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“Party in the Bathroom” - by Furcreamer

Author's Note: This is it, the debut of perennial favorite Tiffany. It's actually sort of a cameo in an otherwise hetro affair, but... wait for it... she makes a splash!

“Party in the Bathroom” - by Furcreamer

Jim’s button-up shirt, slacks, and polished brown loafers didn’t do much to hide his natural build. He stood silently against a recently painted wall, smiling and nodding, trying not to look like a giant professional athlete among the milling group of upper middle-class WASPs. This was a party, of course, and the plastic cup of slightly alcoholic punch was not the only clue that it was not the kind of Cristal fueled club bash to which he was usually accustomed.

It was a chilly February in his hometown. And this new house was now under the proud ownership of his old high school friend Eddie. Eddie had invited him out and Jim knew he’d feel like crap if he blew it off. Eddie had been a good friend in high school, and they hadn’t seen each other for years. He was a pretty successful manager for a local corporation. Honestly, Jim wasn’t too clear on what Eddie did. He knew at the moment that Eddie and his wife were doing a lot of ‘networking’ with the locals, whom Jim now knew were a vague combo of Eddie’s old friends and people from his office.

This left Jim without much to do but stand. Thanks to the delay at the airport he’d been late. The party was in full swing, or as “swinging” as it got in middle American suburbia. He’d chatted with Eddie for a few minutes but it seemed his old friend was a bit caught up in his other guests. The other guests weren’t much to speak of. Most of the women were the middle-aged or professional mom type, and Jim never really got into that MILF thing.

The only exception was a significant one. A tall, platinum blonde with big tits Jim saw milling around near another, older, ‘managerial’ type professional broad. The blonde had total slut makeup on and was wearing a leather skirt and tight blouse. She wore a silk choker around her neck. Something caused Jim to stare a little longer at her, something tugging at the back of his mind. He dismissed it finally. His only guess about her rather obvious attire was that she was an adult doing a little acting out. Either that or somehow Eddie knew a pornstar.

The only person having a worse time at the party was Eddie’s kid. He looked about 11 or 12, and there weren’t any other kids here his age. Jim felt sorry for him. The boy wore a forlorn look on his face as people he probably never remembered complimented him on being a “big boy” these days. Jim remembered being in similar predicaments at that age.

Oh well, Jim mused; time to see if there was any real “action” at the party…

Jim casually walked from the spot he’d staked out near the buffet table, weaved through the milling partiers, and, with a rush of anticipation, began to climb the stairs. It was a general rule. Party downstairs… Coats dumped on a bed upstairs… Jim was optimistic, the party was stocked with the proverbial “upper middle class,” and there might be some good pickings upstairs. It was a freezing night in February, also a good sign. Finally, it wasn’t the god-awful ’90s anymore either, Jim laughed to himself.

No one had come into the party for over a half hour, so he should be undisturbed. Jim found the bedroom easily. The door was open and the mass of partygoer’s coats was piled up on the bed. “Fuck yeah,” he whispered to himself, already able to see tufts of a couple different foxes poking out of the pile, and quite a few furs in general. Jim stepped into the bedroom with an evil grin and a very large bulge in his slacks. He easily spied some white fox in the middle of the pile of mundane minks and a couple raccoons. He grabbed it.

The white pelts turned out to have a field of dyed black spots and tan highlights. Lynx-dyed fox- jackpot. A rare specimen, Jim thought, his fingers sliding through the full-length coat. The pelts were very soft, high quality, and very new. Someone must have custom-ordered this. Jim’s teeth sparkled as he smiled… and someone was going to very, very upset with what’s about to happen to it. He held up, regarding it. There was a full shawl collar and a pair of round cuffs. Nothing like the glorious excess of something from Locker F69, but it would be a sweet, sweet fuck. He brought the collar to his nose, smelling the perfume still clinging to the long guard hairs.

Jim drunk deeply of the scent the pulled it away. “Shouldn’t spray perfume right on the fur, babe… It’s bad for it…” Jim laughed and hefted the big coat around his forearm. He took a deep breath and made a beeline across the hall to his next destination.

