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"Glory to LaRue" - by Furcreamer

Disclaimer 2021: No, this is not new. It, like the rest of the posts in January of the year of our lord 2021, is content written years ago and published in a now defunct fur forum. As I am loathe to let anything go to waste, I am publishing them here.

Summary: Sequel to "Classified Action" staring Miss LaRue, the archetypal "fur goddess" that appears in many a tale woven by the average, mostly submissive fur fetishist. Go ahead, read a random story over on The Fur Den, it'll be "regular guy has the unbelievable luck to find himself at the mercy of a beautiful woman with a huge amount of fur." Miss LaRue is that woman, but she has other plans for her fur collection. It'll be collecting something... that's for sure.

Notes: Velvet appears here, now a notable connective tissue in a number of my later stories. Cisgender goth girls are cool. She's FoxTrap's girlfriend at this point.

Story Codes: Gloryhole, M/Fur Coat, Solo F (barely)

Additional Notes: This story includes the word "mucilaginous." You're welcome.

"Glory to LaRue" -by FurCreamer

The place smelled vaguely clinical. After working here for a few months, it still surprised Velvet. She reminded herself it was all the silicon and rubber, some of which was likely less “medical grade” than the package implied. Still, better than the alternative. One of the benefits of working in the largest sex shop in town, they paid the cleaners well.

            She rang up the hooker in a cheap tan rabbit fur jacket. Clear lube, lots of it. “Charli” was a regular, and not once acknowledged the irony that Velvet always wore better furs than she did.

            Today it was a fashionable black fox vest with a high shawl collar and a matching fox hat pulled tightly over her purple and white streaked hair. The shop owner did not keep it cool enough to wear a full jacket. Velvet didn't mind, it forced her to be more creative with her fur wardrobe.

            The five inch platformed heels on her thigh boots did wonders to combat her less than average height. Velvet slid the bag and receipt to Charli.

            Charli smiled, “Thanks, hon.” She spun on her own heeled pumps and started for the door. Watching her go, Velvet could only think, Bunny fur, sure as hell isn't the 80s anymore.

            Her long, polished black fingernails returned to another fruitless search for decent fur porn on the Internet. A bonus to the job; surfing porn was actually encouraged. Put the customers at ease. Velvet's “personal style” also received kudos. After begging some of the previous clerks to dress more “gothy”, the owner practically hired her on the spot.

            One of the other sort of regulars hurried from the entrances to the booths in back and made for the door. A few flecks of jizz spotted his khakis. Velvet gave an encouraging thumbs-up while flipping the monitor for “event booth” on. Maybell, as she called herself, was finishing up. Velvet quickly flipped the screen off again. There was a reason women like her could only get their jollies with a big, opaque wall between them and anything with a dick.

            Velvet figured she was probably a Southern Charms “model.”

            And Maybell was not the worst. Velvet flipped through Xtube, suppressing a gag at the usual array of results for “fur”, while wondering if they would ever get anyone back in that glory hole booth who wasn't a fat, ugly, middle-aged heifer.

            “Excuse me... Miss...”

            Dammit. Velvet's eyes flicked up, expecting Maybell ready to settle accounts.

            It was not Maybell.


            Keen eyes regarded Velvet with somewhat equal surprise. “Expected I'd be the only one wearing fox tonight.”

            “Do you need directions...?” Velvet's heavily lined eyes narrowed as her mind grasped for any possible explanation for what was standing in front of her. The blonde's features hinted at some degree of maturity, though one finely and expertly maintained. The slender, toned neck and her expertly manicured fingers were the only other hints as to her physical condition.

            The rest of her remained hidden under an enormous blue fox coat, one whose collar rested heavy and thick on her shoulders before traveling the entire vertical length to follow the lower hem all the way around.

            “Yes, yes I do, my sweet little furry goth,” she replied with a hint of a smile on her full glossy lips.

            “Ah, okay,” Velvet said with a sigh. If nothing else, it would make a cool story to tell FoxTrap over Skype tonight. She wondered what was in the big duffel bag the woman carried. She certainly did not look like the sort to carry her own luggage... not to mention... into a sex shop. “What are you looking for?”

