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"Tommy's Adventures in Fur Submission" - by FurCreamer

Disclaimer 2021: No, this is not new. It, like the rest of the posts in January of the year of our lord 2021, is content written years ago and published in a now defunct fur forum. As I am loathe to let anything go to waste, I am publishing them here.

Summary: Velvet awakens Tommy's lust for cumming on fur, and he turns the table on a would-be dominant fur mistress.

Story Codes: M/F, M/Fur

Notes: Another dual narrative outing. Not sure how I fell into that habit, since I can't get a single narrative going anymore. If you're meticulously building a timeline of my stories, please note that "Velvet's Adventures in Fur Domination" comes after this, and was named in honor of it.

Disclaimer: So, going to say there's a little dubcon in here, not to mention destruction of properly, and, let's be fair, Miss Haverford, a little attempted sexual predation.

"Tommy's Adventures in Fur Submission" - by FurCreamer

Miss Haverford stood, regarding her pupil with a severe look, one practiced to sheer perfection.  “I'll need to see you in my office after school, Thomas.”  The icy tones hung in the still air of the nearly empty classroom.  The high round collar of her full-length blue fox fur coat surrounded Julie Haverford's face and the tightly pinned hair behind it.

            “Yes, Miss Haverford,” the reply was sullen, though equally practiced.

            Julie Haverford nodded, a picture of strict educational authority from flat heeled riding boots to tightly buttoned blouse.  The large blue fox fur coat covering it all was something of her signature; she wore it every day, no matter the weather.  Miss Haverford was very aware when any student took a certain interest the coat, as this one had.  A magnificent specimen comprised completely of full pelts with no leather filler, a high vertical collar, and double beveled sleeves ending in exceptionally large, round cuffs, the coat was worthy of interest by anyone. 

            But... there was interest, and there was interest.  Julie Haverford knew the latter kind of interest well.

            “Very good, Thomas, do not be late.  We will have much to discuss about your future,” she said.

            The student walked out of the class.  However attentive Miss Haverford was about those who took an interest in her prized fur coat, she did not see the smirk on the student's face as he exited the room.

*          *          *

            Tommy coasted through most of high school as a nondescript kid who kept his head down.  Possessed of highly average looks, average grades, and a lack of any obviously unique features was something of a blessing in a world where anything slightly abnormal was a target for ridicule and marginalization.

            Tommy jealously guarded two secrets from most of the world.  The first was his love of furs, something he spoke of only to one other person.  That individual was Jennifer Lang, who was only referred to as such by her mother.  She referred to herself as Velvet, a name accepted by classmates and the Internet alike.  Velvet was, by any standard, a “goth girl”, though one by choice and not by any lack of physical attractiveness against which she was rebelling.

            That he chose to confess this fetish to Velvet one day as they talked was as odd as the friendship they had developed long before high school.  Tommy simply knew Velvet would never reveal it to anyone, and, at the time, he felt a desperate need to tell someone.  Her initial reaction was, to his ultimate relief, the same kind of delicately cultivated apathy with which she greeted most ideas.

            Velvet's apathetic veneer was more selective than she let on, and she knew her way around the Internet.  A surf of the web the following evening, and she was suddenly quite keen to know more about Tommy's fetish.

*          *          *

            Classes ended, and Julie Haverford waited.  The small office was well-prepared, and she knew from her colleges' routines there would be no one else around at this time.  She had checked one last time before unlocking the last drawer of her filing cabinet.  That drawer remained closed at the moment, but soon the contents would be introduced to her latest submissive conquest.

            Julie felt the wonderful anticipatory wetness between her legs.  This Thomas had been eyeing her blue fox more obviously and openly than anyone before.  She had checked up on him, finding little of any interest, which only made him all the more prime a candidate. Soon Thomas would be in her thrall, a loving fur slave to her every whim. As she so richly deserved.

            The door to her office opened and the student walked in.

            “Right on time, Thomas... How delightfully obedient.”