The bathroom wasn’t enormous, but it had a full bath, and, most importantly, a very opaque shower curtain across it. Jim used the restroom briefly about 15 minutes after he arrived, making sure it was suitable. Very suitable. It would require some noise discipline, but otherwise, it was perfect. He slipped into the shower, pulled the curtain all the way closed and was very much alone with his new… friend. Even if someone came in to use the restroom, they’d never know what was happening not a few feet away in the bathtub, just behind the opaque curtain.

With a deep sigh of relief, Jim unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. His monster cock finally freed, sprung out after having been angrily pressing at his pants for almost five painful minutes. Jim’s sigh of relief turned into a stilted moan of pleasure as he slid the giant dick up into the lynx dyed fox coat’s shawl collar. He left a wet streak as the build-up of precum was wiped away, right into the wide collar. He jammed the shaft up and down the shoulder, further cleaning more precum from the tip and streaking the black spotted fur. Finally, the huge, angry cock between his legs was dry and ready for the silky softness of the fox coat.

Jim savored the moment, having the entire coat all to himself. Sharing with the guys was fun, but pounding a great full-length fox like this was a powerful thrill. His hands dug into shoulders and turned the coat around, slamming his dick up the back of the lynx dyed fur, right under the collar. He tried to keep his breathing level and quiet, pants down around his ankles, as his dick battered the soft fox coat. He didn’t want any sounds giving him away. The thick, luxurious fox slid unwillingly up and down his massive cock, liquid smooth and hot.

His balled fists crushed the shoulder fur, pushing it against his ravenous erection as hard as possible, knowing the hard thrusting was smashing the pelts and wrecking them. Jim slid the coat down some as his wet spurts of precum made the part he was raping a soggy mess. Finding another dry spot he continued, forcing his body to hold off. He needed to enjoy this as long as possible since he wasn’t sure how long he’d have with it. The flared cockhead pressed into the back of the lynx dyed full-length coat. Jim leaned back against the bathroom tile, still standing, pulling the back of the long coat up and down his cock without mercy.

Jim raped the back of the fox coat for a while longer, moving further and further down the back. He left sticky, mangled pelts in his wake, much of the coat now hanging down in the bath basin as he savagely speared the tail of the coat. The coat was being slowly destroyed by Jim’s huge dick the never-ending sluice of gray precum from his wide, deep pisshole.

Jim finally grunted, hands frantically grabbing up the coat again, pulling the top from the dry floor of the bathtub and whipping it around. He managed to sandwich his giant shaft between the sides of the full shawl collar just as the first massive burst of jizz erupted from his cock. Jim’s hips surged forward like a rutting animal, his powerful hands clamped down on the underside of the collar, drawing it up and down as the cock inside spit out huge, torrid blobs of sticky cocksnot right into the perfumed collar of the full-length lynx dyed fox coat.

Jim kept cumming, feeling the slicked, ruined collar fur slide around his giant dick as he just kept feeding it more. The smell rose to his nostrils, pungent and powerful, his sperm mixed with the perfume on the fur. Jim felt his knees weakening with the force of his orgasm. He’d been saving up for a while and this lynx dyed fox bitch was taking a massive load because of it. His spurts roped up and over the back of the collar, drooling white lines of spunk that gleamed over the dyed black spots and tan highlights. The cum spread across the shawl collar, fully destroying it by the time he was finally finished. The raped fur was twisted and matted down with the glue-like spunk Jim shot.

Jim struggled to catch his breath. The power of the orgasm was a little unexpected. He felt tired and slowly slid his body down the bath wall into a sitting position in the tub. He pushed the sperm splattered coat down to the opposite side of the tub, under the spigot. Heh, it would take more than a bath to get that bitch clean, Jim mused. He got his breathing under control. With a sigh he exhaled, leaning his head back against the tub tile and enjoying a little breather. He pushed the lynx dyed coat down with his loafers.

Then the bathroom door swung shut.

Jim tensed a little. He remained motionless, head tilted back against the tile. A small sliver of light fell through a tiny gap where the shower curtain hung near the wall. He relaxed a bit, realizing the timing could have been much worse. He wasn’t sure he was so quiet when he was blasting spunk into that fox coat, now he was cool and very, very silent.

The sound of piss entering the toilet wasn’t forthcoming, even after Jim heard the zip of a fly… He craned his head, peeking through the little crack between the shower curtain and the wall. What the hell? He didn’t say it out loud, but he almost did.

