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"Velvet's Adventures in Fur Domination" - by FurCreamer

Disclaimer 2021: No, this is not new. It, like the rest of the posts in January of the year of our lord 2021, is content written years ago and published in a now defunct fur forum. As I am loathe to let anything go to waste, I am publishing them here.

Summary: FoxTrap debuts in a tale of lesbian domination by goth girl Velvet. Just how much semen can there be in a story of lesbian domination? A lot, if I'm writing it.

Story Codes: CisFem/TransFem, TransFem/Furs

Notes: Proving the above 2021 disclaimer, this story was written before the rise of Twitter and OnlyFans and related sites. Written now, FoxTrap's backstory may be different, but low-key fame on image boards was a thing. Probably still is. Anyway, enjoy some nostalgia about how you used to consume porn. 

Disclaimer: Note the transgirl's self chosen moniker. If you have issues with the term, just back out now. A bonus, additionally problematic term shows up later. If I had to do it over again, I probably would have chosen a different name. Not because of the controversy, but because her sexuality really doesn't relate to the term at all.

"Velvet's Adventures in Fur Domination" - by FurCreamer

Velvet checked herself one last time in the mirror. Silky obsidian hair in a full bodied, neck length bob, capped off with a tall black fox hat borrowed from her boyfriend's mother's extensive collection, black fringed, dark violet lipstick, and broad swaths of matching mascara around black eyeliner, gleaming silver chains around her slim neck and a tight black velvet bustier pushing up the modest amounts of flesh her chest offered.

She balanced the tall fox hat, from which dangled four long, fluffy tails down the left side, then smoothed down the front of the short leather skirt that occupied the space between the lower edge of the bustier and the finely meshed black fishnets on her legs. The six-inch stilettos rounding out the outfit were Velvet's customary answer to her not-so-near miss of average height.

Polished dark violet nails sunk into the edge of the triple rope, double sided black fox stole laying on the edge of her bed. She felt the weight of the huge stole as she dragged it up. It was over twice as long as she was tall... with the stilettos. She draped it over her shoulders then threw the left side across her neck and over her right shoulder. So balanced, both edges drug the carpet of her bedroom. Velvet had lots of practice at wearing this monster black fox stole, one of her favorites boyfriend Tommy liberated from his mom's extensive collection.

The thickly padded matching black fox barrel muff provided the finishing touch, slipping over her left forearm and occupying the entire space between the silver chain on her thin wrist and her elbow.

The black fox hat, muff, and stole bore witness to many of Tommy's exploits, but remained untouched by the geysers of white reproductive tapioca his fur-addicted dong fired with unnatural consistency. She enjoyed exerting a bit of control over how he got to use that cock and what got hosed down. Besides, there were ample soft, expensive fur targets for that horny biological weapon of his to destroy. The crusty remains of a blue fox hat from yesterday's exploits laying discarded in a corner of her room was testament to that.

Today was not about her boyfriend, though. Well, maybe he was a boyfriend, maybe a best friend with benefits... or just a fuck buddy, Velvet wasn't sure about that. There was time to figure all that out, right now she just had lots of fun with him.

Velvet dropped down into the high-backed office chair in front of her smooth flat-screen display. It was time for more fun, just not with Tommy.

Velvet started up the webcam sitting atop that display, then fixed her upper body in the display with a minor tweak. She ran a long nail down the edge of her bob, then adjusted the tall black fox hat while viewing the cam image on screen. Mostly satisfied with the camera position and her "look", she waited.

FOXTRAP: Ready???

The IM window popped up and Velvet flushed a bit, bringing color to her purposefully pale cheeks.


Velvet accepted the cam invite as soon it appeared on screen, her mouse hovering over where the button appeared in anticipation. The remote window opened and FoxTrap appeared.


In the window, FoxTrap smiled genuinely if somewhat sheepishly. Her long nails quickly struck the keyboard in front of her.


After a final adjustment of her cam, Velvet's own polished black nails tapped out her reply.

VELVETinFUR: Now my little sissy bitch, show me your offerings!

FoxTrap's head bowed as she typed.

