Saturday, May 27, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Kat

FCR: Sorry about the show. But, your talent was wasted and, bright side, you’re here!
KD: Were the jazz hands really necessary? Anyway… Yeah, need to work out some aggression. Seems like having a giant dick might help.
FCR: I pretty much guarantee that.
Kat debuted in the gritty drama: 1 Rich Super Hung Bitch. She stars as Maxima, the owner of New York’s hottest restaurant, Haus of Nut. The hot, young, fur-clad, bimbo socialite clientele can’t enough of the cocktails thanks to the special ingredient: Max’s thick, steamy spunk.

We also gave her some showcase series work. Kat Coats Your Coats is a “gonzo” series where she visits furriers and pretends to shop until hot sales girls notice her giant bulge. Then she whips it out and unloads all over the nearest rack of new furs, in what, the note from our legal department reminds me to state, is a completely staged affair.

Finally, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put use her as “intended” with the Sullen Goth Teen Has Angry Fur Sex series. Kat pretty much just ad-libs and we’re already up to episode 41.

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