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“Special Delivery” – by FurCreamer

Disclaimer 2021: No, this is not new. It, like the rest of the posts in January of the year of our lord 2021, is content written years ago and published in a now defunct fur forum. As I am loathe to let anything go to waste, I am publishing them here.

Summary: FoxTrap takes delivery of her latest eBay purchase, and shows the delivery girl how to properly put it to good use.

Story Codes: CisFem/TransFem, TransFem/Furs

Notes: At some point I had the ability to just have a simple, straightforward idea and just write it out. I miss those days.

“Special Delivery” – by FurCreamer

           The blue fox hat was a particularly amazing specimen. Custom designed to mimic the rather tall bearskin hats of the English Royal Guard; it stood a full two feet high. The seller said it was a costume prop from a drag show. The full pelts gave it a luxurious, thick body; richly highlighted with iridescent black guard hairs. Upon finding it on eBay, FoxTrap set a minimum bid of 10 grand and waited, rather impatiently.

            She did not recall what the winning bid was, only that several attempted snipers went home empty handed. And, most likely, sexually unfulfilled. A familiar bidder she knew to be a fetishist tried three times to nab the hat in the last three minutes of bidding.

            The box was agreeably large under the arm of the young, chestnut haired UPS girl who carried it, along with broad smile on her face. FoxTrap opened the door as the girl started up the long sidewalk from the estate's winding private driveway.

            Signature required, as always.

            The tall, full collar of FoxTrap's pink fox bolero jacket framed the heavily teased, pink highlighted platinum blond bouffant chosen for today.  Glittery black liner and high hot pink shadow surrounded the pink contacts in her eyes, creating a look which could be described as “candy goth.”  The toned, bare mid-rift between the jacket and her short vinyl skirt seemed unconcerned with the wintery chill passing over the front porch. The pink and white striped stocking below the shiny skirt hem vanished prematurely into her tightly zipped matching pink boots.

            The delivery girl beamed a smile. “I seem to be expected.”

            “Delivery tracking is a wonderful thing.”

            “More furs?”

            She knew the answer, of course, but asking was a good sign. FoxTrap smiled, “You bet. Scrumptious hat, you want to see? It won't take long...”

            The delivery girl smiled. The name tag on her barely curved left breast read “Tina.” Tina's smile wavered. FoxTrap knew the girl was thinking about her job. The proposition was against all sorts of regulations. But, she was thinking about it. That was as good as “yes.”

            FoxTrap turned up the wattage on her smile, dazzling from her glittery, glossed pink lips. “It's a hat, girlfriend, really, just a quick look.” Girlfriend, was a bit of cheat, but she needed to seal the deal.

            Tina blushed. Another good sign.

            “Pretty please?” That was the super girly tone

            “Okay... But just for a few minutes...” Tina said, relenting.

            FoxTrap delivered a devilish nod and beckoned the delivery girl with a happy squeal. She took the big brown box from under her arm. “You do have to sign for it...” Tina said as she passed into the foyer, holding up the brown keypad slate in her other hand.

            “Well, let's make sure it's what I ordered, first,” FoxTrap replied with a mock conspiratorial tone.

            Skillfully she opened the box while Tina watched. The hat was wrapped with tissue paper, a nice touch. Pealing it back revealed the domed top of the huge blue fox hat. She dropped her fingers into the dense fur. She knew from the pictures it was in excellent condition, but the anticipation of that first contact was sweet, nonetheless.

            She was right. The hair caressed FoxTrap's fingers with a delicious fluidity that only the finest fox could muster. “MMMmmmm,” she moaned softly, pulling it out.

            Due to the size, it took a couple seconds to extract it from the box. “Holy cow, that thing is huge,” Tina said, eyes widening as the full size of the hat was revealed.

            FoxTrap purred, “Feel it.”

            Tina hesitated, but set down her keypad on nearby table and reached out after a few tenuous seconds. What began as a quick touch quickly became an extended petting motion. “It's really soft.”

            By now the round bulge in FoxTrap's pink vinyl skirt was far more obvious and growing by the second. Tina's attention was focused entirely on the hat. FoxTrap guided her hand up and down. Tina's face flushed red. The delivery girl had not quite expected this.

            “You like it?”

            “Well, yeah... Really, really soft,” she muttered eyes locked on the tall round hat.

            FoxTrap figured Tina would not be waxing poetic about her developing affection for fur anytime soon. “Now you see why I like it so much. Such a turn-on, right?”

            “Wow, yeah, hadn't really thought of it like that...” Tina flushed an even deeper shade of red, an impressive feat under the circumstances. It was the reaction FoxTrap was hoping for. The fact that she was still here was enough for her to make the final move.

            “Trust me, most girls don't, well, most girls like you,” she said with a wink. “Girls like me, well, we know. Fur is the ultimate turn-on.”