FOXTRAP: Yes Mistress Velvet.

*          *          *

FoxTrap's rise to z-grade internet stardom was not particularly different than most others of her kind. Find an image board, post pics, and enjoy the sudden rush of mostly horny boys lavishing attention, and, being the internet, some derision, upon her. The fantastic ease with which this happened wasn't exceptionally surprising, especially to Velvet, who'd been browsing the day that first thread appeared.

Velvet marveled over those first low-res cam pics. More than that, she slipped her hands into her black lace panties and arrived with astounding speed to a wet orgasm that left a damp spot in her chair. It was obvious this gurl was about to become the latest sensation on the board.

As the evolution from cam pics to digital camera shots lavishly documented, FoxTrap had won the genetic lottery... twice. Beyond the internet's crass but firm requirement she be "passable", FoxTrap was quite literally beautiful, with a bone structure that most professional female models would pay plastic surgeons a great deal of money to create. That it appeared on the thin frame of a boy in his late teens was nothing short of extraordinary.

While "cute" traps were certainly appreciated, the other key to FoxTrap's popularity lay a little lower on her anatomy. The evil little part of Velvet desperately wanted to get her and Tommy in the same room with a ruler. While the size of her endowment actually earned both detractors and claims of fakery, the net benefit was all positive.

Then there were the furs.

Velvet knew they had truly little to do with FoxTrap's popularity. She could wear a burlap sack and still be insanely popular thanks to her body. But she was more than the sum of her impressive anatomy, something that Velvet felt she could appreciate a bit more than most of FoxTrap's new legions of rabid, fapping boy fans.

FoxTrap's collection of furs was nothing short of legendary; a collection so extensive Velvet was given to wonder where it came from on numerous occasions. In every single set of pics she posted, FoxTrap wore some kind of fur, even if that was only a large fox hat on her otherwise nude body and femme face.

After seeing another new set of pics one day, featuring a large, round, stuffed blue fox stole that was the size of a body pillow, Velvet opened her meticulously cataloged FoxTrap photo archive and began checking a hunch. Astounded, she realized her hunch was right, she had never seen FoxTrap in the same fur twice. That was after over 30 different sets of photos had been posted at that time.

Almost every single one of the furs was fox of some sort, all the colors of the broad fox rainbow plus a number that were only achieved with copious amounts of dye. FoxTrap had certainly chose her Internet moniker in the most appropriate manner possible.

Thanks to Velvet, FoxTrap and Tommy had something else in common. Velvet had yet to tell Tommy exactly how she'd gotten the idea that he should cum on the furs, after all...

*          *          *

Today was no different than the others, in that FoxTrap looked completely different, wrapped in a fox Velvet had never seen before. FoxTrap always dressed the submissive part when she cammed with "Gothic Mistress" Velvet, always bringing something fresh to the role. The fox today was dyed champagne pink, a chubby jacket with a high collar that wrapped around her face. Pink was the theme today, as the fox matched her makeup and the highlights in the ultra-tall bouffant atop her head.

FoxTrap's collection of wigs was equal to her fur collection as they too seemed never to show up twice. They shared similar properties to her taste in fur... bigger is always better.

FoxTrap reached off screen for something and pulled back a short white rabbit fur jacket and held it up in frame on the cam.

VELVETinFUR: No! Take it away! Not even fit to piss on!

FOXTRAP: Yes Mistress

Demurely FoxTrap set the rabbit fur jacket aside and returned with a new fur. The second "offering" to her mistress was a brown fur wrap. Velvet was fairly sure it wasn't mink, but she couldn't tell what exactly it was from the cam alone. That hardly mattered, it was not quite time yet. Besides... brown? Yuk!

VELVETinFUR: Brown? You insult your mistress again!?

FoxTrap obediently laid the Barguzin sable wrap to the side.

FOXTRAP: Forgive me, Mistress.

FoxTrap again reached off screen and this time held up a fox. The coat was pink, but unlike the less saturated champagne pink of the chubby jacket the thin, femme trap currently wore, this was an electric pink, with rich black highlights that suggested the pelts were originally a top-quality blue fox.

