Sunday, January 10, 2016

“The Floor Show” - by FurCreamer

Author’s Note: A helpful soul reminded me I forgot to post this in the old story roundup. And man, is it a doozy. Second longest fur fetish porn story I ever wrote, mostly because I just kept adding stuff for absolutely no good reason. Which, in context, was the best reason of all.

Content Warning: Girl-dicks, Girl-dicks everywhere… If it’s got a feminine pronoun, it’s got a dick. If that’s not your thing, there’s the door, run for it, quickly. Get out while you still can, it’s going to get nasty, and smelly, and very, very sticky.

Also, I figured out how to use the “Read More”  control on Tumblr, so hopefully no one will be annoyed with me for having for scroll past 11,500 words in their feed. So, click the little thing below to start your semen filled, fur-clad shemale adventure.


Heaven’s alter alter-ego, Hellena, poised precisely on the liquid black, seven-inch heels of the silver buckled knee boots that hugged her calves.  Topped by about four inches of glistening black fox trim, the stretched shiny black leather and gleaming buckles below the cuffs combined to form a perfectly balanced example of glam-punk.

The rest of Hellena’s outfit matched, from woven fishnets and the black fox belted leather skirt, up to the well-stuffed leather corset whose buckles matched her boots.  Holding it all down was a shiny black and white striped fox chubby coat with a giant collar that framed the big, teased out purple hair atop her head.

Hellena was the punk rock equivalent of Heaven’s glam rock persona and emerged whenever the mood struck.  In reality, her tastes were much the same, the colors were generally just a bit more prone to black.  Heaven’s closet full of white fox was mirrored nicely by Hellena’s racks of black fox garments.

Silver chains dangled in loops from the black fox belt cinching Hellena’s wire-thin waist and bounced against the crossed threads of the fine fishnet stockings that sheathed her smooth, pale thigh.  The pallid complexion and heavy black mascara and lipstick added a goth aesthetic to Hellena’s look.  Finally, the power of hairspray kept the long purple locks high aloft and reminded Hellena she should probably avoid open flames.

The brief glow at the tip of Svetlana’s cigarette seemed a safe enough gamble.  Hellena flashed off a “devil” hand-sign towards her counterpart, who simply responded with an amused nod. Heaven or Hellena, she always looked spectacular.  Svetlana’s lips parted for the silky tendrils of her French exhale to make their final exit, sliding over her perfectly appointed features to loop over the four-inch brim of the cherry red fox hat atop her equally, blindingly red hair.

Svetlana’s foxes mirrored the two-tone combination of Hellena’s black and white fox, though hers were a brightly dyed red mixed with black.  The collar and sleeves of her enormous, ankle-length fox coat were a rich, shiny black, set off by the brilliantly dyed red of the body and cuffs.  The large, wide brimmed hat was red on the edges and black on top.  Below the coat the threaded leather thigh boots and intricately laced corset dress were only partially visible between the edges of the coat’s collar where it hung open.

The outfit could best be summed up as “czarina from hell.”

“Come now, we’re wasting time.”

Hellena smirked, “Chill, we’re cool.”

Svetlana tapped her foot and half long black ivory cigarette holder.  “I prefer to be rather hot,” she replied, a stiff Russian accent to her otherwise dulcet tones.

The electronic tone signaled the arrival of the elevator.


Hellena patted Svetlana’s fox draped ass with her black fingernails and slinked into the waiting elevator.  Svetlana strode in purposefully behind her.  Hellena was already browsing the elevator panel, eyes drawn into thin lines of concentration as Svetlana’s eyes scanned the opulent interior of the elevator.  Gold fixtures surrounded finely polished teak paneling that eschewed the usual mirrored walls.  Though a signal of fine design work, Svetlana was hoping to get a few moments to admire herself on the ride up.

“This is the right building, I should hope…”

“It’s cool, found it,” Hellena reported as her black nails popped off a small panel over the main floor display.  It was not exactly hidden, but merely something one would have to be looking for to find.  Under the panel was small keypad.  Hellena dialed in a series of numbers and the elevator’s door snapped shut.  With a lurch, it began rising.  “Most excellent,” Hellena exclaimed triumphantly.  With a hard slap she snapped the panel back into place.

“Hmmmm, indeed,” Svetlana agreed, watching the numbers on the gold inlaid display light and extinguish one by one as the elevator climbed.

The last light, “R” flicked on, then off, as the elevator kept moving briefly, passing the floor it claimed to be the “Roof.”  A “ding” accompanied the doors rolling open into a brilliantly decorated hallway.

“Woah,” Hellena said, peaking her big purple hair out and looking around.  “She was right.”

Svetlana, now more sure of the situation, rigidified her posture and went about the elegant motions required to replace the extra long cigarette on the end of the ivory holder.  While this performance took place, Hellena looked around the hallway, seeing others milling about.  Svetlana, fresh unlit cigarette fastened to the holder, walked out of the elevator and took in the scene before her.

In the hallway others milled about.  Most were dressed similarly to Svetlana and Hellena, if not quite so opulently.  Well appointed t-girls in furs milled about the hallway, chatting and trading notes on their hair, makeup and coats.  Svetlana started down the hall, Hellena in tow, artfully navigating the hall while absorbing the glances of the other gurls.  These ranged from envy to spite, depending on how nice their own furs were.  She arrived at the double doors at the end of the hall and glanced up.

The sign over the doors indicated beyond was “The Wet Fox Club.”

The fancy gold script in which the name was printed was merely part of the show.  Shiny red nails pressed to the door, Svetlana pushed them open and was greeted with a rush of noise.  The combined sound of hundreds of raised voices, moving feet, and reverberating bass was much like any club in any major metropolis.

The similarities ended there, though.

“No door dude,” Hellena said with the kind of low shout necessary to be heard in the din.

“No need, darling,” Svetlana replied.  “The elevator code means anyone who’s here was invited.”



“Indeed,” Svetlana purred, taking in the scene before her.

The club was a mass of feminine figures in expensive furs.  A haze of smoke clouded the high ceiling, from which club lights dazzled the senses.  The interior itself was a merging of the old world elegance displayed in the hallway and a sleek electronic design.

All of this was fringed in fur.  The most obvious examples being the large columns that dotted the main room.  Each one was completely sheathed in a different kind of fox.  Seats, lounge chairs, and even the walls were upholstered in rich, silky fox, lynx and in some cases chinchilla.  Fox coats hung from the walls on a large rack that completely surrounded the main room.  The coats were packed tightly on the rack, and the sheer length of it meant there has to literally be thousands of them decorating the club.

Screens dotted the walls in various places, suspended nearly at the ceiling over the huge all-encompassing coat rack.  Each one displayed a different looped set of HD videos showing various glamorous t-girls pleasuring themselves with fur.  Ordinarily, such video would be rather enthralling, but here it was just background noise, a distraction from the wonders that played out live before them.

The clubs patrons locked Svetlana’s attention.  Furs, furs, and more furs danced, embraced, stood, and gyrated before her, all upon the backs of their ultra-glam owners.  She immediately noticed some of the assembled patrons wore little to confine their finely groomed reproductive organs.  Some in long coats swayed with the music, erections slapping against the sides of their furs, or more often, on the furs of their dance partners.  Some of the girls wore little else other than huge bolero jackets or massive stoles, exposing not only their fat cocks but their taught, sculpted asses as they sashayed through the club.

