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"Bunny - In the Pink" - by FurCreamer

Disclaimer 2021 - 90s Version: No, this is not new. It is content written in the late 90's, and as such is a little less "polished." I like to think I improved as a writer over time, but I also know this is just fappin' material and no one who wants to read cum-on-fur-fetish-porn really gives a shit about the quality of the narrative. So, keep those standards in the gutter and read on...

Summary: Cough, cough... ahem... Genderfluid woman Bunny engages in sexual relations in a club with a femme, nonbinary individual whose pink faux fur coat turns her on. The next day she visits a furrier to purchase a real pink fox coat and engages in consensual sexual relations with the cisgendered female sales clerk.

Story Codes: Trans/Trans, Trans/Fur

Notes: Bunny shows up as one of the acts in Chapter 6 of "The Floor Show." Yes, I had an extended cinematic universe before it was "cool."

Disclaimer: I wrote this in the 90s, the terms "shemale" and "tranny" are all the fuck over it, more so than I cared to edit out, so you've been warned. Skip if triggered. I generally just avoid labeling my characters at all now outside of the broadest strokes possible. Heh... strokes.

"Bunny - In the Pink" - by FurCreamer

        Bunny thought about how she was the most beautiful “gurl” in the place, after herself, of course.  She led the seemingly timid t-girl back into the cloak room of the TV club.  Katie was her name, and she had on a nice tight leather skirt, boots, choker, and corset combo that caught Bunny’s eyes.

        Well, so had the ridiculously thick pink fake fur she had on. 

        Bunny never cared much for fakes, but the sultry thickness of Katie's fur had called to her at first glance.  The cute tranny took to her advances graciously, unable to mask a fascination with Bunny's fine form. 

        Bunny’s tits mirrored those of one of her idol’s, Wendy Whoppers, and they certainly cost enough to be the fine rack they were.  Her fur was not fake, but a silver fox stroller with a wide collar.  Beneath it was her own tight skirt with a push-up tube top that had quite a bit of trouble holding her magnificent surgical enhancements in place.  The tops her aureole peaked from the top of the stretched fabric.

        Bunny led Katie through the door to the cloak room and locked it behind her. 

        “Someone might–” she began in a voice artificially raised but done so with obvious practice.

        “–No, I ‘tipped’ the checker, we’ll be fine, honey…” Bunny cautioned.  Katie’s hands were already stroking herself through the leather skirt.  The transvestite’s hair was long and bleached blond, everything about her said she was a professional.  For work or play, either one. 

        Seeing Katie stand there in the thick pink fake fur broke the last shred of self-control Bunny maintained over herself.  Her cock began push free of the bonds between her legs.  “Mmm, c’mon honey, I can’t wait much longer,” she purred.

        The cloak room was square, with racks for coats on all sides, broken only by the entranceway.  Bunny looked over the room, seeing a cluster of some minks.  Katie was pulling up her skirt, revealing her soft satin panties and the bulge within them.

        “Let’s skip the formalities, sweetie, I want that tight pussy hole,” Bunny said, walking over and kissing the tranny hard on the lips.  Her hands reached down and fondled Katie’s semi-flaccid cock to full erection.  It was about five inches long with a flared cockhead.  Bunny ran her hands through Katie’s thick pink fur coat and let the tranny do the same with her silver fox. 

        “Ever been fucked by a five-thousand-dollar fur coat?” Bunny asked.

        Katie’s eyes were wide with lust as her hands ran through the ultra-soft, ultra-thick fur that framed Bunny’s huge tits.  “Oh no, please, fuck me,” she whispered, her voice still unchanged. 

        Bunny touched the plastic tits Katie had on under her leather corset, then spun her around.  “Hold on tight,” she purred.  She let Katie grab hold of the coat rack bar and spread her legs for her.  The transvestite’s cock hung erect out in front of the minks. 

        Bunny's timing was intentional, for her own cock was emerging from its former hiding place.  She did not want Katie to see it and become frightened.  Her cock had much in common with her tits.  The shemale lubricated her fourteen-inch-long dick and pressed the head up against the transvestite’s ass cheeks.  Katie’s thick pink fur was just over top of her toned ass-cheeks, and the mere sight of what she was about to fuck sent Bunny into a passionate frenzy.  She began to drill herself into Katie’s tight poop-chute.