FoxTrap flipped up a huge hood with a thick white fox fringe for her mistress’s inspection, then held up the sleeves to show off the matching white fox cuffs. FoxTrap licked her lips as she rubbed her fingers through the plush fur, her long nails disappearing into the deep, thick pelts.

Velvet simply thought "Wow." She typed:

VELVETinFUR: Your mistress accepts your offering. Perform the sacrifice!

FOXTRAP: At once, Mistress Velvet.

*          *          *

Velvet wasn't one for fan mail, but after another amazing set of pics went up, she knew she had to complement the mysterious fur loving trap. She typed out something quick, complementing everything about her, especially her wonderful fashion sense and all those marvelous furs. A response was rather quickly forthcoming. "U R the first girl to complement my furs, let's chat!"

With that, Velvet had one of the most sought-after chat handles on the image boards.

So, they did chat, and Velvet sensed under the short, seemingly scatterbrained questions and responses she was being "vetted." She didn't mind, and apparently passed whatever tests FoxTrap had. When she said she had a cam, the invite hit and there she was, staring live at the "Internet famous" FoxTrap. 

Velvet's heart skipped a beat and reviewed her appearance in the monitor window, sighing with relief when she realized she looked like "herself" and not the far less interesting girl named Jennifer Lang whose mother really wished she wouldn't dress "like that."

Velvet vividly remembered FoxTrap's outfit that day. It started with a black fox coat with a crystal fox tuxedo collar that fanned out over each shoulder at the top and cuffs that matched. She had soon discovered it was an ankle length coat as FoxTrap stood up to show it off to her. Beneath it was a short, black kid leather dress with a silver belt and black nylon tights attached to garters. All of which she balanced elegantly on a pair of shiny black platform heels.

The bulge in the front of the dress was quite obvious.

Without any prompting at all, FoxTrap pulled up the dress and let the bulge free, the huge slab of cockmeat swung between the crystal fox edges of the big, full-length fur coat. The flared head of FoxTraps erection oozed out a gleaming white blob that was visible even on a low-res cam a few feet away.

Velvet made a dumb comment about her "leaking." FoxTrap sat down again, said she did that a lot. Velvet had to ask because she'd never seen FoxTrap post such a shot to the boards. In fact, despite the desperate requests of her "fans", she had never posted a single shot of that impressive equipment between her legs blowing a load. Velvet wasn't immediately sure what to make of her response.

Why wouldn't people believe it?

*          *          *

FoxTrap stood up, providing the first full view of her complete outfit for today’s "session." The champagne pink fox chubby jacket ended against a ruffled, knee-length pink silk skirt, which tented quite severely in the front. White leggings encased her reedy legs, down to the pink platform sandals that matched the coat perfectly.

FoxTrap moved her chair out of the way, then, with a quick curtsey to the camera, pulled a bench into frame. She then laid the hooded electric pink fox on the bench, which sat directly in view of the cam. Velvet was already wet at the point, and pointedly kept her hands on the keyboard while resisting the urge to shove a much-desired finger between her legs. Instead, she went about stroking the soft black fox pelts of the huge triple rope stole draped around her shoulders.

VELVETinFUR: Execute the cuffs.

FoxTrap nodded, curtseyed again, and pulled the skirt down. This freed the huge dick between the trap's legs. It flipped up and bounced against the lower edge of the closed champagne pink fox jacket. She shuddered as it did, releasing a blob of precum that splattered the fur where it impacted, leaving a bright white streak on the light pink fur.

The tightly wrapped foreskin of her cock rested about midway over the head, and she tugged it free, completely releasing the glans.

Facing the cam and her mistress, FoxTrap straddled the bench, grabbed a one sleeve of the hooded fox coat in each hand, squeezed them against either side of her huge sissy stick, and started fucking.

*          *          *

FoxTrap explained, as "sheepishly" as a line of text could suggest, that when she came, she came a lot. Velvet's response of "Pete North a lot?" received a shrug and a "Who's he?". Velvet quickly made peace with the fact that not everyone knew who he was and just suggested... "Why don't you show me?"