All were not similarly exposed.  Many preferred the elaborate costumes of the kind Svetlana and Hellena wore.  Myriad combinations of elaborate furs, boots, and hats mingled together.  Rising above the partying masses, some versions of Vegas showgirl hats moved like massive swaying trees.  Instead of the usual feathers,  fox stoles dangled from the massive headpieces.  In all, it was a dizzying smörgåsbord of opulent furs and perfectly toned flesh.

“Never want to leave…”

Svetlana smiled, patting Hellena’s chubby coat.  “Nonsense, you’ll eventually run out of sperm…  Even with our little pills.”

It only took a few additional moments of observation to connect the club’s name with the patron’s activities.  At one of the fox columns nearest them, this one sheathed in crystal fox, a tall queen in a long, flowing black fox coat ground her hips into the crystal fox of the column.  Her large cock was lost in the deep, plush fur each time she jerked her hips forward.  The black fox she wore was something to be seen.  The exquisitely enormous fox coat had a high collar and double bevel sleeves, and, most amazingly, a five-foot train dragging the floor behind her stiletto heels.

The sight of the tall queen humping the crystal fox column in the huge black fox would have been amazing enough, but she wasn’t alone. Three other, shorter girls, all of them in chubby lynx jackets, high thigh boots, and little else, stood behind her, their boot heels atop the train of the black fox and their cocks grinding furiously against the back of the coat.  Their clenched, tight asses were thrusting forward wildly, driving their dicks like pistons into the plush black fox coat.  Reedy thin, the gurls atop the black fox coat’s long train were well hung and obviously hungry for release.

Release they did, almost in unison.  Svetlana licked her lips as she watched all three pull back and start spurting long white ropes of white semen up the back of the fox.  Spurt followed spurt followed spurt as each one gasped, jerking their pumping she-cocks to maximum effect.  White strings and blobs flew up the back of the huge black coat.  Whatever missed simply splattered down on top of the long fox train between their legs.  Soon the tall queen’s fox was a mess of wet pelts form the top of the high collar all the way down to the long train on the floor.  Each horny tranny has shot at least twelve full and thick bursts of cum on the back of the coat.

“Mmm, yes, my kind of club,” Svetlana purred.


The three shorter t-girls, satisfied for the moment, engaged in some kissing and cuddling against one another’s lynx chubby jackets as they walked off.  The tall blond queen simple stepped away from the column, the huge white stains on the back of her coat obviously of little concern to her.  As she walked away, Svetlana could see the massive white blasts of cum she’d delivered to the crystal fox column.  The huge load was amazing, and may have been more than all three of the shorter gurl’s combined.  Thick, nasty wads of wide and dense cum oozed slowly down the well-fucked crystal fox.  The tall blond lit up an ultra-long cigarette and wandered off into the crowd, leaving her huge mess behind.

“I trust you ladies have taken your medication?”

Svetlana turned, a motion she managed to get under control before appearing startled.  Behind Hellena and herself someone else had been watching the events at the club’s crystal fox column just a few feet away.  Perhaps watching and watching the 2 newcomers as well.

“Hell yes,” Hellena said quickly.

“Of course,” came Svetlana’s more measured response.

Before Svetlana stood a presence that rivaled her own regal air. Of approximate height, and sporting a high, white-blond bouffant, she wore a purple dyed fox coat of appropriate enormity to her stature. The coat itself had an attached wrap and cape that made for 3 layers of fur flowing down her back to dangle just above the tips of her seven inch boot heels.  Hanging open, her silver and white leather catsuit blended with the dazzling purple dyed fox brilliantly.  The catsuit bulged obscenely between her taut thighs, and the organization of the silver zippers around the bulge indicated what lay beneath could be unleashed at a moment’s notice.

“I am Angelique, this is my club.”

“Pleased, dah-ling,” Svetlana responded.

“Right on,” Hellena added.  “This place is fucking fantastic.”

Angelique’s French accent was just as accomplished as Svetlana’s Russian one.  “Please, enjoy yourself.  And don’t forget to catch the floor show.”  With that she sashayed away, the layers of purple fox rippling into the smoky haze in the club.

“Wow,” Hellena said, “You might have some competition.”  Her hand slapped the front of Svetlana’s red/black fox coat over her crotch.

Svetlana smirked in a manner that was a bit out of character for her, “Now, now…  I’ve only seen one dick that big before in my life.  It’s merely part of the ‘costume’, I’m sure.”

“Tiffany would love this place,” Hellena said, easily catching Svetlana’s meaning about the dick in question.  “Surprised it’s not her club.”

“Well, maybe I’ll tell her about it if I see her again, for now, I’m just going to enjoy it…  Every sticky inch of it…”

Svetlana started off toward the mingling masses of huge, soft, and stained fur, ready for some action.  Blood quickly funned into her restrained organ.  There was no help necessary for any pharmaceuticals for that.  This place was one erection-inducing sight after another, after all.  No, the drugs were for something else entirely.  That tall queen at the crystal fox column didn’t cum like that ordinarily, after all.  Svetlana was eager to see what the chemicals pumping through her nuts would allow her to do.

Both she and Hellena were naturally big cummers, but with the drugs, she reasoned it should be amazing.

“The Floor Show starts in five minutes.  That’s five minutes, ladies, be sure to get a seat up front if you want to be… extra sticky…”

The sultry French tones arrived over the in-house speakers. Svetlana’s eyes scanned the place, watching groups and individuals start milling towards the doors to the right of her.

“She said not to miss it,” Hellena chimed in, almost girlish in her enthusiasm.

Svetlana felt a little torn.  She had hoped to enjoy some “free form” fun first.  “Why not, we’ve got time,” she agreed.  She doubted the show would last too long, and something to get her even more excited certainly couldn’t hurt her sperm production.  Cutting right, she pushed open the doors to the moderately sized theatre that adjoined the main club.


There was a rush of even colder air when the doors swept open. Beyond the Wet Fox Club Theatre descended towards a modest-sized stage, illuminated in low, pre-show lighting.  Neither cozy nor enormous, the moderately sized room would probably hold a good 100 patrons had the standard, tight theatre seating been installed.  It had not.

Instead of individual seats, the theater’s seating was a series of long, slightly curved couches.  Each couch was upholstered in black Russian sable that matched the isle “carpet”. Looking down, Svetlana saw what her boots felt, that the floor was covered in fur, one of the most expensive imaginable.  Between the rows of couches was a good five feet of open space, allowing for much more than just the stretching of long legs.

The scent of new fur permeated the room.  New fur and light perfumes, to be more exact.  It struck her that every piece of fur in the theatre was, in fact, brand new.  There had to be literally millions of dollars in sable just to carpet the place.

The carpet and upholstery wasn’t the end, though, it was merely the beginning.  Strewn over the curved seating couches and piled on the wide floor between were massive pillows, coats, muffs, stoles, and hats in a myriad different shades and hues of fox.  Big, thick coats, long full stoles, and giant barrel muffs were simply laying on the couches, all just as fresh and new as the sable carpeting.  Some lynx and chinchilla were also mixed in for a bit of variety.

Finally, a rack of fox coats like the one that decorated the main club also ran down the walls of the theatre.  It was equally if not better stocked than the one that rung the outer club wall.  Svetlana let her usual callous disregard faded a bit, and she allowed herself to be duly impressed with the theatre.