            “Your glory hole, dear.”

*          *          *

            Miss LaRue regarded the girl's look with additional amusement. While part of her wished to be casually dismissive of the girl with rather too much makeup who, to her own estimation, appeared to be trying far too hard, something stopped her. That something, she knew, was the fox fur vest and hat, that, LaRue strained to admit, perfectly complimented the boots, fishnets, and elbow length leather gloves bedecked with silver studs and some gleaming chains that completed the outfit.

            The fur was high quality, something she had regretfully learned to identify after years of marriage to her “dearly” deceased husband. Thick, lush, wide pelts drew heavy vertical lines down the clerk's otherwise nondescript bust, while the collar rolled out over her shoulders and arched high behind her head. Quite similar to the one on the blue fox coat LaRue wore this very moment. It occurred to her that it might be the work of the same furrier.

            Miss LaRue blinked the thoughts away. They were secondary at best. Besides, should this evening go well, she may be returning regularly. Perhaps she could engage the girl in “small talk” at a later date.

            There were furs to be ruined. 

            She hefted the large duffel back to the counter.

            Lots of them.



            “-Madame Velvet, I understand this establishment is somewhat well known for its 'theaters'. I wish to use one. I trust the activities will be recorded?”

            The girl nodded slowly, “Well, technically, it's sorta 'default', you have to ask not to be... We're not supposed to, you know, mention that... unless they ask.”

            “Excellent. Judging by the last occupant, I presume the booth won’t require any cleaning...”

            Maybell shot an evil look in the direction of the counter as she slunk out the front door.

            “So, I'll just go right in. Please, inform the... clientele... furjobs will be available for anyone who wants them.”


            Miss LaRue's well-trimmed right brow arched, “Sure?”

            “Uh... yeah. Sure.”

            LaRue's smile widened, once again appraising the girl in a new light. “Something tells me, Madame Velvet, I do not, in fact, need to explain furjob to you at all. Excellent. Then carry on with your announcement.”

*          *          *

            The tall blonde swept away on her stiletto pumps, the train of the massive blue fox coat dragging the industrial-grade brown carpeting behind her. She disappeared through the entrance to the booths, briefly bathed in the pink neon glow of the sign proclaiming said entrance. Velvet blinked a bit, wondering again if she was not hallucinating.

            She flicked the monitor in the main booth back on. The image of the blonde entering, tossing the duffel back down, and, in a rather lady-like manner, dropping to her knees greeted her. Velvet's heavily lined eyes blinked again when she noticed the kneepads.

            Velvet looked up. Expectant eyes around the shop watched her like a group of vultures spying a fresh, meaty carcass.  She was not the only one caught up in the appearance of this beautiful blonde in her huge fur coat. Such an occurrence was a notable event for the patrons as well. Overheard words and the exit to the booths made the event even more notable.

            No doubt many who'd had the dignity to give Maybell a hard pass were now thought they were very much in luck.

            Velvet's glossy purple lips curled into a smile. They were, they were indeed.

            She picked up the in-store mike and pressed the broadcast button with the obsidian tip of her nail.

            “Listen up, unscheduled action in Booth One. Furjobs for all. Get those stiff boners pleased with the finest, softest stuff you can imagine, expertly delivered by this lovely lady.”

            Velvet flipped the monitors over the checkout kiosk to a view of the blonde woman in the subdued lighting of Booth One. She reached into the big duffel back and pulled out a huge round blue fox hat, running her long red nails through the deep, soft fur, then made an inviting gesture to the camera. She pressed it against the rubber ringed glory-hole in the booth.

            A couple customers moved to the back immediately.

            “Furjob? What the hell is that?”

            Velvet rolled her eyes, “Really? Barry? Shut the fuck up and get in line. You'll love it, trust me.”

            The regular shot her an angry glare, but this wasn't much of a battle of the wills. Barry might have been able to resist the “charms” of Maybell, but it's not like his standards were much better.