*          *          *

            Tommy told Velvet everything. It was a relief to have the words pour from him to a sympathetic ear.  Velvet's well-hidden sense of adventure took over, and she determined to be the best friend she could.  Already aware Tommy's divorced mother was quite rich, the stories of his solo escapades with her furs made perfect sense.  The first day she visited after his “confession,” while the tall, lithe blonde woman was away, was a day Tommy would never forget.

            Nor would she, as that was the day Velvet became privy to Tommy's other secret.

*          *          *

            “No, don't sit, remain standing,” Miss Haverford ordered. The chestnut blonde English teacher remained seated.  Miss Haverford was much younger than most of her peers, though she affected the strict authoritarian gaze and demeanor of a veteran teacher three times her age.  That gaze came down in all its crushing force on the student in her small office.

            “Now, Thomas,” she began, voice crisp and matter of fact, “It seems you've become very distracted in class.  I've seen your eyes wondering from the blackboard to my coat numerous times in past week.”

            “I uh... Is there... something wrong with that?”

            Halting, stammered reply, thought the tall blonde.  Miss Haverford nodded, “It is when you stop paying attention to me, Thomas.”  She unfolded herself from the chair and rose to her feet.  She was not that much taller than the student, but the enormous blue fox coat made up much of the difference in size and presence.  “Tell me, Thomas, just how interested are you in my fur coat...”

*          *          *

            “Jesus, Tommy, how do you hide that thing,” Velvet said, awe plain on her face.

            “Uh, I knew it wasn't normal...” Tommy said, eyes flicking down to where the pale white trunk of his cock met his sparely haired groin.

            “No, it's not... and that's fucking excellent,” Velvet said, getting over her initial shock quickly.  Velvet and Tommy were in the house's master bedroom, basically his mother's room.  The doors to the woman's large, climate-controlled closets were wide open and Velvet's pale goth features were now surrounded by the high, thick collar of one of Tommy's mom's black fox jackets.  The difference in height meant the stroller length coat ended below the girl's knees.

            Despite a sudden bout of insecurity, the cock between his legs grew and stiffened as Velvet approached, as if rising to greet the girl in the soft black fox coat.  “You've been fucking these coats with that... wow...” Velvet approached Tommy's cock like it was a fascinating new gadget she wanted very much to play with.

            “Maybe we shouldn't...”

            “C'mon Tommy, I'm your friend, this is just... stuff...  You wanted to share this with me... so share...” she said, then slid the cuff of the black fox stroller down the side of Tommy's huge dick.  Tommy reacted with a gasp of air, almost collapsing as the soft, plush fox hairs stroked down the side of his enormous, veiny, uncut rod.

            “Whoa...” he said... “Warn me next time... I'm about ready to pop as it is.”

            Velvet gave him a look, “So?”

            Tommy returned that look full force.  “So?  These are my mom's furs, V, I can't... you know... on them...”

*          *          *

            Miss Haverford made the very short trip from behind her desk to stand in front of Thomas, the tall, twin ridges of the blue fox coat's collar brushed the student's chest.  His gaze dropped from her face to the deep, plush swaths of fur in front of him.

            “You... you look very nice in it, ma'am,” came the halting though carefully measured response. 

            “Thank you, Thomas,” Miss Haverford said, coolly appraising the student from close up now.  “Is there something you'd like to tell me, Thomas?  Something about how much you like fur coats?”

            The student shifted uncomfortably, awfully close to the huge blue fox coat that was the crux of the question. “I- I don't know what you mean, ma'am.”

            “Come now, Thomas, you've been gazing at me in this wonderful fur for a week now, don't think I haven't noticed.  I have, oh... I have...” she said, reaching out to slide the big round right cuff of the fur against her student's cheek.

            The student stiffened at the touch, much to Miss Haverford's enjoyment.  The proper response from a future salve.  He would make for a fine addition to her stable of devoted fur submissives. 

*          *          *

            “Why not... you're fucking them, right... you fuck, you cum,” Velvet responded, rubbing the round cuff of the black fox coat up and down the side of Tommy's cock, something that took a while to accomplish due to its length.