This caused FoxTrap to smile. "Okay... but I like it on the fur..."

Velvet said, "Sure, sounds cool," mostly because she did not care much either way at that point, she just wanted to see this gurl's huge cock blow a load. Who cared what the target was?

FoxTrap stood up again. Velvet's eyes widened a bit as she saw the trap's cock had apparently been leaking all while they talked, and a thick line of white ran down the underside of the shaft and gathered in a blob around the big, swollen sac below it. She reached off cam and produced a small black fox hat. FoxTrap proceeded to wipe the collected precum from her cock with the black fox hat as if it were a paper towel, sopping up the goo. She trembled a bit as the fur rode under her shaft. A loop of more slimy, snotty goo popped from the tip as it arrived, which also soaked into the black fur and was immediately pulled away.

Velvet was not sure if she'd just seen her cum or not, as FoxTrap tossed the wet fox hat off to the side like a used sock. She kept watching, as it was obvious she wasn't finished doing... whatever she was doing.

FoxTrap again reached off cam and this time returned with a richly colored crystal fox stroller coat. The multi-hued fox had startlingly bright highlights along the edges and deep coloring in the center of the pelts. Her erection certainly had not sagged as she proceeded to take one sleeve and pull it inside out, then turn the end back again, creating a fringed, fur-lined fuck toy into which she proceeded to insert that huge cock. 

Guess that wasn't the cumshot, Velvet thought.

*          *          *

FoxTrap, though removed from the keyboard, could see text from Velvet floating across the screen from her vantage point. She slowly drew the white fox cuffs of the electric pink fox hooded jacket up and down her huge erection. Her waifish body only served to enhance the appearance of her cock, one that would look grotesquely big on a body far larger than her own.

Coyly she let the head of her cock remain visible as she drew the cuffs up and down the flanks of her shaft, keeping the sensitive glans free from the fur so she could last a bit longer. Her smooth sac swung visibly as the sleeves moved up and down. The rest of the coat lay out on the bench before her, the hood between her legs serving as a warm resting spot for her red, stretched ball-sac.

Velvet egged her on with some abusive text, calling her a sissy whore and ordering her to complete her task quickly like a good little sissy.

FoxTrap titled her head back, the cuff-fucking speed increasing, and Velvet held her breath on the other side of the screen.

*          *          *

FoxTrap roughly and quickly fucked her cock in and out of the sleeve of the crystal fox coat, her long black fox swaying back and forth as she rocked on her platform heels with the effort. Velvet looked on, astounded at the sight of the gorgeous trap going to town with the soft fox fur and obviously enjoying every second.

Suddenly FoxTrap withdrew from the soft fuck-sleeve and grabbed the base of the long trapcock between her legs, jerking it wildly as a thick loop of brilliant white cum launched from the tip. It wasn't a powerful spurt, but even through the cam window Velvet could tell there was a lot of it, and it seemed to stick to the round, fluffy crystal fox sleeve pussy like glue. More followed as FoxTrap pumped her cock, keeping the double folded coat sleeve close as each new, heavy spurt brought more and more spunk down on the soft opening. The pearly white spooge decorated the opening with strings and sticky blobs, not a drop of it slipping off as it clung to the soft fur like glue.

Velvet unconsciously counted the spurts, stopping with the last one at fourteen. The fur around the sleeve opening was now a soggy mass of the thick jism FoxTrap so copiously applied. She had not sent any particular spurt flying, but that was due to the sheer mass of the cum. During the whole orgasm she'd worked her hard, spurting dick, skillfully catching each looping blast of cocksnot with the crystal fox fur, not wasting a single drop. The amount and thickness were something Velvet had rarely seen before among the vast porno wasteland of the Internet.

*          *          *

A heavy white loop of jizz popped from the tip of FoxTrap's cock and immediately landed on the end of the round, puffy cuffs sandwiching her huge dong. More followed, all gelatinous and full, shooting up only an inch or two then splattering back down in the ends of the white fox cuffs, gumming them up as she continued to pump the cuffs up and down the very shaft that was ruining them. FoxTrap's cock spit the sticky nut bombs over and over, a full fifteen blasts of them, all raining down on the soft white fox around her cock. 