            “Call your friends, call your neighbors, this kind of action does not happen every day!” Velvet barked into the mic. She stopped, cocked her head, and smirked. She turned from the mic and fished a smart phone out of her fur vest. Good idea, me. She pulled up her address book and began dialing.

*          *          *

            Miss LaRue did not have a long wait. A semi-flaccid cock appeared through the glory-hole shortly after the goth girl's announcement. She grabbed it with her left hand, tugging on it gently to encourage a bit more stiffness. It obliged immediately.

            A pleased expression crossed her face, and she used her right hand to bring the tall brim of the blue fox hat up and down the underside of the engorged cock. It reacted again; faster, stronger, and harder as the plush soft fur teased. Clear fluid began to leak from the tip as she felt the body on the opposite of the wall push harder against the wall, trying to feed more through the hole to feel more of the soft fur on his cock.

            Miss LaRue's stroking quickened as the mushroomed head leaked continuously into the fur. She swept the hat in a circle, letting the clean fur soak up the streams of pre. She heard the groans through the wall. In less than a minute the man was ready. As her goal was quantity, Miss LaRue saw no reason not to oblige. She squeezed the blue fox fur hat harder against the erect cock and jerked it quickly.

            Streams of gray-white jizz flew from the head into the fur while urgent gasps passed through the wall. Six hard spurts splashed the long, rich black guard hairs, matting them into ragged lines. Miss LaRue jerked a few more times, eliciting a mix of pain and pleasure in her willing subject, and drawing out a few smaller spurts of cum to further splatter the fur.

            Released, the cock slipped through the glory hole, replaced with near immediacy by a fresh subject. This one arrived quite erect, perhaps due to the anticipation of experiencing what had so effectively milked its predecessor. Miss LaRue regarded the milky gray streaks on top of the blue fox hat, and decided it certainly needed more. Due to the sheer size of the hat, it wasn't hard to find a suitable dry spot and start stroking. A bit shorter and stubbier than the previous one, she circled the head of the dick with the soft blue fox before setting up a quick rhythm of strokes.

            Much like before, the unseen owner pressed against the wall, eager to give more flesh to the soft fur on the other side once it fully realized the exquisite sensation. Miss LaRue used her left hand to squeeze the base of this one to force it to last a few seconds longer, but it hardly mattered. Loops of cum fired from the squat head. She pulled the hat up a bit to catch the eager, powerful jets of jizz, letting them crisscross the soft curve of the crown with wet, milky streaks. They merged a bit with the first subjects' deepening stains on the front. This one shot seven times, with slightly thicker cum, creating a distinct slimy trail over the top of the fur hat.

            The long, soft fox hair sagged with fresh load, and greeted the slippery hooded cock that slipped through the glory hole next with a thin dry area. Miss LaRue skillfully kept the cock cradled in the smooth, soft dry fur as it, too, eagerly hardened even more once it achieved contact. She peeled the damp foreskin back to press it into the fuzziness with a circular motion. It abruptly burst with little warning, jetting spunk deep into the hat. She kept going, letting the impatient cock inject the goo deep into the fur as it circled, leaving a gooey puddle of spunk that began to slowly ooze in the direction gravity demanded.

            Miss LaRue glanced at the booth timer. Hardly five minutes and the large blue fox hat successfully milked three cocks. All it got for the effort were the slick, gooey stains covering two sides and the top, reeking of the musk of fresh sex.

            Just the way she liked it.

            The line behind the glory-hole left little time for contemplation. Already another cock stood ready. She decided it would be unfair to give anyone too sloppy a seconds, so she tossed the cum stained fur hat into a dark corner of the booth and tugged a long, double-sided, triple-rope, cherry red fox stole from the bag. At ten feet long, Miss LaRue guessed this would last a bit longer...

            The bright color of the stole almost glowed a neon red in the low light of the booth. She selected one end and pressed the bottom up to the erect fuck-stick currently pressed through the hole. The flesh throbbed as the deep pelts massaged it. Miss LaRue turned the end perpendicular to the cock and let it stroke up and down each of the big, deep pelts in turn. She layered the long end of the stole around the wide shoulders of her huge blue fox coat to better control it as she pumped.