            Velvet's raven hair and purple dyed highlights mixed perfectly with the silky black fox stroller coat.  Her copiously applied eyeliner and mascara set off the porcelain sheen on her features, aided by the high fluffy sides of the coat's oversized collar.  The sheer size of the coat dwarfed her; custom tailored for a very tall, busty woman as it was.  The slightly built, gothy high school senior did not come close to filling it out adequately.

            It only turned Tommy on more, making the coat look even more spectacularly large when worn by Velvet.  He bit his tongue, trying to take his mind off the all too familiar surges of pleasure running down the considerable length of his cock and through his body.  He felt completely on the edge at this point.

            “Look, I usually just grab a towel from the bathroom, she- she never notices... and there's always a- a lot...” Tommy stammered.

*          *          *

            Miss Haverford's caress of the student's cheeks had the desired results.  She could see the bulge in his pants already.  “You do love fur, don't you Thomas...  I knew it,” she said with the same clinical detachment she used to describe the latest homework assignment.

            “Yes... yes I do,” he responded, hands reaching out to stroke the flanks of the huge blue fox coat. 

            Miss Haverford swatted them away, “No, Thomas, you may touch only when I say.”  So eager, she mused.  A second thought followed along soon after: My, that bugle is looking ever larger.  She returned to stroking his cheeks with the big fluffy cuffs of her huge blue fox coat. 

            “But, Miss Haverford... I really really want to touch your coat,” he said, hands rising again. 

            “No, only when I say,” she snapped sternly.

            “But, Miss Haverford... I really, really, really want to fuck your big, soft, blue fox coat.”

*          *          *

            Velvet shook her head, “C'mon Tommy, I want this to be perfect for you... spurting into some towel doesn't sound like what you want to do...”

            “But... I can't, she'll...”

            “What?  Notice?” Velvet regarded Tommy with a serious gaze.  “Really? You really think she'll notice?  When's the last time she wore this?” Velvet held up her arms, lofting the body of the oversized fox stroller only slightly in the process, and squeezing her cute, pale features between the long-haired black fur of the vast collar.

            “Um... I... uh... can't remember...”

            “Right, you big fur-fuckin' stud, so let's do this,” Velvet said with an impish glee, and immediately grabbed the base of her friend's big, throbbing cock.  She swung it into the front of the stroller, sliding the big tube of flesh up under the lower edge of the stroller coat's big collar where it ended halfway down the front.

            Tommy's hesitancy melted away as the soft, smooth deep pile of black fox surrounded his massive uncut erection with pure bliss.  Velvet tugged on his cock, sliding it up under the collar further and further, cradled in a heavenly fold of pure pleasure.

            “Ohmigod!” he gasped, hands reaching out to grope Violet's shoulders as his hips swung into action, thrusting with animal intensity into the fur.  “NNNnnnn – Nnnnnn – NNNNNnnn!”

            Violet was not quite as prepared as she thought she was for what happened next.  “Holy Jesus Tommy!”

*          *          *

            “I said... I really... really... want to fuck the living fucking shit out of that big, soft, blue fox bitch you're wearing,” came the even, none-too-submissive tones from Miss Haverford's student.

            Miss Haverford's dour, commanding expression cracked for less than a moment, but recovery was swift.  “Thomas, that kind of language is unacceptable in front of me! I will enjoy breaking you of this disgusting insolence.” Miss Haverford affected her finest domme pose, hands at her side and head held high.

            “No, I'm just gonna fuck that big fox coat with you in it,” the student replied, his hand sliding down to the zipper on his jeans and jerking it down in a single fluid motion.

            Miss Haverford's head dropped, and her expression cracked again, but this time recovery was not so swift.  “Thomas...”

            The hooded mass of flesh threaded through the stretched zipper and quickly made contact with the front of Miss Haverford's sumptuous blue fox coat, where a string of oozing precum found its way through the bunched foreskin and into a wet streak of plastered fur. 

            Miss Haverford attempted to back away, but her office was not large.  It was, in fact, smaller than the walk-in closets of her student's mother's master bedroom.  She pressed up against the small metal desk behind which she customarily sat, now blocking her retreat.  This allowed many inches of rapidly hardening dick to slap up against the left side of the blue fox coat's long, full fronted collar.  More dribbles of grayish precum oozed into the fur from the bunched folds of flesh at the tip.