        “Ohhhh…  Oh god!  Oh god!” the cute tranny screamed as the big cock split her down the middle.  She relaxed her ass muscles as she had done so many times before, but the sheer size of it still was like nothing she had previously experienced.   Katie kept tight hold of the coat bar as Bunny thrust more than half of her massive member inside Katie's stretched bowels.

        Bunny’s hands clutched Katie’s shoulders, feeling the thick, reasonably soft pink fur between her fingers.  “Mmmm, oooohhhhh gooooddddd.  Sooooo sooooft.  Soooooooo tiiiiight,” she moaned as her cock began to piston in and out of Katie’s ass.

        “Fuck me!  Fuck me harder baby!  HARDER!” Katie cried out as her own erect cock was teased by the minks over which she was splayed.  The shemale cock inside her sent wave after wave of ecstasy through her body.  She soon felt Bunny’s bloated balls slapping against her ass as the entire length of it slid in and out of her.  Impaled on it, the transvestite could not stop her orgasm.  She bucked, screaming, “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!  YEEEEESSSSSSSS!” 

        Her cock began to forcefully spray the arms of three black minks with thick white semen.  Ropes of it draped over the arms of the coats, sticking with a beautiful efficiency as Katie continued to cum.  Her dick left a wide swath of dripping white splooge on the furs from the mind-blowing orgasm.

        The scent of the sexy TV’s cum was enough for Bunny.  The simple thought of this beautiful tranny in her pink fur shooting sperm on precious minks sent her over the edge.  Her rod began to inject a hot, steaming load into the TV’s ass as Katie's orgasmic spasms milked her. 

        “Oh!  OH!  OH! OOOOHHHH!  OOOOOHHHHH!” Bunny screamed, feeling her creamy white semen fill up Katie’s ass and begin to run out over her balls.  “YES!  YES!  YES!  OH YES!”  Bunny jerked wad after wad into Katie and her thick pink fur coat, who just shuddered in the afterglow of her own powerful orgasm. 

        She finally felt her spasms subside and her semi flaccid cock slid from the well-fucked tranny's tight ass.  A thick wash of gummy cum flowed out over Katie’s balls and down her soft, clean-shaven thighs, filling the room with the heavy scent of fuck juice.  Bunny leaned back against the coats to her right as Katie, Bunny’s willing pink furred TV sex toy, also fought hard not to collapse from the power of her sploogeing. 

         “You were great, sweetie,” Bunny purred.

        Katie nodded, “So we’re you, I didn’t think I’d take that monster of yours…”

        Bunny smiled, “It’s all in the delivery.”

        There was a short pause while both caught their breath and basked in the afterglow of a great orgasm.  Soon they were kissing again, long and hard.  Katie’s hands ran up below Bunny’s huge, enhanced tits, silently wishing hers were the same.  Bunny’s hands ran through the erotic fake pink fur, reveling in the smell of cum that now permeated the room.  She could not remember the last time a fake fur had so turned her on. 

        Bunny looked down with a half-smile as she felt Katie’s cock jabbing her in the thigh.  Katie smiled demurely as her erect member massaged slowly against Bunny’s creamy soft thigh.  With both their tight skirts rolled up around their waists, their cocks could rub one another.  Bunny scanned the room quickly and led Katie over to another section of the coat rack. 

        She tugged on the sleeve of a full length long hared gray mink, an exotic color and one she judged to be in excellent condition.  The cute tranny looked at her in confusion for a second.  Bunny smiled, “Ever fucked something worth ten thousand dollars, honey?”

        “But–” Katie began, but then Bunny wrapped the arm of the fur around her six-inch cock and began to slowly slide it up and down.  Katie’s mouth opened and some little squeaks of pleasure arose as her body pushed into the hanging fur coat.  Bunny stroked the tranny's cock with the furs and rubbed her other hand through the thick pink fur coat Katie wore. 

        The sight of the pink furred TV fucking the expensive coat had solidified her erection to its highest degree, her cock now fifteen inches of pulsing meat still damp from her first cum up Katie’s ass.  The heat from her own silver fox stroller only compounded her lust. 

