Monday, February 10, 2014

"Locker F69" - by FurCreamer

Disclaimer: It is with some understanding of the irony that I will say this story is “violent”. Of course, no human being is harmed in it.

"Locker F69" - by FurCreamer

“C'mon, man, open it.”

“Yeah, let’s see this bitch.”

“C'mon, you dumb shit, open it.”

Those other voices pushed from the rear. Jim’s hands were shaky enough on the gleaming combination lock that hung from a battered locker. The door to locker F69 shook as his anxiety transmitted through the lock. “Shut the fuck up, I’m never gonna open it if you keep talkin, fuckers.” The frustration in his tones was obvious, and most of them shut up. A fist hit him in the shoulder and unsteadied the lock again. He batted it away, and finally resumed turning the clean face of the tumbler.

Jim couldn’t remember if this was the same lock as it had been before, it always seemed clean. He was more concerned with the number of guys to his back, all of them being “helpful” in their own pointless ways. The first time it was just him a couple other guys. Secrets like this got out, though, however discretionary the original cabal may have tried to be. It was hard to keep sweet fucking secret, it seemed. Of course, a few had simply walked in on “the event” in progress.

The combination was always the same, whether the locks were different or not. The metal snapped in his hands. A chorus of cheers and catcalls arose behind Jim. He waved his hands, “Shut the fuck up, dipshits! You want the entire fucking stadium down here?” His hand twisted the lock free of the battered door. “Fuck, hard enough to find a spot as it is with all you shitheads horning in on the action.”

“Fuck off.”

“C'mon, break dat bitch out!”

“Fuck you, J, you know they like it better with more dicks anyway.”

Jim did what he usually did, tossed the small combination lock on top of the locker. He took a breath. It was one he’d taken before. The anticipation was on many levels, but mostly it sprung from a very simple place. Would it even be there?

It was.

Anticipation turned to euphoria as his hand sank deeply into a plush fox pelt. He pulled, the massive coat working free from the locker with the smooth sound fur makes when it’s pulled over metal. The coat was a rich blue fox, made with amazingly full pelts with glistened with deep black highlights. It was immense and weighed heavily as he shook it out. The formerly compressed hairs from the thin locker fluffed out as it shook in his hand. The coat seemed to grow thicker as its full body was allowed to show. Jim’s voice rose with confidence, “Gentlemen, your ‘date’ for the evening…” He flung the coat over the old bench in a generally unused part of the stadium locker room.

"Hell yeah!”

“Fuck, I’m gonna rape the shit outta this bitch!”

“I’m gonna hose this cockstroker down big time!”

“Been chewin Viagra like candy, baby, I’m loaded big time for this.”

The group’s war cries proceeded as they gathered around the coat, hanging off the low bench. Through some odd bow towards modesty, most had kept themselves covered in long boxers, short briefs, or underwear of some sort. With the evening’s entertainment now revealed, they shed any further notions of humility and started to remove those articles of underwear. What had been anticipatory bulges blossomed into steel hard cocks, most with wet tips and oozing clear juice. Jim was right behind them, his thumb hooked the inside seam of his tented boxers where it quickly pushed down. He felt the material catch on his stiff pole and extracted himself with his other hand. Free, he tossed the boxers away and fell to his knees beside his teammates around the coat.

There wasn’t much preamble. The eight men, including Jim, each grabbed a piece of the blue fox and shoved their erections into it.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Jesus, this is good shit!”

“Yeah, baby, suck my dick good.”

“Whooo! Gang rape this slut!”

Jim himself let out a grunt as he enclosed his cock in part of the huge, shawl collar of the coat. The pelts here were the finest of a high-quality bunch. His huge cock was completely enveloped by the amazingly soft fur. His first few strokes left matted black streaks as the guard hairs were pasted together with his precum. The thick collar absorbed his clear fluids and he found ample dry area to really start humping the coat. The other seven were doing much the same in their own little areas of fur. The football players were big men with big dicks. Most had already put stains on the blue fox with their precum. “Look at this bitch lap it up,” one said, between grunts and thrusts.