It was Eddie’s kid, and Eddie’s kid had a lynx jacket in his hands. The nice white lynx must have been buried under the mass of the other coats in the stack. Jim almost felt bad he missed it, but it seemed it was about to receive some attention despite himself. Eddie’s boy had his pants down around his ankles, his cock stiff and a look of wide-eyed lust on his face. Jim remembered that look. Young, horny, and about to fuck something way out of his usual league.

Eddie’s kid rubbed the lynx’s collar into his face, the bottom of the long jacket teasing his up-thrust cock. He heard the deep breaths, drinking in the scent of the fur. The ‘foreplay’ didn’t last long. The kid lowered it and jammed his cock into the collar of the jacket. He pumped his hips forward, standing in the middle of the bathroom, lynx wrapped around his developing dick. Even in the shower, filled with the smell of his own drying cum, Jim could detect the faint whiff of the owner’s perfume on the jacket.

The kid’s pounding hips were hurried and violent. Perhaps he knew he couldn’t take a long time in the bathroom so he was just trying to get off as quickly as possible. But Jim thought he could see the twisted enjoyment in the boy’s face, wanting to fuck the fur harder and harder, really pound it like such a fine, expensive bitch deserved. He kept grinding away, breathing getting faster and heavier as a little sweat covered his brow. The kid was really hammering the coat hard, and Jim smiled in appreciation of the budding fur rapist’s style.

“Eat my jizz,” he panted suddenly. It was hard to see, but the waving motions and gasps were an easy clue he was firing his spunk right into the collar of the lynx jacket. The kid’s cock squirt young, white load in thick blobs that his thrusts pushed deep into the full, fluffy white spotted pelts of the Russian lynx. One, two, three, shots, the boy counted off, watching as the splurts fired off, splashing across the top and sides of the full collar. Four, five, six, more came, roping white strings of his goo over one side and down the other. Seven, eight, he moaned, the last couple shots just thick drools from the small tip of his dick.

The boy looked down with pride at his work, the collar of the expensive white lynx now crisscrossed with his cum, which looked like gray strings against the gleaming white fur. With a deep sigh he hefted the thick jacket onto the bathroom table then quickly pulled up his pants, his cock having shrunk back down to a flaccid state. Once he was dressed again, the kid grabbed the jacket, carefully opened the door, peaked out, and, seeing the coast was clear, ran.

Jim just leaned his head back into the shower, shaking slowly. His huge dick, unlike the kids, was fully hard again after watching that little quickie. Holy shit, Eddie’s kid was a fur fucker. Who would have guessed? Jim had never met the kid before in his life, so he was pretty sure it wasn’t his fault. Fuck, he thought, no need to waste a good erection…

Jim reached down and hooked the arm of the freshly raped lynx dyed fox coat. The arms had survived intact from the last time, and he was licking his lips, staring at the round cuffs as he pulled the coat up from the bottom. He stayed put, just laying in the bottom of the bathtub basin, his enormous cock sticking straight up. He wrapped one cuff around the base of the shaft and heaved a pleasured sigh as he began to slowly stroke the cuff up and down his stiff rod. Jim’s powerful hands fisted the cuff against his shaft, pushing the soft fox fur hard on his dick, creating deep crevasses in the pelts as his dick thrust through it.

Jim pulled up the other arm, sandwiching his cock between the soft round cuffs of lynx dyed fox. He pushed hard, hips thrusting upward out of the tub basin to pound the thick flesh shaft into the supple fur. Jim’s big, veined cock ate at the arms, hungry for its softness. The jizz drenched body of the coat laying between his legs, most of it still pressed into a sticky ball of fur at the end of the tub. Jim huffed a bit, feeling that familiar, wonderful feeling as the fur slid up and down the tightly stretched skin of his cock. His fat ballsac puffed outward, nuts suddenly working in overdrive to feed the fur bitch he fucked.

Jim’s first shot of cum roped back into the tops of the round cuffs. It was just a little teaser to the clean the huge weapon as the second, third and forth. They shot upwards into the bath stall and nearly stuck to the ceiling with their force. Jim grunted, trying to keep his voice down as the powerful orgasm swept through his body, pleasure stiffening his back against the cool ceramic tub basin. The huge white spurts fell down and splashed into the back of the full-length lynx dyed fox just below the collar, where his precumming strokes had already dampened the pelts. The huge white beads of cocksnot exploded back into the fur as they landed, soaking the pelts between the shoulders fully with white, paste-like spunk.