        “Oooooooo.  Ahhhhhhhhh,” Katie moaned as Bunny stuffed her prick deeper into the soft folds of the fur.  Katie was trembling with pleasure already, and Bunny wondered how she would respond to fucking fox furs if the gurl liked this so much.

        Bunny whispered softly in her ear, “Cum on it, baby…  Shoot a thick, gooey load all over that soft, priceless fur…  See your white-hot load splatter all over it…”

        “OH GOD YES!   YES!  YEEEEES!” Katie cried out as her rod pumped in and out of the soft fur cocoon Bunny made for her. 

        “Hump it honey, hump it and cum all over it…” she said, louder now, more insistent in the TV’s ear.

        It was more than enough for Katie, who screamed once and began to send a boiling rope of cum into the gray mink coat.  She splooged again and again, her thick gummy strands of semen draping themselves over the arm and collar of the fur, matting it down.  Slimy wads of it congealed on the shoulder and ran down the arm, some of it dripping in heavy splats to the floor.  Katie heaved more of her ball juice onto the coat before she finally stopped oozing sperm.  Katie opened her eyes just in time to see the first white rope of shemale milk erupt from Bunny’s huge cock.

        Bunny fisted herself when Katie came, watching the TV sperm on the mink coat from her pink furs was one of the most erotic sights Bunny had ever witnessed.  Now she could finally do what she had waited so long for. 

        As she grunted franticly, her thick prick shot heavy strand after strand of her second orgasm onto the side and arm of the TV’s fluffy pink fur coat.  The bands of gummy white dickgoo stuck to the fur beautifully, and Bunny’s frantic sperming only continued.  Hard pearls of cum hit Katie’s chin and the collar of the pink fur as Bunny shot upwards, pumping her pud like it was her last chance.  She shot an inhuman amount of spunk onto Katie’s face and pink fake fur coat, leaving them dripping with her hot white slime.

        As if in reaction, the TV’s cock cranked up again and immediately began to spurt once more.  Delirious with orgasmic pleasure, Katie could not help herself as she took hold of her cock and began to toss another long series of wads, this time onto the silver fox stroller Bunny wore.  Her cum remained white and hard, blasting into the folds of the sliver fox fur and hanging there solidly.  Even as the last forceful shots of Bunny’s shrinking dick hit her pink coat, the tranny's stiff rod spurted dickgoo over Bunny’s tits and the collar of her silver fox coat.  Long strands of sperm stuck on Bunny’s coat collar, tits, and chin, connecting all three.  The huge tits Bunny sported dripped with semen, the white spunk running over the stretched top supporting them.  Katie sprayed some final ropes of cum onto Bunny’s left shoulder then collapsed back against the sperm coated mink, exhausted. 

        Bunny, happy more than anything else, left her spent pink fur fuck toy to rest while she straightened herself out and went to the lady’s room to clean up.  She kept the heavy white pearls of cum on her fur, though, just for show…

*    *    *

        When Bunny arrived home that evening, she stripped naked immediately, pulled out a chinchilla boa and a blue fox empress hat, and hopped up onto her long shadow fox bedspread.  With her cock fully erect, it did not take long for the soft wilds of the chinchilla boa to work their magic.  Kneeling in the center of the bed with the hat set out before her, her huge, firm tits bounced up and down as she humped the boa furiously. 

        She screamed as she dropped the throbbing cockhead towards the blue fox hat.  “OH YES!  AAAAAHHHH!  AHHH!  AHHH!”  She pulled the ultra-soft chinchilla down her fat, 15-inch cock one more time before she began to shoot salty dickgoo onto the hat. 

        Her balls worked quickly, fully replenished now as they emptied string after string of hard cum onto the eight-hundred-dollar hat.  In her mind she replayed the transvestite’s multiple cumshots, all from that luscious pink fur coat.  Her sploogeing cockhead increased tempo at the mere thought of it. 

        “AHHH!  YEEEESSSSS!  YES!  YES!” she cried out, shooting more bands of white sperm that wrapped over the drenched blue fox hat.  Soon the hat was covered in a thick white mass of cum, like a wet, pungent shell of liquid sex coating it completely and pooling on the fur bedspread beneath it.  Bunny’s powerful orgasm subsided, her cum soaked dick-hose shrinking to a mere six inches and resting peacefully at the edge of the white pool of shemale milk it created. 

