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“Adonna’s Adventures in the 86th Century – The Bar Pick-Up” - by FurCreamer

Author’s Note: This one was my attempt at ‘hard’ scifi… pun intended, of course. Includes alien sex, you've been warned. Or you've been sufficiently appraised because fur fetish alien sex is exactly what you were looking for in the first place. Oh, wait, that's just me, isn't it?

“Adonna’s Adventures in the 86th Century – The Bar Pick-Up” - by FurCreamer

In the 86th Century…

Adonna swept into the Section 10 bar, the guard hairs of her white fox coat lightly brushing the barely maintained floor. Section 10 was inside the starport freight terminal, where crews spent time off-ship while cargo was transferred or maintenance completed. An easy place to find potential clients, especially past period four, when Gilas generally frequented the place while in transit to the outer arm.

And there they were. Four of them clustered around an outer table in the none-too-crowded bar. Gilas, Lizardmen, Gekos, they were all slang and about as appreciated as most species epithets, but few cared when they could get their tight, scaly rocks off at a cut rate. Adonna’s softly slanted eyes verified the ridge patterns on their skulls. All male… excellent. There were other ways to verify that, but in the middle of the bar, they wouldn’t be advisable.

Sauntering over, she was noticed well before she was halfway there, and all four sets of yellowish eyes gleamed on her approach. She would be hard to miss in anything she wore, but the huge white fox coat was especially noticeable. Thrust outwards by the round eruptions of her basketball sized tits, the massive combination tuxedo/shawl collar framed her dark hair on either side where it rose almost a full foot off her shoulders and a few inches to either size beyond. The big round cuffs framed each forearm from elbow to wrist in large swaths of downy white fur.

Atop the heels of her shiny thigh-boots, she strode without a moment’s hesitation despite the large green Gila’s collective glares. The one on the right was the captain, or at least their immediate superior, Adonna mused. She directed her eyes to him and stood behind him when she stopped by the table. “Hello, boys…”

The leader looked up after shooting a glare and snarl at the others. She wasn’t too familiar with the language but she knew enough to know “shut the fuck up” when she heard it.

“How much for coat?”

Adonna’s brilliantly glossy lips curved into a knowing smile, “Oh, right to the point, I like you.”

“How much?”

“It’ll be five… each… But it stays on me…”

The leader’s brown furrowed, in so far as it was capable of that due to the high, stiff ridges of green skin. “Cheap… but dangerousss… for you.”

“We’re all just slaves to our urges… I’ll be fine, you boys just had a really big meal,” Adonna purred, indicating the mostly clean plates on the table.

One of the others hissed something about a great price for a fuck and a meal. Gila’s development as a sentient species was fairly retarded in some ways, particularly their urge to fuck soft, furry things… then kill them… then eat them. Sometimes the order of the first two was reasonably negotiable.

The return snarl from the leader was similar to his earlier one, the content much the same. Still, he turned back to Adonna and shook his head in an exaggerated fashion that someone who had to be instructed on the meaning of the motion might. “Passss.”

“Really…? You and I both know this will be the best fur coat you’ve ever fucked and are ever going to fuck…” she said, rubbing the front of the deep, plush white fox over her massive rack. Back and forth, up and down, her long-nailed fingers sunk deeply into the uber-soft pelts. Gurgling sounds were apparent from the Gilas around the table.


“Good boy.”

* * *

Finding secluded areas on a trade station this size was an easy task. Adonna had some favorite spots, and the rarely used but well-lit corridor three levels down from the bar was near the top of her list. The four Gilas followed behind like horny sheep as she swung her hips down to the end, the massive white fox coat swaying in time. The click of her stiletto heels on the metal floor provided a sharp auditory counterpoint to the plodding footfalls off the big Lizard-men’s heavy work boots.

At the end of the corridor, Adonna wheeled around and struck a pose that would have been seductive to most any mammal. The Gila’s were hardly interested in her, though. They stopped, yellow eyes narrowing as they roamed from the long sweeping bottom of the white fox up to the high, fluffy expanse of the huge collar that surrounded her soft mixed features. Small clear lines of drool began oozing from their tightly clamped lips.

“Well, what are you waiting for… whip'em out… I’m don’t think you’re paying for foreplay,” she barked after a moment.

The Gilas suddenly remembered themselves. Hisses of approval followed the fumbling and hurried working of the releases on their coverall’s fly panels. The big panel flaps on the dirty work coveralls popped one after another, and from them sprouted just what Adonna wanted, the pink, veiny expanse of the Gila’s fat dongs.

Adonna always thought them rather reminiscent of canine appendages, at least in the main shaft with its wet, reddish pink tone common to species whose dicks were stowed away internally until needed. They had no knot at the trunk, and the tips were deeply concave, where the equivalent of a urethral opening could swell to nearly the full width of the massive organ when it ejaculated. These four were fine examples of their kind, with lengths measuring between 13 and 16 inches.