Jim squeezed the cuffs over the angry flared tip of his dick as the next powerful bursts were injected directly into the soft fox. He felt his cock heatedly spitting out burst after burst into the fox cuffs. The black speckled fur was mashed and knotted as the heavy, thick sperm sluiced out in rapid, superheated bursts and ruined the pelts. Jim struggled to get his pleasured gasps under control as the rest of his load was shot around the cuffs, leaving them wrecked. The once fluffy, soft lynx dyed fox was stuck and pasted together, dripping with the ultra thick, ultra potent cum from the big man’s nuts.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered to himself. The bathroom reeked of perfumed fur and spunk. Jim groaned, knowing it was time to go. The full-length fox coat was completely smashed. He’d love to see the furriers face when its owner presented it for cleaning. Jim heaved a deep sigh, prepared to gather up this broken bitch and get out while the getting was good.

Then the bathroom door opened again.

He squelched a breath and froze, tossing the spunked cuffs away from his cock as he slowly unwound his body and relaxed his head to the tub wall, peaking out to see who was in the restroom now.

If Eddie’s kid surprised him, this one blew him away.

It was the blonde. The blonde was wearing a fox stroller-length jacket. Not just any, either. It was dyed a hot, electric pink, and the pelts were wide and plush with sumptuous black highlights. The collar of the stroller rose up around the blonde’s head; it was so tall, almost a full foot high around the back. It framed her head with the neon pink fox fur. The cuffs were equal to the collar; wide, round, running the length of the arm up to her elbow, like two big round barrel muffs on either arm. The stroller was, quite simply, spectacular, like the perfect fetish beauties that came from the mysterious Locker F69. He’d never seen such huge, full pelts and the likewise enormous collar and cuffs anywhere else.

She was holding a Russian sable in her well-manicured hands.

Jim recognized that one. It had been near the top of the coat pile. It was, no doubt, the most expensive of what he’d seen. The coat itself was probably worth around 75 grand; maybe more if the furrier was in the mood to fleece some confused old millionairess. The Russian sable would be exquisitely soft to the touch, and the cock, of course, but Jim never cared for the drab browns of sable. The sexy lynx dyed fox was a much better-looking victim in his opinion.

The blonde’s softly sloping nose twitched. “Wow…” Jim tensed a bit, realizing the entire bathroom probably reeked of his drying cock sauce as it clung to the full-length lynx dyed fox coat. The blonde’s tongue then ran slowly over her full, pouty red lips. “Time to play, bitch. I wanted that lynx dyed, but you’ll do,” she said in low, purposeful tones. “I’m gonna fucking destroy you.”

She removed one hand from the sable. It disappeared behind the long black/brown coat, and Jim, from his small angle, couldn’t see what she was doing. He heard the zipper of the blonde’s leather skirt going down. He caught a flash of moment as the skirt fell around the figure’s heels on the bathroom rug. The blonde uttered a long, sensual sigh of relief after doing a quick wiggle and adjusting something else again. Suddenly the sable bowed outward as if something was pushing into it from behind…

The blonde tilted her head back, long gleaming tresses of her full, teased out hair sinking into the huge pink fox collar that wreathed her face. She moaned, “Fuck, bitch, you’re soft.” Her tits heaved upwards as she drew in a breath, pressing against the tight silk blouse. Jim could easily pick out the twin points of her fully erect nipples pressed against the smooth silk fabric of her blouse.

The blonde’s Amazonian height bucked up and down in time with the pressed bulge in sable she now held with both hands. Jim’s mind reeled, not wanting to believe what was the only possible explanation. When she turned, folded the Russian sable over and dropped it on top of the bathroom sink, his outlandish suspicions were very much confirmed.

The blonde rammed her hips forward against the sable coat, the top of which was bunched into the sink, the rest hanging over the edge and down in front of her. She was raping the coat with an enormous cock, one of the biggest Jim had ever seen outside their little Locker F69 “fraternity”. The girth of the shaft was amazing, thickly veined, ending in a florid purple head that, as she fucked, revealed itself to be completely uncut. Beneath the cock, her bloated sac swayed in time with her vicious thrusts. The sac and the area around her cock were completely hairless. It was a strange feminine touch considering the shattering power of masculine organ itself.