Not the shy sort, Svetlana led Hellena down to the front row of couches and, after pushing a pile of blue fox muffs to the floor, took a seat.  Hellena sat next to her, whispering in low tones, “This place is fucking heaven.”  The goth punk rocker t-girl picked up one of the big blue fox barrel muffs from the floor and started rubbing it with her long black nails.  “This bitch is some quality fox, too.”

Taking in the theatre’s stage, Svetlana was hardly surprised to see the curtains were dyed red fox, a shade slightly darker than the bright one of her own massive ankle-length coat.  The stage itself was one of the few things not covered in fur.  Though a lip of fox edged the rise to the stage, the stage itself, or what could be seen of it before the heavy fox curtains, was a classic polished hardwood. Though the noise in the theatre was quickly rising as more patrons filed in, she thought she could hear activity beyond the curtain.

Svetlana’s focus on the exquisite decoration of the theatre allowed time to pass quickly  The lights dimmed and she craned her head around to take in the crowd before the big floor show started. The theatre wasn’t particularly crowded.  Solo or in groups, the gurls were giving one other quite a bit of room on the couches or sprawled on the pillows on the floor.  Still, there was a good 50 gorgeous, decadent t-girls draped in big, silky furs in the theatre now.


“Ladies and hot, sexy bitches, welcome to the show,” came a voice, amplified by the theatre’s sound system.  “Introducing your hostess for this evening, Queen Quinn Cumbunny!”

She arrived stage right, and Svetlana recognized her immediately. Confidently she danced across the stage to the short, thumping rock intro music.  Svetlana was quite certain this was the same t-girl furrier she and her friends had paid a call on at closing time one night a year ago.  Lead by the enigmatic Tiffany, Svetlana, Hellena-as-Heaven, Mocha, and Jing took a wonderfully sticky toll on Quinn’s inventory that night.  Tiffany had paid her off, of course, when all was “spent.”  She paid enough for all the ruined furs, and a little advance for some extra “work.”

Now the diminutive t-girl with the dreams of massive jugs appeared to have had them realized.  Her height had not changed, but it was quite obvious the massive tits on her chest weren’t just extra stuffing, at least of the “external” variety.  Quinn had sported some big silicon globes before, but these were almost twice that size, and no doubt the result of some exceptionally custom work. Quinn’s huge fox outfit was also custom tailored to accommodate them.

The giant white fox jacket/skirt/boot combo fit her scientifically enhanced curves like a glove.  Her round ass swayed, casing the long, thick “pleats” of white fox pelts that made up her skirt to swing back and forth in time with the rhythm of her movements.  The giant bolero jacket that sat atop her shoulders was wide enough in front to cover those giant tits with glistening white fur that bounced up and down at it strained to contain them. The jacket’s cuffs were the size of barrel muffs and rose up her elbows, and the towering collar rose up over the back of her head. Cuffs, arms, and collar were fringed with long white fox boa tails that flung themselves about as she moved.  Finally her white fox thigh-boots were fringed in additional white fox boa tails that moved fluidly to the dancing motion of her legs.

Quinn’s voice was broadcast through the theatre’s speakers via the small wireless mic attached to her ear and curled across her right cheek.  “Hey there, bitches!  Time to slag some fur!” she announced to the cheering crowd.  Hellena was cheering right along.  Svetlana remained content to sit and pay attention, as befitted her chilly persona.

“I’m Quinn Cumbunny and I have the utmost pleasure to running this fucked up cream-fest for you gurls tonight.  I love this job, it’s part Ringmaster, part Targetmaster,” she exclaimed, thrusting her hips forward and rubbing the fox skirt pleats over her crotch.  “Before we get started, let me go over the rules,” she said, with an exaggerated unhappy face.

“They’re simple, enjoy the show and stay in your seats.  I know you gals’ll get all nice'n'horny, but all those luscious seat warmers are out there for a reason.  Get those rocks off as much as you like, just don’t rush the stage, no matter how hot I look!”

A chorus of giggles rustled through the theatre.  Svetlana presumed the various coats, hats, muffs and other furs strewn around the theatre were just the “party favors” Quinn said they were.  She resisted the urge to draw one of the muffs pilled up at her feet to her crotch just yet.  Hellena was already pawing one, one hand working at the snaps on her skirt belt.  A quick glance around the theatre behind her indicated others were less shy as well.  Some gurls were openly stroking as Quinn spoke.

“Okay, let’s get this party popping!”

With that, the tall fox curtains pulled back to reveal the rest of the stage.  There were no elaborate backgrounds to it, just 2 long racks of furs, similar to the ones that rung the theatre and the club beyond.  These were larger and sported the most enormous examples of fox coats, muffs, stoles, hats, and more.  “I present tonight’s set of victims!” Quinn announced, walking down and back, running her hand over the big, heavy sleeves and cuffs, “And a fine set they are!”

Returning to the side of the stage, Quinn flung out her arm, the big white fox boa tails leaping outward at the movement.  “Let’s to get spewin’!  Without further ado, our first act of the night, the horny Bunny!”


The theatre lights dimmed and the stage lights came up.  From the opposite of the stage the first act appeared.  Dripping in brilliantly dyed pink fur, she came out to a neo-burlesque tune. Everything about this “Bunny” was very pink and very fluffy, from her tall and long pink hair down to the huge pink fox Ugg boots on her feet.  Silky white nylons occupied the space between the furry boots and the big downy pink fox “pantie” from which dangled a huge fox “poofy” tail.  The matching pink fox bikini top held in some impressive surgical stuffing, judging by the deep, shadowy cleavage in the center.  Bunny’s wrists were cuffed by two round barrel muffs and her nails tipped in matching pink gloss.

The entire outfit combined to create kind of ultra-posh bunnygirl look, right up to the hat with 2 long pink boas hanging off either side that crowned Bunny’s head.  The dangling boas created a bit of a “lop-eared” look to this particularly sexy bunny. Bunny’s hips gyrated to the music as she danced across the stage. Her long nails rubbed the front of the big fox pantie bottom that now bulged at the front.  The big poofy tail bounced back and forth as she teased the audience.  “Teasing” wasn’t the point of this show, though, and as Bunny’s tail shook in front of the crowd, her hands worked the front of the fox panties.

Bunny twisted around, showing her long, purple-hued erection jutting through the pink fur pantie-bottom.  The thick fox must have a slit, or fly of sorts in the front to allow the stiff rod, and, Svetlana noticed, the heavy sac below it, to slide through.  Bunny ground her hips again, but now her stiff cock rolled in time with the music, framed in the pink fox.  The thick meat dribbled at the tip, oozing an off-white goo that stained the sides of her nylons when it slapped to either side.

“Time for this Bunny to multiply!” Quinn announced from the side of the stage as Bunny thrust her hips out luridly to the cheers of the crowd.  Svetlana remained a bit reserved, allowing an appreciative nod in absence of clap.  Hellena was clapping, then making a “JO” signal with her fist.

The hard cock between Bunny’s legs lead the way to the big rack. She made an exaggerated giggling sound as she ran her pink nails down the huge coats stuffed onto the rack.  Tapping her forehead in a “thinking” motion, Bunny reached in and grabbed the arm of a white and crystal fox coat, jerking it from the rack and flinging it across the stage to land on single chair Quinn had sat in the middle of the stage.

