four envelopes. “These are yours, a bonus for a 'job’ well done.”

Heaven took hers, shaking her head, “Station! I can’t believe you paid us to do this, babe.”

Jing, opening it, responded, “Holy shit.”

Tiffany handed the last one to Svetlana. “Try not to get into too much trouble,” she said with a wink.

“I assure you, I will be causing a great deal of trouble with this, darling,” Svetlana purred.

“A phone number that might be mine for the foreseeable future is in there, call if me you manage to find trouble you can’t handle alone.”


* * *

Tiffany strode from the rear door of 7th Avenue Furs. The engine of a minivan parked in the loading area revved to life and the headlights came on. Tiffany crossed the cracked cement and circled to the passenger door. Seconds later she squeezed inside, the gargantuan fox coat filling the roomy front cabin.

“What an enjoyable evening,” the driver said, easing the vehicle into gear and pulling away. The soft, girlish tones were coated with a fine mist of sarcasm.

“Come now, Aki,” Tiffany said, “Sometimes life requires a little patience to reap greater rewards.”

“Did you show them?”

“No… Little too soon to 'reveal’ myself. They probably think I’m some crazy rich bitch with too much time on her hands.”

“You’re not?”

“Oh, that’s adorable. You’ve developed a sense of humor after hanging around me so long.” She ran her fingers through the oversized fox that comprised the massive, round, elbow length cuffs of her coat. “They noticed the fur, but I didn’t drop any hints. I’m sure for the moment they’ll make up their own explanations. They all wanted it, of course,” she said, enjoying that for a moment. “We’ll get them a bit more accustomed to the weirdness factor, then I’ll show them the fruits of 86th Century genetic manipulation techniques.”

“And these 'rewards, when shall we be reaping them, exactly?”

“Hard to say.”

“I wish to reap a very satisfying orgasm when we return home.”

Tiffany smiled, reaching over to fluff the white fox collar of the Eurasian featured, feminine countenance across from her.

“I think that can be arranged.”

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