            Suddenly this dong squirted streams of cum so quickly the spurts were difficult to tell apart. The rain of cum flew down the long expanse of the stole, quite near her own face. She smirked at the rapid loss of control from this one. More cum shot from the cock, raining into the dyed red fox. With a firm grip, Miss LaRue steadied the blasting red cock-head, directing the streams into a smaller area on the fur stole, letting it spend itself a bit more accurately. The wet, greasy white goo battered the pelts with almost ten shots before slowing to a pleased ooze.

            As this one withdrew, Miss LaRue wondered briefly what would happen. A quick count of the current male customers in the store suggested this little experiment might be ending a little sooner than she planned. It had been impromptu, but the results were promising. No doubt with a little forewarning she could-

            A long dark organ appeared through the glory-hole, moving inch-by-inch until its full elephantine size became apparent.

            Perhaps there was a little more fun to have...

*          *          *

            Velvet tapped the END CALL button and continued sending out notifications to the usual list. After some quick screen-caps from the last five minutes and already there were “customers” rushing through the front door. Concentrating on the task at hand became difficult as the show unfolded on her monitor. She felt the dampness between her thighs spread until beads of fluid started rolling down into her boots.

            Hundreds of questions shot through her mind about who this woman was, but she figured this was just one ride she should enjoy for now.

*          *          *

            The big black cock reacted with a jump as a smooth, plush section of cherry red fox caressed the lower end of the shaft, moving slowly upwards. Miss LaRue grasped the base with her free hand, appreciating the girth, and heat, in her palm. Pearls of precum formed at the fat, mushroomed head and rolled into the fox. Another leaker.

            She pumped the long cock, letting it drink in as much of the soft fox stole as it could take. That was a deliciously considerable amount. Slowly she wound a section of the ten-foot-long fur stole around the shaft and started pumping. This caused a distinct reaction as the wall around the glory-hole shook. The unseen figure again attempted to thrust as hard as possible into the wrapped fox pussy, releasing a groan of pleasure she could hear through the wall.

            She tightened her grip, squeezing fur and cock together in a the most pleasurable fashion. Seven hard thrusts were all it could take. Miss LaRue felt the pace and the intensity of the groans and knew precisely when it would happen. She pulled the long stole up and watched as the fox wrapped black cock pulsed, sending white blasts into the lustrous red fur. She counted eight full spurts as they flew out of the fat head and landed in heavy lines.

            Continuing to pump, Miss LaRue squeezed out fat dollops of abundant jizz and pressed the wet head into the fresh stains, grinding them into the fur with a pleased smile.

            She thought she heard a distinct sigh of “oh shit, that was fucking amazing” as the cock slipped out of the glory-hole. Miss LaRue hardly had time to admire her handy work as another slid in. She felt it enter the now damp interior of the wet fur pussy she had created for the previous one. Pressing down, the head blossomed from the sheath of cherry red fur, not quite as long as the previous one, but nice, nonetheless. She thought to find a dryer spot, but this one did not seem to care, as the excited bounce of the cock indicated when she pushed the fur down.

            Miss LaRue kept going, pumping the sloppy sleeve of soft fox sex up and down against the hole and the cock thrusting through it. The brown, veiny dong spurt five shots of cum in a high arc, spreading them over the fresh stains from the last one. A single powerful pop looped high and landed near her cheek, sliding down the front of her own blue fox coat's vast collar. The rest of the wild shots left a soggy mess around the bunched fur sleeve, dripping white sludgy goo under the freshly milked cock.

            The quickly spent member pulled back with a shudder of pleasure, and Miss LaRue rapidly released the bunched fur. It flopped back to the floor of the booth, now streaked, and pitted with smelly, white and dark stains. She threaded more of the ten foot stole forward to greet the stubby, thin cock that soon appeared.