Jim and the rest smiled and laughed. That was Big Willie, and Big Willie was about to go for his own personal record. The huge black dick that earned Willie his nickname was being violently rammed through the left cuff of the coat. Willie loved cuffs, and these were just his style, huge, like the collar, around and fluffy. His cock was smashing through it, matting the fur down and oozing gray streams. Willie never could hold his jizz, though. He always dropped first, and true to form Jim watched a huge white spurt erupt from the black cock and shower down into the back of the fur. Willie jerked wildly; pounding the fur with his fat dick while it shot fourteen clean white lines across the back and down the arm.

“Fuck, Willie!”

A general round of cheers went up as Willie shook his head, sweat beading from his scalp. “Man, tried to hang on,” he said. The man next him slapped him on the back, “Fuckin’ A, man, you hosed it good!”

The rest agreed through grunts and moans of their own. Jim nodded as he rammed his cock into the luscious collar. Willie’s load gleamed in gray-white streaks across the wide blue fox pelts on the coats back. It almost steamed in the cool locker, weighing down the fluffy fur. Jim moaned. He’d been the first, but he could tell the other guys were now completely into it. The sight of the thick, gooey jizz on the enormous, stunning fox only excited them more. They wanted nothing more than to add their own. It was an orgasmic power trip.

Two of the other guys were focused completely on the wide, gooey stain Willie left. They pounded their dicks into parts of the coat that were already heavily streaked with their precum. Soon fresh pelts were being sacrificed and the clean deep fur finished them. Their heads bobbed up and down, sweat flying from their faces from the sheer power they put into mauling the fur with cocks. Twin streams of goo erupted as the pitch of their thrusts maximized. Spurt after spurt launched across the back of that massive blue fox, coming down at an angle to the stains Willie left. One of them continued to spray over the back while the other bunched the fur around the tip of his cock, grunting, “Eat it bitch!” The jizz sprayed into the long, fluffy pelts, which sucked up and soaked down the sticky fluid, becoming a glutinous mass of jizz and fox hair. He looks down at the huge, steaming splatter in the fur and huffed, “Yeah, suck it all down.”

Jim held on. It was tough, holding it while watching the fur get hosed right in front of you. Sometimes he made it, sometimes he didn’t. He remembered a chinchilla that got a full six-man cum bath just a few seconds after Willie lost it. Jim shrugged inwardly, hard to hold it with chinchilla, too fucking soft. Still, what a trip that had been. The price tag was still on it when they pulled it out of Locker F69. No high-class call girl on the planet was worth eighty grand.

Three more sets of nuts got their turn over the next ten minutes. The battered coat was still giving up dry spots, even with the precum and the recent orgasms. It was simply an enormous blue fox. Hot white streams crisscrossed the back, some hitting up near Jim’s part of the huge collar. Kendal loved to puddle his cum, knowing it did maximum damage to the coat. When he was ready, as always, he jammed the cock right into a fresh dry spot and pumped everything in his nuts into it. The pelts on this fox were extremely thick, and did their best to soak up Kendal’s voluminous load. The cum showed up in a large yellowish white pool around his cockhead. He’d shot it into a lower part of the collar, which on this coat ran the entire length from top to bottom. The jizz in the huge puddle slowly started to ooze down the side of the collar as Kendal shuck a few extra drops from his dick across the back.

Jim looked over to Ahmed, who smiled, “You and me, baby.” The gauntlet was dropped; Jim smiled. Used to competition, the one to see who could rape the coat the longest was on. Ahmed had been bragging about his drug habit earlier. The truth was, they all binged on Viagra and a few other supplements before the big event. Shooting massive loads was part of the thrill, after all. Fucking the coat was good, making sure it couldn’t be fucked again was even better.

Ahmed had the cuff opposite the one Willie first showered with his load. Jim was close on the top of the collar. Both their dick savaged the pelts, leaking steadily. They sought drier areas after a moment or two passed, leaving wet, streaked, and mangled pelts behind. A coat like this was too big to literally fuck every inch, but Jim felt like they were doing a good job trying. Ahmed was enjoying the huge, round cuff of the coat. His cock had already pounded a good quarter of the heavy cuff, which looked as big as a muff all on its own.

Jim loved the soft collar. It was massive, so he had no trouble finding dry spots to slide his dick into. He’d left parts of it sticky and matted already, and he planned to do some more. Most of the other guys were cheering them on now, cocks swinging openly, modesty completely left behind. They were cheering for both, some picking sides. Jim felt Willie smack him on the back, “Rape that bitch’s face!”