            Tina managed to blush a little more. She was well aware of FoxTrap's true nature. They had gone over that the first time she'd delivered a fur to the lithe, goth-glam girl in a big white fox coat with a decidedly masculine name on the delivery address. Tina gushed at the time about it, complimenting her, immediately loosening up. “Girlfriend” indeed. “So, are you going to put it on?” she asked what seemed at the time like a very obvious question.

            “Oh, no, not with this hair,” FoxTrap purred, lightly brushing the wide strands of the big bouffant. It would be far too wide for the hat to fit over. “Besides... I didn't buy it to wear it...”

            Tina blinked, “Then why-”

            “Want to see what it does to me?”

            “Um... really?” Tina never once looked away from the huge blue fox hat.

            “Sure, I'm soooo turned on right now... I'd love a little help from a girlfriend...” FoxTrap leaned forward, whispering the last words into the delivery girl's ear.

            Tina quivered a bit, fingers caressing the dense, plush fur. “Ummmm... Okay,” she said, smiling like the co-conspirator she was.

            She had hardly finished that last syllable before the sound of the small zipper on FoxTrap's shiny skirt whispered downward, followed by the soft squeak of the shiny material hitting the foyer floor. The pink and white stockings resolved themselves with polished metal garter clips at the top, clinging to a matching belt cinched tightly around the reedy thin, smooth waist of the trap.

            Tina might have commented on the supple, round, positively feminine thighs which those stockings partially encased, but her gaze fell upon what now rose proudly between them. “Ohmigod...”

            Still slightly curved and fully hooded, the massive flesh root between FoxTrap's legs continued to grow and lengthen, freed as it was from the vinyl prison. The long foreskin remained stretched over the curved head of the trap's unnaturally huge cock even as it reached its full length. Her glans did not mushroom much, leaving only a thin outline through the purple-hued foreskin.

            “Now you know why I need such big furs.”

            “How can... I mean... I've never seen one sooo big...”

            “Not finished yet... Rub me with the hat...” this time FoxTrap's voice was very clear, with the edge of command.


            “Go on... It's just a furjob.”

            Tina had never stopped stroking the huge fur hat, her unconscious motions continued as she moved the blue fox hat forward towards the eagerly waiting tower of trap cock. Tina slowly drew the bottom of the hat to the tip of FoxTrap's cock and then began to slide it down, slowly. She was unsteady and unsure, but ultimately figuring out how to rub fur against a cock was exactly rocket science. The broad shaft sunk into the fur as she pressed harder.

            FoxTrap moaned as the deep, plush fur caressed the underside of her huge smooth cock. Small, precise pink lines traced root-like patters across the surface and seemed to pulse faster as the fur slid down. Inch by inch the two-foot-tall hat traveled, drawing more and more of FoxTrap's organ against it.

            Tina hit the trunk-like bottom of the shaft, where nary a single errant pubic hair was visible. She gasped a bit, seeing only a few inches of cock to spare before the top of the hat. Part of her wondered if it weren’t some amazing trick, but she could feel the heat of the organ, see the skin gather and move naturally as the fur caressed it.

            The big hood of flesh at the end suddenly released a white blob the size of a quarter into the fur, in concert with the shudder of pleasure FoxTrap's glossy, painted lips released. Tina jumped, startled by the burst of white from the tip. She dropped the hat on the floor. “Oh god, did you cum already!? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mess up your new hat!”

            FoxTrap shivered a bit as the fur left her dick, falling to the carpet between them. The white lump of goo near the top of the blue fox hat sunk deeper into the fur. “No... no... just a little pre...” she reassured, breathlessly.

            “That was just... pre?” Tina said, hesitating. As if to complicate the matter, another loop of goo splurt from the end and remained perched there until gravity finally took over and it dropped like a wad of white phlegm to the fur hat below.

            “Yes... I'm kinda backed up... Please,” FoxTrap asked, “Don't stop... I'm soooo horny right now I'm going to cum quick.”

            “Uuuhh... Won't that, like, ruin your new hat?'

            “Why do you think I bought it, silly?”

            Tina's eyes widened, but she picked up the huge blue fox hat from the floor. “Um, okay, just try not to get any on my uniform.”

            “Don't worry wouldn't want to waste it,” FoxTrap said with a smile.

            Tina moved the hat back in position under the lengthy log of flesh between the reedy thin trap's smooth legs. She pressed it into the deep, thick blue fox and began to pump it. FoxTrap's back arched as she felt the jolt of sweet pleasure from the contact of fur against cock. Her hips surged forward, thrusting against the rhythm of Tina's motions with an almost unconscious effort. The wet blobs oozing from the end of her foreskin rolled like slimy lumps into the long guard hairs, immediately matted into the underfur by the broad purple-hued glans as it thrust into the hat.