        Bunny knew she had to get a fur like that.  A real one…

Part II

        Bunny planned well for her trip to the large fur emporium about a half hour away from her home.  She always had a distinct problem with going into such places, namely her cock. 

        Invariably she would get a rock-hard erection that, with the size of her member, was impossible to hide.  Never particularly one for BD or SM, it nevertheless provided something of an answer to her problem.  The silver and leather cock restraints worked well enough, though at times it proved to be that excruciating dichotomy of pain and pleasure she presumed was what its usual bearers so craved.  Bunny, though, never thought it compared to the sensation of a tight ass or unrestrained pussy wrapped around her cock. 

        It could not hold a candle to the sensation of a fox wrapped around her cock.

        Bunny picked out a set of good clothes, mostly conservative.  With breasts her size, it was hard to pull off the urban professional look.  Over them she wore her long teal fox coat, one of her favorites.  After today she hoped to add a new favorite to her list.

        Credit cards safely in her big white fox purse, she walked in.  The scent of the salon hit her, and any hope she might have had about keeping herself under control vanished as she felt her rod begin to fight against the leather restraints beneath her long skirt.  Whiffs of a room full of new furs assaulted her senses.  The only better smell was that combined with the stench of freshly deposited semen.

        The large showroom was reasonably deserted, and a saleswoman found her quickly as she made her way quickly to the familiar fox section. 

        Bunny plainly checked her out, immediately intrigued.  She was an Asian woman of what had to be above average height for them.  That made her about a head and a half shorter than Bunny, but the shemale was tall already.  The Asian woman’s silky black hair had artificial blond highlights that furthered her exotic air.  Her pleasant face matched a well-toned body with characteristically smaller breasts. 

        She gave Bunny a warm smile.  “How may I help you?” she asked in only slightly accented English, not appearing to notice the thorough once-over she received from her new customer.

        “Yes, I’m looking for something slightly… exotic,” Bunny said with a half-smile.  “In fox,” she added with just the right pause.

        Her name tag read “Lia,” and she smiled appreciatively at Bunny’s remark.  “What did you have in mind?”

        “Something dyed,” she said with a nod.  “A fox stroller or swing coat that’s hot pink or red.”

        Lia’s eyebrow arched, “You’re in luck.  Usually, we’d have to special order something like that, but I got a new shipment of dyed furs in yesterday.  They’re all types, but I do recall seeing a few foxes that might be just what you’re looking for.”

        “Mmm, my lucky day,” Bunny cooed.  She followed Lia as she led her through an employee’s only entrance and into a back showroom where racks of exotically dyed furs hung two tiers tall. 

        Bunny gravitated quickly to the foxes, her hand reaching out to sink into one dyed a rich purple, but it quickly sought a hot pink arm and tugged it out to see more.  The electricity of the soft pelts shot through her hands, her mind thinking deliciously naughty thoughts. 

        “Oh, this is perfect,” she said.  Indeed, it had virtually the same tint as the shaggy fake fur her shemale milk graced last night.  Lia stepped up behind her and placed her hands-on Bunny’s shoulders, her fingers stroking the teal fox coat she wore, inviting her to take it off. 

        Bunny needed no coaxing.  She shrugged out of the warm fur, letting the huge coat fall back into the shorter woman’s arms, nearly covering her.  Bunny was too caught up in pulling the pink fox stroller from the rack to see Lia shudder as the fur encompassed her for a moment.  Lia did not set the fur down, instead, she draped it over her left arm and hugged it to her body.

        As she slid the hot pink fox on, she forgot the pain of her inhibited erection for a moment and reveled in the coat.  It was hot pink perfection.  The stroller fell far enough to cover her tight ass, with full, thick fox pelts that were originally shadow.  The colors in the fur ran from a rich crimson to a very off-white pink, the central color being a delicious hot pink that virtually glowed around her body.  Even more, it had a big collar that rolled out to the shoulders and ran the length of the front and girded the underside around the bottom. 