Bunny swaggered over to center stage, her fully engorged erection bouncing stiffly now.  The shaft of flesh between her legs, rising from the pink fox pantie, continued to ooze, though faster now, leaving dribbles on the polished hardwood stage as she walked.  In the center of the stage her “victim” lay draped over the back of the chair.  A magnificent specimen in its own right, the coat’s body was rich crystal fox, with a big white fox collar and round white fox sleeves.  The shiny glow on the pelts from the stage-lights only served to accent the pelts freshness.

That wouldn’t last.

Bunny, making a show of bending over and wagging the big fur tail on her outfit, took up a place behind the chair back.  She thrust her hips forward, spearing the folded over fur coat.  More cheers erupted from the horny crowd as Bunny deflowered the expensive fur.  Crystal fox enveloped the big tranny dick as Bunny let a moan escape her pink lips.  Tossing her head back, she pistoned her hips forward, thrusting into the soft, soft, crystal fox.  The coat and the chair shook from the effort, rocking back and forth in time with the motion of her hips.

Bunny’s dripping cock created wet, dark stains on the brown and tan fur quickly.  The tip of the flared cockhead dribbled and dripped a steady stream of precum that made it necessary for her to adjust the coat after just a few more thrusts, finding a dryer section in which to satisfy her lust.  Over and over she adjusted the coat, leaving wet streaks in her wake.  Finally, she picked up the arms, pressed the big cuffs to either side of her cock, and started pounding away.

The crowd to cheered Bunny on.  They sensed the inevitable as Bunny’s wet penis jerked back and forth between the long, beveled sleeves of white fox, the long body of the coat stretched out down the seat of the chair.  It happened, as expected, and Svetlana felt a rush of ecstasy roll over her body, emanating from the stage.

With a gasp, a huge white blast of cum rushed from the tip of Bunny’s cock and landed on the back of the crystal fox coat.  The wad was thick, and wide, teeming with potent seed.  It was the first of many.  Bunny’s body shook as she expelled herself all over the back of the new, pristine fox coat, leaving big wet streaks of her nut-slime piled one on top of the other.  Up and down the sleeves pumped, literally milking the contents of Bunny’s balls out heavy, nasty bursts.

Cheers rose from the crowd.  Cheers and moans, Svetlana noticed. One of the moans was Hellena, who had been watching with rapt attention and paying somewhat less attention to the unconscious actions of her hands.  Hellena had been pumping the big barrel muff against her pale gothy shaft while she watched Bunny’s show.  The rate of her breathing and the inadvertent thrusts of her hips indicated the purple haired girl was enjoying something of a sympathetic ejaculation.  Hellena moaned, the muff was pressed down on her lap, so it was impossible to see it, but after a few minutes, she slumped in her seat and let the muff roll off.

The big while puddle stuck to the soft fox body of the muff was confirmation.  Hellena’s big dick had injected her semen directly into the pelts as she watched.  Now they were matted down in the middle, where it appeared someone had jammed a white glue dispenser into the fur and stated squeezing.

On stage, Bunny, her quaking orgasm subsided, triumphantly held up the crystal fox, letting the crowd get a good look at what she’d done to the back of the coat.  Most of it was plastered to the fur just below the collar and between the top ends of the very white fox sleeves.  Wide white swaths of formerly ultra-soft crystal fox were plastered down under a shell of white semen.  The goo was brilliantly white and thick under the bright stage lights

“Let’s hear it for Bunny!” Quinn cheered, “If furs could get pregnant, she’d have a shitload of child support!”


Bunny tossed the big fur out into the audience, achieving a good distance, considering the additional weight of her splattered orgasmic fluids.  It landed on a redhead with her cock already out and pumping a big golden isle wrap.  Shifting gears fluidly the horny gurl planed her cock in Bunny’s fresh mess and started pumping more cum into it almost immediately.

“Mmm, now there’s a lucky fan,” Quinn teased as Bunny took her final bows and sauntered off stage, puffy tail bouncing.

Behind Quinn some similarity clad “stage hands” started setting up for the next act.  Bundled up in similar cherry red fox stroller coats and thigh boots, the heavily painted gurls wore the crest of the Wet Fox Club dyed into the back of their strollers.  The three hastily removed the chair from Bunny’s act and started setting up something a bit more elaborate.  These stage hands were generally teen trannies who worked as “interns” at the club.  In exchange for the show labor, they were compensated generously in feminaization tips… and quarts of semen in their tight young asses after the show.

“Up next is a fan favorite!  Individually they are Larissa, Anya, and Vlada, some of the hottest exports from the exotic far east… of Europe, that is…  But, all you fashionable fur fuckers know them as the Firing Squad!”

Svetlana’s brow piqued.  As the young trannies retreated from the stage, their labor complete, the Firing Squad appeared on cue. Quinn, arm outstretched in greeting, walked off the opposite side as the new act came to center stage amid more claps and howls of approval.  Judging the audience response, they were rather popular.

The Firing Squad wore custom fashioned, over-sized fox versions of an old Eastern European bloc secret police uniform, or at least versions of the Hollywood equivalent thereof.  Broad black fox uniform jackets with big, but severely tailored collars topped long, tight fox skirts.  The skirts stopped just above the knee, where highly polished, highly heeled, black leather boots took over.  Each massive fox jacket was adored with uniform pins and some golden fox boa “braids” to complete the look. Finally, atop their heads were fox trimmed versions of the standard dress uniform hats. Their gloved hands rubbed one another’s’ furs while they stood and took their initial bow before the cheering crowd.

Svetlana assumed the order in which they were announced corresponded to who appeared first.  That would make Larissa, the amazonian blond now in the center, Anya the redhead to the left, and Vlada the raven-haired beauty to the right.

Larissa came up from the bow and pushed the end of a gleaming riding crop to Vlada’s chin, tilting her head back.  Four sumptuously thick fox tails dangled from the leather handle of the nearly two foot long crop.  Larissa, by far the tallest of the group, leaned over to kiss Vlada on the lips, deep and long, while Anya rubbed herself up against Larissa’s opposite side.  Svetlana immediately felt some attraction to the tall blond, who within a few seconds had firmly established an exquisite ice-queen persona much like her own.

Larissa roughly rubbed her hand across the front of Vlada’s chubby fox uniform jacket as she finished the kiss, turning her head to face, then kiss the cute redhead Anya.  Vlada’s pale skin and dark makeup approached Goth from a more classical perspective, rooted more in original Victorian than the modern punk take epitomized in Hellena’s look.  Not that Hellena wasn’t now thinking of what hot, sticky spurting music they would make together while she watched Vlada vamp on stage.  With a fresh muff rubbing against her own fat goth cock, she wiggled her tongue at Vlada while she stroked herself back to another full erection.

Larissa released Anya from her kiss and the three tall Eruo-bitches retreated back from the edge of the stage.  The work of the tasty, teen, fur-uniformed stage gurls awaited them.  The long, heavy rack of massive fox coats had been wheeled right of center stage, angled such that it mostly faced the audience.  Opposite the rack, three individual poles now stood.  Each pole was about four feet tall and supported a large, round, fluffy muff.  The open ends of the muffs were aimed directly at the large rack of coats opposite them across center stage.

Svetlana smiled.  Firing squad, indeed.

Larissa walked back to the rack first, rubbing her gloved hands across the tightly stuffed, enormous examples of pristine, massive fox coats in all types of colors and shades.  The others joined her, circling the big rack like hungry predators, luridly rubbing and stroking the ultra soft fur roughly.  Their stern body language and hard “slaps” against the coats suited their outfits perfectly.  Like the cold-hearted executioners they were, they taunted and abused their victims before delivering the coup de grace. The contempt in their voices flowed freely, mocking the coats as “cum sluts, snot rags, and pathetic whores.”