            “See here...” she began, reaching down for big dick.  “This is not how you worship your fur goddess!”

            “Worship this, bitch.”

*          *          *

            Tommy almost blacked out as his cock started spraying into the rich, shiny black fox collar.  Sandwiched underneath the wide shawl and the front of the coat, Velvet's chest underneath, the long, throbbing cock sent jet after jet of sticky, greasy spunk flying.  Velvet could feel the powerful squirts pouring into the fur at point black range... feel them soaking through the leather and the lining alike to create an ever widening warm, damp spot on her shoulder and chest.

            “Fuck you're still coming?” she gasped, seeing Tommy's face still scrunched up and feeling his hands locked on her arms in a vice grip while his hips bludgeoned relentlessly against the big, fluffy fox fur stroller coat.

            Tommy did not really register anything but the pure mind-altering pleasure of his huge cock, wrapped in soft fur, experiencing its first true fur orgasm.  For years he had played so carefully after that first shocking “accident” so long ago; every time pulling his cock away to unload shamefully into some towel or sock, that after even the most “absorbent” bunches of paper towels had continuously let him down.  This, this was how it should be... unloading everything into the soft, fur bitches that pleased him so effectively.

            Finally, it ended with a few satisfied grunts.  His cock, sticky with strings of thick, white spunk, slipped out from under the collar and swung between his exposed thighs. 

            “Oh, I've got to see this...” Velvet got to her feet and headed over to the bank of mirrors near the master bedroom's large bay window.  Tommy followed along behind her. 

            Framed on all sides, Velvet and Tommy stood before the three mirrors.  A single wide, slimy strand of white oozed from under the collar now, leaving a long white trail through the otherwise undisturbed fur coat.  “Okay... let's see...” Velvet said with a flourish, and pulled the heavy, thick shawl collar upwards.

            “Oh. My. God.”

*          *          *

            “I'm not going to be some pathetic little slave for you, you stuffed up whore,” the student said with a pleased, confident smile.  He intercepted Miss Haverford's attempts to push away the massive dick between his legs, instead pushing her arms together to sandwich his cock between the big round cuffs of the magnificent blue fox fur coat.  “Oh, yeah, baby, that's the stuff,” he said with a grin, hips thrusting upwards to stroke his cock in the deep, soft fur cuffs.

            “You... you can't do this!” Miss Haverford said, shocked and appalled at her current predicament.  He was supposed to be eating from her hand now, a pliant slave to her perfect beauty in this regal fur coat.  She was to be worshiped and adored!

            “Oh, but I can!”

            The tiny office left her nowhere to go, and she had already closed the one small blind to any onlookers as her plans for the day had included a sexual diversion or two.  The dick being shoved into her soft, pillowy blue fox cuffs was not one of the ones she had in mind.

            “Turn around, I want to fuck this beauty in the ass, just like it deserves!”

            Miss Haverford found herself spun around, unable to even consider resistance in this most unexpected of circumstances.  The student knocked her forwards a step to push her against the small metal desk. She fell forward and caught herself on the edges, bent now and presenting the wide, full pelts of the back of the fur to the amazingly endowed student.

            “No!  My coat!  You can't!” she said, the realization finally hitting despite the intent having been plainly declared.  Though a teacher, Miss Haverford had not been particularly well suited to learning.

            “Feel it!” was the direct response, followed by the heavy plunging of dick on fur.

*          *          *

            Revealed in all three mirrors, the results of Tommy's second lifetime orgasm on fur.  The foul white mess under the collar steamed, a tremendous deposit of the thickest spunk Velvet had ever seen, and she had been on the Internet.  A lot. 

            The jelly-like masses of jizz plastered the black fox fur into thick clumps on both the body of the coat and the raised underside of the collar.  Spidery white strings of the unctuous ooze connected the larger blobs, which did not snap even when Velvet shook the collar a bit.

            “Jesus, Tommy, when did you cum last?”

            “Uh... yesterday, I guess...”

            “You mean it wasn't 30 years ago?” Velvet said, taking her free hand and poking at some of the gelatinous goo caking the formerly soft black fox fur.

