Sunday, May 14, 2017

FCR Studios Gene Therapy: Evangeline

FCR [humming]: “O Canada”
EL: [clears throat]
FCR: Oh, hey, Ant Lady Person!
EL: Your secretary let me in… Think the script says Wasp, but I’m just cashing the check.
FCR: Miss Tessmacher is very helpful. So, looking for a little fall-back after all that MCU residual dries up?
EL: Fuck no, I want to feel the power of a giant wang between my legs and fuck bitches until they beg for mercy. Very, very impolitely.
FCR: What a decidedly non-traditional Canadian attitude. Well, in that case, get on down there and we’ll fix you up with something that’ll put the biggest set of ‘murican truck nuts to shame. Use it in good health.
EL: Fuck yeah.
After a minor title rewrite, Evangeline debuted in Sting of the Fur Wasp: Dong, We’re Talking About Her Huge Dong. (Boys in marketing felt the main title was a little too subtle.)

Brilliant scientist Hope Prick develops a technologically enhanced yellow and black dyed mega fox coat that allows her to grow the size of her cock exponentially while wearing it.

Hope announces her intent to refine and provide the furs free of charge to any t-girl who wants it, immediately making her a target of a radical bimbo front intent on stealing the technology and using it only for breast expansion. Hope has to fuck her way through all the big boobed henchbimbos until she faces off against their maniacal leader in a showdown of mega dong against mega tit.

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