As this happened, their tight skirts bulged, pressing upwards and outwards as the heavy, fat, Slavic cocks beneath struggled to be free.  They did not have long to wait.  In unison, the Firing Squad revealed their weapons.  Pausing as they circled and abused the big rack of full-length fox coats, Larissa, Anya, and Vlada each smoothly pulled down hidden hooks in the front of their tight fox skirts. Through the fresh openings in the folds of the skirts, their heavy artillery sprung.  Thickly veined, uncut monsters, the Firing Squad packed serious heat between their curvy thighs.

The crowd went wild once more, and the three on stage drank it in, showing off their long, hard erections in a series of poses before the doomed fox coats.

As the applause died down, Larissa ordered her two “henchwomen” off to the stands where the big fur muffs waited.  Anya and Vlada each took a side, leaving the center open.  Standing as they were, it was obvious the height of the muffs matched perfectly to where their throbbing tools jut through the fox skirts.  Larissa, still at the rack in front of them, took a moment to grab the sleeve of one of the coats and wipe a big slimy wad of precum into the fur.  Once finished, she held up the arm for the crowd to see the big wet streak she left.

“We, who are about to get seriously fucked up, salute you!” Larissa called out from the stage, in proxy for the mute victims stuffed into the rack behind her.  Svetlana may have been able to place the accent had she been paying attention to the words, but the eager anticipation of the literal “climax” of act had her rather distracted as the moment.  To her right, Hellena was cautiously slowing her own strokes, no doubt to stave off another big ejaculation before the finale.

Taking her place at the muffs, Larissa removed her muff from the pole and held it up for the crowd to see.  The massive barrel muff consisted of a thickly padded, 18-inch wide blue fox shell on the outside, and, as revealed by holding the end open, a tightly packed chinchilla lining on the inside.  The crowd howled, with appreciation and lust at the sight of the massive barrel muff fuck-sleeve. Satisfied, Larissa replaced it on the pole and called out , “Ready!”

Anya and Vlada came to attention in unison, their huge dongs sticking proudly up from their fox skirts and dribbling.


With faux-military precision, the three stepped forward, sliding their fat cocks into the ends of the big round fuck-muffs.  Svetlana enjoyed some fond memories of jamming her own equine tool into various, now very “deceased.” chinchilla coats and shivered with a pure sympathetic pleasure. The tightly packed sleeves of the softest fur known to man were explanation enough why there was so little time between “aim” and…


Each of the tall, cruel fur dominatrices jerked their hips forward precisely twice, running their cocks through the chinchilla lining of the muffs until the fat, wet heads appeared out the opposite end.  The flared glans appeared in all their glory, the heavy foreskin firmly tugged back by the tightly packed muffs.  They vanished just as quickly, pulled back with singular jerks to the opposite end in preparation for the second, and final, thrust…

Once again, hips pistoned forward in perfect unison.  At the end of the second thrust, those same, fat glans opened up, and the Firing Squad truly lived up to their name.

Shots from each tall, big balled bitch crossed the yard of distance between their flared cockheads and the tall rack of fox coats.  High, arcing shots came down on tops of the collars and spread out down the shoulders and arms of at least forty tightly packed fox coats.  The thick, stringy wads of cum held together in flight, not breaking up into droplets before raining down mercilessly on the helpless fox coats.  This allowed the full brunt of the wads to bury themselves into the pelts where they struck, ruining the fur and the supple leather beneath.

Jizz wads whipped across the exposed arms, covering blue, white, blush, silver, red, and myriad other shades of fox bunched into the rack of coats before them.  Moments later the arms were criss-crossed in webs of sticky, thick nut-butter.  The tangled masses of spent shemale spunk steamed off the ruined fox coats, clinging like glue in clumps to the rich, expensive fox pelts.  Larissa, Anya, and Vlada’s cocks took almost a full minute each to expend their massive loads.

As the pulses of cum started running out of power to reach rack across from them, the Firing Squad removed their pulsing cocks from the muffs and vomited the remainder of pent-up sexual effluent in their huge balls all over the big fox barrel muffs in front of them. The muffs were slagged with heavy blobs of the final, “excess” loads from the bloated cock-spears between their legs.  Larissa’s massive tool expelled the most of the three, shooting out pulses and round, bubbling balls of stinking nut atop the muff for a nearly a full minute after Anya and Vlada had finally wiped their wet cockheads clean on the underside of their own muffs.

Larissa, finally finished, turned to face the crowd, and, along with the rest of the Firing Squad, snapped off a smart salute.  This caused the cheers to explode once more.  Svetlana was quite impressed herself.  Even with the drugs, this Larissa had certainly put in an exceptional performance, judging by the huge pile of steaming cock-spray she deposited on top of her fuck-muff.

“Well, as they say in the heartland… holy-fucking-shit!” Quinn announced, after having been wildly cheering herself.  The little spitfire of a gurl in her big white fox outfit came out on stage once more.  “Give it up for these nasty ladies again!”

Larissa, Anya, and Vlada bowed this time.  Their wet, dripping cocks softened and bounced against the front of their fox skirts, leaving wet stains.  The cheers began again.  Larissa picked up the spunk-leaden muff from her stand and tossed it out into the audience. The heavy, sodden muff spun as it flew, causing fat blobs of the blond Slavic domme’s nut to splatter into the crowd.  Svetlana caught the wet splash of a landing out of the corner of her eye and watched two or three horny gurls descend on the ruined, spunk-plastered muff to fuck it again and again.

Hellena sulked a bit, “Not cool.”

“I should think you’re perfectly okay,” Svetlana replied, glancing down at the second muff Hellena had recently discarded, with a pool of spunk stuck to the top. 


The Firing Squad left, stage right, and Quinn waived them off. The heavy fur curtains closed as she did.  “I don’t know about you bitches, but that got me all hot and bothered…” Quinn gyrated her hips, showing off the big bulge around her much roomier, Native-American-inspired white fox skirt.  “While we get ready for the next act, any lady want to come up here and let me… freshen their fur?”

Quinn punctuated the request by pulling open the fly on her white fox skirt, releasing the cock beneath out into the open.

Svetlana’s long nails curled around Hellena’s arm as she began to get up.  “Now, now… This is probably not the best time for a reunion, dahling.” she purred.

“Bogus,” Hellena pouted, though adorable, as she settled back against the plush fur couch and dragged a long, blush fox wrap up into her lap from the pile of strewn furs on the couch and floor to her right.

Quinn had no shortage of volunteers waiving their finely manicured hands in the air.  A spotlight burst forth from over the stage and roamed the audience.  Waving arms encased in long, thick fox sleeves were juxtaposed with more bare arms and with huge stoles piled up around their shoulders.

“Who will it be…?” Quinn gamely teased the audience as the spotlight continued to roam.  “There!” she shouted.  The spotlight came to halt and swept back slightly to frame Quinn’s choice.

Rising from atop a pile of fox coats she’d piled on the couch beneath her, the lucky girl posed in the spotlight.  The outfit was a bit more creative than most.  Like a glamorous arctic explorer, the gurl was wrapped in a huge pearl fox parka, topped with a giant hood with a wide white fox fringe that framed her entire face in silky fox hair.  Belted at the waist by a full pelt white fox boa, the parka came down to her thighs.  Those thighs and the rest of her legs were encased in what appeared to be heavy pearl fox pants.  Rolls of puffy, thick fox enclosed the legs right down to the big furry boots on her feet.