Gingerly, she pulled the cuffs away, showing them proudly to her mistress. The formerly fluffy fox cuffs were literally stuck together with the gorgeous trap's seed. Ropes of cum like rubber cement connected one cuff to the other. Playfully, FoxTrap pulled them apart, tightening the strings then pushing them closer once more before they snapped.

FoxTrap set the cuffs down on the bench and walked over to the keyboard again, her cock wagging back and forth between her silky thighs as she moved.  She smoothed down the front of her champagne fox fur jacket and typed.

FOXTRAP: Are you pleased, Mistress Velvet?

VELVETinFUR: Yes, my sissy slut. You have done well.

*          *          *

FoxTrap held the spunk crusted fur up to the cam, then sat down and told Velvet she didn't think anyone would believe she could cum like that.

Still a little taken aback by the impressive display of potency from the reedy thin trap, Velvet couldn't help but agree. Even she was a little unsure of what she had just seen. She was certain of one thing, she liked it.

Watching her fuck that coat and proceed to completely blast it with that super-spunk, no remorse, no turning back, was quite the turn-on. She hardly realized she was fingering herself as she watched, but the knowing smile on FoxTrap's lips suggested she was quite aware of it.

*          *          *

Velvet effected a knowing smile as FoxTrap hung her head with a pleading look on her face. Her long nails tapped against the keys, the sleeves of her fluffy champagne pink fox jacket framing them as she did. The ultra-high bouffant wig on her head was cut off by the top of the frame at the moment.

FOXTRAP: May I have the hood, mistress?

Velvet made a face to the camera of supreme displeasure, one enhanced by the frame of black fox around her cheeks, the huge hat above and the massive stole below.

She knew, of course, the moment the horny gurl had held up the hooded jacket that it was that hood FoxTrap had wanted to pleasure herself with. That was precisely why Velvet ordered her to fuck the cuffs first. A bit of an "old trick" to clear a slave's head for more extended play with a quick milking to calm them down a bit right at the start. With some of the edge off, her sissy trap sub would now last much longer as she plowed the hood.

VELVETinFUR: You're a horny little slut. Beg me!

FOXTRAP: Please! Mistress! I'll cum so much for you!

VELVETinFUR: You better! Soak that hood your nasty sissy goo, offer it to your mistress!

FOXTRAP: Yes Mistress Velvet!

FoxTrap rose, again the unnaturally long flesh pole between her thin legs swung into view, bouncing up and down eagerly and not the least bit flaccid from the recent ejaculation. Velvet knew the additional time spent forcing her to beg was well spent. FoxTrap again returned to the bench where the electric pink fox dyed fur jacket lay, the freshly ruined cuffs hanging to either side. Slowly, she picked up the big, full hood by the white fox fringe, doing so delicately, rubbing her fingers through the soft, thick fur.

Velvet had her finger firmly in place now, as the final act began.

*          *          *

To this day, FoxTrap had not posted a single shot of her cumming to the image boards. Much to Velvet's amusement, a cottage industry of experts popped up with various explanations why, while others valiantly defended her decision not to show that. It hardly mattered, her natural beauty and endowment were easily enough to cultivate a rather thick throng of sycophantic Internet fans.

Even her direct and eventually, oft-repeated, revelation she did not care for "boys" at all did little to douse the flames of her fans, who were almost solely "boys." For many, the addition of a certain air of the "unattainable" only made the object of their obsession even more desirable. Each new post brought with it a rush of comments from men who desired everything from quick, nasty fucking to acceptance of their undying devotion.

And the outfits... From all corners of goth to the most ultra of glam and mashups of everything in between, with a few classic cosplays thrown in for good measure, FoxTrap proved an amazing chameleon of fashion, each outfit accented by, or built on, some very large, full fur garment.

Velvet chat with FoxTrap regularly by the time she and Tommy finally "did the deed" with his mom's furs. Considering how Tommy came, it was like he and FoxTrap were separated at birth, much to Velvet's delight.