            Miss LaRue quickly began to massage the small dick with a fresh, dry section of the fox fur stole. She hardly cared, this was not about size after all, though she certainly found little to appreciate in this one. It practically disappeared between the deep valleys in the pelt ropes as her hands skillfully worked the little cock.

            She may have admitted not giving 100% on this one, but then it exploded...

            Miss LaRue's eyes widened as the small dick began to pump the thickest streams yet. These were pearly white monster shots, not the sad selection of watery goo most over-worked male porn-stars produced.

            Out of habit she counted, eyes growing wider as she passed nine with hardly any weakness shown in the small cock's delivery. The heavy splatters of jizum piled up against the soft fox in thick slimey curls and pools. She hit thirteen before it finally switched to a small looping ooze for the last couple bursts. The potent pools of cock-snot left blazing mucilaginous stains across the center section of the long fox stole. The lumpy ball batter weighed heavily on the long hairs and slowly oozed into the deep soft underfur and the leather, ensuring the stole was further ruined.

            Seconds later the small dick with the big balls retreated. Miss LaRue hoped whoever it was would make a return visit. The next prick was nothing if not average in most respects, including the six spurts of watery jizz it shot after a couple minutes of intense furring from a fresh spot on the thick, fluffy double-sided fox stole.

            With ten feet of fur, the formerly magnificent fur stole had far more to work with. Miss LaRue milked seven more cocks with it in somewhat rapid succession. Few could hold up to the fluffy depths for more than a couple minutes. The locals certainly appeared rather susceptible to the deep, soft feel of the cherry red fox fur. A few were disappointingly watery, though perhaps they'd decided to get in line again. She suspected one had their tubes tied. She was hardly going to ruin the stole with that thin stuff.

            She pulled up the opposite end of the stole, the rest now piled in a heap against the sticky, smelly, cum-stained floor of the booth. At this point the stole had more cum than the grimy tile floor of the booth. Scores of steaming spunk piles melted into the expensive dyed pelts. A few wet streaks adorned the front of Miss LaRue's huge blue fox coat from the various fly away drops and spurts of some of the more powerful cum-shots.

            Miss LaRue held up the last somewhat dry section of the long fluffy stole and waited for the next turgid pole to arrive though the glory-hole. She hoped it would provide the fur a “fitting” send off. She realized there was a bit of a delay, before hearing some voices on the other side.

            One of the voices she recognized the cute goth girl from the front counter.

            The matter appeared to resolve itself and glory-hole suddenly blossomed anew with purple flesh. Silently Miss LaRue watched it threading through the hole, eyes increasingly wide as it did not seem to be stopping. Soon a slightly down-turned arc of veiny, hooded flesh swung before her, one far longer than the earlier black masterpiece, and her own forearm for that matter. “Oh my,” she said in the most ladylike fashion she could muster.

            With appropriate reverence, she folded the last clean part of the stole around the massive pole and began to stroke with slow, deliberate motions. She felt the stiff rod of flesh react as the fur engulfed it, most likely in a way that few human orifices would be able to handle. The long fleshy hood continued covering the big round glans even as the monumental erection reached full length.

            Miss LaRue squeezed, gripping the end of the shaft in a fox fur vice, and tugging backward. The foreskin slid back, and a wet, sloppy spurt of white precum looped to a soggy landing against the edge of her blue fox collar. It was a simple matter to just lean forward a bit, as the long dick was nearly on top of the wide, lavish collar already. The wet crater created by the first spurt of potent pre caved further as the exposed glans sunk into the fur. The wet, slimy head quickly pressed the fresh, dry guard hair down, crushing it against the leather below and sweeping the dark guard hairs into dense black bunches.

            The huge cock began pumping, and Miss LaRue sensed precisely what this splendid mass of man flesh desired. She pressed forward and the cock thrust up against the right side of the coat collar, past her ear and up into the high arc that curved around behind her head. The deep valley the wet dick carved into the fur expanded as the thrusting quickened. She held onto the base of the shaft at the glory-hole with the cherry red fox stole, clenching it to the hard flesh like deep fox pussy.