Ahmed’s massive bulk shook after another five minutes. “Fuck man!” he shouts, sweat pouring down his chest. He grunted, “Fuck!” as he suddenly tossed down the cuff. It landed in some of the older goo streaks as Ahmed pointed his dick down at the massive round piece of blue fox. Spurts of jizz started flying down across the cuff, sailing across it and over the back. Cum strung across the hand hole at the end, bubbling across the front of it as Ahmed painted it white. His boasts were confirmed as at least twenty full streams sprayed from his throbbing dick across the cuff and up the sleeve. The other guys cheered for him as he leaned back, breathing heavily from the exertion. The blue fox cuff was streaked with white, steaming cum.

Jim tried to avert his eyes so he could hold on longer, but the sight of the big round, fluffy cuff so perfectly hosed pushed him over the edge. He rammed his cock up and down the thick, back part of the collar he’d been saving up to that moment. The fresh dry fur was suddenly flooded with his hot cocksnot. Jim’s long cock pumped even as he sprayed, shooting through dry fur and creating giant wet streaks. He roamed his cock over as much of the collar top as he could, laying down thick, gluey spurts of cum that hung and splattered across the blue fox in giant wads. He cursed and pumped, spreading the jizz around the ultra soft collar pelts. He fell back against his haunches, dropping the collar to the bench with a wet splat.

“Fuck man… that was excellent…”

He was greeted with a chorus of agreement from the other seven men. Below them, the gorgeous blue fox was now a mass of hair and cum. The thick, exquisite pelt’s sagged with gooey, thick white slime. From the large, soaking puddles to the thick, long lines crisscrossing the back, the coat reeked of jizz and sweat. Only a few odd drops even touched the locker-room floor. Almost every bit of sperm their heavy nuts had shot was sitting on the expensive fur.

Ahmed said, “Big bitch…”

The guys nodded.

Jim shrugged as someone called out, “Sloppy seconds!”

This time even Willie lasted a good five minutes. He was still the first to go, though. The few dry spots that remained were quickly erased as the second round of orgasms began to hit. Not as large as the huge floods that came earlier, but more than enough to shower the mauled blue fox coat with a fresh glaze of jizz. Eight more sprays of nutbutter showered down or flooded into the fur. They circle jerked around it, shooting streams of jizz back and forth over the abused remains of the fur. Their wads splattered across it, leaving the coat even more soaked.

Willie wiped the sweat from his brow, “We fuckin’ killed that bitch.” High fives and cheers again were had.

Jim sighed in the warm afterglow of an excellent orgasm. They had killed the bitch, he mused, just like all the others that mysteriously appeared in locker F69. The coat was ruined, completely. Even if it were rushed to a rather non-inquisitive furrier, it still wouldn’t come out in the same, pristine, beautiful condition it had been in a half hour ago. Their steaming piles of jizz had soaked through the pelts, and their cocks had mauled them with the rough stroking. It was never just polite, soft rubbing of fur to cock. The guys pounded the coat without mercy. It was a rape, pure and simple, not some warm lovemaking to a soft fur. The coat was now worthless. Jim rolled part of it over and found the price tag. It read “$28,000.”

“Ain’t worth shit, now,” he smiled.

“Finish it off,” Ahmed said slowly. He held his semi-flaccid cock and started pissing on the collar.

“Fuck, man, you’re a sick bastard.”

The comment passed without anyone considering the irony.

A few others pissed on the coat as well, sending golden streams to fully soak where the cum had not been completely rubbed in.

Jim and the guys headed for the shower, leaving the coat lying on the bench, piss, cocksnot and all. Jim never knew what happened to them, they just were gone… as mysteriously as they appeared in the locker. This one would be too. Part of him hoped they were cleaned and sold to some rich slut. She’d never know the coat she had on was once raped by eight sweaty football players and soaked with their jizz.

Jim checked the dark corner of the unused locker room about an hour later. The coat was gone, so was the lock. Locker F69 was partially ajar, and obviously empty. Next week was an away game. He was getting the hate those… 2 more weeks to find out what new victim locker F69 would hold.

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