She used the cock like a weapon; her thrusts into the full, soft sable pelts were fast and purely sadistic. She moaned, obviously reveling in raping the ankle-length sable coat. Her nails dug into it as she held it down. The grotesquely giant shedick was savaging the fur. The blonde flipped it over in the sink and went to pounding a fresh side, folding over the top end of the long sable and creating a big fur cunt. Her own electric pink fox shook with the power of her thrusts. From Jim’s sidelong point of view, it appeared the giant, feral organ jut directly out of the pink fox stroller as it plunged into the sable.

“Oh fuck…” she groaned. Jim shook his head, thinking, damn, she’s hardcore. The blonde hunched herself over the sink. Her hips lunging into the brown Russian sable were strong enough to shake the sink fixtures and rattle the plumbing. “Fuck, bitch, eat Tiffany’s spunk,” she gasped.

“Tiffany”, Jim presumed, quaked in her brilliantly dyed pink fox stroller. He couldn’t see it directly, but judging from the sound of the Amazon’s grunts, she was shooting spunk right into the body of the Russian sable where she’d folded it over. Jim lost track of the number of grunts she let out, each one the echo of a bolt of spunk blasting from the cock cannon between her silky smooth thighs. It must have lasted almost a full minute. As she finally stopped gasping, she stepped back.

The shaft of the giant dick was dripping with thick white blobs and strings of heavy white goo. As it pulled out of the huge, expensive Russian sable additional strings stretched from the shaft to the fur. They expanded and some broke away, the thick cum snapping back to the sable. Other, huge, thick lines remained fully attached to the still stiff shaft as Tiffany steadied herself on her spike heels.

Tiffany reached down and picked up the Russian sable by the collar. Her cock softened somewhat, hanging down between her knees like a massive sausage as the final few cum strings snapped away from the coat. She held it up by the collar, regarding her accomplishment.

“Holy shit.”

Jim wasn’t sure if he thought it or said it out loud, but it was the best he could do when he laid eyes on the huge, steaming mass of girlgoo splattered into the coat. It looked like someone dumped a jar of white jelly into the fur. The brown Russian sable coat was caked with Tiffany’s powerful, thick cocksnot in a wide swath across the back. The dark fur was completely whited out by the huge, steaming chunks of Tiffany’s ejaculate. He’d never seen a load like that come out of a human being before, not even Big Willie.

Tiffany was licking her lips, staring with a look of tremendous satisfaction on her face. Her cock was climbing higher again after its brief pause at being semi-erect, soon to be it’s full monster self again. Hell, looking at that cum stain Jim’s already well-milked dick was returning to life again.

“Awww, poor baby… Did you get all sticky?” Tiffany said in a mocking tone to the sable. “Guess we should clean you off…”

Jim watched as Tiffany took the full-length sable and turned it around to face the front, leaving the cum splotches on the back. She then stepped over to the toilet. With a gleam in her eyes, she dunked the collar and top of the big Russian sable into the toilet bowl. She pressed, stuffing as much of the top of the coat into the toilet as would fit, splashing the water out of the porcelain bowl. The water in the bowl soaked easily through the pelts and lining, splashing out along the sides and leaving puddles on the tile around the toilet.

“Like that, bitch?” she said, her hand reaching down to grasp the thick trunk of the cock between her legs, pumping as she laughed derisively at the ruined coat. Her big pink fox stroller shook as she fisted her dick, looking at the ruined sable as the toilet water soaked through the collar. The huge cum stain was on the back, which was now draped down the front of the toilet bowl, no doubt rubbing off on the tile.

Tiffany then squatted down, splaying her high-heeled feet apart and swinging her cock down to the top of the sable that now seemed to bloom out of the toilet. She found a dry spot and began humping the front of the Russian sable as it soaked in the toilet. “Oh fuck yeah, bitch, no coming back from this,” she moaned. Her huge cock rubbed over the sable perched on the lip of the toilet bowl and spilling down the front. She pumped it up and down the dry front sections for a few minutes, moaning as gasping. Jim knew she had to be in good shape to hold that squat for so long and to keep thrusting at the same time.