One made a line for the front of Adonna’s enormous white fox, where the huge collar rolled over the entire height of the coat and created an extensive and very inviting fur valley. The leader pulled him back roughly with an annoyed combination of growl and hiss. That cherry spot was all his, and he stepped up and jammed all 16 inches up under the collar and let out a very satisfied gurgle. The eager one realized there were two sides to the collar, so he didn’t have to think long to ram his up under the opposite side.

The other two, knowing they would never dislodge their coworkers from the cherry spots under the collar, satisfied themselves by circling behind and taking up position on either side. Adonna both felt and heard the results of their hurried thrusts, roughly slamming their big pink lizard-man dicks into the broad, thick expanse of the back of her huge fox fur coat.

Adonna smiled, surrounded at four points by rutting Lizard-men, whose long, bulging pink cocks roughly violated the giant white fox coat. Standing firm despite the pressures of the thrusts from each direction, she managed to look cool and detached as the Gila’s satisfied themselves. She considered lighting up from one of her holders, but the Gila were usually allergic. Despite her calm exterior, the sight and feel of the big alien cocks against her coat was proving as bracingly erotic as she had hoped. The pressure between her own legs built.

Gila weren’t much for enjoying a long, well-paced fuck. No, the scaly green sacs below the engorged pink shafts were for only one thing, to be emptied early and often. Adonna watched the luck one fucking the left collar fold squeeze his fists together and tilt his drooling green muzzle back to release something between a gurgle and a hiss. The long cock, which had been thrusting up against the underside of her massive rack, pulsed and throbbed.

She could feel it spilling out in big globs, though she couldn’t see it, as the cock remained buried under the huge white fox collar. The Gila’s weren’t known for distance, just amount. The wide plump tip of the Lizard-man’s dick injected its genetic material in slow, thick pulses. It became visible as it started oozing down the flank of the white fox coat.

Adonna had her magnificent furs hosed by thousands of different species, and the Gilas were still rather close to her horny little heart. Their semen quite literally embodied the ancient expression “cocksnot”. The fluid sluicing into the soft white fox quite effectively resembled the pale greenish yellow production of a very congested human sinus. The thick, chunky greenish goo started a slow journey down the flank of the white fox coat, rolling in big distinct masses as more and more fed under the huge, fluffy fox collar. She could feel the heaviness of it, the Gila spunk dense and viscous as more and more flooded into her expensive fox coat.

Behind her, another one finished. In the open, the orgasm was plainly visible. The big pink tip of the 15-inch alien cock opened wide and vomited a sticky green-yellow blob of the snotty fluid up the back of her white fox fur coat. Pulsing with loud wet sounds, the huge cock spilled chunky gob after chunky gob, creating a deep trench of sickly jelly-thick ichor. The hissing Gila fucked his cock through the increasingly wide green stain on the white fox to keep his orgasm flowing.

The one opposite him buried his throbbing alien dong up into the armpit of the fur as he came, squirting thick, deeper green goo into the white fur. Huge blobs started oozing down her sleeve on one side and the body of the coat on the other. The big Gila forcefully kept his dick head buried in the fur, injecting pulse after pulse of his snot-like seed into what had been plush, silky soft fur before his wild spunking doused it.

Surprisingly, the leader and his big 16-incher didn’t keep his buried under the collar as his friend on the opposite side had. Perhaps now aware of what Adonna was after, he pulled out from under the right collar fold and started shooting his viscous, chunky snot up and down the front of the collar, swinging his pink dong up and down to fling it at the big white fox coat where the huge, broad fur collar covered Adonna’s giant boobs. The heavy green-yellow wads clung to the fur like jelly, a very visible smear of sickly green all over the gleaming white palate of long fox fur.

Adonna tilted her head down to watch the amazing spectacle of the Gila ejaculating on her fur coat, leaving an enormous wad even for one of his kind. The heavy wads sagged into the thick fur, splatters of viscous pale green with clumps of sperm inside that rested in wide strings from one side of her huge fur collar to the other. She felt hot bits of it slide between the collar under her chin and touch the skin of her chest. Even the old, musty corridor the stench of the spunk was nearly overwhelming.

Sagging, the four spent Gilas stumbled back as Adonna smiled deeply, admiring their handiwork on her massive white fox coat. Various sickly shades of green lay splattered over her white fox coat, most containing lumpy masses that would be the particularly fertile Gila sperm. So sticky and thick the alien effluent, not a single drop had hit the floor. She felt the coat sag on her shoulders, much heavier now than when she had walked in.

“Acceptable…” she purred with a satisfied smile on her red lips.

The Gila leader sniffed but signaled his crew to walk away.

After plodding down the corridor and disappearing from sight, Adonna retrieved the holorecorders from their positions in the shadows of the upper bulkhead. The would make a popular update for her holosite, as would auctioning off this coat in its current condition.

“Nnnnh…” she gasped a bit as she started walking back. The sheer size of the huge white fox, cut as it was to fit over her massive rack, hid the painful bulge between her hips even now. Adonna hurried back, realizing after all that a little “part 2” to this production would be just what the rabid fur fucker ordered…

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