She “accessorized” the outfit with a big wolf backpack and fox straps.  The backpack appeared full and heavy on her back, contributing to the notion she would appear more at home on some long, treacherous arctic journey.  The kid leather gloves on her hands rounded out the attire and left her face as the only part of her body exposed to the chilly theatre air.

“Now there’s a gurl who likes to bundle up!” Quinn said as the audience member made her way to the aisle in a reasonably nimble fashion, despite the heavy layers of fur and backpack weighing her down.  “C'mon up here!”  Quinn held out her hand helping the gurl get up the steps to the stage while obviously taking a moment to rub her fingers over the soft pearl fox parka.  “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Tyndall,” she answered quickly.

“Hope you don’t mind a big cleaning bill,” Quinn said, hands rubbing the sleeve of Tyndall’s parka while she slapped her stiff erection against Tyndall’s fur-sheathed thigh.  Tyndall was a good deal taller than Quinn, but Quinn was by no means intimidated by the height difference.  That had changed from the first time Svetlana encountered her, she mused.

“Spunk me hard, baby,” she replied enthusiastically.

“Woo!  Now that’s what I want to hear!” Quinn shouted, luridly thrusting up against Tyndall’s flank now.

Despite the height difference, Quinn was obviously in charge.  It was also apparent those tits weren’t the only work she’d had done. Svetlana noticed it the moment it flopped out Quinn’s native American inspired white fox outfit.  She’d been quite up close and personal with Quinn’s “equipment” a year ago, and it was obvious she’d had some enchantments made.

The cock between Quinn’s legs wasn’t so much longer as thicker, much thicker.  Svetlana estimated that “beer can” would rather aptly describe the diameter of the trunk of Quinn’s engorged member.  The glans at the end wasn’t quite as wide, but the main shaft matched and would cause quite a bit of “discomfort” to anyone not ready for such a fat pipe.

Quinn worked the broad slab of dickmeat now, rubbing it up down the side of Tyndall’s pearl fox explorer pants.  The wide shaft left the fur disheveled and tossed where it brushed through harshly. Quinn’s movements were not tender, but powerful and rough.  Tyndall stood her ground while Quinn humped against her,  holding out her arms and twisting her hips forward so the crowd could get a good view of Quinn’s excited thrusting.

“Mmmm, baby, you know I gotta paint that hood, right?” Quinn moaned with a soulful desire in her voice.  She sauntered back behind Tyndall and grabbed the sides of the hood from behind, rubbing her fingers deeply into the white fox fringe.  “Oh, who wants to see this gorgeous fur totally fucked up!” she shouted into the mic.

Cheers greeted the request.

“Get on those well-padded knees for me baby,” Quinn more ordered than requested.  Quinn rubbed Tyndall by the shoulders as she slowly knelt down.  Once on her knees, Quinn was visible once more, her huge jugs bouncing just over the top of Tyndall’s parka hood.  She smiled and rubbed them against the back of Tyndall’s hood, roughly pressing her white fox against the pearl fox of the hood and giggling as her big tits wobbled.

Emerging to the side, Quinn’s fat pink erection did some wobbling of its own, still framed by the white fox of her pleated fur skirt. She wiggled her ass some, letting the long dangling boas on her outfit leap around before flanking Tyndall to her left and slapping the cock down on her shoulder.  “Damn, I’m gonna fuck this up so bad,” she moaned, thrusting the fat, beer-can dick against the parka’s shoulder, where it met the wide, drape of the hood.

The audience cheered.  Svetlana was once again aware of the strain between her legs.  Relenting, she worked the front of her leather skirt and zipped downward.  The tall czarina in fur allowed herself some relief as the uncut Slavic giant between her legs was finally freed.

“Mmm,” Quinn moaned as she humped away at the parka on stage.  “Let’s give this bitch what she deserves, shall we?”

Rearing back, Quinn’s bloated cock-sausage pulled free just as it started launching a white line of cocksnot up the side of the parka hood’s white fox fringe.  Heavy and wet, the pearly streak of load landed perfectly, roping over the top of the hood’s fringe and battering it down as it landed.  Against the shiny white fox, Quinn’s load took on a pallid gray hue.  The thick babybatter steamed in the cool air, rising slowly off the long guard hairs.  Quinn’s orgasm was just beginning, and more followed in rapid succession.  Spurts flew one after another, with only the shortest pause in between.

Quinn rocked the side of Tyndall’s parka hood after savaging the white fox fringe with more spurts.  Soon the entire side of the hood was a gluey, pasty mass of tranny cum, steaming in the chilly air. Quinn’s nuts squeezed more and more out every time the tip pulsed, while drips and dribbles rolled off her fingers and splattered the front of her own white fox skirt in the process.

The crowd cheered, and spurt, their approval.  Svetlana was aware of the combination of moans and passionate cries from the audience behind and beside her.  The smell of spunk was suddenly heavy in the theatre as cocks shot off in appreciation of Quinn’s on stage spunking.

For her part, the willing victim, Tyndall, rubbed the front of her parka as she felt the heavy battering of fresh jizz on the side of her hood.  Moaning and gasping through it all, her hands thrust at her crotch, where the fox pants now bulged.  Near the end of Quinn’s fountaining orgasm, Tyndall gasped, hard, and thrust her hips towards her hands, obviously shooting a load right into her fox pants from the mere sensation of Quinn’s cum blasting her parka.

Though it seemed to last forever, Quinn’s fat rod finally stopped.  Tyndall, who was partially slumped over now due to her own mind-rocking orgasm, obediently let Quinn turn her head to the side to show off the results of the monstrous explosion of white reproductive fluid on the side of her expensive parka’s huge hood.

The left side of the hood was cocooned in a white, chunky shell that ran from the top all the way down to the shoulder and upper arm of the pearl fox parka.  The fine pelts were swimming with sperm that was stuck like glue.  Quinn’s ejaculate was far too thick to simply run off.  Tyndall could actually feel the weight of it pushing down against the side of her face, and feel the heat of it through the silk lining of the hood.

“Hope you know a good furrier,” Quinn said with a giggle.  The crowd laughed along with her.

Wet fox was obvious between Tyndall’s legs when she rose to her feet and made the tenuous walk back to her spot on the couches.  By the time she made it back, a few of the gurls were there to greet her.  Greet her and get a sample of the famous Quinn Cumbunny’s load. They started rubbing the huge wet mess with their fingers and wiping it on their own fox coats and accessories.  Tyndall didn’t seem to mind.


Svetlana turned her attention from the events further back in the theatre to front stage once more, as the curtains were pulling back again.  Quinn, once again standing to the side of the stage, though with her rock hard cock now hanging out, announced the next act was ready.  “Everyone put your hands together… with your furs… and your cocks… for Kitty Cannon!  And the Glory Shower!”

Not that there was much reason to complain about how Quinn handled the “downtime” between acts, but it was quickly apparent why the changeover took some time.  At first, it appeared there was another curtain behind the outer one, this one black.  A quick focus revealed it to be a stiff wall, as high as the stage ceiling and reaching from one wing to the other.  In the center, the wall bowed outward then curved inward to a cylindrical intrusion.