        A final touch were the bell sleeves to match the collar.  It was simply gorgeous.  She stood in front of a mirror and admired it.  It was then she noticed the look in the shallow slant of Lia’s eyes.  Holding her teal fox coat in her hands, her look of pure lust drove right through Bunny.  In the small, fur-filled back room, Bunny turned and met Lia's gaze while the demure Asian woman’s fingers stroked the teal fox coat she held so tightly. 

        Bunny stepped over to her, and, bending over slightly, kissed the young woman hard on the lips.  Lia’s free hand ran her fingers through the thick, hot pink fur Bunny wore. 

        “Have to get it lengthened in the front, I think…” Bunny said slowly, looking down at her huge tits.  Her nipples were standing obviously erect against both the bra and blouse she wore.  Lia nodded, starting to unbutton Bunny's silk blouse to reveal the large bra that held those tits in. 

        Lia had dropped the teal fox to the floor between them, letting it rub against her legs.  She kissed the tops of Bunny’s breasts softly.  Her lips pressed around the nipples, still hindered by the bra.  Both began to strip off clothing, but through wordless communication, Bunny’s pink fox stroller stayed on, and once Lia had gotten down to her panties, Bunny offered her the teal fox. 

        The small woman slid into it, dwarfed by its size and almost lost in the miles of thick fox fur.  Lia loved it, rubbing her hands all over and moaning softly.  Bunny thought it was a beautiful sight and couldn’t hold back any longer.  She stripped away her skirt and panties, revealing the black leather restraints that so inhibited her.   It was now time to see if this would actually happen. 

        Lia looked at Bunny for a long second, still buried in the fox coat.  Tentatively, her hand reached out and, finding the silver buckles, undid the restraint.  The hot, sweaty leather straps hit the floor between them.  Bunny sighed in ecstasy, the pain now gone as her massive rod billowed upwards, rising to its full fifteen inches in mere seconds. 

        Lia, taken aback for a second, only stared in awe of the thick side of shemale meat.  Never had she seen a set of cock and balls so big, and never sprouting from such a beautiful woman.  Bunny waited with concealed apprehension.  When a pearl of white precum formed on the red cock-head’s dark urethral slit, Lia bent over and licked it off.  “Ohhhhh…” Bunny moaned at the soft, warm feel of the Asian’s tongue on her sperm-hole. 

        “It’s soooo big…” Lia said in a sultry whisper.  “I want it so baaadd.”

        Bunny smiled widely, “Oh yes, then take all you want.”

        Lia came to her knees, sucking the cockhead as her fur covered arms reached up to stroke the shaft.  Bunny leaned back against a rack full of dyed sables and let Lia work on her.  She quickly realized the woman was quite skilled in the blowjob department.  Her delicate touch and raw power sent shocks down Bunny’s prick and through her body.  Bunny moaned with each successive pump, as the Asian managed to get about three inches of fat dick into her mouth. 

        Seeing Lia's long dark hair mingling with the grossly oversized fox coat she wore as she sucked Bunny was enough to grant powerful urges for immediate release.  Bunny wanted to see her heavy white splooge on the girl’s face, in her hair, and, most of all, on her own fur coat.  “Oh God honey, let me pop on your face…  I’ll fuck you right after, I promise.”

        Lia looked up at her expectantly, “Can you last?”

        “I won’t even get limp, honey.  Please…  Oh god, let me drench you…”

        “Then cum for me, spray your load on my face,” she replied with a look of pure lust on her face. 

        “Oh god, yes!  Yes!  I’m gonna shoot!  OOHHHH   YESSSSSS!” Bunny screamed, feeling her dick begin to erupt with her first orgasm.  The first long strand of white hot shemale milk rose through her rigid member and popped from her sperm-hole.  It splattered directly across Lia’s face, dropping over her nose and forehead.  Lia’s hands had firm hold of the base of Bunny’s thick, trunk-like dick and pumped furiously as she directed the flared, brilliant red glans at her face. 