            “No... I wasn't even bor-” he began, then stopped himself.  “Oh... so, that's weird too... Kinda figured...”

            Velvet slapped him on the shoulder, “Stop that... this is amazing!  Yeah, it's 'weird', but it's good weird!”

            The burning in her nostrils from the stench emanating just under her nose suddenly hit her.  “Uh, you better open a window...”

*          *          *

            Bent over the desk, Miss Haverford felt her student's huge tool roughly stroking the back of her beautiful blue fox coat.  She had never actually seen something so large before. Most of her submissives were lucky to be of average endowment, making their humiliation at her hands all the more sweet. How they worshiped her.  “Thomas, you stop this, this instant!  I command you!”

            “Mmm, that's right, I like it when you whine like a stuck-up bitch!” he replied, and she felt the force of his thrusts into the deep, thick pile of her precious fur coat increase.  “All I have to do is go to the Principal and you won't be finding any more of your slaves here,” he said with a calm, even voice.

            “You don't have any proof!” she protested through clenched teeth.

            “Your little party Tuesday night was fun, right?”

            Miss Haverford's entire body stiffened.

            “Oh, that rings a bell, right?” he said.  “Exactly... so just stay still like a good little whore and I'll make sure this pretty coat of yours gets everything that's coming to it. And I do mean cumming!”

*          *          *

            “We'll just stuff this in the back of the closet, she'll never know,” Velvet said with an appropriately conspiratorial tone.  She started to pull off the spunked black fox coat, but Tommy's hand came up and grabbed the clean side of the collar.

            “Well... it's already got some on it... so...”

            Velvet's mischievous grin reappeared, “Oh, want some more, do ya?”

            Tommy's fingers rubbed the deep, soft pile of the black fox stroller coat's collar, smiling as his eyes locked on the huge, cummy mess that was the other side.  “Can't believe I've been missing out on this so long...  Looks so... amazing...” he said, voice lost a bit.

            “Oh, did I create a monster?” Velvet said, reaching out to the huge spear of flesh between Tommy's legs with the cuff of the fox coat and starting to wipe the clumps of jizz off the long purple spear. 

            “Fuck yes... I want to fuck every fur coat in the world, V, fuck'em and leave'm a soggy stinking mess of cum!”

            The goth chick responded proudly, “Mmm, I did create a monster!”

*          *          *

            Miss Haverford felt emotions rather unfamiliar to a haughty fur goddess who is to be worshiped and adored.  She felt the drenching sweat of humiliation as her would-be submissive used her like nothing more than a coat hanger while he had his way with her beautiful, expensive blue fox coat.

            “Mmm, yeah... fucking thing is so soft... this coat is a great fuck,” he said, hands clenching the broad sides of the fox fur and rubbing them forcibly.  All the while his huge, nasty cock violated Miss Haverford's coat.

            The stroking became faster and faster, and the student groaned with pleasure.

            Miss Haverford, somewhere in the distant part of her crushed psyche, knew what going to happen and managed to utter a meek cry of, “No... please... don't cum on my fur! Please don't cum!”

            “Oh yeah... yeah... yeah!” the student responded, as her very pleas pushed him over the edge.

            Her body stiffened again, and her heart sank.  Miss Haverford could hear and feel the spurts, even through the thick pile of blue fox.  The force and amount of cum beating down on her back was undeniable.  The foul odor of it curled her nostrils immediately.  Over and over and over again she felt the heavy, wet slaps of semen hitting the back of her blue fox coat.

            “Oh god, my coat, my beautiful coat, you've ruined it!” she wailed.

*          *          *

            Tommy exited Miss Harverford office.  Despite the lateness of the day, he held his jacket held in front of his crotch to prevent the massive bulge from attracting notice. In his mind the image of the back of Miss Haverford's huge blue fox coat hung in crisp perfection, resplendent with the big stripes of chunky white ballgravy spattered from her ass up to the back of the huge collar.

            Per Velvet's plan, Tommy abstained from cumming for a week, then edged himself most of the morning before coming to school, making for a painfully swollen nutsac for the entire day.  The results were worth it.  He never remembered cumming so much before.  The load he left of that teacher's fur coat was one for the ages.