            She felt the heat from the huge organ brushing her earlobes as it greedily fucked the deep, plush, wide fox collar of her coat. By now it the collar fur was damp and streaked, as each thrust seemed to bring a fresh white ooze of precum. Miss LaRue was quite impressed with this particular specimen. She sensed the raw hunger for the fur in the intensity of the thrusting. This was not the sudden flailing of an organ unprepared for the velvety pleasures of fur, but one addicted to it, straining to use it as roughly as possible.

            One it would seem the little goth at the front desk invited personally.

            Thoughts of the girl rushed to the background as Miss LaRue felt the throb of the organ increase. Familiar sensations emanated from the veined flesh as the speed of the thrusts into her savaged blue fox collar quickened. Miss LaRue knew the nameless organ jabbing through the glory-hole in this dank booth was about to deliver. She started pumping the stole around the base faster in response, feeding it the fur it so desperately craved as she felt it begin to pulse.

            Then everything went white.

*          *          *

            Velvet watched the display, broadcasting the first thick shot of white, chunky cock-custard directly into the huge fox collar. While the fur was already matted from the wet fucking, this was something else entirely. The wet loop of baby-batter landed like a slimy bomb on the wide expanse of fur, crushing the long hairs down to the soon-to-be-soaked leather. Steaming jizz cut a wet valley that reached from under the blonde lady's chin all the way up to the high arc at the top of the collar, and it was merely the first.

            Four more shots of paste-thick nut followed in rapid succession, flying into the collar one beside the other, maximizing the damage done. The spurting cock-head hung deep in the blonde's peripheral vision, if she was guiding it, she was damn good at it, Velvet mused.

            Familiar with the pattern, intimately so, Velvet gasped a bit anticipating the big shots that followed. These were larger and longer than the first. As if knowing there was little else to be done with the right side of the big fox coat's collar, the woman leaned back, turning the huge shaft to the left so it sprayed a horizontal line from one side of the coat to the other, crossing the wide front of the puffy notched collar completely. She swung it back, the next spray cutting a line slightly lower, and then back again, swinging the stiff spurting monster to and fro, carving huge white canals across the front of the soft blue fox coat.

            Fourteen bursts later, the big fur was none-so-neatly cut up with white, steaming streaks of cock-snot. The fresh, chunky fluid clung like glue to the coat. The stains formed a ragged white ladder from below her chin to the big fox boa that served as a belt at the waistline. It was... magnificent.

            Velvet felt a dampness spreading through her panties.

            She hadn't noticed it immediately because it took a few moments to soak through the fox hat she'd stuffed into them.

*          *          *

            Miss LaRue remained satisfied with her decision not to pull away too early so she could see the huge dong start to cum. The first shots that demolished the bulky fur collar were a joy to watch, streaming as they were now in HD on the largest of her many flat screen displays. Not that the rest were not even more impressive, but she had a front row seat to them.

            The lovely goth girl, Velvet, she related later, even edited together a slo-mo cut of all the shots Miss LaRue coaxed out that day. The finale was still her favorite. It certainly seemed to entertain her companion on the long couch, even though he was there was well.

            Tommy released a few breathless moans as Miss LaRue's elbow-length black fox glove cuff moved with a casual up-down oscillation against the underside of his massive meat tower. They were working on his control again today. Both sat on the large couch in Miss LaRue's living room. The large chinchilla spread favored by her deceased husband once more covered it. She wore a black sable vest over a white silk blouse. A red silk bowtie neatly secured the top, white a red silk skirt contained the bottom. Stilettos and black nylons completed the ensemble.

            Tommy was nude.

            Miss LaRue paused the display with one of the best framed spurts on screen. The stark white line connected the end of Tommy's long, thick dick and the front of her blue fox coat. “So hard to pick a favorite,” she said as Tommy nodded.

            With little warning, she jerked the fluffy fox cuff directly against the underside of the head. Tommy gasped, threw his head back, and shot a huge spurt directly into the soft fox glove cuff.

            Miss LaRue's lips curled into a very satisfied smile. Maybe she needed a little work on her control as well...

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