What had been hidden before was visible now as Tiffany’s cock suddenly leapt up like an eager predator and a voluminous streak of jelly-like cum squirted out. The load hit the back of the toilet and ran all the way down across the soaking wet part of the Russian sable in the bowl. Tiffany quickly adjusted her legs so her spurting cock didn’t waste any more of that amazing spunk on the toilet. Now her blasts, enormous white bolts of bright white cum, fired directly down into the soaking fur, roping across the area on the lip of the toilet and down the formerly dry front hanging down the floor. She came and came, Jim quickly losing count of the number of lines painted down the front from her squatting position. It was impossible to count them as they shortly merged into a single, wide, gluey white streak.

The heady smell of the spunk finally slapped him in the face, even behind the shower curtain the amazingly thick fluid had a powerful smell. The last hints of the perfumed fur’s scents were erased quickly as Tiffany’s mutant cock spit the churning contents of her round, hairless nutsac. Jim knew she was good as her word; she had fucking destroyed that Russian sable. She’d fucked 75 thousand dollars right down the toilet… literally.

Slowly Tiffany rose back to her feet. She picked up a small, dry bit of sable down at the bottom and began to wipe her cock clean. She smiled, carefully wiping the remaining blobs and bits of cum into the sable like it was nothing more than a tissue. Tissues might be worth more now. She tossed her blonde hair back into the huge pink fox collar of her own stroller. “Now… I’m afraid it’s time to die…” she said with a playful hint of drama to her smooth feminine voice.

Jesus, what more could she do, Jim mused.


The heavy yellow streams of piss coursed down in a strong, salty shower from the semi-flaccid cock. Again the monster had hung down between her knees before she grasped the tip, pulled back the foreskin and began raining urine down on the coat. She pissed into the soaking section in the toilet bowl, adding the bitter stench to the already ruined Russian sable. She must have loosed about a quart of it, as she managed to methodically soak even the sections of the long coat laying out on the bathroom floor.

“Ahhh,” Tiffany sighed. “Much better… for me, anyway…” She slid her thin hand into the pocket of her pink fox stroller and pulled out what soon revealed itself to be a digital camera. She snapped about ten shots of the ruined Russian sable, still stuck in the toilet and covered with piss and cum. “’nother keeper,” she said, sliding the camera back into the chinchilla lined pocket. Her long red nails sagged her leather skirt and she stepped back into it. She was facing away from Jim’s view so he couldn’t tell how she got that monster schlong back inside, but she certainly did.

It was then Tiffany wheeled around on her stiletto heel and pulled back the shower curtain.

Jim looked up. Tiffany’s eyes flicked to the sperm covered remains of the lynx dyed fox down at the other end of the tub basin. “Ah, so someone else got to it…” she said with a wink. She nodded, eyes roaming over the huge white cum stains on the fox coat, “Nice job…”

Jim started to say something but she cut him off. “No need for words, sorry I missed out on raping that lynx dyed, but it looks like you took care of it…” She fished around in her stroller pocket for a moment.

Jim stammered, “Look, that was fucking amazing and all, but I don-“

Tiffany laughed, “I don’t do guys, sport… Nah, got everything I need from the male of the species right here…” He patted the now quite incongruously flat front of her leather skirt for emphasis.

Jim just said, “What are you?”

Tiffany’s perfect white teeth gleamed as she smiled, “I’m special.”

A card flicked down, fresh from her pocket. It landed neatly on the top of Jim’s shirt pocket. “Here you go, sport. Tell’em Tiff gave you the card. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it interesting…” She turned away, not towards the door but the window, easily sliding the fresh frame up. “Now… I gotta be going…”

With that, she leapt out the window into the night.

Jim pulled himself up as quickly as he could from the tub and climbed out. He stuck his head through the open window and looked out. The was no sign of her, or her pink fox. Jim shook his head; unsure of anything he’d just seen. He picked up the card, though, which was very much real.


With the phone number, it was all it said.

Behind him, someone was banging on the door. “C’mon open up!”

Jim looked down, realizing the carcasses of both ruined furs were in there with him. He looked at the window, back one last time as the completely raped sable, and began to climb through.

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