*          *          *

FoxTrap gathered up the thick, heavy hood in her thin, reedy fingers, long shiny nails sinking into the deep thick fur as she kneaded it between her hands. She pulled it up to the underside of her cock, stroking the fluffy white fox fringe up and down the bottom of the big, meaty dick between her legs. Her heavy, bloated sac swayed slowly, churning nuts bubbling and frothing with another huge spunk eruption.

She moved from the fringe to the fully dyed pink body of the hood, stroking the thick fur against her dick. A bubble of pre-cum popped from the tip, exiting between the folds of foreskin and leaving a drooling white streak over the deep pink fur.

Up and down she rubbed the deep plush fox hood across her cock, teasing the cam with the motions of her turgid girl dong, momentarily wagging it across the big hood for the enjoyment of her mistress on the other end.  Quickly she returned to fucking, though, feeling the urgent call of the soft fur, begging for its own destruction at fleshy head of her dick.

FoxTrap gathered the hood, tightening it around her huge sissy-stick snugly with her right hand, then pumping hard and fast. The bench rocked as her hips knocked it from either side. Her own puffy champagne pink fox jacket swayed along with the tall mane of pink and blonde hair from her head.

On the screen her mouth formed into a wide "O" as Velvet watched FoxTrap's entire body shudder. With her cock buried deeply in the bottom of the electric pink dyed fox hood, she gushed deep and thick into plush, smooth fur. FoxTrap's hips jerked with each spasmodic burst of sissy-snot into the fur, her free hand rubbing and stroking at the front of the helpless hooded fur jacket as she proceeded to complete its total ruin.

Each time her body rocked, a jet of the thick, gummy jizz fired from her smooth, swollen sac and pounded into the fur by the head of her jack-hammering dick. FoxTrap could feel the wet, slick fur against her swollen shaft as she continued to spew into the hood, pumping wet fur like dry over her cock until she was totally, completely satisfied.

Velvet gasped, holding her finger to her clit as she worked it, watching the gorgeous trap's body-shaking orgasm play out on screen. Her free hand squeezed hard on the ultra-soft, heavy black fox stole as her body responded to the combination of tactile and visual stimulation.

FoxTrap finally, slowly, pulled the bunched-up hood from her spent, spewing flesh pole. As the head of FoxTrap's fat sissy dong pulled free of the bunched up fur, a huge white string of jizz followed it up and out, attached to the red glans at her gaping pisshole. The heavy shaft of gurlcum extended longer and longer as she drew the spunked hood away from her wagging dick until it finally snapped, most of it ricocheting back into the depths of the pink fur hood, leaving a white dome of cake-like cum coating her foreskin.

A bit unsteadily, FoxTrap rose from the bench, still managing to daintily smooth out the bottom of her champagne fox jacket and arrange her white leggings before picking her most recent sexual conquest up and taking it over to the cam.

Velvet furiously rubbed her clit as FoxTrap un-bunched the hood and held it up to the vid cam where the room light shone down into the depths.  Velvet gasped, seeing the huge wet mass of sissy glue FoxTrap proudly offered to her mistress. The hood of the dyed fox jacket was completely destroyed, a huge mass of the ultra-thick jism clung to a  broad swath of the formerly pristine fur as if someone emptied a bowl of rancid cottage cheese into it. Matted and ruined, Velvet could almost smell the reeking mass through the cam.

Velvet gasped, feeling the warm, wet sensation gush from her pussy lips and spread across her chair bottom.

Breath coming in gasps, Velvet settled into the afterglow of her orgasm. Onscreen the chat window flashed.

FOXTRAP: Are you pleased mistress?

Typing with a bit of a tremor, she replied.

VELVETinFur: Fuck. Yes.

FOXTRAP: Thank you mistress.

And on the screen, FoxTrap smiled a very genuine, pleased smile, happy to have provided pleasure with her unique talents.

VELVETinFUR: Screw this, I have to meet you in person... I don't care where you are, I'll cross the fucking country to touch that body! You have to tell me where you live!

FoxTrap did.

VELVETinFUR: You've got to be shitting me...

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