            There would be no way to clean it. Despite the thickness of the coat's exceptionally quality pelts, Tommy's goo was stronger.  It soaked through to the leather, making it impossible to get out.  The only thing that blue fox was good for now was the dumpster.  Miss Haverford's anguished cries only sweetened the deal.

            Velvet stood in the shadows near the entrance to the school, emerging as he approached, a wide smile on her pale, heavily painted features.  She wore a black rabbit fur jacket that was her size and mixed well with the other black and silver accents of her latest goth outfit. Since wearing one of Tommy's mom's furs to school was not an option, the pickings at the local thrift store had to do.


            “It was awesome!”

            Velvet uttered a happy squeal that was unbecoming her chosen mode of dress.  Getting herself under control, she reached up under Tommy's strategically positioned jacket and squeezed his massive package.  “Oh, Miss Haverford wasn't enough...?  Let's get you back home and take care of that, you can tell me all about it...”

*          *          *

            Later that night, only a couple of the janitors noticed Julie Haverford crying softly, as she walked stiffly out the school carrying a very large, very stuffed, trash bag.  Others noticed a very powerful smell hanging in her small office when they came in to clean, a disturbingly familiar one, but one without an obvious source.

*          *          *

            “Oh. My. God.  That's fucking awesome!” Velvet screamed happily as Tommy finished describing the back of Miss Haverford's blue fox coat. She had dropped the small rabbit fur in the hallway when they arrived and was now almost completely lost in one of Tommy's mom's eight full length black sable coats. 

            They were in the master bathroom, where the installed fan helped dissipate the olfactory results of one of Tommy's orgasms. After some trial and error, they had found this was the best place to play, not only for the smell but in case Tommy got a little more excited than Velvet was prepared to deal with and his loads got a little out of hand... or, usually, a lot out of hand.  So far, his mother had not noticed the large brown spots on the bedroom carpeting... and the walls... and the ceiling...

            Velvet had learned to play Tommy's massive cock like a well-tuned instrument. She had the black sable hat that matched her coat wrapped around the trunk of the huge dong, moving only intermittently since she could tell Tommy was extremely excited, and she wanted to make him last while he finished the tale. 

            “I knew it!  I knew she'd try something!” Velvet said triumphantly, now increasing her pump on Tommy's cock.

            “Nnnnn... yeah... You were right,” he said, trying to control his breathing.  He stood in the large shower / bath, leaning against the tile while the goth girl's hand pumped his cock with the ultra-soft black sable hat.  “It was the most amazing thing, V... God... She begged me not to cum on her coat... so fucking hot... I can't wait to do it again!”

            “You bet, we can take all these so called 'fur goddesses' down a peg or two, baby,” Velvet replied with big smile.  “We'll show'em what this monster can do.”

            “Oh God, V, yeah... yeah...” he groaned, hands flat against the tile, resisting the urge to jerk his own cock, knowing Velvet's hands were the better choice.

            “Oh, Tommy,” Velvet said in a mock pleading voice while increasing the frequency of her strokes with the sable hat, “Don't cum on my fur!  Oh please, don't cum on my soft, expensive fur!”

            “Oh... Nnnnn... Ohhhhh... Fuuuuuck!”

            Velvet expertly pulled the hat to the end of the giant shaft, flipping it inside out and covering the top of Tommy's dick like a big sable dong bag.  She leaned in and jammed Tommy's cock into the elbow of her other arm as he rabidly fucked forward. His cock erupted in a a blizzard of blubbery cocksnot.  Velvet held the hat on the end of Tommy's dick as he tried to fill it, shooting cum in hard, spurts she could feel through the fur. 

            He must have been more turned on the ever before as Violet counted almost fifteen spurts before he finally slumped to the floor of the shower.  She could smell the odor of his jizz filling the bathroom despite the running fan.  “Fuck baby, you were hot, that might be a record!”  She held the sable hat open to see the big puddle of fresh, chunky dickslime steaming inside.

            “Oh yeah, Tommy, one down and every other would-be fur goddess in the world to go!”

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