The circular indention in the center appeared to create a round hollow.  The interior, like the rest of the wall, was a thick, silky black fox that glistened whenever the spotlights roamed over it.  The lights stopped their roaming and moved quickly stage right, where, Svetlana presumed, Kitty Cannon emerged.

The nod to her first name came in the form of a long, stuffed black fox boa tail that dragged the floor behind her.  Kitty’s tail was about a foot and a half in diameter, a huge, round, six-foot long piece of fox that ended in a round, puffy dome.

Miss Cannon’s sir-name was also plainly displayed, a thirteen inch rod of flesh ending in a wide, flared mushroom tip that almost glowed purple under the stage lights.  The straps that rounded her waist to hold up her long, fluffy tail in no way obstructed the view of her proud reproductive organ.

Rounding out Kitty’s outfit were a pair of white fox trimmed platform knee-boots, and a huge waist-length black fox jacket, similar to Quinn’s, with two vast, elbow length barrel muff sleeves. Kitty’s big white-platinum hair provided the cap to her white boots, all black fox in the middle.

The music started and Kitty began to prowl.  She turned, pressing herself up against the black fox wall, rubbing the soft, soft fur with her hands while she shook her hips.  Kitty’s cannon bounced against the fur wall, slapping the soft pelts in a rhythmic motion while the big fox tail shimmied back and forth behind her.

Fully prepared to simply enjoy Kitty leave a white trail along the expanse of black fox that comprised the towering wall, Svetlana realized the true nature of the act as Kitty stepped back, miming a “pulling” motion as she did.  Stepping away from the wall, Kitty revealed a stiff cock now sticking through the fluffy black fox.  The freshly blossomed shaft was tall, stiff, and already dripping.  The engorged cock rubbed itself against the fur gloryhole through which it protruded, aroused by fox on all sides, but exposed now to the hungry Kitty’s amorous attentions.

Once revealed, Kitty slinked up to the wall once more, this time turning to rub her fluffy fox tail up and down the exposed cock.  Up and down, right and left, she shook her tight ass and rubbed the exceptionally sensitive underside of the cock with practiced, rhythmic motions.  It didn’t take long before the wall itself shook a bit as the owner of the fleshy deployed rod desperately thrust their hips through the furry hole and shot their sperm in waves.

Kitty’s fox tail took the brunt of the splattered ejaculation, continuing to milk the cock dry as it pulsed long strings of white load onto the fluffy fur outfit.  After ten solid blasts of goo it slowed to a jittery ooze, and the wet hairs of Kitty’s tail caused an additional shudder as it became even more sensitive.  With the expended load decorating the back of her jacket and fox tail, Kitty danced further to the center of the wall and the semi-circular intrusion in the center.

Two more long, thick shafts appeared on the main wall before the corner.  Just like the first, these were rock hard already and required no additional teasing bring them close to release.  This time Kitty backed herself up to the wall, with one cock on either side of her jacket.  The sudden gyrations of her hips to the music alternately stroked each cock where it popped through the gloryholes in the fur wall.  Back and forth Kitty playfully danced, rubbing the sides and bottoms of the shafts with tail of her jacket while her own massive member spun in between.

The dance proved rather effective, as both dicks launched rapid-fire lines of spunk high into the air simultaneously.  Streaks of cum burst across the stage where they pointed, thick chunks of the runoff drooling down the sides of Kitty’s black fox jacket and dribbling over the white fox cuffs of her boots.  The two cocks shot in slightly alternating bursts, first right, then left, each one shooting more load than most men could in three or four orgasms.  When they finally stopped, the wet, sticky remains of their teeming cumshots streaked the sides of Kitty’s jacket and boots, and left long white streaks on the stage to either side of her.  White lines ran down from each hole, like a sticky arrows pointing to what otherwise would be indistinguishable from the whole of the black fox wall.

Satisfied like the first, these two removed themselves from their fluffy gloryholes in the tall black fox wall and Kitty danced onward. Now, as the intensity of the music rose, she danced into the semi-circular indention in the center of the black wall.  Spacious enough to accommodate only herself and her dance moves, the stage lights came together to illuminate half cylinder of black fox with Kitty in the middle.

The light cues and music combined to make the appearance of fourteen stiff dicks through gloryholes in the wall quite the impressive site.

Arranged in two tiers, seven apiece, the lower tier were in line with the earlier ones on the outside wall section, about waist level for Kitty.  The higher seven were about shoulder level, pointing eagerly at the high, thick collar of Kitty’s black fox jacket. Watching, Svetlana reasoned their owners were packed a bit tight behind the high wall.  The tiered system would require either a catwalk or someone very comfortable balancing on a ladder while getting a fur job through a gloryhole.

Svetlana then remembered she didn’t care how they did it.

Kitty danced among the garden of erections that erupted from the black fox wall.  Surrounded on three sides, her dancing motions were stimulating them in turn, some high, some low, some left, some right, depending on where her hips and heels took her.  The movements of her body sent the big, fluffy black fox collar of her jacket flying, where it brushed the sides and tips of the fat, eager cocks at eye level, while the long, wet tail and jacket serviced the ones below.

Svetlana reasoned there couldn’t be any particular choreography to what followed, not that any was really necessary.  As Kitty danced in the black fox semicircle, cocks exploded.  After remaining on the left side of the tall fox tube, her moments sent two cocks from the upper row into leaping convulsions from which their heads vomited long busts of semen into her hair and down the side of the black fox jacket’s collar.  Spurt after spurt after spurt fired from the exposed poles of flesh, splattering down the sides of the fluffy collar and arm of the jacket in a frenzy of sexual release.

White streaks curved across the thick black pelts from other directions as Kitty danced to the opposite side of the tall fox cylinder, setting off two more with her long furry fox tail.  She wiggled her ass up against the closely matched pair where they jut through the fox wall, stroking them first with her tail while bowing down to thrust her fox sheathed ass up against them.  Hot steaming wads of nut followed, criss-crossing the furry fox tail with more wet shots of goop.  Eagerly the pleased cocks shot their wads, semen flying up the back of Kitty’s fox jacket and leaving white lines of nut from the underside of the collar to the top of her tail attachment.

Gleefully, Kitty turned and shook her tail for the audience, showing off the fresh spunk stains on the back of the jacket the wide, floor-length boa tail.  Sweeping back around the interior of the cramped, cock filled cylinder, she smeared the wet mess on the back of her tail across the black fox wall and the remaining lower cocks, staining them with warm spent spooge of their fellows even as her collar received a new blast from the far, high right.

A fat uncut monster erupted and sprayed a heavy line of baby paste down the arm and front of Kitty’s coat.  Standing near the back, the big cock on the far right front edge was well placed to vomit its nutbutter up and down Kitty’s front.  Strings of it hit her squarely across the chest, crossing the big collar from left to right as it strained to fuck through the fox gloryhole.  A few blobs landed on the top of Kitty’s own big cannon, staining her fat cock even as it swung luridly between her legs.

Kitty’s own cock had been leaking liberally throughout her performance, leaving wet blobs both on the black fox 'carpet’ at the bottom of the big stage wall, and streaks and strings from where the tip bounced against the black fox walls.  Grabbing it, she rolled it around, rubbing it against the fur at the lower level of glory-holes, rubbing the underside of her shaft against the remaining dicks still thrusting through the fox wall.