        Bunny bucked and moaned as more salty splooge flew from her fifteen-inch pleasure spear.  All of it blasted into Lia’s straight black hair and down her cheeks.  White globs of thick, pungent girl-cum rolled off the Asian woman’s lips, over her chin, and down into the collar of the teal fox coat.  Huge pearls of cum hung suspended atop the long fluffy strands of the coat's collar.  Some splashed off onto the thick cuffs as Lia continued to milk Bunny’s spurting rod. 

        From below her rich pink fox stroller, her tits bounced with each bodily convulsion that tossed another hard gooey rope of semen onto Lia’s face and the borrowed fur coat.  Lia’s face was plastered a shiny white when Bunny finally started to slow down.  She sucked down globs of it while Bunny took hold of her cock again and slowly swirled it around against the sperm flecked teal fox collar, leaving long lines of matted fur as more semen bubbled slowly from the wide tip.  She bucked in the sensitive afterglow at the fur’s soft, wet feel.  The aroma of her cum drifted upwards and filled her senses, causing her to sigh softly at the exotic scent she knew so well.

        Lia smiled; her lips laced with Bunny’s thick dickgoo.  “Mmmmmm…  My god, that’s amazing,” she whispered up to her. 

        “So much more where that came from…” Bunny said with sly smile.  Her cock hung semi-flaccid before her, only eight inches long now.  Drops of cum fell from the tip to the floor between the lovers.  The teal fox was streaked from the collar and shoulders down to the cuffs with new, wet, white-gray highlights.  The same highlights stuck in Lia’s hair. 

        The Asian woman gulped down as much as she could, cleaning her face somewhat, but leaving white strands and spots on her cheeks and neck.  The pink fox stroller was sperm free for the time being.  “I want to put this in your ass, sweetie, can you handle that?”

        Lia’s eyes widened at the thought, “I don’t know…”  Her apprehension was genuine.  Bunny’s cock was not just long, but thick.  “I haven’t done that much…”

        “Then you’ll be able to do it a lot more when I’m though with you,” she purred.  “Now, bend over,” she ordered, tone commanding but still amazingly feminine.  “Do it, on the chair,” she snapped again.

        Lia rose and walked over to the small chair in the storage room.  Bunny was a good two feet taller and twice as imposing with her huge tits and demure figure.  That monster cock hanging between her legs made all the difference in the world, though.  Already it was growing again, like a stalk rising towards the sun.  The thick body extended, and the glans seemed to flare even wider than before.  Lia looked at it with obvious misgivings.  The veined, throbbing surface of the she-cock seemed much too large for her to take.  “I don’t know…”

        “Don’t worry too much, honey, I’m really good at fitting into tight places…” the knockout blond bombshell who sported the cock said softly.  “After all, for me, they pretty much are all tight spaces.” 

        The cock was fully extended once more, swinging like a fifteen-inch pole in front of the voluptuous fur coated figure.  Bunny watched Lia turn around slowly and grab hold of the chair arms for support.  She reached back to gather up the back of the teal fox coat, but Bunny stopped her, “Just relax, I’ll take care of it.”

        Lia’s fingers wrapped around the chair arms and she consciously tried to relax her sphincter muscles.  Bunny approached from behind, and took hold of her cock with her right, manicured hand.  She directed the cock head into the plush furs covering Lia’s ass.  “Oooooooooooh,” she moaned as she began to swirl it around in the deep fur. 

        Lia relaxed some as she felt the cock head probing her crack through the coat.  Bunny indulged herself, stroking her tight, sensitive skin over the soft fox pelts.  She ran the love stick up Lia’s back and slowly began to thrust her pelvis up and down, letting the length of the meat enjoy the fluffy teal fox fur.  Her bloating nut-sack rubbed and flapped slowly right up against Lia’s ass. 

        Bunny began to dry hump the coat more urgently, feeling the wonderful sensation of fur on cock.  Her pink fox coat was flush to her body, the fur itself a wonderful stimulus as she stroked it over her bouncing, firm tits.  “Oooooo yeah…  baby…  god that’s soooo soooooft…”

        Lia became comfortable with the sensation of the heavy she-cock on her back, but Bunny had not forgotten the reason she was there…  She reluctantly pulled her pole from the furs.  Bunny's hands grasped the tail of her teal fox coat, shoving it up over Lia’s ass, exposing the tight Asian’s cheeks.  They were smooth and unblemished, and Bunny smiled wickedly.  She would enjoy this. 