             “Fuck, don't stop... don't stop...” FoxTrap gasped. Her long, perfectly manicured nails dug into the huge collar of her pastel pink fox bolero jacket, squeezing down hard on the soft fur. The wet gooey mass at the end of the hat grew larger and larger as it seemed the huge dick between her legs simply continued to loose steady pulses of precum. Tina's nose wrinkled a bit as the smell hit her. She had sex before, and the scent male fluid wasn't completely alien to her, but this certainly was stronger than she'd ever experienced.

            Tina instinctively twisted the hat, finding a cleaner surface on the broad cylinder of fur. The cool caress of fresh blue fox against her cock caused FoxTrap to gasp once more, only this time she said, “Gonna cum! Oh, fuck, gonna spunk this bitch!”

            Tina kept pumping the hat against the trap's massive organ. Her eyes widened as the first huge rush of jism spurt from the tube of foreskin and hit the fur like a wet bomb. Tina was not particularly well versed in the average amount of cum produced by a healthy male, but she was pretty sure the immense, chunky wads of white goo jetting into the tall blue fox hat were equally as fantastical as the enormous organ from which they sprang. Stringy white wads leapt from the broad, flushed glans and beat down into the fur, leaving thick, clumped mounds sinking ever deeper into the dense underfur.

            FoxTrap's colossal dong flopped against the fur while Tina, still in a bit of a shock from the amazing display, figured out she should keep turning the hat so fresh clean fur could be sacrificed to the spurting trunk of flesh. The smell that had only suggested itself before hit with a power similar to the jets of cum against the hat. Tina's nose squished up, but she kept pumping, even as the stench of this huge wad seemed to cut off all air in the room.

            “Oh shit!” The sudden sensation of wet, viscid fluids on her fingers resulted in a gasp and jump from the delivery girl, who had not realized while turning the big hat for FoxTrap to keep pumping clean fur, that she would eventually have to grab where that cum already hit like a slick white frosting. Tina released the blue fox hat just as the final sloppy splurt of trap jizz fired off. It painted a thick white line up the front of her brown uniform from the belt to the nametag over her small left breast. The squeal that punctuated her outburst coincided neatly with the damp splat the hat made when it hit the carpet once more.

            “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Tina exclaimed in horror, looking at both the wet white blobs on her fingers and the correspondent bubbly white line on her uniform.

            FoxTrap heaved an incredibly pleased sigh. The tall blue fox hat lay at her boots, streaked with white, chunky cum. Little of it was anything but a gleaming pearlescent color, so potent was the lumpy fluid that hardly any clear elements were visible. The jizz stains virtually glued the hat to the rather expensive rug.

            Tina calmed down a little, breathing quickly but no longer cursing. 

            “There's a bathroom down that hall, first door.”

            And off she ran.

            FoxTrap stroked her pink fox bolero, brushing it out from where she had crushed the collar while gripping it during orgasm. Her cock hung curved downward, resting in the pleasant post orgasmic warmth, the foreskin slick with stringy white residue. A white blob clung to the pinched folds of skin. “Mmmmm.”  She reached down, grabbed the heavy fox hat, and picked it up. Strings of her spunk clung to the carpet, snapping eventually as the distance between the ruined fur became too great. She picked a suitably dry area and started cleaning the leftovers. When done, whatever remained was clumped to the formerly soft fur.

            Tina appeared again, eying both the hat and the semi-flaccid member hanging between the trap's legs. A broad dark stain covered the front of her uniform, no doubt the water used to soak the cum from it. “I really gotta go.”

            “It was fun.” FoxTrap smiled engagingly as she stood in the middle of the living room with her dick hanging out, holding an expensive fur hat covered with copious amounts of her own jizz, as if nothing about that was the least bit out of the ordinary for her. “I'll be ordering more, don't worry.”

            Tina stopped, stared at the tall, horse hung trap, and returned the smile. “Try not to miss next time...”

            “You dropped it,” FoxTrap pouted adorably.

            “Buy something... bigger.”

            FoxTrap just sighed with a far-away look in her bright violet eyes, “Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.”

*          *          *

            Velvet queued up the slo-mo for the cumshot on the monitor. “I wish she hadn’t dropped the damn thing.”

            FoxTrap leaned in an gave her a quick peck on the cheek, “She's not quite as experienced as you.”

            Velvet leaned back in her chair watching the HD slow-mo capture of FoxTrap's cock milking massive wads into the blue fox hat, even while her right hand clenched that very same cock with a pink fox mitten and jerked it. “Good thing I'm not the jealous type.”

            “I think the fact that you were filming it kinda suggests you aren't.”

            Velvet smirked, “Kinda.” She jerked the huge cock faster. “But, just to be sure, I'm kinda gonna need you do shoot an even bigger one for me...”

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