One of them erupted when she rubbed it with her own shaft, spilling seed down the outrageous length of her cock and running over her tight, bloated nut-sac.  Thick blobs of goo pulsed down her fleshly pole while she thrust her cock against the smaller orgasming shaft to the beats of the music.  The black splatter from the flesh-to-flesh eruption sprayed the black fox both around the gloryhole and on the front of Kitty’s black fox jacket.

Milked to exhaustion, the cock receded from the hole, leaving a white stain splattered around the fox fringing the hole.

Kitty redoubled her efforts to finish off the rest, and, in perfect timing, caused the final set to erupt in virtual unison. Spurts flew high and low, with Kitty in the middle, taking each and every spurt to her black fox coat.  Already sticky with the previous loads, the thick jacket’s high collar, round barrel muff cuffs, and plush full pelted body were subsequently soaked with more gooey semen.  The eager spray rained from all directions, soaking her platinum blond locks along with the highly contrasted black fox collar around them.

No doubt their owners have stocked up their “vitamins,” Svetlana reasoned as the unnaturally huge orgasms finally ended, leaving Kitty in the middle of the sticky, wet, black fox cylinder covered in wet and stinking sexual goop.  Her huge cock also dripped with the runny white goo that had poured down so copiously.  Stepping out of the tall black fox cylindrical wall, she took a bow on the edge of the stage.

“Kitty Cannon! Ladies and Horse Hung Ladies!” Quinn announced, coming back on stage from her perch to the right.  The audience, Svetlana included, applauded, and in many cases, ejaculated, vigorously.  Svetlana smelled fresh semen pouring from cocks around her as many whom, like herself, has been abstaining, finally allowed themselves some relief.

Just to her side Hellena gasped a big as she cut loose another wad into the fox wrap with which she played throughout the performance. The long wrap listed under the weight of the semen Hellena was milking into it as she clapped.  When she finished she tossed the ruined fur to the floor like a discarded tissue.

“Look at this!” Quinn shouted, holding her hand out to the steel hard, cum dripping erection between Kitty’s thighs.  “We have the lovely Miss Cannon leave with blue balls, now can we?”


More applause.  Svetlana clapped too.  It did seem rather inappropriate.  Besides, after a performance like that, Kitty’s sac was red, stretched, and groaning with ultra-potent shemale seed.

Quinn bunched up the side of her white fox skirt and started rubbing Kitty’s towering rod.  The skin on her shaft was dripping and splattered with the jizz of at least eight different cocks from her time in the black fox glory hole set.  Quinn’s soft white fox skirt helpfully soaked up the random stains, wetting the white hairs down with grayish goo.  Kitty purred a bit as she did, smiling as the fur did its work on her huge spear.

When finished, Kitty’s shaft was mostly dry, and thick, long strings of matted, disturbed fur covered the right side of Quinn’s white fox skirt.  Quinn playfully “pulled” Kitty to the edge of the stage by a hand tugging on the head of her massive fuckstick.  Standing at the edge of the stage, with Kitty’s big fat dick swinging over the edge, Quinn beamed a great big smile at the audience.

Then she winked at Svetlana.

Svetlana’s brows knit momentarily, unsure of what she’d seen. The wide open spaces in the theatre for the audience made the chance of a misread reasonably slim.

Still panting a bit from her most recent orgasm, Hellena elbowed her, “I think she winked at you, Red.”

“Hush,” Svetlana responded in only a half-hearted chastisement.

So brief the possible wink, Quinn had already danced around behind Kitty.  She literally reached around to stroke the underside of Kitty’s shaft with the cuffs of her white fox jacket.  Behind Kitty, Quinn’s own exposed cock started grinding into the wet, stained black fox fur tail on Kitty’s show outfit.

While Quinn pumped and jerked, Kitty moaned, gyrating her hips in time with Quinn’s movements.  She thrust back against the shorter Mistress of Ceremonies while her big dong bounced up and down against the huge white fox cuffs of Quinn’s jacket.

It was somewhat mesmerizing, and Svetlana watched the two fur fuck on the stage, taking a movement to stroke her own towering rod of flesh.  The pure pleasure of fox running up and down her shaft and the sight of the two hung ladies on stage managed to obfuscate one simple fact… she was in the front row, right in front of them. Finally, Quinn had, in fact, winked at her.

The first long eruption from Kitty’s cannon flew from the edge of the stage and wrapped itself around the left side of the collar Svetlana’s massive black and red fox coat.  The single white line cut perfectly through the dark fur.  Heavy, wide, and wet, the sperm shot clung to the fur like glue, teeming and potent with organic ooze that would soon expire and completely ruin the soft pelts.  Svetlana moaned a bit herself as she realized what was happening.

Quinn aimed Kitty at Svetlana like a groaning howitzer of spunk, and Kitty delivered.  Shot after shot arced across the open area between the front row and the stage, raining down on Svetlana’s ultimate czarina fox coat, her exposed cock, and the furs strew across the floor in between.  One splatter crowned her flared cockhead and attached itself to her shaft, snaking its way from tip to the heavy, smooth sac beneath.  More fresh sperm hit her cuffs, arms, and the tall fox hat on her head, leaving wide white lines or deep round puddles of steaming cocksnot on the expensive fox fur.

Smoke drifted from Svetlana’s lips while her hand steadily pumped her shaft with the cuffs of her black and red fox coat.  Gray smoke and white load rose and fell, with Kitty’s fat nutsac emptying itself in a frenzy upon Svetlana while she calmly smoked and stroked.  The last five shots from Kitty’s orgasm only made it as far as the furs piled between the stage and the front row, signaling her final release.  There was now an enormous white river of spunk between Svetlana and the stage where Kitty stood, panting and moaning in the afterglow of her orgasm.

Satisfied Kitty’s rain was complete, Svetlana allowed herself to orgasm.  The power she exercised over her body was nearly perfect.  Such controlled, delayed releases were also more pleasurable, as she could allow the wonderful sensations of fur on her cock to build up, fattening her nuts for an even longer orgasm.  Svetlana knew she had a few extra inches on Kitty, and now it was time to prove she had a few extra quarts on her as well.

Already sopping with the feline performer’s steamy nut load, Svetlana’s own massive cocktower erupted like a geyser.

“Hell yeah, Red, show'em!” Hellena said, flashing a devil salute as Svetlana’s ejaculate rose towards the high ceiling then fell back down to splatter across the top of her enormous black fox hat, squarely in the middle.  Hot and chunky, the ultra-potent jizz vomited over and over from the tip of her giant shaft and splattered around her, adding additional ounces of white load to her already wet, matted fox coat.

Svetlana’s orgasm lasted almost twenty seconds longer than Kitty’s, and the end result was more thick, glutinous white masses of jizz stuck not only to her own fox coat but to the seats and furs strewn about the front row around her.  A few hundred thousand dollars of formerly pristine, factory-fresh fur was now laying in worthless, semen caked masses.  Svetlana left herself in a literal pool of spunked fur, all while calmly and coolly smoking from her cigarette holder.

When her “exposition” was complete, the remainder of the theater cheered.  Even Quinn and Kitty, still on stage and “glued” to the sight of Svetlana’s massive organ geyser, clapped.

“Oh my, I think that concludes the show for this evening!” Quinn shouted as Kitty demurely stepped off stage.  “Thanks to all our performers, and the lovely Czarina…” she added, holding an arm out to Svetlana in the front row sperm pool, “… for a wonderful show…  Be here tomorrow night for more action!” She flapped her cock, “Now get fur fucking, bitches!”

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