        Lia shuddered when the end of Bunny’s huge cock touched her ass.  Still dripping with her own special natural lubricant, Bunny’s cock began to massage Lia’s crack, seeing the cute little puckered asshole buried there.  She rubbed it, her cum greasing the opening.  Her hands pushed globs of cum up to the end of her long shaft, squeezing them into Lia’s ass crack.  The warm cum caused Lia to moan softly before Bunny’s cockhead began to press against it.  Lia cried out, “It's tooo big…”

        Bunny said nothing but jerked her pelvis forward.  The head of her cock thrust into Lia’s ass, causing the demure Asian woman to scream in agony as her ass was stretched to the limit to accommodate the big shemale member.  Lia tried to pull away, but Bunny’s hands were now clamped to Lia’s hips, and she couldn’t break free of the powerful grip.  Lia cried out again as Bunny’s cum-greased cock continued to pound its way into her tight asshole, impaling the little Asian woman on her rigid jizz-hose. 

        Bunny began to moan as she felt the whole poop-chute envelop her, the pure, wet tightness such a wonderful feeling as it gripped her cockhead like a vice.  Lia’s cheeks were streaked with tears from the exertion she was going through to accommodate the amazing shemale rod.  Bunny pushed deeper, inching her way slowly into the slut’s ass as she quivered between pain and pure ecstasy. 

        Soon Bunny felt she could go no further into the woman, who had taken only five inches of the cock-meat.  She set up a steady pumping rhythm into Lia, who cried out with each thrust.  She took her time, enjoying the feel of tight Asian ass-pussy on her dick.  The silky black-haired girl shuddered each time Bunny’s thick prick sunk back into her.  Her pussy was sopping wet, dripping down her thighs and onto the floor beneath them. 

        Bunny’s bloated balls swung between her thighs in time with the pumps against Lia’s ass; her big tities bouncing with them.  The heavy pink fox fur coat flapped with her body, the hairs ruffling with the intensity of the pounding.  Her thrusts finally became faster and more insistent as the inevitable drew near.  Bunny savored the build-up, feeling it first drawing in at the edges. 

        Had she wanted, Bunny could still avert it.  Instead, she slammed her cock faster, quickly flying past the point of no return.  “Mmmmm, baby…  I’m gonna cum up your ass…  Get ready…”

        Lia was reduced a simple groan of acceptance by that time, the cock having stretched her ass to an agonizing degree.  The tiny Asian woman shuddered beneath the cum-streaked teal fox fur as Bunny’s huge nuts began to loose themselves into her bowels.  Lia’s feet left the floor as Bunny’s pelvis ground up and she screamed out, “GOD YES!  MMMMmmmm!” 

        Lia felt the scalding wash of jizz start to fill up her ass and convulsed in pain-filled pleasure.  Her slight body rode Bunny’s 15 inches of spurting bitch-splitter.  Bunny’s tits bounced up and down, framed by the collar of the pink fox.  Her fists clenched against the exposed bottom of her cock-meat, pumping it into the crying girl’s ass.  Cum was already gushing out around her thick stalk, running over Lia’s sopping pussy-lips and down her thighs. 

        Lia kept on screaming as the cum filled her bowels, her body tossed around like a tissue impaled on Bunny’s she-cock.  It was only by accident that one of her violent convulsions tore Bunny from her.  As the cock-meat broke free, spunk erupted from Bunny’s cock and flew up over Lia’s back, splashing down across the teal fox coat. 

        From Lia's ass came a torrent of cum, rushing out and coating Bunny’s legs and boots as Lia collapsed to the floor beside the chair.  Bunny kept moaning, directing her still-pumping cock downward at Lia’s whimpering, shuddering body on the floor.  Bunny spit the last thick loads on Lia’s quivering body, wetting down her hair and face once more for good measure.  Bunny squeezed the last drop out into Lia’s eye. 

        She leaned down and whispered, “Keep the coat, I’ll call it even…”  She stroked the pink fox stroller and smiled.  Using Lia’s hair like a rag, she wiped her cock clean, dressed, and left the splattered woman in heap of fur and cum on the floor.

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